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									         KICK IT & GO FOR ROB
                                 FEBRUARY 14, 2009
                              SYCAMORE HIGH SCHOOL
                                     3:00 P.M.

                            WHAT IS KICK IT & GO FOR ROB?
Kick It & Go For Rob is a 2 Mile Run/Walk that will be held on Saturday, February 14, 2009 at Sycamore High
School. There will also be a shorter distance Kids’ Fun Run. This event is being held in honor of Rob Stoneberger
and his family. Rob is a revered member of the Blue Ash/Montgomery communities and a much loved teacher at
Blue Ash Elementary and a Sycamore Junior High School Cross Country and Tennis Coach. He is currently battling
Cancer. This run/walk is a way to bring the community together to give him the Kick It & Go strength that he needs to
win his battle!
                                                   THE DETAILS
•   Kick It & Go for Rob is not a race. It is a run/walk to honor Rob Stoneberger. There will be a timing clock but
    there will not be awards, race results, etc.

•   There is no entry fee for the event. Donations are being collected and all proceeds will go to support the Stone-
    berger Family. Checks should be made payable to: STONEBERGER FAMILY FUND.
•   Registration Forms & Donations may be turned in at Fleet Feet Sports until Friday, February 13. Blue Ash Ele-
    mentary, the Greene School & Sycamore Junior High will be collecting registration forms from students, their
    families and teachers — details will be available from each school. Registration will also be held the day of the
    event (February 14) beginning at 2:00 p.m.

•   To ensure that there is enough PARKING for everyone, carpooling and one car per family is strongly encour-
    aged. If needed, overflow parking will be directed to Grooms Road where shuttles will be provided.

•   A limited number of KICK IT & GO FOR ROB Long Sleeve T-shirts can be purchased for $10. The proceeds
    from the shirts will go directly to the Stoneberger Family Fund.


                        *Please include all participating family members names & ages
    NAME(S):         __________________________________________________________

    ADDRESS:         __________________________________________________________

    AGE(S):          __________________________________________________________

    EMAIL:           __________________________________________________________

    □    YES, I have included a contribution to the Stoneberger Family Fund.

    □    I am unable to participate in the event but I have made a contribution .

    Please contact Fleet Feet Sports with questions about the event, 513-793-8383 or
                                   9525 Kenwood Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242
                     Please contact Kelly Brielmaier to volunteer,

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