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									  Australian Hotels Association
         quick guide to

                                                          JANUARY 2007

                                labour     market
• Retaining Key Staff           have brought a
                                dramatic     skills
• A Different Staff Target      and     employee
                                shortage        to
• External Labour Hire Help     the     hospitality
                                industry.     This
• Local Employment Options      change requires
• Overseas Workers
                                businesses      to
• Generation Y
                                rethink how they
                                employ and retain

This Quick Guide has been developed and designed
as a tool to help you to address the issues that
the skill shortage presents for your business.
It focuses on “best practice” recruitment and
retention options and provides practical solutions
to maintaining high standards of service and
conduct that the liquor, hospitality, catering, and
entertainment industry requires.

As WA’s peak hospitality industry association, the
AHA understands your business and is committed to
assisting you to meet these challenges and achieve
success in a competitive industry environment.

Employing Mature Aged Workers                                                           Women
When recruiting mature aged              - Assistance to help maintain a                Re-entering the
workers you may need to look               healthy work life balance                    Workforce
at offering them some special            - Additional access to leave
advantages with their employment.          (without pay)                                There are many women wanting
The following tips may attract           - Performance based rewards                    to re-enter the workforce after
them to employment at your               - Offer particular duties to build             their children have grown-up
organisation.                              self esteem                                  or started school. Mothers may
                                         - Advertise positions vacant                   even prefer to work in the
Some tips to engage mature aged            on the Jobwise website – for                 evenings so that their partner
workers:                                   mature aged people looking for               can look after the children.
                                           work                      Where can employers advertise
- Offering 10 minute massages                                                           vacant positions that mothers
  once a month                                                                          will see?
- Offer free flu vaccination during
  winter                                                                                • Local newspaper
- Register as a job wise employer                                                       • Local Primary/Secondary
  by having age-positive policies                                                         school
- Offer ongoing training &                                                              • Shopping Centres
  development                                                                           • Supermarket
- Flexible working arrangements                                                         • Gym
  e.g. working from home & job share                                                    • Library
- Rotating rosters                                                                      • Your venue

Identifying Good or                      -   high performance                           Generation Y
                                         -   commitment
Key Members of                           -   loyalty                                    - recruitment key
Staff                                    -   creativity                                 points
                                         -   qualifications
How do you identify your good or                                                        Remember to Include
                                         -   talent and/or technical
key members of staff before it is                                                       - Salary and attractive perks
too late?                                                                               - Employer details
                                                                                        - Job location
                                         Employees with the above qualities
How do you define good or key                                                            - Work environment
                                         are the staff that you strive to retain
members of staff?                                                                       - Your requirements;
                                         and it is even more important now
                                                                                          • Software knowledge
They have the following                  with the difficulty of finding skilled
                                                                                          • Key skills
attributes:                              workers in the hospitality industry.
                                                                                          • Qualifications
- knowledge                              We need to hold onto our good or
                                                                                          • Professional membership
- expertise                              key members of staff.
                                                                                          • Work history requirements

                                 Former Staff                      Rewarding your Employees
                                 Did you ever think                Encourage your staff to recommend friends, family or
                                 of contacting former              acquaintances by rewarding them for recommending
                                 employees who may                 a good employee to work at your organisation.
                                 have left the industry,
                                                                   Some possible reward suggestions:
                                 but would appreciate
                                                                   • Dinner at your venue’s restaurant
                                 some extra casual work,
                                                                   • Small fee for each employee they recommend
                                 possibly at night.
                                                                   • A bottle of your finest wine

                                                                   You will be surprised how much effort your staff will
                                                                   put into recommending a good employee if they
                                                                   receive a reward for their efforts.

Recruiting Generation Y                                        Labour Hire Contractors
Title and Short Description                                    Specialising in:
• Include facts and be descriptive
                                                               • Kitchen Hands, contact Blue Collar People
• Include salary whenever possible
                                                                 on 9221 1911
• Work environment – busy office, work in a team or
   autonomous?                                                 • Hospitality Staff contact Kalender Consulting
• Blue-chip company, family business, 5 star hotel or            on 9228 2033
   online startup?                                             • Or see pages 873 to 884 of the 2007 Perth Yellow
Ad Details
• Detail things most important to you and most
  appealing to candidate first
• Present information in a logical order                       Embrace the Internet to
• Use sub headings to make details easier to scan
• Consider listing items with bullet points                    Recruit Employees
• Ensure you have included keywords related to the             Whilst most business are aware of websites (for
  role                                                         example where organisations can post
• List secondary items such as visa obligations toward         advertisements for vacant positions, there are some
  the end.                                                     other websites that are just as valuable:
                                                               • CareerOne         
                                                               • Mycareer          

Retaining Good or Key                                          • Byron Employment  

Members of Staff                                               • PositionsVACANT   

The following are some strategies to consider in order         • Australian JobSearch
to retain employees:

•   paying competitive wages
•   providing flexibility
•   championing longevity
•   respecting employees
•   increasing and improving communications
•   paying retention bonuses
•   conducting exit interviews.

Employees appreciate seemingly insignificant things
like saying “thank you” which is important and costs

X-press Magazine
X-Press Magazine is Australia’s original and largest-          There are other options that can be used when trying
circulation street press. The magazine is available FREE       to recruit staff over the internet. Employers can access
at over 1000 outlets throughout WA every Thursday.             websites that are called job banks or resume databases
                                                               which contain thousands of different resumes of
The magazine is everything music and entertainment
                                                               people seeking employment.
gig guides, gig reviews, CD reviews, DVD’s, movies
and art. X-press also includes advertising. Why not            Examples of some Job Banks/Resume Databases:
advertise vacant positions to attract the younger
                                                               • NowHiring         
                                                               • CareerOne         
For more information on how to advertise in the
magazine visit:

Employing people with disabilities                                             Cole-Bowen
Edge Employment Solutions assists employees with disabilities into open        Consulting
employment. Edge always have staff who are keen, motivated and reliable
                                                                               Cole-Bowen Consulting,
to work in the hospitality industry.
                                                                               headed by Rory Cole-Bowen,
To find out more information please contact EDGE on 9286 6600.
                                                                               is a Western Australian
                                                                               owned, Executive Search
                                                                               and Recruitment Company
Students/Graduates                                                             specializing in the placement
Have you ever considered using staff    o South West Regional College of       of top performing people in
from hospitality colleges? They have      TAFE on 1800 621 445                 our dynamic and ever changing
internal notice boards, online notice   o Edith Cowan University               hospitality industry.
boards etc…                               on 13 43 28
o Australian School of Tourism and      o Kimberley TAFE (Broome)              “We understand the hospitality
   Hotel Management on 9322 3202          on 9192 9100                         industry and those who succeed
o Alexander Education Group             o Pilbara TAFE (South Hedland)         in it”.
   on 9338 2000                           on 9158 9400
o Challenger TAFE on 9239 8189          o Pilbara TAFE (Karratha)              Our clients are some of the
o Central TAFE on 1300 300 822            on 9159 6700                         fastest growing and most
o Swan TAFE on 9267 7777                o Curtin Vocational and Education      successful hotels, restaurants
o Quinlan’s Hospitality & Tourism         Centre (Kalgoorlie) on 9088 6757     and catering businesses. They
   Training Centre on 9239 8295         o Curtin Vocational and Education      demand exceptional value and
o West Coast College of TAFE              Centre (Esperance) on 9071 9570      service and seek only the highest
   on 1300 134 881                                                             calibre professionals to join their

                                                                               Our success comes from
Generation Y                               Using employment                    specialisation in Hospitality
Those born between 1981 and                agencies to recruit                 Executive and Management
                                                                               search. We know our clients’
1991, or Generation Y, are                 staff                               niche market and develop close
far more media aware and
technology savvy than any other            Using employment agencies           working relationships so that
generation. Our recruitment                to recruit staff is a great tool    we thoroughly understand the
                                           to find staff that have the          business, culture and dynamics
ads and marketing messages
                                           necessary skills to fulfil your      of the market. This coupled with
need to be clear and convincing,
                                           particular job vacancy.             our own hospitality experience
powerful and relevant in order
to capture that tiny slice of Gen          There are employment agencies       gives us the edge when
Y’s focus. With so much to                 that specialise in your industry.   recruiting in this market.
hear and see, they are ruthless            Below are employment agencies
                                           specialising in the Hospitality     For further information please
in their media consumption,
                                           Industry:                           contact Rory Cole-Bowen to
learning to ignore what does not
                                                                               provide you with recruitment
immediately capture interest.              • Cole-Bowen Consulting
                                                                               and business solutions.
                                             on 9301 0377
With skills shortages and a
                                           • McColl Hospitality Staff Pty      P: 9301 0377
jobseekers market Gen Ys will
                                             Ltd on 9444 3977                  W:
not respond to a condensed
                                           • EVP Hospitality & Tourism         E:
job description or newspaper                 Recruitment on 9288 0630
ad buried amongst the                      • Hospitality Recruiters
thousands of others. If your                 on 9228 5177
marketing message/job ad is                • Pinnacle Hospitality & Travel
not sophisticated, entertaining,             People on 9287 3888
concise and relevant to its reader         • Travel & Recruitment Services
it will simply be flicked aside as            (focus on Backpackers)
irrelevant and go unread.                    on 9322 1406
                                           • The Job Shop (focus on provide recruiters with
                                             Backpackers) on 9228 1457
some great tips on marketing
                                           • International Communication
your vacancy.                                Plaza (focus on Backpackers)
Source:            on 9226 0510

                                                                            to attract interested and
Local workers can                  Advertise for                            prospective workers. This sends
be found by:                       workers at your                          a clear message to prospective
• Advertising in the local         business                                 workers that your business is a
  newspaper.                                                                professional organisation and a
                                   Finding it tough to get staff, then:     great place to work at.
• Have you tried advertising
                                   Have your current staff tell their     • Advertising at your venue?
  for workers in the newspaper
                                   friends to help you in finding            Family, friends or housemates of
  with a photo shoot of your
                                   reliable staff, and                      staff you already have?
  hotel with friendly, neatly
  attired workers in the photo                                            • Word of mouth? Talk to your
                                   • Have a professional sign located
  shoot!                                                                    peers and staff and other
                                     in the business advertising
• Placing an ad at:                                                         local businesses. Your local
                                     workers. The sign should
  - Regional airport, train or                                              newsagency might hear of
                                     be professionally designed
     bus station.                                                           someone looking for work and
                                     to gain maximum exposure
  - Local Library.                                                          send him or her your way.
  - Sporting clubs offer a place
     to advertise for workers.
  - Medical centre - Have
     your newsletter available     Overseas students
     (positions vacant/wanted)     Overseas students studying are also interested
     for patients to read whilst   in part time or casual work.
     their waiting for their       These students can be found at:
     appointment. Also at pizza,   • St Marks International College on 9227 9888
     fish & chip shops etc!         • Milner International College of English on
  - Local Community hall or           9325 5444
     family community centres.     • Backpacker Hostels
                                   • Universities or Colleges
                                   • Phoenix Academy on 9227 5538
Recruiting from                    • ACE (Australian College of English) on 9325
schools                            • Language Links on 9328 1266
Contact some of the following      • World College on 9221 4983
to advertise any vacancies you
Local high schools – school
leavers                            Alternative Advertising
o School newsletters               Sometimes advertising a vacancy           may just have a mobile travel
o School notice boards             means thinking outside the                agent, recruitment agent and
o Career councillors               common methods. How about                 tour guide all rolled into one
o VET Teachers                     trying;                                   taxi driver. Spread the word
Local primary schools – parents                                              with your fleet, offer all taxi
                                   ~ Regional airports? Would it be          drivers a free cup of coffee on
returning to work
                                     possible to have a notice board         a particular morning to build
o School newsletters
                                     near the arrivals at your regional      rapport and let them know what
o School notice boards
                                     airport? Ask to speak to your           you are looking for.
                                     airport manager.
                                                                          ~ Airport shuttle bus drivers and
Hostels and                        ~ Regional bus ports and train           tour guides/operators? As with
                                     stations? Whatever point of
Caravan Parks                        entry someone may use to enter
                                                                            taxi drivers, these people have
                                                                            new visitor’s undivided attention
Information boards located at        a regional town, can you grab          and are always asked a myriad
backpacker hostels and caravan       their attention with employment        of questions.
parks provides a useful way of       opportunities?
advertising for workers. Notices                                          ~ Visitor’s Centres? They can tell
or flyers, should be kept simple    ~ Taxi drivers? Who else knows           visitors more than just what to
and be colourful to attract          what’s happening around the            see.
potential employees.                 area? Travellers in to your area

VISA 457 Employment of Overseas Workers                                           Special
To employ skilled overseas workers on sponsorship agreements (Visa 457)           Programs Visa
or employ backpackers or tourists or students, contact the Department of
Immigration on options and solutions for assisting you to find workers at
                                                                                  (Subclass 416)                                                            This program comprises youth
For lawfully operating Australian and                                             exchange programs, internships
overseas employers to sponsor and                                                 and traineeships from workers
employ skilled workers who have                                                   overseas to work in Australia
recognised qualifications and skills/or                                            to develop their career and
experience in particular occupations                                              academic qualifications for a
required in Australia such as chefs,                                              period of 12 months in Australia.
cooks and bar attendants of a high
                                                                                  With the skills shortage, this is an
                                                                                  opportunity to employ workers
In regional areas, if it is also                                                  who are interested in being
determined a skill shortage also exists in other areas of hospitality such        involved in a structured work
as receptionists, waitresses, kitchen staff etc. If you are an employer in a      and study program.
regional area in Australia you may be eligible for concessions in meeting the
minimum salary and skill level requirements for your nominated position.          Who is the visa for?
                                                                                  • Someone studying overseas is
                                                                                    eligible to work in Australia,
Backpackers may be employed by you                                                • Holder of a church fellowship,
Backpackers already in Australia         You may wish to advertise in               or
may be able to work for you in           the following areas to attract           • Someone invited to participate
specialised qualified areas as well as    backpackers:                               in an approved community
non qualified areas.                                                                 benefit program, from a
                                         o Backpacker hostel to attract short       commercial organisation
If you have a backpacker interested        term workers.                          • Be under 31 years of age
in working as a chef or cook,
                                         o Caravan, Tourist and Mobile
contact the Department of                                                         The visa can allow participants
                                           Home Parks to attract workers.
Immigration for sponsorship details                                               to experience Australian culture
at                o Internet café.
                                                                                  and broaden their experience
                                                                                  and knowledge.

                                          working interview with the
Open Days for                             relevant management staff.

Interviews                                During the open day have every
Have you ever thought of                  interested candidate fill out an         Sources: http://www.hotelnewsresource.
advertising a position and                application form while they wait.       com/news_print.php?sid=20929&PHPSESSI
requesting that anyone interested                                                 D=2dab80120bef86553486e4e9004f1b06
                                          Look after them while they are
is to show up during a particular                                       
                                          waiting, offer tea, coffee, biscuits.   professional_consultancy_article.php?item_
time period e.g. 3pm – 5:30pm ?                                                   id=429&issue=13
                                          You may find that this is a
The interviews do not need to be                                                  http://www.humanresourcesmagazine.
                                          successful way of finding suitable
with relevant management, this                                          
                                          candidates in a hurry. You do not       asp?Type=60&Category=919
is just to seek out who would be
                                          need to wait for applications to
suitable for the position. Contact
                                          be sent in and having to schedule
the suitable candidates to come
                                          interviews over a period of time.
in the next day for a more formal

                                              38 Parliament Place
                                              West Perth WA 6005                              Supported by
                                              PO Box 660, West Perth 6872
                                              P: (08) 9321 7701
                                              F: 08) 9321 7730

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