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									       Bachelor of
Science major
Climate Science
Description of the Major                                           Unique features
Climate Science is defined as the comprehensive study of the       •	 A flexible study program which will enable you to tailor
Earth’s climate system, including the atmosphere, hydrosphere,        a program to suit your individual needs and interests.
cryosphere (frozen water), land surface, and biosphere.            •	 Strong linkages with both industry and government.
Amongst its many topics are the issues of climate change, the      •	 Guest lectures by senior professionals from environmental
El Niño-Southern Oscillation, drought, flood, tropical cyclones,      consultancies and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology for
and interactions with human society. This Major is well placed        example form part of the study program in third year.
to provide professional training for industry and government
career opportunities.
                                                                   Recommended prior knowledge
An alternative option to a Bachelor of Science with a Major in
Climate Science is to study the Climate Science Major as part of   Any HSC science such as Biology, Chemistry, Earth and
the Bachelor of Environment.                                       Environmental Science, Geography, Mathematics, Physics,
                                                                   or Senior Science. Introductory units and bridging courses
Although some units in the Degree and Major are offered by         are available for students without the recommended
both on-campus day classes and distance education (external        prior knowledge.
study), others are only offered by on-campus day classes.

                                                                   Career Options
Subject selection
                                                                   •	 Agriculture                   •	   Environmental manager
You will study units and topics such as the atmospheric            •	 Air quality and pollution     •	   Meteorologist
environment, climate change, climate variability, climate             management                    •	   Oceanographer
impacts, meteorology, boundary-layer meteorology, applied
                                                                   •	 Bushfire management           •	   Researcher
climatology, oceanography, and El Niño-Southern Oscillation.
                                                                   •	 Climate consultancy           •	   Teacher
Your program of study may include units from the following         •	 Environmental scientist
subject areas:
•	 Biological sciences            •	 Environmental
•	 Computing and                     earth science                 Average starting salaries
   information systems            •	 Environmental                 $42,764 for an environmental studies graduate
•	 Chemistry                         management
                                                                   (source: The Good Universities Guide, 2009)
•	 Earth and planetary            •	 Mathematics
   sciences                       •	 Physics


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