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					               SmartBoard Session Feb. 9th AM

  1. Physical Set-Up of Board:
         a. Projector connected to PC, SmartBoard connected to PC,
            Projector turned on, PC turned on. Make sure green light
            appears on SmartBoard. Lock Wheels.
         b. In order for younger childeren to reach the top of the Board or
            if children are sitting on the carpet set it low, for
            demonstration or class activity may need it set higher if they
            are sitting at their desks. Some teachers have a small block for
            students to stand on so they can reach the top of the Board.
         c. Ensure the light will not be shining in the students eyes or
            creating a shadow when you write. . Standing to one side works
  2. First step is to open the SmartBoard Tools and Orient the
     SmartBoard. If the SmartBoard moves during your session then you
     will have to reorient it this is why you make sure the wheels are
     locked! Make sure that the screen display allows you to physically
     touch all the tools that will appear at the top of the screen in the
     Notebook and other applicatiions. If you find your writing etc not
     being accurate during a session reorient the board. Depending on the
     application you may want to have the floating tools or keyboard
     available as well.
     You can use the software such as the Notebook without being
     connected to the SmartBoard so you can plan and create lessons away
     from the Board. There is a tutorial included in the Notebook and the
     other SmartBoard programs. As well as online tutorials with telephone
     conferencng most days from SmartBoard. These sessions sessions are
     held on a Tues Wed or Thurs. and they are listed on a monthly
     calendar at the EdCompass website You can
     download this program for any computer by giving your email address
     so you can make lessons at home from As we start
     looking at files you will notice that there are different file extensions
     for different programs and purposes in SmartBoard. For example
  3. Files that are for the Collections portion of the Notebook have the
     file extension .xbc If it is a file you or someone else has made in the
       Notebook application it has the file extension .xbk, or .nbk. If you are
       using activities created with SmartBoard Ideas software their file
       ends in .ipr
  4.   You can use Computer Applications that you already may use on your
       computer. For example TableTop. Students can drag and sort the
       objects with their hands just like they do with the mouse however
       they can also write on the screen with the pens to identify their rules
       for sorting. Demonstration. Other applications such as Paint and
       HyperStudio etc work the same way.
  5.   There are also applications that are free for the SmartBoard that can
       be downloaded off the EdCompass site.
          a. Examples of Smart Speller and Smart Number Cruncher. These
              can only be used when you are connected to a SMARTBoard
  6.   SMART Speller
                    i. Premade word lists Show Gr. 1 Number
                   ii. Although this program is for spelling it is great for
                       training your students how to write on the SmartBoard
                 iii. A word is said, student writes with finger or pen and
                       then presses the check mark if it is correct it turns blue,
                       if an individual letter is incorrect it turns red and says
                  iv. Student uses the arrow to move to the next word
                   v. You notice the sound quality is not great
                  vi. Once a word list is stopped you can go to Options…Edit
                       Word Categories, here you can check out the available
                       word lists, add your own pictures and sounds to word
                       lists. Some of the word lists already have pictures such
                       as the animals and Objects/People You can add your own
                       pictures and record voice to Smart Speller. Some of the
                       words are hard to hear using the program sounds
                 vii. You can also use the abc’s and drag letters down
               viii. You can also check your typing as you print by clicking on
                       the little a in each box.
          b. These programs are good for training to write correctly so that
              the SmartBoard can read your writing.
  7.   SMART Number Cruncher:

        a. Choose your level, When you put down the pen the workspace
            disappears. You can capture your work and it will automatically
            put it into the Notebook. In the earlier levels you get a basket
            of apples you can use to drag and count. Use your finger to drag
            and select.
  8. SmartIdeas is another program. You can create concept maps and
     mind maps. Show life cycle example using their template and Bear
     example from scratch. I got a 30 day free download. You can also
     download the free copy for SmartBoard but it only works when you
     are connected to a SmartBoard so hard to do any practice at home!
     This program is great for brainstorming. You can go to File and Open a
     template and choose a template like cycled events. You can change the
     kind of shape etc you use. Clicking on it will highlight it and you can
     drag a connector arrow from it. You can change to text by clicking on
     the A or to keep as you have written click on the dot. The hardest
     thing was to keep putting the pen down and up from the tray. You can
     download sample activities from the EDCompass site.
  9. Some websites are better for using the interactivity of the
     SmartBoard than others. A site with some good suggestions is and this is one of the links
     off it with good Primary activities . Try Place the Penguins,
     takes a minute to load, wait for each color and show level 1 and 2,
     Picture Match Interactive,(under LA) You can print out their picture
     matches. For the older students try…
        a. Explore a Virtual Castle, Canadian Provinces and Capitals
            Activities they have spelled Quebec incorrectly in all of them. I
            liked the WordSearch…antedote…In Math, Clocks Analog and
            Digital, starts at the present time. Pattern Generator for older
            students, Symmetry web site, Design a Roller Coaster is neat
            but too complex. Many are just good web sites and some are
            good for SmartBoard You can use the SmartBoard to review
            World Book lessons and for web page lessons to highlight and to
            point out specific areas of a website.
   wsdschools student

  10. You can use the SmartBoard to enhance interact lessons such as
      showing how to search in WorldBook or you may wish to trace the
      buildings at the site
  11. However most of you will want to customize lessons for your class.
      Some of you have already created some lessons. ClipArt: They are
      always coming out with new clip art for the SmartBoard so check back
      to their site from time to time
      Some of the templates and clip art that comes with the NoteBook
      software can help you with these and some you will create from
      scratch. I went on this past weekend and downloaded activities that
      have been upgraded in the last two weeks some of which we will look
      at today.
  12. Mainly you want to ask….is this activity better using the SmartBoard.
      Why are you using the SmartBoard? Have seen where the SmartBoard
      just ends up being a screen to project a computer image on. It is the
      interactivity of the SmartBoard that we want to focus on.
  13. Some sample activities:
         a. Canadian Currency. You could use these to create activities.
             This is in the Collections section. There is a clip art and there
             are page templates and there is the gallery with Page Templates
             and Pictures. I found this very confusing to sort out at first.
             Open Gallery Canadian Currency.
                  i. Text tool write How Much
                 ii. And then make several pages with differing amounts
                iii. Students can move the coins around the screen to count.
                iv. Could make change
                 v. Ask if you can get rid of a page template once you have
                     put on as I found edit undo did not work.
         b. North America in Gallery
         c. Numberline: You can save page as template if don’t have deep
             freeze or can drag over when thawed.
         d. Hundred chart
                  i. Open Notebook
                 ii. Go to Insert…..Browse for a Page Template
                iii. Choose Mathematics….Counting…..Hundred Square-
                iv. You can have students do any hundred chart activity

                  v. You can move to another page by clicking on the icon with
                     the red t and it will give you a new template page
                 vi. This way you can save all your examples that you use. Like
                     winding the overlay on an overhead.
                vii. If you want to use squares with the hundred chart for
                     multiplication and arrays you can go to
                     View…Gallery.....Mathematics…Hundred Square-Blank and
                     the tab will take you to squares that you can use in the
                     hundred chart for making arrays and working on
               viii. In the templates or in the Gallery you can also get a ten
                ix. You can also get a blank hundred chart in the Gallery,
                     resize it to small, make several of them and then with the
                     markers fill in to represent decimal numbers.
         e. February calendar
         f. Clock template, you can use one blank clock and add and erase
            numbers or you can put several pages in as an exercise. The
            gallery has 4 numbered clocks whereas the page template only
            has the two.
         g. Gallery pictures can be resized whereas templates are the
            background and can’t be resized.
         h. View Gallery and go to Animals. Choose a page template
            ecosystem and then students choose the aScience and
            Technology….animals and from the pictures choose a habitat and
            then students choose the animals to place there..
         i. There are templates to practice handwriting and printing, solar
  14. You will want to create your own activities.
         a. Labeling: body parts, flowers, open body parts
         b. Sorting and Categorizing, open materials
         c. Measuring Objects
         d. Three Little Pigs/Goldilocks
         e. Patterning-Leslie
         f. Other Samples


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