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        Whether it is exploring the universe, investigating
        a crime scene or studying the health of marine
        creatures, Monash is the place to begin a career
        in science.

      What makes Science at Monash special?                                          Research tools
                                                                                     •	 	 he	Faculty	of	Science	has	a	wide	variety	of	
      •	 	 lexibility and Choice. Science at Monash offers students the
         F                                                                              internationally renowned researchers, facilities
         opportunity to tailor their studies to fit their interests with more than      and an extensive breadth of research centres
                                                                                        operating within the faculty. All this allows for
         30 areas of specilisation to choose from.
                                                                                        students to have access to the best teachers
      •	 	 ransferable skills. Monash Science graduates are well equipped to
         T                                                                              and researchers in the country.

         be career scientists and leaders of the future in any of the traditional       S
                                                                                     •	 	 cience	students	have	numerous	opportunities	

         or emerging areas of science.                                                  to participate in hands-on based enquiry-
                                                                                        activities in field trips both within and outside
      •	 	 acilities, technology and teaching. Internationally renowned
         F                                                                              of Australia and on campus research projects.
         teaching staff and newly renovated teaching facilities provide science         T
                                                                                     •	 	 he	Australian	Synchrotron:	Third-year	science	
         students with exciting learning opportunities.                                 students have exceptional opportunities to
                                                                                        access Australia’s only particle accelerator.
      •	 	 onours programs. Honours in Science offers students the chance
         to enhance their science qualification by undertaking independent           Professional recognition
                                                                                     The	Faculty	of	Science	has	strong	links	with	
         research under the guidance of world experts.
                                                                                     industry. All major areas of study are designed
      •	 	 ouble Degrees. Combining science with another degree is a great
         D                                                                           with input from relevant professional bodies and
         way to combine interests, broaden your knowledge base and create            accredited by these bodies where appropriate.
                                                                                     Students can therefore be assured that they are
         a unique career path for yourself.
                                                                                     studying major sequences that are relevant and
                                                                                     are informed by industry needs.


                                                                                                             Shaping the future
                                                                                                             Science Advanced
                                                                                                             with Honours
                                                                                                             Generating renewable energy resources,
                                                                                                             improving mining techniques and ensuring
                                                                                                             future water resources are some of the
                                                                                                             current	burning	issues.	The	future	will	be	
                                                                                                             shaped by the minds of scientists, their
                                                                                                             ability to contemplate issues abstractly,
                                                                                                             carry out meaningful research and influence
                                                                                                             government policy.
                                                                                                             It is therefore imperative that science
                                                                                                             students are well prepared in the areas
   Graduate profile
                                                   Science stirs public debate                               of critical thinking and research. A strong
   Jeffrey Leong                                   As part of Monash University’s 50th Anniversary,
                                                                                                             scientific foundation and research skills are an
                                                                                                             important and central feature of the Science
   Bachelor of Commerce/                           the	Faculty	of	Science	was	pleased	to	host	a	public	
                                                                                                             Advanced with Honours course.
   Bachelor of Science                             lecture: A Vision for Australian Sustainability
                                                   presented	by	Professor	Tim	Flannery.	More	than	           Throughout	this	prestigious	course	students	
   Business Analyst at A.T. Kearney
                                                   1000	people	packed	into	Federation	Square	to	             will have access to academic mentors, and
   “I was attracted to Monash when I attended      hear the scientist, writer and Monash alumnus,            a private common room that is accessible
   Clayton Open Day. I liked the feeling of this   outline his climate change predictions. Professor         24	hours	a	day	and	will	be	eligible	to	join	the	
   campus. Lots going on and it felt young,        Flannery,	Australian	of	the	Year	in	2007,	reviewed	       Monash Advanced Science and Science
   vibrant and kind of refreshing.                 historical evidence on climate change saying that         Scholars	Society	which	is	the	Faculty	of	
                                                   if carbon dioxide levels continue to increase at          Science elite group of undergraduate
   I enjoyed many aspects of my course.
                                                   current rates, the resulting climate change would         students.
   A core unit ‘The practice and application
                                                   have serious consequences for the environment.
   of science’ looks at science as a discipline,                                                             Graduates from this course will be the
                                                   He said that failure to act on climate change may
   what science is and covers different areas                                                                scientific leaders of the future and society will
                                                   eventually force the creation of a global carbon
                                                                                                             look in their direction to correct past wrongs
   including climate and stem-cell science.        dictatorship to regulate carbon use across all
                                                                                                             and to make the world a better place.
   This complemented my in-depth studies           nations.	In	a	positive	light	Professor	Flannery	spoke	
   in mathematics, physics and economics.          of the important roles plants play in undoing the
   I’ve found double degrees to be really          negative effects of air pollution and the positive
   good if you have two very different areas       effects revegetation had on the environment
                                                   and	climate	change.	Professor	Flannery	urged	
   of interest. They are more flexible and you
                                                   individuals to play their role in climate conservation.
   develop multiple skills. These skill sets
   distinguish you from the pack and make
   you more employable”.
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                                                     Faculty of Science
                                                     Domestic student enquiries: +61 3 9905 4604
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Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology) page 116
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science
page 117                                   


      Bachelor of                                              Bachelor of                                            Bachelor of Science
      Biotechnology                                            Environmental                                          Scientific discoveries and developments both

      Ever thought about boosting crop yields, or where        Science                                                large and small continue to change the world.
                                                                                                                      Science is a way of life suited to people who are
      food will come from in the future? Biotechnology                                                                open-minded and able to question why and how
      – or technology based on plants, animals and             Environmental Science is an exciting and               things work. Scientists embrace the challenge to
      biological processes – has moved to the forefront        challenging area of study and research, and            imagine an alternative future, are passionate about
      of	science.	This	field	will	be	a	force	in	the	future,	   encompasses many science disciplines                   new knowledge, and are dedicated to making a
      used in such vital tasks as improving the quality        including biology, chemistry, geology, geography,      difference in their area of expertise.
      of food, reducing waste, and developing new              mathematics and physics.
                                                                                                                      Internationally recognised, the Bachelor of Science
                                                                                                                      is a transportable qualification that maintains its
      Students complete specific training in                   Course Outline                                         prestigious standing with employers worldwide.
      biotechnology, and gain knowledge about the
                                                               The	degree	provides	students	with	a	strong	            The	flexible	nature	of	the	degree	provides	a	broad	
      commercial, organisational and regulatory aspects
                                                               foundation in sciences to enable them to complete      education across the major scientific disciplines, as
      of the biotechnology industry.
                                                               a major and a minor in different areas of study        well as in-depth training in at least one specialised
      Developed in consultation with the biotechnology         selected from atmospheric science, biology,            area.
      industry, this course offers the opportunity             chemistry, geoscience or geography. In addition
      to complete studies in a specialised area of             students study six core units across levels one to
      biotechnology.                                           three of the course which provide understanding
                                                                                                                      Course Outline
                                                               of the regulatory and policy framework,                In the first year of study, students sample from
                                                               incorporating cross disciplinary knowledge and         the wide range of units available to cover breadth
      Course Outline                                           technologies.	This	structure	ensures	students	         across	science	disciplines.	This	provides	the	
      All students undertake a common first year and           gain an appreciation of the interdisciplinary skills   opportunity to try areas that have not been
      then select one of five specialist streams in their      required in environmental science.                     previously studied and to make an informed
      second	year.	The	common	first	year	lets	students	                                                               decision on areas of specialisation. Over the three
                                                               It starts with a common first year to give students
      explore where their interests and aptitudes lie,                                                                years, students may complete up to two majors
                                                               a broad grounding in scientific disciplines and an
      allowing an informed choice at a more advanced                                                                  and one minor from the list opposite. In addition
                                                               excellent foundation on which to build.
      level in their studies.                                                                                         to specialising in an area of science, students also
                                                               At the end of third year, students choose to           have the choice of completing a major in a non-
      The	five	specialist	streams	are:
                                                               undertake either a pass degree involving further       science discipline.
      •	 	 ioprocessing                                        studies to complete a second major sequence in a
      •	 	 hemical	Biotechnology
         C                                                     science area of study to broaden and deepen their
      •	 	 edical	Biotechnology
         M                                                     knowledge or can complete an honours degree            Career Outlook
                                                               which requires them to undertake a research            Graduates have the skills necessary for
      •	 	 aterials	and	Nanotechnology                         project.                                               employment in a range of scientific and non-
      •	 	 lant	Biotechnology                                                                                         scientific fields, leading to global employment
      At the end of third year, students choose to                                                                    opportunities in any of the traditional and emerging
                                                               Career Outlook
      undertake either a pass degree involving further                                                                careers for scientists. Graduates are also well
      studies to broaden and deepen their knowledge            With the environment and environmental issues          prepared for honours and postgraduate study
      or students can complete an honours program              being a global priority graduates with strong          which will further enhance their employability
      which requires them to complete a research project       science, analytical and communication skills are       or prepare them for a research career. Science
      involving a thesis and a commercial biotechnology        highly sought after by both the private and public     graduates are involved in research and
      project.                                                 sector. Careers range from technical through to        technological development; in addressing the
                                                               managerial covering policy, scientific management      urgent environmental, climate, and sustainability
                                                               and development. Environmental Science                 challenges of the world; in contributing to the
      Career Outlook                                           graduates can work in the traditional science areas    improvement of health and social well-being; in
      Graduates will have a strong science degree with a       but also have the capacity to contribute to growth     supporting industry and financial services; in policy
      competitive advantage when seeking employment            areas such as sustainable practices and innovation,    making,	and	in	teaching.	These	graduates	in	turn	
      in the biotechnology industry.                           biodiversity management, clean technologies and        will also inspire and facilitate the development of
                                                               alternate energies, environmental modelling and        the next generation of scientists.
      Graduates work as biomedical chemists,                   responses to climate change, and the effective
      biotechnologists, biotechnology commercialisation        use of land and water resources.
      and business development officers, pharmaceutical                                                               Course Details
      chemists, drug development chemists,
                                                                                                                      Three	years	full-time,	six	years	part-time
      environmental toxicologists, forensic scientists,        Course Details
      waste and resource management experts, genetic                                                                  Clayton and Gippsland campuses
                                                               Four	years	full-time,	eight	years	part-time
      engineers, and policy development managers                                                                      Off-campus study is available
      as well as in the traditional science areas.             Clayton campus
                                                                                                                      2009	clearly-in	ENTER:	 Clayton	75.20
                                                               2009	clearly-in	ENTER:	76.60
                                                                                                                                               Gippsland 71.35
      Course Details                                           VCE	prerequisites:	Units	3	and	4	–	a	study	score	
                                                               of	at	least	30	in	English	(ESL)	or	25	in	any	other	    VCE	prerequisites:	Units	3	and	4	–	one	of	biology,	
      Four	years	full-time,	eight	years	part-time              English.                                               chemistry, mathematical methods (either), physics,
      Clayton campus                                                                                                  geography, psychology or specialist mathematics,
                                                               2009	CSP	fee:	$4419	
                                                                                                                      and a study score of at least 30 in English (ESL) or
      2009	clearly-in	ENTER:	86.55                             2009	IB	score:	27                                      25	in	any	other	English.
      VCE	prerequisites:	Units	3	and	4	–	a	study	score	        IB	prerequisites:	English	at	a	minimum	of	grade	       2009	CSP	fee:	$4494	
      of	at	least	30	in	English	(ESL)	or	25	in	any	other	      four at standard level.
      English.	A	study	score	of	25	in	chemistry	and	                                                                  2009	IB	score:		Clayton	26
      in mathematical methods (either) or specialist                                                                  	                Gippsland	25
                                                                                                                      IB	prerequisites:	English	at	a	minimum	of	grade	
      2009	CSP	fee:	$4425	                                                                                            four at standard level and one of psychology,
      2009	IB	score:	31                                                                                               geography, biology, physics, chemistry,
                                                                                                                      mathematical methods (SL or HL) or further
      IB	prerequisites:	English	at	a	minimum	of	grade	four	
      at standard level and one of mathematical methods
114   (SL or HL), further mathematics (HL) or specialist        For an explanation of fees, see page 127
      mathematics at a grade four standard level.

                                                 Bachelor of Science                                     Bachelor of Science
                                                 Advanced with                                           (Science Scholar
Science at Monash allows students to
develop a breadth of experience across a         Honours                                                 Program)
broad rage of scientific areas. Students can
choose to specialise in more than 30 areas of    This	course	is	intended	for	high-achieving	students	    This	unique	course	is	for	outstanding	students	with	
science, covering everything from astronomy      who seek a degree that provides a strong                a clear science focus. Guided by an academic
                                                 background in science and research training,            mentor students undertake a program that
to zoology.
                                                 with the possibility of continuing on to postgraduate   differs from the normal science degree in both
Science majors for the Bachelor of Science       studies. Students gain a sound knowledge of             depth and breadth. Programs are individually
are available in the following areas of study.   several related areas of basic science, on which        designed to match students’ academic interests
                                                 they develop an advanced level of understanding.        and aspirations. Depending on the students’
                                                 	Research	studies	are	an	important	feature	             background and interests the course may be
Gippsland                                                                                                completed in two years, allowing students to
                                                 of this course with students engaged with
•	   Applied	biology                             research methodologies and training at an early         graduate with an honors degree in three years.
•	   Applied	biochemistry                        undergraduate	stage.	They	undertake	a	research	
•	   Applied	chemistry                           project in third year which leads to a full year of     Course Outline
•	   Applied	microbiology                        honours studies in the fourth year.
                                                                                                         With the assistance of an assigned mentor, an
•	   Applied	statistics                                                                                  individual course of study will be devised for each
•	   Computing                                   Course Outline                                          student in this program.
•	   Human	physiology                            Students specialise in either one or two areas          Students can select studies from the full range of
•	   Mathematics	and	modelling                   of studies, chosen from the major list opposite.        science disciplines offered at Monash, including
•	   Psychology                                  The	first	two	stages	of	the	course	provide	students	    earth sciences, life sciences, mathematical and
•	   	 esource	and	environmental	management
     R                                           with a strong foundation in the enabling sciences       computational sciences, and physical sciences.
                                                 and introduces the theory and practice of academic      Students are required to maintain a constant high
                                                 research.	The	next	two	stages	concentrate	on	           level of achievement throughout the program
Clayton                                          the development of research skills, leading to the      and complete at least one major and one minor
•	   Applied	statistics                          completion of the honours program.                      sequence in science.
•	   Astronomy	and	astrophysics
•	   Atmospheric	sciences	                       Career Outlook                                          Career Outlook
•	   Biochemistry                                Graduates have advanced research skills in an           Graduates will have specialist training in one
•	   Biology                                     area of contemporary science and demonstrated           or more science discipline, with the potential
•	   Biotechnology                               general science skills that will enhance their          for postgraduate study, leading to employment
•	   Chemistry	                                  employability across a broad range of careers.          opportunities in any of the traditional or emerging
                                                 Career outcomes are similar to those of the Honors      careers	for	scientists.	The	course	provides	students	
•	   Computer	sciences
                                                 degree in the Bachelor of Science, but as this          with improved employment skills through a
•	   Developmental	biology                                                                               general appreciation of science and demonstrated
                                                 course focuses on training in scientific research,
•	   Ecology                                     it is particularly suitable for students planning       competence in the effective use of information
•	   Environmental	and	conservation	biology      to continue on to postgraduate studies in their         technology, problem solving, data handling,
•	   Genetics                                    specialist areas.                                       laboratory skills, and a capacity to apply discipline,
                                                                                                         knowledge and critical thinking to analyse and
•	   Geography	and	environmental	sciences
                                                                                                         solve complex problems.
•	   Geophysics                                  Course Details
•	   Geosciences                                 Four	years	full-time
•	   Human	pathology
                                                                                                         Course Details
                                                 Clayton and Gippsland campuses                          Three	years	full-time.	Depending	on	previous	
•	   Immunology
                                                 2009	clearly-in	ENTER:	Clayton	95.20                    studies and interests, in some cases students may
•	   Marine	and	freshwater	biology
                                                                         Gippsland consult faculty       complete the degree in two years by taking an
•	   Materials	sciences                                                                                  accelerated program, or to undertake enrichment
•	   Mathematics                                 VCE	prerequisites:	Units	3	and	4	–	a	study	
                                                                                                         studies while completing the degree in three years.
                                                 score of at least 35 in English (ESL) or 30 in
•	   Microbiology                                                                                        Clayton and Gippsland campuses
                                                 any other English, a study score of at least 30
•	   Molecular	biology                           in mathematical methods (either) and in two of          2009	clearly-in	ENTER:	Clayton	99.25
•	   Pharmacology                                biology, chemistry, geography, physics or specialist                             Gippsland consult faculty
•	   Physics                                     mathematics.
                                                                                                         VCE	prerequisites:	Units	3	and	4	–	a	study	
•	   Physiology                                  2009	CSP	fee:	$4399	                                    score of at least 35 in English (ESL) or 30 in
•	   Plant	sciences                              2009	IB	score:		Clayton	36                              any other English, a study score of at least 40
•	   Psychology                                                  Gippsland consult faculty               in mathematical methods (either) or specialist
•	   Soil	sciences                                                                                       mathematics and in one of chemistry or physics.
                                                 IB	prerequisites:	English,	mathematical	methods	
•	   Statistics                                  and at least two of biology, chemistry, geography,      2009	CSP	fee:	$4327	
•	   Zoology                                     physics or mathematics at a minimum grade of five       2009	IB	score:		Clayton	41
Further	details	about	the	areas	of	study	are	    at standard level or grade four at higher level.                        Gippsland consult faculty
available at                                                                   IB	prerequisites:	English	at	a	minimum	of	grade	
undergraduate/bsci.html                                                                                  five at standard level or grade four at higher level,
                                                                                                         either mathematical methods at grade seven or
                                                                                                         mathematics at grade six, and either chemistry or
                                                                                                         physics at a minimum of grade seven at standard
                                                                                                         level or grade six at higher level.


      Bachelor of Science                                     Bachelor of Science                                    Bachelor of Science
      (Biotechnology)                                         (Food Science and                                      (Medical Bioscience)
      Biotechnology is an exciting field of science in        Technology)                                            This	course	has	an	emphasis	on	biomedical	
      which living organisms or their products are used                                                              science techniques with a focus on biotechnology.
      in place of traditional chemical and engineering        Food	science	involves	using	fundamental	
                                                                                                                     Students study a wide range of subjects that
      strategies to produce innovative and sustainable        sciences like chemistry, physics, mathematics and
                                                                                                                     cover the breadth of skills required to work in
      new technologies.                                       engineering to study and improve the way food is
                                                                                                                     this	highly	technical	biomedical	field.	They	also	
                                                              processed, handled and preserved.
      This	course	covers	the	aspects	of	biochemistry,	cell	                                                          have the chance to further develop these skills by
      biology, chemistry, microbiology, molecular biology,    It can have far reaching outcomes for human health     undertaking meaningful research during the course.
      physiology and instrumental analysis needed to          and the adequate distribution of food resources.
                                                                                                                     Honours students must take-up industrial training
      make a contribution in this cutting-edge field.         The	course	provides	specialist	training	in	the	        via a professional attachment to a clinical or
                                                              physical, chemical and biological sciences as it       medical laboratory.
                                                              relates to food science and technology.
      Course Outline
                                                              Students have the opportunity to complete an
      This	tightly	structured	course	requires	students	
                                                              eight-week industry placement during this course.
                                                                                                                     Course Outline
      to develop skills in biochemistry, cell biology,                                                               The	course	commences	with	a	foundation	year	
      chemistry, microbiology, molecular biology,                                                                    covering biology, biotechnology, chemistry and
      physiology	and	instrumental	analysis.	Following	a	      Course Outline                                         statistical reasoning and analysis. At level two and
      common first year students can select to specialise                                                            three the course covers core discipline areas of
                                                              This	tightly	structured	course	provides	a	solid	
      in a strand of biotechnology.                                                                                  anatomy	and	medical	terminology,	Recombinant	
                                                              scientific foundation in the biological and the
      Industrial Biotechnology                                physical sciences together with knowledge of the       DNA	technology,	biochemistry,	cellular	metabolism,	
      (Gippsland campus Only)                                 scope of food science and its relationship with        microbiology and microbial biotechnology, human
      This	program	covers	studies	in	microbial	function	      nutrition and food technology, food composition        physiology, molecular biology and biotechnology,
      and immunology, food and industrial microbiology,       and processing and formulation of agricultural raw     pathology, applied immunology and pharmacology.
      environmental microbiology, design of molecules         materials into safe and nutritious food products.
      and macromolecules, bioactive chemistry.                At stage one and two students gain the necessary       Career Outlook
      Medical Biotechnology                                   scientific knowledge and skills appropriate
                                                                                                                     Graduates will have developed quantitative
      (Gippsland campus Only)                                 to food science and technology, including
                                                                                                                     and qualitative research skills and will have an
                                                              biology, chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology,
      This	program	covers	studies	in	microbial	function	                                                             understanding of the importance of an ethical
                                                              food	chemistry,	recombinant	DNA	technology,	
      and immunology, medical microbiology, medical                                                                  base for scientific research and development
                                                              instrumental analysis, data handling and analysis.
      aspects of cell biology, design of molecules and                                                               activity particularly in the context of areas such
                                                              At level three the program covers core discipline
      macromolecules, bioactive chemistry                                                                            as bioengineering and human health. Career
                                                              areas including human nutrition, food preservation,
      Generic (Sunway campus only)                                                                                   opportunities exist both within Malaysia and
                                                              functional foods, food and industrial microbiology
                                                                                                                     Australia, in management, research, education, and
      This	program	covers	studies	in	crop	science,	plant	     and laboratory and workplace management.
                                                                                                                     specialised laboratory work. Graduates can work
      biotechnology, genetics, genomics and molecular
                                                                                                                     in clinical, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, and forensic
                                                              Career Outlook                                         laboratories.
                                                              Students completing this course will have
      Career Outlook                                          advanced knowledge and skills in a broad               Course Details
      Depending on the specialist area studied,               spectrum of areas relating to food science and
                                                                                                                     Three	years	full-time,	six	years	part-time
      graduates may find employment in animal breeding        technology. In addition, graduates will be equipped
      programs, production of vaccines, antibiotics,          with skills and techniques related to the processing   Sunway campus
      drugs and diagnostic kits, waste treatment              of agricultural raw materials, and will have a         2009	clearly-in	ENTER:	70.00
      processes, environmental monitoring programs,           working knowledge of food science and technology
                                                                                                                     2009	Tuition	fee:	RM	34,760	
      mineral extraction, quality control, production of      within industries. Graduates work chiefly in the
      alternate fuels, synthesis of organic chemicals and     food production industry in areas such as food         2009	IB	score:	25
      polymers, food industry research, and medical           chemistry, quality control, product development        IB	prerequisites:	Psychology,	geography,	biology,	
      research.                                               and consulting.                                        physics, chemistry, mathematical methods (SL
                                                                                                                     or HL) or further mathematics and English at a
                                                                                                                     minimum of grade four at a standard level.
      Course Details                                          Course Details
      Three	years	full-time,	six	years	part-time              Three	years	full-time,	six	years	part-time
      Off-campus study is available                           Sunway campus
      Gippsland and Sunway campus                             2009	clearly-in	ENTER:	70.00
      2009	clearly-in	ENTER:	Gippsland	71.5                   2009	Tuition	fee:	RM	34,760	
                               Sunway 70.00                   2009	IB	score:	25
      VCE	prerequisites:	Units	3	and	4	–	one	of	biology,	     IB	prerequisites:	Psychology,	geography,	biology,	
      chemistry, mathematical methods (either), physics,      physics, chemistry, mathematical methods (SL
      geography, psychology or specialist mathematics,        or HL) or further mathematics and English at a
      and a study score of at least 30 in English (ESL) or    minimum of grade four at a standard level.
      25	in	any	other	English.
      2009	CSP	fee:	$4496
      2009	Tuition	fee:	RM	34,760	
      2009	IB	score:		Gippsland	25
      	                Sunway	24
      IB	prerequisites:	Psychology,	geography,	biology,	
      physics, chemistry, mathematical methods (SL
      or HL) or further mathematics and English at a
      minimum of grade four at a standard level.
                                                                                              INFORMATION	TECHNOLOGY

Bachelor of Science                                     Bachelor of Arts/                                         Bachelor of
(Environmental                                          Bachelor of Science                                       Biomedical Science/
Management)                                             Monash’s commitment to double degrees allows              Bachelor of Science
                                                        students to combine their strengths in maths and
The	prosperity	of	a	country	or	region	depends	          science with more creative interests. Combining           One of Science’s most prestigious double-degrees,
greatly on its natural resources (including minerals,   science with arts gives arts-oriented students            this program allows high achieving students to
fossil fuels, water catchments, agricultural land,      a stronger technological or scientific base,              combine specialist training in biomedical science
forests and fisheries) and how those resources          while science-oriented students gain greater              with the broad studies of science.
are managed.                                            communication skills.                                     Students are taught by experts in the biomedical
This	course,	offered	at	the	Sunway	campus,	             Students can graduate with two degrees while              sciences and learn the skills necessary to
Malaysia, is designed for students who are              completing only one additional year of study.             understand and investigate the functions of
concerned about the environment and how natural                                                                   humans and other mammals. Students combine
                                                        This	course	provides	students	who	have	a	wide	
resources	can	best	be	managed.	The	core	units	                                                                    this with studying traditional science areas that are
                                                        variety of interests the opportunity to design a
of the course raise the issues of environmental                                                                   relevant to medical research and health-care.
                                                        program to suit their needs. Students can select
management and provide a range of analytical,                                                                     Graduates achieve two degrees while studying
                                                        any of the major study areas within the Bachelor
monitoring and management skills. Students                                                                        only one additional year at university.
                                                        of Science – and more than 50 major study areas
may select elective units from other disciplines of
                                                        within the Bachelor of Arts.
science and mathematics, or from related science
studies in computing, business management,                                                                        Course Outline
communication, economics or engineering.                Course Outline                                            Students must complete a major and a minor in
                                                        Students complete studies in two specialised areas        a	different	science	area	of	study.	The	major	study	
Course Outline                                          of Science and two specialised areas from Arts.           area	must	be	taken	from:

The	course	consists	of	a	combination	of	                For	details	of	the	arts	study	areas	available	refer	to	   •	 Chemistry
compulsory core subjects from the disciplines           the Bachelor of Arts see page 41.                         •	 Biological	sciences
of biology, chemistry and instrumental science,         For	information	on	science	areas	of	study	available	      •	 Genetics
along with a number of specialist units dealing         refer to the Bachelor of Science see page 114.
                                                                                                                  •	 Physics
more specifically with industry, resources and
their environmental management.                                                                                   •	 Mathematics
                                                        Career Outlook                                            •	 Statistics
                                                        Students can pursue the range of careers available
Career Outlook                                          to both science and arts graduates. Some
                                                                                                                  Students must also complete studies from the
                                                                                                                  Bachelor of Biomedical Science.
Graduates work in government or industry (in            examples include working as a business analyst,
management, technical and quality control areas)        science journalist, environmental economist,              For	information	on	topics	available	for	study	in	the	
or	as	private	consultants.	For	example,	they	may	       laboratory manager, teacher, or public relations          Bachelor of Biomedical Science see page 100.
work as natural resource managers, park rangers,        consultant or government advisor.
land care managers, environmental planners and
waste management officers.
                                                                                                                  Career Outlook
                                                        Course Details                                            As both science and biomedical science graduates
                                                        Four	years	full-time,	eight	years	part-time               are highly employable, the combination of the
Course Details                                                                                                    two degrees will increase the career prospects
                                                        Clayton campus
Three	years	full-time,	six	years	part	time.                                                                       of graduates. Graduates will be well prepared for
                                                        2009	clearly-in	ENTER:	88.05                              employment in the health-care and medical related
Sunway campus
                                                        VCE	prerequisites:	Units	3	and	4	–	one	of	biology,	       industries as well as areas requiring advanced
2009	Clearly	in	ENTER:	Consult	Faculty                  chemistry, mathematical methods (either), physics,        knowledge and skills in the fundamental sciences.
2009	IB	score:	Consult	faculty                          geography, psychology or specialist mathematics,
IB	prerequisites:	English	at	a	minimum	of	grade	        and a study score of at least 30 in English (ESL) or
                                                        25	in	any	other	English.
                                                                                                                  Course Details
four at standard level.
                                                                                                                  Four	years	full-time,	eight	years	part-time
2009	Tuition	fee:	RM	34,760                             2009	CSP	fee:	$4762	
                                                                                                                  Clayton campus
                                                        2009	IB	score:	32
                                                                                                                  2009	clearly-in	ENTER:	93.05
                                                        IB	prerequisites:	English	at	a	minimum	of	grade	
                                                        four at standard level and one of psychology,             VCE	prerequisites:	Units	3	and	4	–	a	study	score	
                                                        geography, biology, physics, chemistry,                   of at least 35 in English (ESL) or 30 in any other
                                                        mathematical methods (SL or HL) or further                English,	a	study	score	of	at	least	25	in	chemistry	
                                                        mathematics                                               and in one of mathematical methods (either),
                                                                                                                  specialist mathematics or physics.
                                                                                                                  2009	CSP	fee:	$5112	
                                                                                                                  2009	IB	score:	35
                                                                                                                  IB	prerequisites:	English	at	a	minimum	of	grade	
                                                                                                                  four at standard level and one of chemistry,
                                                                                                                  mathematical methods (SL or HL), further
                                                                                                                  mathematics (HL) or specialist mathematics
                                                                                                                  at a grade four standard level.


      Bachelor of                                              Bachelor of                                     Bachelor of Science
      Science/Bachelor                                         Science/Bachelor of (Biotechnology)/
      of Business and                                          Computer Science                                Bachelor of Science
      Commerce                                                 Comprising the best of both worlds, this double (Medical Bioscience)
                                                               degree meets growing demand for flexible,
      Using the country’s natural resources and                dynamic courses that recognise the changing face        This	course	has	been	designed	especially	for	
      strong scientific expertise, Australian business         of today’s workforce.                                   the Malaysian environment, and emphasises
      and industry continues to develop and market                                                                     techniques in tropical medicine with a focus on
                                                               The	course	equips	students	with	the	strong	
      innovative products that compete on a world stage.                                                               biotechnology.
                                                               communication skills, critical analysis and problem-
      Graduates of this double degree offer business           solving ability of a science degree, combined           The	course	offers	students	knowledge	in	a	range	of	
      and industry the professional skills of scientists and   with	numeracy	and	complex	IT	skills	–	the	perfect	      scientific disciplines, with a particular understanding
      technologists, coupled with expertise in business        resume for the employee of the future.                  and appreciation of medical bioscience and
      and managerial practice.                                                                                         biotechnology.
                                                               The	computer	science	component	includes	an	
      Upon completion of this course, students will have       in-depth study of the software, hardware and            Students not only develop the skills to use
      advanced knowledge and skills in two areas of            theory of computation needed to solve a range           sophisticated equipment, they also learn to work
      science and in at least one area of business and         of commercial, scientific and technical problems.       effectively within a team environment, particularly in
      commerce.                                                While the science section of the degree provides        the field of patient care.
                                                               students with the opportunity to participate in         Applied research projects in third and fourth year
                                                               laboratory sessions and field work.                     enable students to undertake meaningful research.
      Course Outline
                                                                                                                       Students must complete industrial training via a
      Students select a major study area from the                                                                      professional attachment to a clinical or medical
      Bachelor of Business and Commerce and                    Course Outline                                          laboratory.
      complete	the	following	subjects:                         The	course	is	divided	evenly	between	science	and	
      Principles of accounting and finance – Business          computer science subjects.
      law – Introductory microeconomics – Business             For	information	on	units	studied	in	the	Bachelor	
                                                                                                                       Course Outline
      statistics – Introduction to management –                of	Computer	Science	see	page	80.                        Level One
      Marketing theory and practice.                                                                                   Biology	–	Fundamentals	of	biotechnology	–	
                                                               For	details	of	major	areas	of	study	available	in	the	
      For	more	information	on	study	areas	in	the	              Bachelor of Science see page 114.                       Chemistry – Introduction to statistical reasoning
      Bachelor of Business and Commerce see page 53.                                                                   Levels Two, Three and Four
      Students also select one of the following science
      study	areas:
                                                               Career Outlook                                          Introduction to anatomy and medical terminology
                                                                                                                       –	Recombinant	DNA	technology	–	Biochemistry	
                                                               Computer Science is one of the fastest growing
      Applied biochemistry – Applied biology – Applied                                                                 – Cellular metabolism – Crop science – Molecular
                                                               job fields and combining this with science gives
      statistics (minor only) – Applied chemistry –                                                                    biology and biotechnology – Plant biotechnology
                                                               students twice the employment opportunities.
      Applied	microbiology	–	Computing	–	Resource	                                                                     –	Instrumental	techniques	–	Foundations	of	
                                                               Students graduating from this degree will meet
      and environmental management – Mathematics                                                                       genetics – Genetics of development – Genomics
                                                               the demands of employers of the future, with their
      and modelling – Human physiology (minor only) –                                                                  and molecular genetics – Essentials of pathology
                                                               strong communication skills, critical analysis and
      Psychology                                                                                                       – Essentials of applied immunology – Microbiology
                                                               problem-solving abilities combined with numeracy
                                                                                                                       – Principles of medical microbiology – Principles
                                                               and	well	developed	IT	skills.	The	double	degree	is	
                                                                                                                       of pharmacology – Body systems physiology –
      Career Outlook                                           a lucrative combination, maximising opportunities
                                                                                                                       Physiology	of	human	health	–	The	practice	and	
                                                               for employment in both science and information
      Students can pursue the range of careers available                                                               application of science – Laboratory and workplace
      to both science and business and commerce                                                                        management
      graduates. Some examples include working as a
      technical manager, scientific officer, technical sales   Course Details                                          Career Outlook
      manager, marketing manager, occupational health
                                                               Four	years	full-time,	eight	years	part-time
      and safety officer or laboratory manager.                                                                        Graduates can pursue career opportunities
                                                               Clayton campus                                          in hospitals, veterinary clinics, medical
                                                               2009	clearly-in	ENTER:	80.50                            research, diagnostic and forensic laboratories,
      Course Details                                                                                                   pharmaceutical and product manufacturing,
                                                               VCE	prerequisites:	Units	3	and	4	–	a	study	
      Four	years	full-time,	eight	years	part-time                                                                      biomedical equipment and pharmaceutical
                                                               score	of	at	least	30	in	English	(ESL)	or	25	in	any	
      Off-campus study is available                                                                                    sales, science units in government departments,
                                                               other	English,	and	a	study	score	of	at	least	20	
                                                                                                                       universities and health-care projects.
      Gippsland campus                                         in mathematical methods (either) or specialist
                                                               mathematics or at least 35 in further mathematics.
      2009	clearly-in	ENTER:	Consult	faculty	for	further	
      information                                              2009	CSP	fee:	$5507	                                    Course Details
      VCE	prerequisites:	Units	1	and	2	–	two	units	from	       2009	IB	score:	29                                       Four	years	full-time,	eight	years	part-time
      general mathematics and/or mathematical methods          IB	prerequisites:	English	at	a	minimum	of	grade	four	   Sunway campus
      (either). Units 3 and 4 – a study score of at least      at standard level and one of mathematical methods       2009	clearly-in	ENTER:	85.00
      30	in	English	(ESL)	or	25	in	any	other	English,	and	     (SL or HL), further mathematics (HL) or specialist
      one of biology, chemistry, mathematical methods                                                                  2009	Tuition	fee:	RM	34,760	
                                                               mathematics at a grade four standard level.
      (either), physics, geography, psychology or                                                                      2009	IB	score:	30
      specialist mathematics.                                                                                          VCE	prerequisites:	A	study	score	of	at	least	30	
      2009	CSP	fee:	$6950	                                                                                             in	English	(ESL)	or	25	in	any	other	English
      2009	IB	score:	Consult	faculty	for	further	                                                                      IB	prerequisites:	English	at	a	minimum	of	grade	
      information                                                                                                      four at standard level
      IB	prerequisites:	English	and	mathematics	(any)	
      at a minimum of grade four at standard level.

                                                                                              INFORMATION	TECHNOLOGY

Bachelor of Science                                      Associate Degree                                       Honours
(Biotechnology)/                                         in Applied Sciences                                    The	prestigious	honours	degree	provides	

Bachelor of Science                                      In the pursuit of excellence, scientists set
                                                                                                                students with an exciting undergraduate capstone
                                                                                                                experience through engagement with deeper

(Environmental                                           new standards that influence technological
                                                         developments, contribute to improvements
                                                                                                                discipline knowledge and independent analysis and
                                                                                                                research. During the one-year program students
Management)                                              in health and social well-being, and support
                                                         environmental sustainability.
                                                                                                                work closely with a world-class leader in a chosen
                                                                                                                area of science, who provides individual guidance
                                                         This	associate	degree	provides	students	with	          and one-on-one academic mentoring.
The	double	degree	offers	a	range	of	fascinating	
and challenging areas of study that deal with both       a broad general science education, featuring an        The	program	prepares	graduates	for	employment	
biotechnological and environmental issues.               emphasis on practical training in applied sciences.    or for higher degree studies. With their extended
                                                         It allows students to develop a wide knowledge         scientific knowledge and enhanced project
Disciplines include genetics, biochemistry, ecology,     base and technical capacity required in a range        management, communication and research skills,
environmental health, microbiology and molecular         of workplaces.                                         honours graduates stand out in the crowd as future
biology.	Through	field	trips,	students	gain	an	                                                                 leaders in their area of expertise.
understanding of environmental issues relating to        One additional year of full-time study will enable
tropical habitats such as rainforests and coral reefs.   graduates to complete the Bachelor of Science
                                                         degree.                                                Course Outline
                                                                                                                The	honours	program	successfully	brings	together	
Course Outline                                                                                                  the whole spectrum of science disciplines research
                                                         Course Outline                                         available across all faculties and campuses of
Students must complete a program of study
including core subjects plus at least three elective     Students must complete three study areas in            Monash University, and caters for students who
studies.	The	elective	units	may	be	chosen	from	          science, along with a specified number of science      complete science degrees at Monash or a any
any school at the Sunway campus, including units         electives, a statistics subject, and a communication   other institution. It also provides the flexibility to
offered for other science courses.                       subject.                                               accommodate cross-disciplinary projects.
For	more	information	about	subjects	offered	in	          Students also choose from the following subject        The	specific	requirements	for	the	honours	degree	
the Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology) and the          areas:                                                 is dependent on the field of study, but in general
Bachelor of Science (Environmental Management)           •	 Applied	biochemistry	                               will include advanced coursework and specified
consult the individual entries in this guide.                                                                   assessment tasks, and a major research project,
                                                         •	 Applied	chemistry	                                  which is reported in seminar presentations, and in
                                                         •	 Applied	microbiology	                               the form of a thesis.
Career Outlook                                           •	 	 nvironmental	science	and	resource	
                                                            E                                                   Then	course	can	be	tailor-made	to	the	interests	
Graduates work in government, industry, consulting          management                                          of individuals students, although there maybe
firms and research institutions. Students can                                                                   compulsory elements in some areas of study.
                                                         •	 Human	physiology	
pursue the range of careers available to both
                                                         •	 Mathematics	and	modelling	
Bachelor of Science(Biotechnology) and Bachelor                                                                 Career Outlook
of Science(Environmental Management) graduates.
                                                                                                                Honours graduates have advanced theoretical
Please refer to the career information for these         Career Outlook                                         knowledge and practical expertise in their area of
                                                         The	course	will	equip	students	with	the	ability	to	    study and highly developed analytical skills and
                                                         think critically, communicate effectively, and will    research experience that give them an edge over
Course Details                                           develop research techniques and problem solving        other graduates in the job market.
Four	years	full-time,	eight	years	part	time              skills. Students acquire applied skills in three       Strong career opportunities exist for honours
                                                         scientific disciplines, providing a foundation for a   graduates in the traditional science areas of
Sunway campus                                            vocational career in science or for further study.     biological sciences, chemistry, physics, and
2009	Clearly	in	ENTER:	Consult	Faculty                                                                          mathematical sciences within both the public
2009	IB	score:	Consult	faculty                                                                                  and private sector.
                                                         Course Details
IB	prerequisites:	Consult	faculty                                                                               Honours graduates are also highly sought after in
                                                         Two	years	full-time,	four	years	part-time              other areas including biotechnology and genetic
2009	Tuition	fee:	RM	34,760                              Gippsland campus                                       engineering, pharmaceutical science, synchrotron
                                                         2009	clearly-in	ENTER:	Consult	faculty	for	further	    science, banking and finance, environmental
                                                                                                                consulting, biomedical science, mining, petroleum
  Other courses to consider:                             VCE	prerequisites:	Units	3	and	4	–	a	study	score	
                                                                                                                and engineering, scientific research and
                                                                                                                development, education, meteorology, nuclear
  Bachelor of Arts (Communication)/                      of	at	least	30	in	English	(ESL)	or	25	in	any	other	    science, and marine biology.
  Bachelor	of	Science	–	p32                              English.
  Bachelor of Arts (Journalism)/                         2009	CSP	fee:	$4162	                                   Course Details
  Bachelor	of	Science	–	p32                              2009	IB	score:	Consult	faculty	for	further	            One year full-time, two years part time.
  Bachelor of Commerce/                                  information
                                                                                                                Clayton,	Gippsland	and	Sunway	Campus	(Not	all	
  Bachelor	of	Science	–	p52                              IB	prerequisites:	English	at	a	minimum	of	grade	       programs available on all campuses)
  Bachelor of Science/                                   four at standard level.
                                                                                                                Entrance	requirements:	Completion	of	a	Bachelor	
  Bachelor	of	Education	(Primary)	–	p62                                                                         of Science or equivalent with a distinction grade
  Bachelor of Science/                                                                                          average	(70	per	cent)	or	above	in	24	points	of	
  Bachelor of Education (Secondary) – p64                                                                       studies	in	relevant	units	at	level	three.	These	24	
                                                                                                                points of studies will normally include at least
  Bachelor of Science/
                                                                                                                18	points	of	units	in	the	area	of	study	in	which	
  Bachelor of Engineering – p73                                                                                 students wish to undertake Honours.
  Bachelor of Science/                                                                                          Science	honours	are	available	in:
  Bachelor	of	Laws	–	p91                                                                                        Bachelor of Science
                                                                                                                Bachelor of Science (Medical Bioscience)
                                                                                                                Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology)
                                                                                                                Bachelor of Science (Science Scholar Program)
                                                                                                                For	more	information	visit:

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