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									      Quality education, excellence, opportunities – a foundation for the future

 Wollongong West Public School                    Phone: 02 42292096                        Email: wollongwst-
 Crown Street                                     Fax:   02 42265057                        p.school@det.nsw.edu.au
 West Wollongong 2500
                                                  P & C Email:                              Website: http://www.wollongwst-
 Principal: Mrs Cathy Reade                       wollongongwestpac@gmail.com               p.schools.nsw.edu.au

 Issue 14:            Term 2             Week 3                                                                      14 May 2008
                                                                        Thursday are asked to bring along a gold coin donation. The
                          Coming Events                                 money raised will go to Stewart House. Stewart House supports
                                                                        public school students across the state by providing 2 week stays
Week 3            National Testing of Year 3 & 5 students               in Sydney for students identified by their schools as needing some
                                                                        extra assistance for a wide range of reasons. Please support this
Thurs 15 May      Year 3 & 5 Numeracy Test
                                                                        very worthy cause.
                  Mufti Day to raise money for Stewart House
Fri 16 May        PSSA Sport commences                                                      K – 6 Netball Clinic
Week 4            Event – Year 5 & 6 Camp                               The Illawarra District Netball Association is running two days of
Mon 19 May      Student Leadership Forum                                clinics at our school for students K – 6. The first day is Wednesday
                                                                        28 May, followed by Wednesday 11 June.
                Special presentation at Glengarry Cottage
Wed 21 – Fri 23 Year 5 and 6 Camp                                       On these days students will participate in a 1 hour session where
May                                                                     netball skills will be taught and practised. Students will be working
                                                                        in small groups with qualified coaches. These clinics are free and
Thurs 22 May    STRIKE – No teacher supervision                         we appreciate the support provided by the Illawarra District Netball
                Big School Expo                                         Association.
Fri 23 May      OC Class applications returned
Week 5            Education Week
                                                                                              Year 5 & 6 Camp
                                                                        Students in Years 5 and 6 are heading off to camp next week at
Mon 26 May        Eco Citizen’s Excursion for 4/5W and 6AB
                                                                        Port Hacking. Everyone is getting excited about the canoeing,
Wed 28 May        K – 6 Netball Clinic                                  sailing, archery, abseiling, billycart design and making,
                                                                        bushwalking and so on. Have a great time at camp and represent
Thurs 29 May      University of NSW Science Competition
                                                                        our school well.
                  Doing Things Together Day
                  Smiths Hill HS Expo Night                                                  Leadership Forum
Fri 30 May        Regional Excellence Awards Presentation
                                                                        School leaders – Ethan, Charisse, Conner and Kuer, will be
                  Movie Night                                           attending a Student Leadership Forum on Monday 19th May at the
                 Opportunity Class 2009                                 Ribbonwood Centre, Dapto. They will be working through activities
                                                                        to increase leadership skills with students from many other
Opportunity class placement provides intellectual stimulation and       schools in the area.
an educationally enriched environment for academically gifted and
talented children in Years 5 and 6. Each year students in Year 4        They are sure to come back with lots of ideas to share with the
can apply for a place at the Opportunity Class at Wollongong            SRC representatives who are our class leaders.
Public School for Years 5 & 6.
If your child is academically gifted and talented and is currently in
Year 4 you may like to consider completing an application for this
class in 2009. Application packages are now available at the front
office and completed applications are to be returned to school no
later than Friday 23 May.

                        Strike Action
The NSW Teachers Federation has organised a strike day for next
Thursday 22nd May. All teachers of Wollongong West Public
School have decided to support this action.
Therefore all families are asked to keep their children at home on
the day as there will be no teachers at school to supervise                                      PSSA Sport
students. Please make alternative arrangements for your children
                                                                        Students in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 are encouraged to participate in
on the day.
                                                                        PSSA Sport this term. The sport program commences this Friday
                                                                        and will continue on Friday mornings for the rest of the term,
                           Mufti Day                                    weather permitting. Sports for this term are soccer, rugby league
This Thursday we are having a mufti day to raise much needed            and netball. Notes are to be returned to Mr Akhurst – Boys Rugby
funds for Stewart House. Students who wear mufti to school on           League, Mrs Weaver – Senior Girls Soccer and Ms Waddell –
 Issue 14:            Term 2           Week 3                                                                           14 May 2008

                     Last Week’s Awards                                                       Being Allergy Aware means…
                        Principal’s Awards                                   Awareness
                   Angus, John, Krissy, Telisha                              Take severe allergies seriously. Food allergies are real and
                     Encouragement Awards                                    involve the body’s immune system.

                     Libby, Liam, Dylan, Milly                               Anaphylaxis is the most severe form of allergic reaction and can
                                                                             be life threatening.
                       Playground Awards
                                                                             1-2% of Australians have some type of food allergy. 1 in 20
Chelsea, Kane, Libby, Mel, Matthew, Liam, Tanieka                            children and 1 in 100 adults have an allergy that could be life
                         Assembly Award
                                                                             The most common triggers of anaphylaxis are food, insect and
                                 3C                                          medication. Eight foods cause 90% of food induced allergic
                       Environment Award                                     reactions. Peanut, tree nuts, egg, milk, fish, shellfish, sesame
                                                                             and soy.
                           Merit Awards
                                                                             Allergen minimisation is only one part of a multi pronged
    Arok Mamer, Liam Edwards, Caleb Morice, Dylan Kramer,                    approach to allergy management.
                       Janna, Chloe, Montell,
                      Branden, Libby, Angus,                                 Children with food allergy should be discouraged from sharing
                  Michael Kane, Fintan, Lachlan,                             any food whilst in care or at school until they are old enough to
                   Kento, Athena, Liam, Jessica                              read labels and make decisions on food safety themselves.
                          Bronze Awards                                      Read food ingredient labels before consuming packaged items.
                       Ned, Daniel, Jonathan
Junior Girls Netball before Friday. The cost of the bus each week            When eating out, ask questions of the food service staff and
is $5 and this is to be handed to the organising teachers each               chef before placing your order and if not sure, do not eat.
                                                                             Be aware of cross contamination during food preparation and
Students not attending PSSA sport will participate in sporting               serving.
activities at school.
                      Big School Expo                                        Become familiar with the signs and symptoms of a severe
                                                                             allergic reaction.
Do you know any families in the area with preschool children who
will be starting Kindergarten in 2009? If so, please let them know           Front line emergency care for an anaphylactic reaction in the
about the Big School Expo on Thursday 22nd May at the                        community setting is adrenaline via an auto injector known as
Wollongong Golf Club commencing at 7.00 pm. More details can                 the EpiPen.
be found at the end of this newsletter.
                                                                             Learn the simple steps on how to administer the EpiPen.
                                                                             I you’ve been prescribed an EpiPen ensure you carry an
                                                                 th          Anaphyliaxis Action Plan with your EpiPen wherever you go.
  Awards to be Presented at this Week’s Assembly – 16
                          May                                                Visit www.allergy.org.au or www.allergyfacts.org.au for an
                                                                             Anaphylaxis Action Plan.
                         Bronze Awards
                       Cody, Rojan, Judith ,
                      Connor, Jahni, Conner

                                                                             Have you checked out the web site yet? Sharlene Poljasevic has
                           Assembly                                          done a lot of work to let you know what is going on at school.
Assembly leaders this week are Jessica and Mel. The class item               Take a look… www.wollongwst-p.schools.nsw.edu.au
this week is by 2M.                                                          Thank you so much for all the wonderful helpers who made the
                                                                             cross country BBQ such a successful day. We made approx
Cathy Reade
Principal                                                                    $1300.

                      EdAlive Software                                                     Mother’s Day Raffle Winners
Leaflets for EdAlive Software have been handed out with today’s              1st Marcel Drucker Collection, Interchangeable Watch-
newsletter.                                                                      Montell
Last ever $10 CSP deal offer Leaflet. Please return order to school          2nd Hoggs Breath Café $40.00 Vouchers -Emily
by 5th June 2008.                                                            3rd Bottle of wine and wine glasses –Ege
                                                                             4th Allgro Red Tote Bag –Nikola
                        Lost Property                                        5th Picnic Basket – Emily
                                                                             6th DevonPort Knife Company-5 piece knife set with chopping
Please check for any lost property. If items are not collected within            board – Sophia
2 weeks clothing will be donated to charity.
                                                                                         Money raised to date $12,325
                 For Your Information
                               Provision of programs that foster leadership, values and social responsibility.
 Issue 14:            Term 2            Week 3                                                                             14 May 2008

Kelly Judd                                                                   Allergies/Asthma, behaviour disorders, sleep problems, ear, nose,
P&C President                                                                and throat problems, digestive problems recurrent infection, skin

                                                                             Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Iridology, Natural Fertility.
                                                                             Alternative health care
                                                                             For women, men and children
  Sydney Pregnancy Babies & Children’s Expo                                  1/39 Princes Highway, Woonona
                                                                             Phone : 0422 911 757
The Sydney Pregnancy Babies & Children’s Expo is on 16 to 18
May at the Sydney Showground Dome, Sydney Olympic Park.
There are a small number of free tickets for this event available at
the office.

                      Big School Expo
For parents and carers of 2009 school starters.
Find out how to give your child the best possible start to school by
coming along to your local big school expo.
Talk to teachers and principals form your local school, and get
some helpful hints and tips from educators and health
professionals on the night.
Date:    Thursday 22nd May
Time:    7.00 pm
Place:   Wollongong Golf Club
         Corrimal Street Wollongong
RSVP to Kath Smith
Transistion to School Project Officer
Illawarra Children’s Services
Phone: 4283 9947
Email: kath.smith@ics.org.au

              Opportunity ‘C’ Class 2009
Parents of gifted and talented children currently in Year 4 in
Wollongong, North Wollongong and Shellharbour district schools
are invited to attend an information evening on Tuesday, May 20
2008 at 7.00pm at Wollongong Public School. A Year 5
Opportunity ‘C’ Class will be formed in 2009 for gifted and talented
students who are in Year 4 in 2008. For more information phone
Harold Cosier on 42289120.

                 P7 Peerless Sevens Inc.
Will present an evening session for parents with pre-teen children
on “How to Avoid illicit substances.”
Monday 19th May 2008, 7pm. Illawarra Multicultural Services - 27
Atchison Street, Wollongong.

                     Athletics Wollongong

Athletics Wollongong will run free coaching clinics on the 1st of
Events: Sprints, Long-jump. High jump, shot put and discus.
When: 1st of June 10.30am – 12.30pm
Free BBQ Lunch
Where: Beaton Park Athletic Tract
Cost entry: $2.20 Children $3.90 Adults
RSVP: Phil 0400 385 611
Web: athleticswollongong.org.au

                    Herbal Healing Centre
                      John Taylor Herbalist

                               Provision of programs that foster leadership, values and social responsibility.

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