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                         NEWSLETTER NO. 10
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15 June 2007                                           E-mail:

    Measurement and Science

                                                      Ms Hafekost and students from 6-2

   Presenting talks

                                                              Students making cherry blossoms

            Some of the Koi fish students have made
            Principal Points                      School Fees
                                                  Thank you to the many parents who
Roleystone DHS and the Future                     responded to our request for compulsory
                                                  school charges late last term.
Each family should receive this week a flyer
asking you to join us for several information
                                                  The school is prepared to be very flexible
sessions next week. The same flyer has
                                                  with payments but at this time there are still
been included in this newsletter.
                                                  some families that have made no contact with
                                                  respect to outstanding charges.
Parents and staff have been engaged in
brainstorming a new future for our school.
                                                  I strongly encourage those families to at least
Staff have been busy putting key ideas
                                                  phone our registrar, Mrs Verna Splatt, to
together into a selection which we believe
                                                  organise a payment plan so your child can
meets community needs and creates greater
                                                  participate in the practical aspects of our
opportunity for students to be prepared for
their place in the world of work and society.

We look forward to sharing those ideas with
                                                               DATES TO NOTE
you and getting your reflections on them.
                                                  Tues    19   June    Primary Assembly
                                                  Wed     20   June    P & C Meeting 7.30 pm
Reporting to Parents                                                   Parent Information
Semester one reports will be available on                              Sharing Session for 2008
Thursday 5 July for parents to collect from                            Evening 6.45 pm
the school and to speak with teachers about       Thurs   21   June    Parent Information
their child.
                                                                       Sharing Session for 2008
                                                                       Morning 10.00 am
The school timetable will be suspended
from 12.20 pm and students dismissed.                                  Afternoon 3.30 pm
Staff will be available up to 5.00 pm.            Thur    28   June    Year 10 to 11 Course
Any student who takes the bus or is unable to     Wed      4   July    School Council Meeting
be collected by their parent will be supervised                        7.30 pm
until normal closing time.                        Thurs    5   July    Parent Interviews
                                                  Fri      6   July    Last day of Term 2
This new process will allow parents to get        Tues    24   July    First day of Term 3
immediate feedback on the contents of
reports and have quality discussions with
                                                    Cleaner Required
Welcome to Ms Michelle Atkinson in the
                                                    Roleystone         DHS       is
year 7 learning area. We are fortunate to           recruiting a relief cleaner for
have her join our lovely school and, at this        four hours a day for
time, I am anticipating that Mrs Atkinson will      approximately six weeks
be with 7-1 for the remainder of the year.          (hours are negotiable). For
                                                    more information please
             Bruce Bailey, Principal                contact the Registrar on
                                                    9397 6222.
School Council has endorsed the following changes to our Behaviour Management Policy
in respect to Loss of Good Standing. This change to policy is effective immediately.

                                      LOSS OF GOOD STANDING

       Students may lose their Good Standing as a consequence of level 3 behaviours. The
       consequences of this sanction are detailed below.

       Loss of Good Standing is determined by the relevant deputy. Any student who is
       suspended will automatically lose their good standing. Students who lose their good
       standing do so until it has been reinstated by the school Good Standing Review Panel.

       The Good Standing Review Panel

       The Good Standing Review panel will consist of:

       •           A parent representative appointed by School Council.
       •           The Principal or their nominee
       •           A teacher nominated by the staff

       The Deputy who made the decision to revoke a student’s good standing can not serve on
       the panel. However, the panel may choose to call the Deputy Principal, or others, to seek
       advice about the student’s behaviour since the good standing was revoked. The panel may
       seek a copy of the student’s record of behaviour to assist them in their deliberations.

       The panel may:

       •           Reinstate good standing with conditions and a probationary period
       •           Reinstate good standing without a probationary period
       •           Deny the reinstatement of Good Standing

       If the application is unsuccessful, the student may not re-apply for reinstatement for a
       minimum of four school weeks.

       Applying for the Reinstatement of Good Standing Status

       Students can only apply to have their Good Standing reinstated a minimum of four school
       weeks after their good standing was revoked. The application form is available from the
       relevant deputy principal. The form is then submitted to the principal. The student can
       request that a parent or a staff member support them at the panel’s deliberations.

      Maintenance of Access to Rewards (“Good Standing”)
         • All students commence a school year with access to rewards (“Good Standing”)
         • Only students who have retained the privilege of access to rewards will be
            recognised for participation in the system of rewards in the school, including non
            curriculum-based excursions, incursions and social activities.

The parent representative on the review panel does not have to be a member of School Council
and if you would like to be included on our list of panel members please contact me. I will pass
your name on to Craig Tucker, the Chairperson of School Council.

Andrew Pheasant
Deputy Principal
8 June 2007
                                             Year 6/7 News

There has been much activity in A Block the        We welcome Ms Atkinson to our school and
                       past few weeks. All         to the 6/7 learning area and look forward to
                       classes are studying        some exciting times.
                       Japan and there are
                      many displays in each
                      room. There are Koi
                          fish lazing around the
                         rooms,         kimonos
                        adorning the pinup
                        boards      and    other
Japanese items on display (and in some
cases worn by Ms Hafekost), cherry
blossoms decorating the rooms and we are
trying to make 1000 paper cranes (thanks to
Mrs Robinson for displaying these for us).
On 29 June Ms Hafekost has organised for
two Japanese exchange students to visit us         Students do not always let you know what’s
wearing traditional dress.                         happening in our area so we are inviting you
                                                   to pop in and have a look and see what we
                                                   are doing. Feel free to stay and help out as a
                                                   spare pair of hands is always welcome.

                                                   Our next assembly is on Tuesday 19 June
                                                   commencing at 8.45 am and will be
                                                   presented by Ms Napier’s class. Please
                                                   come along and see what learning activities
                                                   your children are engaging in.

                                                   Thank you to everyone for
                                                   their donations to Jump
                                                   Rope for Heart. So far we
                                                   have collected $1,851.75.
                                                   Well done!

There have been hands on Science and
Maths activities as well as students
presenting talks. I learnt some interesting                         Chris Walsh
facts during one of them on Wednesday.                      Deputy Principal Primary


   What exciting new developments are coming to Roleystone
            DHS for your child in 2008 and beyond?

What if being at Roleystone DHS meant that your child was learning skills in the future world of
Digital Technology right from year 6?

        What if the school could offer a niche year 11 and 12
          Vocational Education and Training program?

        What if your child was earning credits towards TAFE
                       certificates by year 10?

What if your child could already be engaged in year 11 Courses
                      of Study by year 10?

              Want to know more?

Join us in the school library at one of these times:

   • Wednesday 20 June at 6.45 pm
   • Thursday 21 June at 10.00 am
   • Thursday 21 June at 3.30 pm

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                                 90 Raeburn Road, Roleystone

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