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Robinvale Euston Ski Race

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									                        Robinvale Euston Ski Race
                                6th ,7th,8th March 2009
Proudly presented by

Ski Racing Victoria

& The Robinvale Ski Race Committee

General Information                                       All competitors and officials will be Breathalysers
                                                            each day prior to the official 9:00am start
 This event is conducted under SRA rules.
                                                         Dash for Cash/Invitational 2009
 At the Safety Scrutineering, competitors’ passes
  will be given for entry into the event on the           The Dash for Cash will have 25 competitors in it
  weekend. A fee will be charged to enter the              - consisting of 10 Superclass boats and 15
  start / finish area on the weekend, if no                others.
  competitor passes are presented.
                                                          Superclass will be run under SRA rules. Any boat
 Random testing for alcohol and drugs will be             entering Superclass must also nominate another
  conducted.                                               class. Note: not all boats nominated for
                                                           Superclass will be accepted.
 There will be food and first aid available at the
  turnaround area. If first aid is required, please       The finishing order of the Dash of Cash will
  contact a SES person, for assistance.                     determine the start order for Sunday.
 There is to be no refuelling at the turn around         Any Superclass boat failing to finish will start
  area, or between events in the Caravan Park.              immediately behind the last finishing Superclass
  Please carry enough fuel in the boat, to complete         boat.
                                                          Any boat wishing to nominate for the 15 other
 A committee of Ski Racing Victoria will seed all         positions in the Dash for Cash may do so by
  classes in the interests of safety as per rules of       nominating, paying $130 with their entry and
  SRA.                                                     providing a one page resume of their teams
                                                           accomplishments, prior to being considered for a
 Notification of race numbers will be by e-mail or
                                                           position in the Dash for Cash. Only complete
  mail. Competitors are to supply their own
                                                           genuine teams to apply.
  numbers in accordance with SRA rules.
                                                          A decision will be made by the SRV committee
 Teams are welcome to send a one (1) page
                                                           regarding allocation of the 15 remaining
  resume of current race achievements with entry
                                                           positions. No correspondence will be entered
  form for publicity purposes.
                                                           into. If you are unsuccessful in your nomination
 All boats are to complete a race day report              your money will be refunded.
  sheet at the end of each day of racing or face
  $200 fine and possible non acceptance of the            Cost of entry into the Dash for Cash is $130
  2010 event.                                             Prize Money for the Dash for Cash is
 Drivers and Observers will need to attend and                      o    1st Place - $1000
  sign in at Briefing. The Briefing will take place at               o    2nd Place - $500
  the Robinvale Community Centre at 6pm on                           o    3rd Place - $300
  Friday 6 March 2008. Doors close at
  6.15pm – no entry after this.
 Any practice on the river will be before the
   weekend of racing, and normal maritime laws will
                            Robinvale Euston Ski Race
Junior Dash                                                   Sundays 8th March
A Junior Dash will operate on the Saturday, following the     Events
Senior Social class and will involve teams of junior skiers   9am         Expert Events
(under 16 years) competing on the Dash for Cash course.
This is a separate event and as such the team does not        12noon      Return Leg (approximate time)
have to be the same as that competing in the Sunday           4.00pm      Presentation (approximate time)
event. Cost to enter is $130

The number of entries in the Junior Dash is limited to 10.
Selection is at the discretion of the SRV Committee. If
you are unsuccessful in your nomination your money will       King of the Murray
be refunded.
                                                              The Robinvale Euston Ski Race is part of the King of the
                                                              Murray Series, which is conducted between the Four River
Scrutineering Information                                     Classic events held in the same season. These events are
                                                        th    the Murray Bridge 110, Southern 80, Robinvale Euston Ski
All boats are to be safety scrutineered on Friday 6           Race and the Mildura 100.
March 2009 from 10am – 4pm.
                                                              To be eligible for the King of the Murray title, the team
Venue: McLennan Drive (along banks of river)                  must compete in all four of these river classic events. A
                                                              point score system will operate on the outright placing’s,
If you are unable to attend scrutineering at this
                                                              to determine the King of the Murray.
time. It your responsibility to contact the Chief
Scrutineer Andrew Donahue to arrange an
alternative time and venue.
After the completion of racing, all engine classes will
                                                              Entry Enquiries –
be required for post race technical scrutineering.            Note: earlier close of entries
Please listen to the PA for further information.
                                                              for 2009
Scrutineering Enquires:
Andrew Donahue       0408 528040                              Helen Britnell
                                                              Mobile: 0417-505723
Friday 6th March                                              Fax: (03) 5480-2451
Events                                                        Further Information regarding this event can be found
 Scrutineering 10:00am to 4:00pm                             at
  Venue: McLennan Drive                                       Or
                                                              Race Enquiries:
 Briefing    6:00pm
                                                              Promotions enquires:
  Robinvale Community Centre, Riverside Drive
  Robinvale. Doors close at 6.15pm – no late
                                                              You can submit your entries in one of the following
                   h                                          ways:
Saturday 7 March                                                  Send via mail to Ski Racing Victoria, C/-
Events                                                               Helen Britnell, P.O. Box 2147, Echuca,
                                                                     Victoria, 3564
9am         Social Events                                         Fax: (03) 5480-2451 (credit card payment
11am        Return leg (approximate time)                            only)
                                                                  Make cheque payable to Ski Racing Victoria
1.30pm      Dash for Cash
            Senior Social                                     Entries CLOSE – 26 th January 2009

            Disabled                                          ALL ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED by the
            Junior Dash                                       above date. Entries will be seeded and processed
            Under 10’s                                        prior to the Southern 80. Any boats wishing to
4pm         Presentation (approx)                             withdraw from the Robinvale event can do so with
                                                              FULL refund by the Wednesday following the S80.
                                                              Anytime after this money will NOT be refunded.
                              Robinvale Euston Ski Race
                                       WEEKEND SCHEDULE OF EVENTS
Friday 6 March 2008
Scrutineering for all boats

 Scrutineering 10:00am to 4:00pm
  Venue: River Bank Drive
 Briefing     6:00pm
  at the Robinvale Community Centre. Drivers, Observers to attend.
  Doors Close at 6.15pm – no late entry
 If you cannot attend briefing please ring Helen and advise. An alternative option will be considered.

Saturdays 7 March 2008
Breathalyser – All competitors and officials prior to 8:45am
SOCIAL                                                             1:30 pm
Start 9am                                                          Class 35    Dash For Cash – Superclass Limit 10 boats
Return leg 11:00am approximate                                     Class 36    Invitational – limited to 15 boats
Note: This will be a seeded start.                                 These two classes will determine start position for first
                                                                               25 for Sunday Expert racing.
20      Unlimited inboard
21      Unlimited Outboard                                                                                             st
                                                                                                       Over 40 (as at 1 July 2008)
                                                                   Class 37      Veterans Men
22      Under 6 Litre Inboard                                                                          ** 2up race
                                                                   Class 38      Veteran Women
23      SMOC
24      2.5L Outboard
                                                                   Class 39      Senior Social Men                               st
25      Women                                                                                              30-39 years (as at 1 July -
                                                                   Class 40      Senior Social Women       2008) ** 2 up race
26      Stock 6 Litre Social
27      Formula 2
                                                                   Class 41     Junior Dash (note limited to 10 entries,
28      Junior Boys/Girls
                                                                   selection at the discretion of the SRV committee)
29      70mph
30      60 MPH Social
                                                                   Class 42      Disabled
31      Sub Juniors Boys#
32      Sub Junior Girls#
                                                                   Class 43      Under 10 Boys                              st
#Sub Juniors – half course only                                                                       Under 10 years (as 1 July 200 8)
                                                                   Class 44      Under 10 Girls       ** 1 up race

Sundays 8th March 2008
Breathalyser – All competitors and officials prior to 8:45am
Start 9am                                                          **         Skis Optional (Race or Social)
EXPERT                                                             All classes as per SRA rules
Note: This will be a seeded start.                                 The above classes are an indication of what is being
1        Superclass                                                offered. They are not necessarily in order of start.
2        Unlimited
         8 Litre Inboard
         MOC Outboard
                                                                   Prize Money
5        Women                                                         $250 Prize Money for the winner of every class
6        Under 19 Boys
7        Under 19 Girls                                                $1500 Prize Money for the Outright Fastest Time
8        6 Litre Inboard
9        SMOC Outboard                                                 $450 for the Fastest Up and Fastest Back times
         5.2 Litre Inboard
         Stock 6 Litre
                                                                   Rules to Constitutes a Class
12       2.5 Litre                                                 The following trophies will be awarded:
13       Formula 2                                                 2 Entries in a class with 1 st place trophy
14       Juniors Boys                                              being awarded only
15       Junior Girls                                              3 entries in a class with 1st and 2nd plus
16       Sub Juniors Boys                                          prize money for 1st place only.
17       Sub Junior Girls                                          4 entries or more in a class, 1st , 2nd and 3rd
18       70 mph expert                                             place trophies with prize money for 1st place
19       60 MPH Expert                                             only.
                                   Robinvale Euston Ski Race
      How to submit your entries
                                                                          6 th,7 th,8 th March 2009 Tax Invoice                       ABN 82947
                                                                          345 775
     Send via mail to P.O. Box 2147, Echuca,                  Separate entry form to be sent for
      3564                                                     each event, please.
                                                                                                                   If your state boat licence
    Fax to (03) 5480 2451 (credit card                        Classes 1 - 30 $230                                  or boat registration has
                                                               (All entries Includes GST & SRA boat fee)
     payment only)                                                                                                 expired since the issue of
 ALL ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED BY                               Class 31 –42 $130                                      your SRA card please
          Monday 26 th January                                 Classes 43 & 44 Under10’s Free entry                    attach a copy of the
Full refund for any entry withdrawn by                         If nominating for the Dash for Cash,                 licence to verify validity.
    Wednesday 11th February 2009                               Please attach a one page resume of
                                                               your team’s relevant results.
                                                                Note: Two entries constitutes a class
    Number of Class                  Name of Class entered
                                                                                                      We wish to nominate for the
                                                                                                       Dash for Cash (please tick)

                                 If nominating for Superclass, please write alternative class here

    Boat Hull Type                  Inboard/Outboard               Engine Make                  Capacity HP                 Sterndrive Y/N.

                        Name of Boat                                                          SRA Boat Number

    State Boat Registration No         Expiry Date                         Maritime Licence No (Driver)       Expiry Date

    Drivers Name                                     Address                               Mobile Contact          SRA Membership Number

    Observers Name                                   Address                               Mobile Contact          SRA Membership Number

    Skier 1 Name                                     Address                               Mobile Contact          SRA Membership Number

    Skier 2 Name                                     Address                               Mobile Contact          SRA Membership Number

    Team Captain, please complete (if not completed, we cannot notify you of your race numbers)
    Contact Phone Number
                                                                                                                                     complet ed
                                                                                                                                      Must be

    Contact Phone Number on race day

    Town & Postcode


                Payment by Cash, Cheque (made payable to Ski Racing Victoria) or Credit Card
    Payment By Credit Card     Visa        MasterCard            (Please circle which one)

    Credit Card No. ______ ______ ______ ______                            Expiry Date ___/___             Amount: $____________

    Signature…………………………………………………                                 Name on Card …………………………………………..

    I authorise SRV to debit my Credit Card account nominated above with the entry fee, indicated above, together with a 5% transaction fee.

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