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              I S S U E S T H AT A F F E C T N A V Y P E O P L E

                                                    Spring 2007
                                                                                                                                                       New Director-General visits NPT territory               3
keep lookout during Anzac’s first patrol in the northern Persian Gulf. The young raptor decided to
OUR COVER: Harry the Hawk (actually a falcon) dropped in to help HMAS Anzac’s bridge crew

                                                                                                                                                       The Warrant Officer of the Navy                         4
join Anzac on July 7. Pictured with Harry is ABSTD Alana Caldwell originally of Wollongong.

                                                                                                                                                       Harry brightens the Gulf day (cover story)              6
                                                                                                                                                       How the medical review board works                      7
                                                                                                                                                       Are you thinking of a career as a naval officer?        9
                                                                                                                                                       The Defence Travel Card – when you can and can’t use it 10
                                                                                                                                                       Online access to career management information –
                                                                                                                                                       Navy People Central                                    12
                                                                                                                                                       SE Qld cadets visit Albatross                          13
                                                                                                                                                       Fang farriers count for claims                         14
                                                                                                                                                       A view from Cairns                                     15
                                                                                                     Pic and full story by CHAP Duncan Becsi on p 6.

                                                                                                                                                       Training Australia’s future capability                 20
                                                                                                                                                       What has Sea Change ever done for us?                  22
                                                                                                                                                       The changing face of Sea Change                        23
                                                                                                                                                       Navy Sea Change Program                                24
                                                                                                                                                       Defence Families of Australia News                     30
                                                                                                                                                       Reserves Column                                        32
                                                                                                                                                       A win-win-win for Nicole, the Naval Reserve and NSW
                                                                                                                                                       Police                                             29
                                                                                                                                                       Reserves entitled to housing help                      34

                        SeaTalk contains information about the conditions of service including pay and
                        allowances, that was correct at the time of going to press. However, SeaTalk is not
                        an official reference. Please contact your ship’s office, administration office or your
                        divisional officer for detailed information on these topics.
New Director-
General visits
NPT territory
By DGNPT CDRE David Letts                        DGNPT CDRE David Letts examines the
It is just over two months since I took up the   controls of a New Augusta Westland A109E.
position of DGNPT. The Navy Personnel            The new helicopters give young aircrew more
and Training organisation is large and           chances to get airborne. Pic by LSPH Kelvin
diverse, and the span of work undertaken by
members of the NPT team is something that        In the pay and conditions of service area,
I have enjoyed becoming more fully aware         one of the major items being worked at
                                                 present is the presentation of a case to the
In the short time that I have been in the        Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal on
chair, I have tried to visit as much of the      how to make best use of the funds that
NPT organisation as possible. During these       have been provided for review of Sea
visits, I have been very impressed with
                                                 Going Allowance and Submarine Service
the calibre of the people that are working
in the Navy Training organisation, Career        Allowance over the next five years. The
Management agencies and Personnel Policy         finalisation of RRP Phase 4 is a high priority
areas.                                           matter that is also being vigorously pursued.
The dedication of everyone that I have met       Other recently announced initiatives
towards ensuring that service in the Navy is     include the new Defence Home Owners’
as professionally and personally rewarding       Assistance Scheme, introduction of
as it can be is clearly evident.                 Instructor Allowance, changes to remote
Initiatives that have been progressed by the     locality recreation leave travel entitlements
NPT team in recent months include:               and the approval for medal mounting at
 Establishing Five Year Career Plans for        public expense. All of these enhancements
    sailors;                                     to conditions of service provide Navy’s
 Looking at means of delivering training        members with a very attractive and
    in a way that reduces the demands on         competitive remuneration package.
    personnel to spend time away from home;      When I started my tenure as DGNPT, I
 Continued work on re-structuring of            advised that I felt privileged to have been
    Navy’s pay system through the Graded         chosen to lead Navy’s Personnel and
    Officer Pay Structure, Warrant Officers’     Training organisation. Navy’s people are
    Pay Restructure and Sailors Pay              highly skilled and talented and they deserve
    Restructure (RRP Phase 4); and               the very best. The NPT organisation is
 Bringing into service the Augusta 109E         committed to playing its part in providing
    helicopters to assist in the retention and   world-class training and personnel support
    motivation of junior aircrew.                mechanisms.

                                                                  SeaTalk Spring 2007
                       THE WON LOG
                              Warrant Officer of the Navy James Levay

Welcome to the Spring edition of SeaTalk.        David Horton on his Commendation for
                                                 Distinguished Service in HMAS Ballarat in
Firstly let me take this opportunity to
                                                 support of Operation Catalyst.
thank Warrant Officers Darren Jeffs and
Peter Whitehead for their valued service as      Of significant note are all personnel who have
Command Warrant Officers within Navy             received a CO’s or higher commendation
Systems Command and Fleet Command                throughout the year. The importance of
respectively. Both warrant officers              formally recognising our sailors utilising the
have provided excellent service to their         Defence Honours and Awards system cannot
commands and I wish them both well with          be overstated. However, with Navy’s current
their future endeavours.                         tempo, a lot of good work may still be going
                                                 unrecognised and I ask all warrant officers
The role of the Ship’s Warrant Officer has       and senior sailors to take the time to staff
continued to evolve within both Fleet and        the nomination of any worthy sailor through
Navy Systems Command becoming an                 their chain of command.
important mentor and leader of the sailor
community. In mid-June, the Deputy               June was an exciting month for Defence
Fleet Commander convened a selection             with the release of the Federal Budget in
panel for upcoming SWO positions within          which Defence and Navy fared well. In
Fleet Command. I congratulate WOs Bill           particular the announcement of the Defence
Shepherd (HMAS Success), Mel Harker              Home Ownership Assistance Scheme which
(HMAS Ballarat), Peter Jones (HMAS               will provide unprecedented assistance to
Tobruk); Richard Gardiner (HMAS Sirius),         Defence personnel in purchasing their own
and David Larter (HMAS Melbourne) on             homes. An additional outcome for Navy
their successful selection.                      was the granting of a provision of funding
                                                 for a Seagoing/Submarine Service allowance
A number of warrant officers and sailors
                                                 review. This review is currently being
received well deserved recognition in the
                                                 conducted and staffed for presentation at
2007 Queen’s Birthday Honours List. I
                                                 the Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal
congratulate WO Alan O’Shea on the
award of the Order of Australia Medal for
his outstanding service over a number of         It has been my privilege to visit a number
postings, as well as WO Peter Cohen and          of Navy personnel recently. I thank the
CPOs Darren Dyball, David Smit and James         men and women of HMA Ships Albatross,
Richards on their Conspicuous Service            Anzac, Cerberus, Stirling and Waterhen for
Medals, in recognition of their outstanding      their hospitality and candid discussions.
service. In addition I congratulate PO           In addition I had the opportunity to spend

 4      SeaTalk Spring 2007
ABMT Dale Baumgart opening valves in number one engine room in HMAS Manoora during
Exercise Talisman Saber 07. Pic by ABPH Jo Dilorenzo.
some time with the RAN Band, Sydney             of this matter through the DFRT.
Detachment and a number of students of the      Finally, should you happen to see me around
Chief Leadership Development Program and        your part of ship, please take the opportunity
Junior Sailors’ Leadership and Management       to stop and say hello.
courses. I have at all times been inspired by
the quality of the individuals serving in our
The Remuneration Reform Project has
resulted in a significant restructure of the
pay system which better reflects the way
Navy employs our people. The Navy               James Levay
pay case team was responsible for these         Warrant Officer of the Navy
outcomes. Their professionalism and             E-mail:
dedication ensured the seamless processing      Tel:      02 626 54905

                                                               SeaTalk Spring 2007
Harry brightens the Gulf day

From CHAP Duncan Becsi on board HMAS Anzac
Every so often you experience something out of the ordinary. I guess most Australians would argue that
working for six months on a warship in the middle of the Persian Gulf qualifies as just that.
When you’re doing it, however, you soon realize how very ordinary it actually is. Don’t get me wrong,
it’s a tremendous experience and something that gives you a sense of accomplishment. But it is, in almost
every sense of the word, ordinary.
You get up, you eat, you work, you sleep, and the cycle begins again. The unexpected, however, does
happen. Of course, this is what Navy prepares for in the months leading up to a deployment.
In a sense we expect nothing to happen but prepare for every possibility. That’s what makes our Navy so
What then happened on this deployment that lifted us out of the ordinary for just the briefest of moments
and, for some of us, made our day?
In a word, “Harry.”
Who or what then is Harry?
Harry, believe it or not, is a falcon. And Harry, quite unexpectedly, changed our ordinary day into
something extraordinary.
As you may well know, falconry is very popular in many parts of the Middle East. Go to places like
Bahrain or the UAE and you’ll see a variety of post cards that depict magnificent portraits of man and
bird working as a team.
What we never imagined was that HMAS Anzac was destined to become foster parent to one such falcon
which had seemingly lost its way.
Whether it was blown off course or simply became curious as to what we were doing here we’ll never
know. What we do know is that those of us who were lucky enough to witness Harry’s short, albeit,
eventful stay (Harry flew away after a two day sojourn) experienced a moment in time that lifted our
spirits out of the ordinary.
Life is many things. It could be argued that it is for the most part even mundane. Then when something
like this happens you are reminded again how special those brief moments can be … the rising of the sun
and its setting … that first embrace after a time of separation… the hug of a small child … the touch of
a friend … the encouragement of a mentor … the kick after the siren ….. even a visit from a small falcon
affectionately known as “Harry”.

 6       SeaTalk Spring 2007
How the medical
review board works
By Billie Peresin (Staff Officer             diagnosed with epilepsy following a minor
                                             car incident - she had a small seizure while
DSCM) and Annie Casey PAO,                   driving. The condition was revealed after
                                             Navy investigated further to establish the
NPT                                          cause of her accident and to assess her
LS Corinne Williams is one of the            suitability for ongoing employment.
two percent of Navy people currently         The MECRB applies a range of suitability
going through the Medical Employment         criteria in determining an appropriate
Classification Review Board (MECRB)          recommendation. Each case is considered on
process. The MECRB applies when a            its merits and is balanced against the needs
member’s medical circumstances change        of the member concerned, the requirements
significantly.                               of the Service with care being taken not to
Corinne, a former boatswain’s mate, is a     disadvantage other members who are fully
physical training instructor (PTI) at HMAS   fit for service.
Kuttabul. She has been undergoing review     LS Corinne Williams at the HMAS Kuttabul
under the MECRB since 2005 after being       gymnasium. Pic by ABPH Andrew Dakin

                                                            SeaTalk Spring 2007
Corinne said: “I’ve had times of great             transfer of category/specialisation. The
uncertainty and despair about my future in         category/specialisation structure of
the Navy since dealing with my condition           the gaining category/specialisation is
- but I’ve learnt to manage it with the help       considered to assess whether the member
of specialists and with the support of a good      can meet present and future performance
divisional chain.”                                 requirements within their employment
Previously she had not known of her                restrictions.
epilepsy, nor suffered any fits. She added:      d. A member’s position on the sea/shore
“If you have the right attitude the MECRB          roster and the sea service obligation of
process can be a useful tool in maintaining        their category/specialisation is taken into
your health - although my life has changed         consideration. These factors directly
since my diagnosis, the regular reviews and        impact on the member’s ability to remain
clearance by my medical supervisors has            in their current category/specialisation
enabled me to safely continue my work and          without having a detrimental effect on the
work safely with others.”                          sea service obligation of others.
Corinne’s current status means she is            e. Personal considerations, including
ineligible for promotion, however she is            posting history, past performance, length
reviewed annually and her next MEC review           of service, family circumstances etc.
is due in April 2008.                               Members are encouraged to submit
She is no longer eligible to go to sea,             member statements to the MECRB to
but fulfils normal duties as a PTI and is           be considered as part of the process.
confident about continuing to do so into the        Although there is some scope for
foreseeable future.                                 flexibility, personal circumstances,
                                                    however unfortunate, can not be allowed
The MECRB is bound to consider the                  to override the fundamental requirement
following when making a recommendation:             for an individual to be fit for employment
a. The Disability Discrimination Act, which         if that employment is to continue.
  protects personnel from discrimination         Should the decision be to terminate a
  purely because of a disability. The act        member’s service on medical grounds,
  does allow personnel to be discharged or       the member may provide a statement of
  relocated, but only if maintaining them in     reasons why their service should not be
  their current position would place undue       terminated on the basis of medical condition
  hardship on the employer.                      or employability, which will usually need to
b. The period of categorisation and any          be submitted within 28 days of notification
  anticipated medical category change is         of the decision. Normally a member will
  taken into consideration. Depending            discuss this with their medical officer
  on the actual restrictions placed on the       and divisional officer, before making a
  member, and the manpower considerations        representation, which is then processed
  of the whole category, it may be possible      through normal administrative channels to
  for the Navy to manage a person who            the secretary of the MECRB.
  is unable to perform all of the duties         Full details of the medical employment
  associated with a particular rank or           classification system, how to apply for
  category/specialisation for a reasonable       a critical skills waivers, members’ rights
  period. However, a person who can not          regarding the disclosure of information,
  perform all the functions of their category/   and assistance provided when a medical
  specialisation (including sea service)         discharge is approved can be found in DI(G)
  cannot expect to be employed indefinitely.     PERS 16-15 - Australian Defence Force
c. Current employment prospects and/or           Medical Employment Classification System.

 8      SeaTalk Spring 2007
Are you
thinking of a
career as a
naval officer?
By SO CTAC CPOCD Gordon Lucas                          MIDN Teri-Lee Anthony was selected
The Career Transition Advisory Cell (CTAC)             and made the transition from LSCK.
                                                       Pic by ABPH Andrew Black
has been established within the Directorate
of Naval Officers’ Postings (DNOP) to              stringent). The key word here for
provide general and specific information           many senior members is equivalent
for advice to sailors of all ranks and rates,      – e.g. completion of the Senior Sailors
both PN and NR, who wish to transfer to            Management Course (SSMC) gives the
commissioned ranks.                                equivalency of Year 12 English. Therefore,
CTAC then processes the applications for           it is important for OC to submit all relevant
transition to officer and allocates officer        educational qualifications to NPTC-C for
candidates (OC) to an officer selection board      ratification.
(OSB).                                             CTAC has been established to provide a
CTAC’s role is to:                                 central point of contact during the transition
                                                   process to officer. A recent initiative
a. Strengthen the internal recruitment             will see CTAC contacting those sailors
   process for sailors, who wish to transfer to    who have been identified by their sailor
   commissioned officer, for all sailor ranks      performance appraisal reports (SPARS) as
   and rates;                                      high performers. However, in other cases
b. Act as a knowledge base for sailors             CTAC encourages OC or their divisional
   investigating the options for transferring to   staff to make contact after they have read the
   commissioned rank;                              relevant chapters of ABR10.
c. Proactively identifying highly performing       DNWM set in-service targets for sailors to
   sailors and ensure a positive transition        undertake university studies. These limited
   path for those sailors concerned;               opportunities are for seaman, supply and
d. Advise Command and Divisional system            training systems categories. Allocation is
   of current policy and procedures to ensure      merit based. Officer candidates seeking
   that sailors receive accurate and up to date    undergraduate-in service courses should note
   information; and                                their interest in their application. Eligibility
                                                   should be clarified with CTAC.
e. Ongoing process development and review
   with regards to transition to officer.          There is additional information concerning
                                                   the roles of CTAC on the DSCM/DNOP web
OC education ratification                          pages. Finally, if you are interested in the
Sailors transferring to officer (WO (E)            rewards and challenges that a career path
excluded) are normally required to have            as a naval officer will present, read ABR 10
four Year 12 subjects, including maths and         Chaps. 9 (WO) and 10 (Sailors) then, if you
English, or the equivalent (pilot and observer     have any further questions contact me by
excluded – their requirements are more             email at

                                                                   SeaTalk Spring 2007
The Defence Travel Card –
Story by LCDR Broughton Steele, Pic by ABPH Jo Dilorenzo

  PIC SHOWS: (l. to r.) AB Megan Knight, LCDR Kirk Hayden and MIDN Brad Turner,
  with their Defence Travel Cards.

10    SeaTalk Spring 2007
when you can and can’t use it
Introduced July 2005, the Defence Travel         in’ any difference between room cost and the
Card (DTC) covers business travel-related        room charge limit, as the travel expenditure
expenses such as airfares, short-term vehicle    limit covers meals and incidentals regardless
hire, taxis, accommodation, meals, and some      of accommodation expenses. Hint: Take a
incidentals.                                     copy of your travel budget with you to keep
Unfortunately a significant number of            DTC expenditure within approved limits.
transactions are fraudulent, but a few cases     If a travel budget requires adjusting (e.g.
suggest that there may be some people who        trip extended or shortened), amend your
are unclear as to when they can and can’t        Travel Budget Calculator and get it re-
use the DTC.                                     signed. If changes occur during the
Firstly, the DTC is not to be used for travel:   trip, simply gain verbal approval, on trip
 Arising from LOP/LSP – i.e. promotion          completion document it in the ‘After Travel
   and PPP courses, postings etc;                Certification’ section, and sign-off by
                                                 your travel-approver. Note: Keep all DTC
 Coordinated by the Personnel Movement
                                                 receipts, as after the trip you will need them
    Coordination Centre;
                                                 to help verify all your transactions in the
On operations, exercises, training and          Card Management System (CMS) and print
   deployments;                                  a CMS Expenses Summary Report. Hint:
 Leave or reunion travel; and/or                Some cab-drivers don’t provide receipts, so
 Group travel.                                  always check before hiring a taxi.
It is also not to be used for payment of:        After you travel
 Part day travel allowance – taxable, so        After the trip, forward the signed/approved
    paid through the salary system;              copy of your Travel Budget Calculator,
 Fuel for hire cars – use the provided fuel     the CMS Expenses Summary Report and
    card;                                        all receipts to your CMS Supervisor. This
 Speeding/traffic infringement fines            documentation will then be retained on
    – always a driver’s responsibility;          file for 7 years, available for future audits.
                                                 Note: Navy has always taken fraud very
 Tickets – book via QANTAS Business
                                                 seriously, vigorously pursuing investigation
    Travel on 13 11 57; and/or
                                                 and prosecution of all potentially fraudulent
 Non-travel related expenses/services e.g.      activities with the full force of the law,
    mini-bar, movies etc.                        including full cost recovery, possibly
Before and when you travel                       imprisonment and/or dismissal. The
Travel-related expenses and maximum              introduction of the DTC, with the freedom
limits are determined prior to a trip by         and convenience that it offers individuals
completing and printing-out the Excel-based      undertaking business travel, does not weaken
Travel Budget Calculator, getting the travel-    this resolve.
approver to sign it, then booking travel and     For further information about the DTC or
accommodation keeping within approved            business travel, contact Defence Travel on
limits. Note: There’s no entitlement to ‘cash    1800 333 362.

                                                                 SeaTalk Spring 2007
Online access to career management
information - Navy People Central
By CAPT Michael Noonan*                         throughout Australia as well as overseas. The
                                                facility also exists to search across Maybe
The Directorates of Sailors’ Career             Any Category (MAC) and Maybe Any
Management Naval Officers’ Postings have        Specialisation (MAS) billets. Members are
developed the Navy People Central portal as     able to view the duty statements of certain
part of the Sea Change initiative to improve    jobs and plan courses in conjunction with
access by members to career management          their Five Year Career Plan.
                                                Navy People Central also contains career
                                                            management policy from ABR
                                                            10, ABR 6289, promotion
                                                            information, List of Sailors
                                                            Postings, List of Officers
                                                            Postings, promotion signals,
                                                            reserve information, individual
                                                            retention benefits information,
                                                            and education and transition
                                                            The site is updated with new and
                                                            up-to-date information on a daily

Navy People Central can be
accessed via PMKeys Self Service
and is available to all permanent
and naval reserve personnel. Navy
People Central is the leading
resource for naval personnel and
career management information,
and provides alternate access to
information on the DSCM and
DNOP intranet sites. Furthermore,
the information in Navy People
                                                basis so why not have a look and see what
Central is presented in a more user friendly
                                                you can find. (http://pmkportal.dcb.defence.
Navy People Central provides a search           The DSCM point of contact for Navy People
function not before available to Navy           Central is PORSS Jean Eggleston - jean.
members. A sailor or an officer can now
search for an available position, or upcoming
position, using their category and rank         * Director of Sailors’ Career Management

12      SeaTalk Spring 2007
SE Qld cadets visit Albatross

Australian Navy Cadets from South East Queensland visiting 817 Squadron at HMAS Albatross:
with LS Caitlin Walsh and AB Eve Fleming in the front row and LS Sylvia Wood, sixth from left in
the second row. Pic by Able Seaman Craig Owen.

By Keeli Cambourne                                said the students were all keen to visit the
                                                  home of the Fleet Air Arm.
Eve Fleming, Caitlin Walsh and Sylvia
Wood had never actually seen a navy base          “There are quite a few aspiring aviators
despite spending a few years in the naval         among the cadets and they are all eager to
cadets.                                           get inside a hangar and up close to some
                                                  helicopters,” he said.
But for 10 days over the June/July school
                                                  For Caitlin, Operation Adventure reinforced
holidays, the 15 and 16-year-old cadets got
                                                  her desire to join the RAN when she leaves
to see just about everything navy bases have
to offer as part of Operation Adventure.
                                                  “My grandfather was in the Navy and he
Operation Adventure was a unique program
                                                  used to let us in on all the secrets,” she
initiated in Mackay in Far North Queensland
to introduce its naval cadets to life in the
Navy – albeit while on land.                      And while Eve was a little undecided about
                                                  her future, seeing the choppers up close and
The 40 cadets, more than half of them girls,      what was on offer in the Navy has made her
went from Mackay to Canberra visiting             a little more curious about her options.
                                                  “I didn’t even know you had to ‘come
But the highlight of the tour was no doubt        onboard’ a navy base that was on land,” she
getting up close to the helicopters of the 816    said.
and 805 Squadrons at HMAS Albatross.
                                                  Althoug Sylvia is determined to pursue a
Cadet liaison officer, CPO Trevor Bellamy,        career as a vet, she conceded that she may
who had the task of co-ordinating the tour        be able to do something like it within the
which took in eight Navy establishments,          ranks of the RAN.

                                                                  SeaTalk Spring 2007
How many teeth do you have in your mouth?

Dental assistant LS Scott Norbury
looks down in the mouth. Pic by
ABPH Nadia Monteith

Fang farriers count for claims
By Graham Davis                          advising that where dental treatment
                                         has taken place on individual teeth,
Defence Health is keen to know how
                                         tooth numbers are required on all dental
many teeth you have in your mouth.
By having the details they can stamp
out errors or fraud when it comes to     “This practice is being used by many
payments for dental treatment.           other health funds. Identifying errors
                                         and fraudulent claims helps us to offer
In its Winter edition of its Defence     affordable premiums and meaningful
Health News, the medical insurer
announces that it has introduced a new
security measure to identify potential   The newsletter adds: “So next time you
errors and fraudulent dental claims.     see your dentist, please ensure your
“For instance, we will be able to        tooth numbers, if relevant, have been
recognise whether a filling is being     included on the invoice/receipt.
claimed in error on a tooth that has     “If you choose to claim on-the-spot using
previously been extracted,” Defence      your membership card, the provider will
Health says.                             need to enter the tooth numbers for the
“We have written to dental practices     electronic claim to be processed.”

14    SeaTalk Spring 2007
A view from Cairns
By CO HMAS Cairns, CMDR Jenny Daetz            The redevelopment of Queensland’s only
                                               naval establishment, HMAS Cairns, began
On May 11 this year, the Mayor of Cairns,
                                               in earnest at the start of the year and now at
Councillor Kevin Byrne, presented to the
                                                    almost quarter time, we are beginning
officers and sailors of HMAS Cairns
                                                       to see real changes.
a hand-crafted replica of the
original Bathurst Class corvette                         With almost 25 per cent of
HMAS Cairns in the presence                               the base in the hands of the
of Chief of Navy and his senior                            contractors there are significant
advisory committee.                                         challenges but just like the
This is testament to the                                    strong relationship we have
close relationship HMAS                                     with the community, a strong
Cairns shares with the local                                relationship exists with the
community.                                                  prime contractor, Theiss.
The original HMAS Cairns was                               This is a very important
commissioned with a British                               relationship because of the
pennant number of B239 on May                            relatively small footprint which is
11, 1942. Halfway through its life                     HMAS Cairns, compared with the
it was overhauled, had a full crew                   complex and diverse works occurring
change and sailed with a pennant number of      within. For this reason we could not
J183, finally decommissioning in 1946.         contemplate holding an Open Day this year
                                               so we went out and joined the public at their
Could it be that the multicrewing philosophy
                                               Cairns Show.
has always been around? One thing is for
sure, refitting and remodelling has and        The Cairns Show is the largest regional
always will remain instrumental in providing   show in Australia and although we are not
a quality service.                             an agricultural, pastoral or mining industry
                                                                          Hall sisters Olivia,
                                                                          6, and Elizabeth, 7,
                                                                          pictured with ABMT
                                                                          Robert Milton of
                                                                          HMAS Mermaid,
                                                                          in the Defence
                                                                          Recruiting stand
                                                                          at the Cairns Show
                                                                          which was manned
                                                                          by members form
                                                                          HMAS Cairns
                                                                          and support units
                                                                          over the three-
                                                                          day period. Pic
                                                                          by LSPH Neil

                                                               SeaTalk Spring 2007
we do rely on each of these for sustainment      ships HMA Ship Leeuwin and Melville,
and we share valuable resources with them.       survey motor launches HMA Ships Paluma,
This year the official attendance figures were   Mermaid, Benalla and Shepparton, the
quoted at 70,345, and Navy played no small
part with the assistance of the RAN Band,
recruiting and the official opening being
conducted by the Systems Commander,
CDRE Peter Jones.
The redevelopment of HMAS Cairns is
required because we had simply outgrown
our facilities. The primary role of supporting
the 14 ships and deployable teams has been
complicated with the role of supporting off
watch crews, up to 100 personnel at a time.
The focus during this though must remain on
keeping these ships and teams operational.
Ardent Division and the four Armidale                           ABOVE: CANSC CDRE Peter
class patrol boats, HMA Ships                                   Jones and CO HMAS Cairns
Bundaberg, Wollongong,                                          CMDR Jenny Daetz, chat
                                                                with ABMT Robert Milton
Childers and Launceston                                         while inspecting the Defence
now call Cairns home. The                                       Recruiting stand at the Cairns
division is working very hard                                   Show.
with the assistance of minor                                    CENTRE: Twins Ray and
war vessels sea training                                        Brendon Richardson in front of
                                                                the Defence stand with LS Tony
group to bring all four ships                                   Sexton (background).
and their hardworking and
                                                                BOTTOM: Justin, 14, in front
dedicated crews up to full                                      of the Defence Recruiting
operational status to enforce                                   stand at the Cairns Show.
border protection and fisheries                                 All pics by LSPH Neil Richards
                                                               Laser Airborne Depth Sounder
                                                 F27 aircraft and team known as LADS as
                                                 well as a Deployable Geospatial Survey
                                                 Team (DGST). Their job is directed by the
                                                 Government to survey Australia’s water for
                                                 the production of charts and safe navigation
                                                 to enhance safety of life at sea.
                                                 And last but not least are four of the six
                                                 heavy landing craft (LCHs) HMA Ships
                                                 Wewak, Tarakan, Labuan and Brunei
                                                 who continue to soldier on and provide
                                                 valuable support not just to Defence but
                                                 also to isolated communities and teams of
                                                 researches and other government agencies
Cairns is also home to the Hydrographic          in collecting data and visiting isolated
Survey Fleet, including the hydrographic         areas. As the oldest commissioned vessels
                                                 in the Fleet they present unique challenges

16     SeaTalk Spring 2007
L to R: HMA Ships Labuan, Wewak and Brunei alongside HMAS Cairns. Pic by LS Neil Richards

in operation and maintenance but likewise        contributions to sustainable waste
provide a unique capability.                     management.
The city has also undergone some changes         HMAS Cairns personnel remain positive
recently to support its ever growing             about the redevelopment project and the
population now at 140,000. On top of that        changes it has brought to our community
is the transient tourist population here to      interaction. The redevelopment expenditure
experience the rainforest next to the Great      has generated significant interest in the local
Barrier Reef.                                    business community.
We at HMAS Cairns are very cognisant of          We look forward to completion milestones
our close proximity to these world heritage      and especially the completion of the project
sites and our responsibility to provide best     which will see HMAS Cairns with the
practice when it comes to sustainable energy,    modern and state of the art facilities it
waste management and safeguarding against        deserves for the benefit of our people.
any damage to the environment. Defence           The model of the former HMAS Cairns will
Support have worked hard to help us              take pride of place in the new command
establish a waste management facility which      administration building at the completion of
has not only reduced our waste to landfill to    the current redevelopment work.
one third (a third gets recycled, a third goes
to compost paddocks and a third to landfill)
but it would surprise you how much is no
longer wasted when someone is literally
combing through your garbage.
In addition to enabling us to positively
control hazardous wastes, this process
of managing waste has also become an
excellent training mechanism for recycling.
Most of us get it at home from our kids
about recycling, now with it at work it
becomes second nature. We are extremely
proud to have been awarded the Chief of the
Defence Force and Secretary’s Environment
                                                 ABMT Hanna Watkins in front of an Armidale
and Heritage Award for 2007 for excellent        Class Patrol Boat at HMAS Cairns.

                                                                 SeaTalk Spring 2007
                           HMAS Cairns (centre) with bulk-loading terminal and wharf (upper left).

18   SeaTalk Spring 2007                                                                             SeaTalk Spring 2007
NPTC-C kept busy by
capital acquisition projects
Training Australia’s
future capability
By LEUT Lorinda Bond                              excellent training is an absolute requirement:
                                                  anything less may unnecessarily expose
Anything less than excellent training             Navy personnel to unacceptable risk.
can have serious consequences and it’s
the task of Navy Personnel and Training           The Anzac Harpoon project, for example,
Projects Section to provide guidance to           identified operator training as a safety
                                                  control for a number of identified hazards.
those managing the host of new equipment
                                                  The lesson management guides for this
projects currently on the books.
                                                  training therefore include specific guidance
NPT Projects staff are kept busy with about       for the instructor tagged with a safety label
25 major projects and 125 minor projects.         to highlight their importance.
These vary a great deal in complexity,
                                                  NPT Projects Section staff at NPTC-
monetary commitment and overall impact to
                                                  Canberra provide important guidance to
Defence, ranging from less than $200,000          project staff on training. In particular, NPT
for some minor projects to the $8 billion air     projects staff oversee the implementation
warfare destroyer project.                        of personnel and training policies as part
Training is a vitally-important mechanism         of project deliverables. These policies are
employed by Navy to ensure that new               important tools used by Navy to ensure that
equipment meets operability and capability        training meets the needs of the organisation,
requirements. It may only be a small aspect       to the standard required.
of the capital acquisition process, but the       Project offices within Defence Materiel
provision of adequate training is certainly       Organisation are responsible for co-
critical.                                         ordinating the work of many contractors
Quite simply, good training ensures good          and are instrumental in ensuring the positive
results while poor training, or a lack of         progression of the project.
training, can have dire consequences.             In many cases, the production of training
Some new assets acquired by Navy have a           documentation and materials is completed
significant level of risk associated with them.   by a contractor who has participated and
Training, however, can provide a sound            won the tender. There are several key
mitigation strategy in situations where there     motivators for the use of external contractors
is potential exposure to safety hazards while     in the development of Navy training.
using the equipment. In cases such as these,      In cases where new capability is being

20     SeaTalk Spring 2007
Major projects: The $8 billion air warfare destroyer (AWD) program developed two competing
designs for consideration by government. The ship pictured is of the Spanish Navantia F100 design
announced by the Defence Minister in June as the design selected for development as the RAN’s
developed, not simply acquired, a contractor      Adherence to the CBT framework and the
is able to provide significant subject            use of registered competencies allows the
matter expertise not normally available           Navy to award qualifications for training that
within uniformed ranks. In many cases,            have been completed by Navy personnel.
Navy personnel may not have acquired              Projects are also analysed in terms of their
the specialised knowledge required as the         ability to meet Navy personnel philosophies.
project may involve the development of new        Concepts such as minimum manning and
technologies and systems.                         the need for shore respite are advocated
NPT Projects staff provide through-life           and implemented as appropriate. More
guidance to the project from the concept of       recent developments such as multi-crewing
operation through to final certification. In      and flexi-crewing are also considered and
particular, projects are assessed to ensure       implemented where appropriate.
that Navy training standards are upheld.          Navy continues to maintain an intense
As Eric Thompson, Tenix’s ILS Manager             schedule for the acquisition of new
for the Anzac Anti-ship Missile Defence           capability. With the burgeoning range
(ASMD) upgrade project, said recently:            of projects large and small, a number
“The progressive review of project training       of stakeholders are engaged, ensuring a
material performed by the RAN Training            reliable nexus between technical elements
Authorities goes a long way towards               and training support. Often, negotiations
ensuring the training deliverables are            are complicated by the increasing focus
acceptable to the RAN.                            on interoperability, which in turn leads to
“NPT Projects staff provide a focal contact       an even greater engagement of a variety of
point for planning and achieving the required     stakeholders.
(training) outcome. This planning stage is in     Overall, it is the responsibility of the NPT
full swing in the Anzac ASMD project.”            Projects Section to ensure that Navy’s future
This rigorous approach to compliance              capability is provided with the required
ensures that training is developed and            personnel and training support. This support
delivered consistent with the competency-         is a vital element to the ongoing excellence
based training (CBT) framework adopted by         of the Navy and directly contributes to the
the rest of Navy.                                 RAN’s ability to ‘fight and win at sea’.

                                                                 SeaTalk Spring 2007
                WHAT HAS SEA CHANGE
                EVER DONE FOR US?
By CMDR John Douglas                             Other appreciation
This has been a very busy year as the Sea        DGSCIT CAPT Warren Bairstow was
Change program gains more and more               delighted with recent attendances during the
momentum tackling retention issues to keep       national SCIT roadshow (May 14 to Jul 6).
good people (and their families) in the Navy     “From SCIT’s perspective the roadshow
longer. Sea Change is CN’s primary people        was a great success,” he said. “We gave
program in Navy becoming an ‘employer            some 125 presentations and briefings
of choice’ and in transforming management        which attracted over 3400 Navy folk across
within Navy.                                     Australia.
With its three central tenets of improving       “It was personally pleasing to speak with
stability, certainty and satisfaction for        so many of the troops about retention
members and their families, Sea Change           issues and initiatives, especially those
continues to evolve to meet the many             announced by the Government on budget
challenges facing Navy in areas such as          night. Roadshows are a very good vehicle
workplace and workforce reform, conditions       for getting messages like the new Defence
of service and work-life balance.                Home Ownership Assistance Scheme around
As you will read below much has been             the traps and for gauging what the hot topics
achieved under the Sea Change banner, but        are in mess decks and workplaces.”
there is much more to be done if Navy is to      Look out for future Sea Change
reach ‘employer of choice’ status.               presentations later in the year.
Achievements and accolades                       Thanks are also due to the 1200 sailors and
In answering the question What has Sea           officers who have taken the time to submit
Change ever done for us? the impressive          feedback via the Sea Change Implementation
list of achievements made and initiatives        Management and Reporting Scheme
underway that follows gives a sense of the       (SCIMARS) database.
magnitude of the ‘people’ issues and what        The SCIT is very interested in your opinions,
has/is being done to address them.               comments and concerns and will always
But Sea Change does not work in isolation.       make a concerted effort to source timely
While these wins may be labelled as Sea          and considered responses from responsible
Change initiatives, few ideas could have         authorities.
been come to fruition without the direct         SCIMARS feedback along with community
effort of directorates, agencies and line        opinion from focus and discussion
management within Navy (and beyond) to           groups, has provided important input into
‘make it so’. Where appropriate the Sea          formulating Navy’s position on a number of
Change Implementation Team (SCIT) has            submissions to ADF reviews and projects,
attributed responsibility in order to have the   such as Superannuation and the Married
work of these authorities duly recognised.       With Dependants (Unaccompanied) policy.
(See achievements table pp 24–29.)               So keep the feedback coming.

22     SeaTalk Spring 2007
The changing face of Sea Change
By CMDR John Douglas
From humbler beginnings since being stood
up as a project in 2004, Sea Change has
grown in both size and capacity to influence.
The first quarter of 2005 saw the
introduction of the Sea Change
Implementation Management and Reporting
System (SCIMARS) database which proved
a very effective on-line support tool and
feedback mechanism to better manage
some 270 initiatives across the then seven
key areas of Sea Change focus (centring on
workplace reform).
In early 2006 the Chief of Navy appointed
CDRE Clint Thomas as the first Head SCIT
(HSCIT) in recognition of the need to do
more. Mid-06 saw the standing up of the
CNSAC-endorsed Sea Change Workforce
Renewal Project (Key Area 8) which
grouped up 10 major manpower reform
activities. Later last year ‘conditions of      Happy to be home, Lieutenant Andrew Spiller
service’ aspects were added as a new key        (HMAS Anzac), greets his wife, Tammy, on
area of interest, and while much of the         berthing after a long deployment. Pic by
                                                ABPH Jarrad Oliffe, Navy Imagery Unit - West
authority for service conditions lies beyond
Navy, there was a felt need that Navy must      “I am really looking forward to taking up
become a better customer.                       the HSCIT position and delivering on all
In Dec 2006 and again in May 2007 the           that my predecessor, CDRE Clint Thomas,
Government announced a number of                introduced under the Sea Change banner,”
recruitment and retention (R2) initiatives.     CDRE Kerr said.
Navy’s proposals were grouped up                “Having just completed service as the
under the Sea Change banner. Again,             Capability Manager for the Surface
the implementation of many of these             Combatants, I am very much attuned to the
R2 initiatives are with other agencies in       pressure our workforce is under and the
and beyond Navy; but the Sea Change             significant effect that is having on delivering
imprimatur provides a label that Navy,          capability at sea.
Defence and Government readily identifies       “The challenges involved in retaining good
people improvement strategies with.             people longer are extreme and my focus
The evolution continues. Earlier this year      as HSCIT will be to make Navy a better
Sea Change was elevated from project to         employer and to improve the lot of Navy
program status reaffirming the enduring         folk and their families, while continuing
nature of SCIT’s work. CDRE Craig Kerr is       to deliver on our capability/operational
to assume the position of HSCIT to carry on     commitments. I am delighted to be working
this important work.                            with you to meet those challenges.”

                                                                SeaTalk Spring 2007
                                        NAVY SEA CHANGE PROGRAM

                        KEY AREA / AIMS                                             ACHIEVEMENTS or STATUS
                      1. Geographic stability and     a. Alternative crewing (multi-crewing) has been successfully established in Armidale Class patrol
                      sustainability:                 boats and in the Hydrographic fleet. An extended trial of “Flexi-crewing” is currently underway
                                                      in HMAS Arunta to assess the model’s fitness in an operational area. The supporting Crewing
                      Improve location stability to

SeaTalk Spring 2007
                                                      Administration Centre has been established and work to automate supporting procedures is underway
                      positively impact on family
                                                      to reduce the administrative burden.
                      life and lifestyles of the
                      individual.                     b. A substantial Critical Category Remediation Plan has been developed by Director Navy Workforce
                                                      Management (DNWM) through category and PQ managers, which details the tactical initiatives
                                                      underway and progress to date against specific performance measures. Navy also has a number of
                                                      approved short term targeted financial incentives (bonuses and allowances) to address retention in the
                                                      short term while longer term initiatives take effect. Three types of bonuses have been developed by
                                                      Director Navy Employment Conditions and introduced into Navy – completion bonuses, retention
                                                      bonuses and retention allowances. Adjusting the workforce demand to man new capabilities and
                                                      eliminate waste in the workforce is an ongoing initiative undertaken by the Navy Establishment
                                                      Validation Team (NEVT) under Director Navy Workforce Planning (DNWP)
                                                      c. Director Naval Officers’ Postings (DNOP) and Director Sailors’ Career Management (DSCM)
                                                      continue to review career management practices to identify opportunities to extend location stability.
                                                      Navy provided significant input into the re-framed member with dependants (unaccompanied) policy
                                                      which impacts positively on reduced family upheaval. Further work is underway within Director
                                                      General Navy Personnel and Training to address issues of posting turbulence and leave on families.
                                                      d. Navy community family studies have been completed across Warfare and Logistics, on behalf of
                                                      the respective heads of community. Recommendations of these and other work life balance (WLB) /
                                                      flexible working arrangements studies are being synthesised and implementation plans developed.
                      2. Career Management and        DSCM has introduced the following improvements:
                      Postings:                       a. A new sailors promotion system has been introduced and provides for fairer career and
                      Improve members’ ability to     professional advancement. A process for identifying high performers has been established which
                      develop career plans for        recognises potential and development opportunities.
                      members that are realistic,      b. Local Career Management Centres (CMC) have been established in HMAS Stirling, Coonawarra,
                      achievable and meets the         Cairns and Fleet Base East (FBE). CMCs provide for more open career guidance and greater
                      Navy’s workforce needs           opportunity for partner involvement in the posting process. All CMCs continue to be heavily utilised
                      as well as the individual        and favourably received.
                      member’s aspirations.
                                                       c. The introduction of Five Year Career Plans (5YCP) is well advanced and is expected to complete
                      Improving communications
                                                       end-07. The Navy People Central portal provides greater access to career management information.
                      with career managers,
                      accessibility to reliable        In addition:
                      career planning and posting      a. A review of the definition and management of ineffective personnel is underway to address
                      information and streamlining     shortcomings in current processes.
                      administrative processes         b. Traditional medical employment classification procedures have been streamlined through Director
                      relating to career management.   Navy Heath (DNH) to improve treatment and processing time.
                                                       c. A new compassionate posting policy has been implemented vide DNOP and DSCM. New
                                                       provisions allow for improved oversight of sick and convalescence leave. A reduction in the time to
                                                       approve long service leave has been achieved.
                                                       d. Fleet trials to improve the management and monitoring of operational reliefs are underway,
                                                       including the formulation of business rules to ensure a more equitable use of ‘op reliefs’.
                      3. Workload and respite:         a. Refocussing ship activity and exercise requirements (resulting in a modified Fleet Activity
                                                       Schedule (FAS)) and the review of force protection requirements are indicative of efforts to reduce
                      Reduce individual and
                                                       collective and individual workloads. The SCWRP Whole-of-Ship Occupational Analysis, Enhanced
                      collective workloads by
                                                       Fleet Manning and Support (alongside) projects will contribute to rationalising workload and duty
                      eliminating unnecessary
                                                       requirements. Results to date suggest that the significantly improved opportunities to take leave and
                      tasks and focussing our
                                                       conduct training can be achieved under alternative crewing models without adversely impacting
                      efforts on achieving Navy’s
                      mission. Equally important
                      is the need to improve the       b. Duty watch and watch keeping routines have been reviewed to identify the minimum manning
                      opportunities for people to      requirements for both ships and shore bases to implement. Greater use of contractor and
                      get respite and access to        technological support is also being considered.
                      training when needed. Seek        c. The development of a system to better manage ‘bunks at sea’ will provide greater opportunities

SeaTalk Spring 2007
                      recommendations on how           for consolidation training required to help stabilise the workforce. Ways to minimise the shortfalls in
                      local workplace practices can    position pre-requisites (PPRs) will have a significant impact on capability.
                      be improved and encourages

                                         NAVY SEA CHANGE PROGRAM

                        KEY AREA / AIMS                                               ACHIEVEMENTS or STATUS
                      4. Image ethos and pride:         a. Timeframes for awarding medals and other symbols of recognition have been significantly
                                                        reduced. The recently promulgated Directorate of Honours and Awards (DH and A) newsletter has

SeaTalk Spring 2007
                      Improve sense of individual
                                                        aided communications regarding eligibility and medal distribution.
                      and collective worth, including
                      building the Navy’s reputation    b. Awards ceremonies / presentations have been made more formal in line with the importance of
                                                        the award to the individual. Local COs and Commands have become more involved in making
                                                        presentations. CN has very recently approved court mounting of medals at Commonwealth expense.
                                                        c. A range of Commendation, Charge & PQ badges, staffed through NSC, have been introduced to
                                                        more appropriately recognise achievement. Senior Navy Leadership has been heavily involved with
                                                        DMO in order to address critical uniform shortages across Navy and the ADF.
                                                        d. The Navy Community Engagement Strategy (NCES) was launched in Oct 05 to improve Navy’s
                                                        public visibility, invoke support from the wider Australian community and to enhance recruiting
                                                        performance. Significant progress has been made in developing and implementing closer ties with
                                                        learning institutions, community leaders and communities that rarely see a Navy uniform. NCES
                                                        initiatives have included enhanced visits to Australian ports by ships to allow greater interaction
                                                        between the ship’s company and communities.
                      5. Leadership:                    a. Leadership, Management and Personal Development (LMPD) training continuums are
                                                        continuously improved by Training Authority – Initial Training Leadership and Management (TA
                      Improve leadership skills,
                                                        ITLM) to address perceived shortfalls.
                      qualities and practices at all
                      levels of Navy.                   b. In addition to Command Warrant Officers, Ships’ Warrant Officers (SWO) have been introduced to
                                                        provide a much needed conduit between the ranks.
                                                        c. Visibility and accessibility of senior officers to Navy’s people has increased via a more proactive
                                                        and coordinated visit program, fireside chats and leadership forums, thereby improving two-way
                                                        communication and understanding.
                                                        d. Reinvigoration of Team Sports to promote teamwork and leadership, e.g. Command Sporting
                                                        Challenges. Interservice events have benefited by the introduction of values-based management
                                                       e. Reinforcement of the Navy’s Divisional System with the on-line publication of a comprehensive
                                                       web-based Divisional Officer’s Handbook / reference.
                                                       f. Establishment of a proactive Navy Workforce & People Committee (NWPC), chaired by Deputy
                                                       Chief of Navy, willing to champion and endorse prototypical activities to meet Navy’s people
                      6. Communications:               a. A Navy Corporate Communications Plan has been promulgated by DGNCC with a heavy focus
                                                       on Navy Reputation and Issues Management. Navy Branding initiatives will improve community
                      Improve members’ ability
                                                       recognition and association with Navy.
                      to access reliable, accurate,
                      easily understood and timely     b. The Sea Change Implementation and Reporting System (SCIMARS) was introduced in Mar 05.
                      information about issues that    Some 1200 items of unsolicited feedback has been received to date illustrating the popularity of
                      concern them and encourage       this web-enabled database. SCIT national roadshows held twice annually continue to attract large
                      appropriate feedback. Help       audiences. Sea Change Focus Group inputs inform / influence the outcomes of initiatives, e.g.
                      people to understand how         MWD(U).
                      and why decisions have been      c. Navy Community Discussion databases have been introduced and are routinely monitored as an
                      made and improve their ability   indicator of community opinion on topical issues.
                      to contribute to the decision    d. Ongoing improvements to IT bandwidth at sea continue to improve electronic communications /
                      making process.                  intranet access and a successful satellite TV trial at sea has been conducted.
                      7. Smart Navy                    a. Greater flexibility and accessibility to training and education opportunities, vide DNT, have
                                                       resulted in improved training throughput and reduced training pipelines.
                      With the endorsement of the
                      Navy Training Strategy as an     b. Formal mentoring and coaching systems, such as the Naval Officers Development Program, have
                      activity within SCWRP this       been implemented by Director Navy Mentoring. A Sailors Development Program proposal has been
                      key area is being re-framed in   staffed and will be introduced later this year.
                      line with CN priority ‘Think’.
                                                       c. Civilian accreditation (Navy Personnel & Training Centre – Canberra) & licencing of training and
                                                       competencies (Director Navy Professional Requirements) have progressed considerably in line with
                                                       nationally recognised qualifications.
                                                       d. Business Skilling across the Navy has been endorsed and encouraged in support of new systems
                                                       and processes to improve business ‘savvy’ (Director General Navy Business Management).

SeaTalk Spring 2007
                                                       e. Industry Outplacement Programs providing internships for technical sailors within private industry
                                                       (including Defence contractors) to enhance skills, experience and motivation.

                                          NAVY SEA CHANGE PROGRAM

                      8. Sea Change Workforce           The SCWRP was endorsed by CNSAC on 14 June 2006 as an extension of the Sea Change program.

SeaTalk Spring 2007
                      Renewal Project (SCWRP):          Each of the 10 sub-projects has a manager coordinating activity. Progress to date includes:
                      1. Whole Ship Occupational        1. Whole-of-Ship Occupational Analysis has been completed and report finalised. Further analysis of
                      Analysis.                         the findings is underway to draw recommendations regarding workforce structure and utility.
                      2. Enhanced Fleet Manning         2. Current manning challenges in the Fleet are being addressed and as a result a re-framed Fleet
                      – Current and Future Fleet        Activity Schedule has been endorsed by Chief of Navy. Sea Change is actively involved in
                      Manning.                          determining skill sets and input into future AWD and LHD manning and training requirements.
                      3. Workforce Redirection from     3. Increase workforce flexibility and sustainability by repatriating appropriate Navy positions from
                      Non-Navy Groups.                  Non-Service Groups. Repositioning CIS sailors from CIOG is the lead case. Review of DSG and
                                                        DMO to follow in light of recently imposed AFS ceilings.
                      4. Alternative crewing – future   4. Alternative crewing options are being analysed in order to develop manning models to achieve
                      options.                          sustainable respite, leave and training across the Fleet while meeting capability commitments.
                      5. Targeted CFTS under            5. The Reserve Capability Enhancement Program is funded, endorsed, and is being implemented
                      the Reserve Capability            by Director General Reserves - Navy. The Naval Reserve (NR) contribution to capability has been
                      Enhancement Program.              defined. Navy is targeting individuals to fill currently vacant priority positions in HQs and FEGs.
                      6. Options for Tri-service PQs    6. Options for Tri-Service provision of capability across various PQs/categories where appropriate
                      /categories                       are being considered.
                      7. Alternative career streams     7. Proposals for new officer PQs have been endorsed by NWPC and are currently being staffed
                      and pathways for both officers    through DGNPT. The PQs will address a number of career development concerns for officers and OR
                      and sailors.                      changeovers, given movement towards GOPS.
                      8. Implement the Naval            8. The NTS is focused on training demands to 2025 and is made up of nine major activities which
                      Training Strategy (NTS).          are progressing at pace. ‘Just in time’ training; moving the training to the Fleet; increased simulation
                                                        and emulation; and flexible delivery principles underpin the strategy to improve the flexibility and
                                                        accessibility of training and education opportunities.
                       9. Enhanced Fleet Support          9. The effect will be to reduce demands on ship’s company when in port. Contracting out a number
                       (alongside).                       of in-port services and watch-keeping functions is being considered. A successful ‘Ship Keeping
                                                          Team’ trial has been conducted in HMAS Stuart.
                       10. Improve Workforce /            10. Identify personnel practices which are less than effective and/or outdated and ‘fix’ them.
                       Personnel Policy.                  Overcome the cultural and organisational impediments to transform Navy into a principles-based
                                                          (rather than a rules-based) organisation.
                       9. Conditions of Service:          Sea Change Key Area 9 has been established as an information ‘kiosk’ for Navy folk and
                                                          their families. Work progresses on RRIS initiatives related to service conditions announced by
                       Improve members’ access
                                                          Government in mid-Dec 06 and May 07.
                       to information on ‘condition
                       of service’ and initiatives.       Sea Change has contributed submissions to a number of recent ADF reviews. These have been
                       Increase Navy’s ability            very effective in situating Navy’s position on issues under review, e.g. MWD(U). Sea Change, in
                       to engage and influence            concert with DNEC, continues to engage and lobby a number of external authorities and agencies on
                       authorities beyond Navy.           conditions of service matters.

                      Sea Change is all about improving stability, certainty and satisfaction
                      for members and their families, and having them take pride in their

SeaTalk Spring 2007
                      contribution to Navy meeting it responsibilities to Government and the
                      Australian community. AT RIGHT: Leading Seaman Leanne Frazer and
                      Seaman Margo Stanmore (HMAS Manoora) take a well-earned break
                      from their Bosun’s duties during Exercise Talisman Saber. Pic by ABPH

                      Jo Dilorenzo.
Defence Families of Australia News
Defence Families of Australia (DFA) is          In addition, we had comments that in some
a group formed to represent the views of        areas members at home are working longer
Defence families. Its aim is to improve         hours to cover the shortfalls created by
the quality of life for Defence families by     personnel away. DFA had the opportunity to
providing a recognised forum for their views    discuss this with some very senior Defence
and by reporting, making recommendations        personnel and workshop some ideas to help
and influencing policy that directly affects    make life a bit easier for families.
families. ADF families can contact DFA
                                                DFA also highlighted the issue of families
to represent them regarding an individual
                                                accessing information relating directly to
situation or to advocate an issue concerning
                                                them. Information on family policy and
many families.
                                                entitlements is often available on the secure
DFA 2007 annual conference                      Defence website or are difficult to find
This year’s national conference, held in        through the general Defence website.
Canberra in the period June 18-22 with          So DFA is planning to redevelop our
the theme Absent from Home, was a great         website into a portal - an easy-to-use,
success.                                        one-stop shop for Defence families to find
National delegates, representing all regions    relevant information. It will also provide an
around Australia, had the opportunity to        opportunity to build an online community
raise and discuss many of the unique issues     to reduce the isolation we sometimes
which Defence families face as a normal part    experience. We will provide links to policy
of our lives.                                   and entitlements, local regional and national
Housing, removals, education, childcare         information and related websites. Work will
and remote localities are regular themes        start in the coming months and we value
each year and DFA continues to fight for        input and ideas from all Defence families.
improvement in these conditions.                DFA wishes to thank the conference
Also raised at conference, was the effect       speakers who clearly value the work of
that the continued absences from home           DFA and generously gave us some of their
are having on families. The current high        valuable time. The Minister Assisting the
operational tempo is not likely to change any   Minister for Defence, Mr Bruce Billson,
time in the near future. Families are feeling   Chief of Defence Force ACM Angus
the pressure of constant deployments, as        Houston, the Chiefs of Navy, Army and
well as regular absences from home due to       Air Force, Head of Personnel Executive,
other commitments such as training. As one      Directors of Personnel, Head of DCO,
senior Defence person put it: “How many         Director of Entitlements, DHA and Toll
nights do they actually get to sleep in their   senior executives, to list a few. Their
own bed? ”                                      support is strong and very much appreciated.

30      SeaTalk Spring 2007
Meeting with the Minister in his office during the Defence Families Australia annual conference
were (left to right): communications officer and Navy spouse Cath Scott , South East Queensland
national delegate Elizabeth Sayers, Minister Assisting the Minister for Defence Mr Bruce Billson,
and South Australia national delegate and Navy spouse Rowena Jimmieson.
Your local national delegate will be holding      DFA Subscribe:
post-conference meetings in your area over        php
the next few weeks to brief families on the
outcomes of our conference. These dates           How you can be involved in DFA
and our conference minutes will be updated        If you are interested in learning more about
to our website very soon. If you wish to          volunteering with DFA or becoming a senior
discuss our conference outcomes please            representative for your area, please contact
contact your local delegate.                      your local national delegate or check out our
                                                  website –
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                                                                  SeaTalk Spring 2007
Reserves Column
By the Director of Naval Reserve Capability, CAPT Joseph Lukaitis
Capability Enhancement Program                   in seagoing opportunities for Reservists and
first year success                                                  wider career opportunities.
The first year of the                                               An important feature of
Naval Reserve Capability                                            the program is the funding
Enhancement Program                                                 provided for travel and
(NRCEP) has resulted in                                             training (both currency and
a 44 per cent usage of the                                          advancement). This is to
Reserve days allocated to                                           ensure career progression
the Program.                                                        and career management
                                                                    within the FEG PN
This very pleasing result                                           structure.
was achieved against a first
year target of 25 per cent.                                         If you would like to find
                                                                    out more, contact your
Importantly, Reservists                                             Reserve Regional Pool
have contributed under the                 CAPT Lukaitis
                                                                    Manager or refer to the
new initiative to a range of                     contact details in the Reserve Handy Billy.
capabilities within the force element groups
(FEGs) including the establishment of a new      Continuous full-time service
Reserve diving team in Cairns – ANRDT12          There is a greatly increased range of
and a new Reserve hydrographic survey            continuous full time service positions now
team (DGST-3).                                   available to Naval Reservists for varying
Many individual reservists have provided         lengths of service and in different locations
relief to rectify personnel deficiency reports   around Australia. Individual positions
(PDRs) in a range of RAN ships and across        and periods of service are a matter of
several FEGs.                                    negotiation. Reservists on CFTS may qualify
Year 07-08 will see the continuation and         for employer support payments which are a
development of the program. The bar will         substantial incentive to employers to release
be raised to a target of 60 per cent take up     Reservists for service. Additionally, some
as the NR seeks to achieve 100 per cent take     Reservists may be able to improve their
up in year 08-09. This will then expend the      DFRDB benefits by undertaking 12 months
annual budget of $2.3M.                          CFTS.
So it is ‘thank you’ to those who have joined    CFTS is increasingly being used to support
the program and a new invitation to join the     the PN workforce. There are presently about
program to those Reservists who have not         350 Reservists undertaking CFTS.
yet come on board.                               If you are interested in finding out more
It is anticipated that there will be a CEP       about CFTS, initial contact should be made
development focus on the Patrol Boat,            with your local Regional Reserve Pool
Amphibious Afloat Support Group and Mine Manager (RRPM) although you should
Warfare Clearance Diving FEGs during 07-         note that all individual CFTS contracts are
08. This will most likely lead to an increase    negotiated and finalized with either DNOP

32      SeaTalk Spring 2007
or DSCM staff.                                  Power Conference 2008 which will be held
                                                in the same location from Tuesday January
The Reserve Symposium 2008                      29 to Thursday January 31, 2008 with the
The fourth Naval Reserve Symposium is           theme Australia and its maritime interests:
now being planned and will be held at the       at home and in the region.
Sydney Convention Centre, Darling Harbour       The Naval Reserve Symposium is open
on Friday February 1. The theme for the         to both NR and PN members who are
symposium will be Leveraging the Part Time      involved in management and policy affecting
Work Force.                                     Reservists. Further details can be found at
 The symposium will follow the RAN Sea

A win-win-win for Nicole, the Naval Reserve and the NSW Police
By Annie Casey                                                   service and she’s able to
                                                                 work weekends as well.
For members who are
considering serving as                                           Nicole has been juggling an
a Reserve there are two                                          amazing array of tasks both
major ingredients necessary                                      professionally and on the
for making a significant                                         domestic front as a single of
                                                                 mother of 7 and 11-year-old
contribution to service - gaining
the active support of both your
employer and ADF supervisor.                                     In addition to her
                                                                 professional and personal
PO Nicole Gallagher has
                                                                 commitments she has
demonstrated this, having
                                                                 managed to work for the
notched up 81 days reserve                                       Navy Officer Development
service this year. Much of                                       Program at Defence Plaza
this stems from having a                                         in Sydney on a regular basis
flexible and accommodating                                       - and has participated in
supervisor in the ADF, in           PO Nicole Gallagher – pic Exercises Talisman Saber, Sea
addition to support from her full by ABPH Paul Berry.          Eagle and Swift Eagle twice.
time primary employment as a
                                                 “There are no set time constraints working
constable for NSW Police.
                                                at NODP,” Nicole said “my supervisor
Nicole’s Defence supervisor CMDR Rod            allows me to select the hours I can manage
Robinson said: “By being flexible in work       to attend and complete the work according
allocation and working around Nicoles’          to my work/family commitments. “The
availability and time commitments, I have       work always gets done - the only difference
gained many days of quality service from a is it gets managed at my own pace.”
Navy-trained person. Had I been inflexible      A former electronic warfare specialist
and reluctant to plan ahead, I would not        and combat systems operator, she has
have achieved such a successful outcome.        also passed the board to become a
 “I prioritised Nicole’s tasks into what had    commissioned officer in the Naval Reserve
to be done immediately and what could be        in the near future.
completed at a later date.”                     If her life isn’t busy enough she’s also
As a government employee in the Police          studying as an external student for her
Force at the Miranda Local Area Command Bachelor of Policing at Charles Sturt
she’s allowed five weeks a year for Reserve University.

                                                                SeaTalk Spring 2007
Help with loans of up to $312,000 for those with 16 years service

Reserves entitled to housing help
By Paul Grieve*                                   be eligible for subsidy assistance under a
                                                  subsidised loan limit of:
Active Reservists could be eligible for home
loan subsidies of up to $470 per month             $16,000 after eight years service;
under the new Defence Home Ownership               $234,000 after 12 years of service; and
Assistance Scheme (DHOAS) to be                    $312,000 after 16 years of service.
introduced next July 1.
                                                  Mr McKellar said the new scheme will also
But eligibility and the level of entitlement      provide Reserve Force members with the
will depend on length of continuous efficient     opportunity to accelerate their eligibility
service.                                          when they provide continuous full-time
And lapses of two years or more could cost        service (CFTS).
Reservists eligibility and entitlement.           “CFTS of less than six months will count
The new DHOAS, is designed to improve             as one year of efficient service towards
current ADF recruitment and retention rates.      eligibility while between six months and
The policy director for the new scheme            12 months of CFTS will count as two years
says it will overcome the shortcomings of         towards eligibility,” he said.
existing schemes by providing one that            “The performance of CFTS will not change
reflects contemporary housing and home            the rate at which an eligible member accrues
finance markets and has the flexibility to        a subsidy entitlement.
keep pace with both.                              “If the subsidy is not accessed on becoming
Reserve Force members will become                 an eligible member, the entitlement accrues
eligible for assistance under the DHOAS on        on a month-by-month basis for each
completion of eight years efficient service       subsequent year of efficient service. Extra
performed in consecutive years.                   years of subsidy are also granted for warlike
“They will then become entitled to payment        service.”
of the subsidy assistance on completing each      The new DHOAS will also mean some
subsequent year of efficient service,” said the   changes to the existing homeowner scheme
Director Housing and Removals Policy, Mr          for Permanent members transferring to the
Robert McKellar.                                  Standby Reserves.
“For the purpose of eligibility and               “On transferring from the Permanent ADF to
entitlement, efficient service across all         the Standby Reserves, a member will have
categories of active Reserves will be 20 days     two years to apply for the DHOAS subsidy
of Reserve service performed in the Reserve       and access their accrued subsidy assistance
training year.                                    entitlement,” Mr McKellar said.
“Eligible Reserve members will lose both          “During this period, if a member provides
eligibility and entitlement to the subsidy        service, either as Reserve training days or
assistance where there is a break in efficient    CFTS, this service will contribute to the
service of two years or more.”                    member’s subsidy assistance entitlement.
Although figures could vary between now           “From the second anniversary of transferring
and July 1, 2008, when the new scheme             to the Standby Reserves, a member who is
is due to come into force, Reservists will        not already accessing the DHOAS, and has

34      SeaTalk Spring 2007
provided no further service, either Reserve     Scheme and how it applies to Reservists is
training days or CFTS, will no longer           at or www.
be able to apply. Their accrued subsidy .
entitlement will be frozen on this date, but    * Assistant Director Housing and Removals
will be preserved until the fifth anniversary     Policy
of the member’s transfer to the Standby
Reserves, at which point it will expire.”
                                                     The DHOAS – developments
Mr McKellar added that a member could
reactivate an accrued subsidy assistance         > Work has begun to engage a scheme
entitlement by rejoining the Permanent ADF         administrator and panel of home
before the fifth anniversary of his or her         loan providers through a competitive
transfer to the Standby Reserves.                  tendering process.

He said members should “exercise caution”        > The pay and conditions website has
when making a decision on home ownership           been updated with information about
in anticipation of the scheme being                lateral recruits, medical separation
introduced.                                        as a result of incapacity or invalidity,
                                                   transferring from the Permanent
“While this is the Government’s intention,         Forces, members rejoining the
it does not yet have a legal basis, does not       Permanent Forces, and death
establish an entitlement, and may be subject       benefits.
to change before July 1, 2008,” he said.
                                                 > The scheme will come into effect on
The most up to date information on the             July 1, 2008.
Defence Home Ownership Assistance

                                                               SeaTalk Spring 2007
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