; Ray White Toowoomba Spring Update
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Ray White Toowoomba Spring Update


Ray White Toowoomba Spring Update

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									Ray White News                                                                                                                                  Spring 2008

Ray White
Spring Update

How to choose the best real estate agent
Real estate agents will fall over themselves to get your business when you decide to sell a property.
This is where their main wealth comes from and they will offer incentive after incentive to tempt you.
So, where do you start?
Don't assume that the agent giving you the     It's simple: if you like and respect your                         to focus attention on the vendor’s property."
highest selling price is the one to trust.     agent, and they like and respect you, they
                                                                                                                 Research revealed that the quality of photos
Remember, each agent is in competition         will do the best job they can to get the
                                               highest price for your home and be honest                         was the most important element buyers
with every other agent in the area. If
                                               with you. They should be well-presented, a                        wanted in marketing. All Ray White
someone else offers you a better quote, it
                                               good communicator and skilled in                                  advertising will feature high quality photos
may be because they think it may help
                                               negotiations. Remember, if you don't like                         with the logo and agent details minimised.
them to gain your business.
                                               them then other people may not either.                            Unnecessary words have been cut and
Instead of demanding a potentially inflated
                                               For complete independent article visit:                           icons depict the number of bedrooms and
quote, ask them what they will do to sell      http://www.moneybuddy.com.au/home-loans/choosing-the-best-real-
                                               estate-agent                                                      bathrooms.
your house and get the best possible price.
Interview them and don't be afraid to ask      New look Ray White puts vendors first                             Sale or Auction appears in the ads,
how long they have been a real estate                                                                            together with the main details with the office
agent, how long in this particular area, how   Ray White is sporting an entirely fresh look                      location in the new yellow strip. The new
many houses they have sold for what            with a new brand style that has been rolled                       ads draw your attention and allow you to
prices. Demand progress reports and make       out throughout Australia and New Zealand.                         pick out the property’s main details quickly.
sure they are willing to do everything they    After independent consumer research, Ray                          In keeping with the fresh approach, the Ray
can to sell your house for you.                White has introduced a distinctive new look                       White logo has also been updated and is
Compare costs. Most agents still get paid      to maximise the marketing potential for                           no longer enclosed inside a block. The new
by taking a percentage of the sale in          vendors and simplify things for buyers.                           look will assist the company to integrate its
commission and differences in these            Ray White deputy chairman Sam White                               family of real estate products including Ray
percentages can be substantial. A growing      said, “The new look is about putting the                          White Insurance, Ray White Loan Market,
number of agents are now offering flat-fee     vendor and their property on a pedestal.                          Ray White Invest, Ray White Commercial
selling and could be worth considering.        The new branding has streamlined our look                         and Ray White Rural.

Think selling. Think Spring. Think...
Ray White News

Securing the                                                                                                          Tips for the
right price for                                                                                                          budding
your home                                                                                                                 interior
When selling property most vendors want two
key things (1) to get the best possible price
and, (2) to sell sooner rather than later.

Setting the sale price on your property will be
dependent upon your individual
circumstances including your property type
and location, and your timeframe for the sale.

Often vendors confuse how much money they
think they need from their sale with how much
the market will actually pay.

Naturally your real estate agent is your most
valuable resource when considering your
property’s fair market value. They can assist
you by providing reports on comparable sales
and will have a thorough knowledge of how
your home compares in terms of location,
style, condition and age, size, living features
and inclusions, with others in your area.

In addition, having a detailed knowledge of
your financial position and future home loan
options can also assist you to make a
decision around your price or price range,
particularly if you wish to utilise the proceeds
of the sale to purchase a new home or
                                                   What’s your home worth?
investment property.                               Median house prices as at July 2008
Securing a great deal on your home loan is
just as important as securing a great price on
your home. A better home loan deal can                        National $375,000
mean reduced repayments or greater
borrowing power. You really can save a huge                                       NSW $380,000                                    Vic $345,000
amount of money on your mortgage if you                                           Sydney $517,000                                 Melbourne $380,000
know how. For example, did you know that if
you are borrowing more than $300,000 for                  Qld $394,500                                       SA $325,000
your home loan you can get up to 0.92% per                Brisbane $440,000                                  Adelaide $350,000
annum off the interest rate?

For more information on home finance or the                                        WA $450,000                                    TAS $260,000
home loan that is in your best interest ask                                        Perth $480,000                                 Hobart $304,000
your Ray White agent for the contact details
of your local Loan Market mortgage broker or                ACT $480,000                                        NT $390,550
call us at any time on 13 LOAN or direct on                 Canberra $489,950                                   Darwin $435,000
+61 2 9018 8417.
                                                   Source: Commonwealth Bank of Australia Loan Application Data.
                                                   No responsibility is accepted for the accuracy or completeness of this data.
Ray White News
Inexpensive ways to refurbish your bathroom without costly renovation.
Don’t have the cash to spend thousands of dollars on a             Towels and rugs
complete bathroom renovation? Don’t worry! Renovating an           A fresh set of towels and washcloths, including a dressy-
entire bathroom can be time-consuming in addition to wallet-       looking hand towel for display will instantly give your bathroom
straining, but there are a bunch of easy ways to make your         a brand new feeling. Coordinate the towels with a new bath
bathroom seem like it has been totally refurbished… without        rug or two and you’ll have an instant makeover! Fresh window
the hassle and expense.                                            curtains or shower curtain can do wonders as well.
The ugly bathtub                                                   Accessories
                                                                   It’s the little things that can make a big difference in your
If you don’t have the time or money to replace a nasty old
                                                                   freshened-up bathroom. A wicker or metal shelf featuring a key
bathtub resurface it! Companies are ready to come to your
                                                                   focal point like a hanging ivy plant or antique teapot add a
house and resurface the bath that will help make your              whole new interest in the room. A new set of toothbrush
bathroom look brand new.                                           holder, cup and soap dish can make the room feel brand new.
A fresh coat of paint                                              Light it up
It is truly amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do. Choose a   Candles are a must. Choose colours that match your towels or
bathroom colour that will be serene and peaceful while you         rugs, and scents that force you to breathe a sigh of relief. Turn
relax in the tub. Shades of cream, yellow, beige or sage green     out the light… there’s nothing like a candlelit bath to melt the
add an element of relaxation.                                      stress of a hectic day.

Easy Nibbles                                Method: Parmesan Crisps
                                            Preheat oven to 180 degrees C.
                                                                                        starting to firm but still warm. Gently
                                                                                        press into tulip shape in small upright
                                                                                        moulds, a miniature muffin or the
Ingredients:                                Have the parmesan at room                   hollows of an egg carton. When cold
Parmesan Crisps                             temperature. Line a baking tray with a      and hard, store in an airtight container.
1 cup finely grated Parmesan cheese         silicone or parchment baking sheet and
                                            arrange egg rings on top.                   Just before the guests arrive, fill with
1 avocado
                                                                                        1 mashed avocado, 1 tablespoon sweet
1 tablespoon sweet chilli sauce             Put about a tablespoon of grated            chilli sauce and 2 teaspoons of lemon
2 teaspoons of lemon juice                  parmesan inside each ring and spread        juice.
Smoked Salmon & Pumpernickel                out with fingers. Bake for 3 to 5 minutes
                                            or until golden brown.                      Method: Smoked Salmon &
Pumpernickel rounds                                                                     Pumpernickel
Cream cheese                                Remove from oven, rest for about 45
Smoked salmon                                                                           Spread pumpernickel rounds with cream
                                            seconds and remove one-by-one using         cheese and place smoked salmon on
                                            spatula. They must be removed when          top.

selected from raywhite.com

               you wish...                                     Amazing ocean views
                                                               53 Bushey Place, Dee Why NSW
                                                               7 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
                                                               Land Area: 658m2 (approx)
                                                               Property ID #: 104788871
                                                               Situated at the end of a quiet private road, this seaside full brick
                                                               family home enjoys a commanding north-east aspect with
                                                               superb panoramic beach and ocean views.
                                                               Built over three levels, this substantial home offers ample space
                                                               and flexibility, ideal for the extended family or extra income, with
                                                               a self contained apartment on the lower level.
                                                               Currently in good condition however undercapitalised for its
                                                               fabulous location. This is a perfect opportunity to renovate and
                                                               create your dream beachside home.
                                                               Visit raywhite.com for the very best selection of residential and
                                                               commercial properties you’ll find anywhere on the internet.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Ray White News

            Email: toowoomba.qld@raywhite.com
            145 Herries Street (PO Box 216) Toowoomba Qld 4350
            Sales: 4632 9499 Rentals: 4688 4488 Fax: 4639 1650

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Spring 2008

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