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Physics Department

Student Notebook Standards
You notebook may be inspected at any time. We shall expect to see the following arrangements

   1. You notebook must be a 1 or 1.5 inch “D” 3-ring binder with appropriate identification.
      Coil notebooks are not acceptable as you cannot remove or insert pages. Pages will not be
      torn out of your binder unless you are careless.
   2. There should be six sections. They should be separated by a set of dividers with the tabs
      properly identified with either computer or neatly written labels.
          a. Section 1: Course Documents. This includes either those handed out by a
             teacher or downloaded from a course web site. These are the documents that
             indicate course policy (such as this one).
          b. Section 2: Lecture Notes
                  i. You lecture notes must be chronological order
                 ii. There should be a page number about ½” high in the upper right corner of
                     right pages and upper left corner of left pages.
                 iii. You should put the date within your work at the beginning of the lecture
                 iv. Your lecture notes should be neatly written in pen or pencil.
          c. Section 3: Assignments
                  i. Your assignments and homework should be presented here in
                     chronological order. Any handouts or downloads that support these
                     assignments should be in their proper place as well.
          d. Section 4: Lab Experiments
                  i. Your experiments, raw data, musings and the report should be in each
                     person’s notebook.
                 ii. Even though you do a lab with four people copies of the marked version
                     (ie with the corrections I suggest) should be in all notebooks of a group.
                 iii. The report should be the last item pertaining to a lab. Each lab should have
                      a single sheet of paper as a divider. The title of this lab should be on the
         e. Section 5: Tests
                i. Your tests should be placed in this section in chronological order. The
                   solutions to a given test should either be written on the test or on a sheet of
                   paper that accompanies the test in this section.
         f. Section 6: Background Materials
                i. This section might include an article you wanted to use with your work. I
                   might also include research you are doing for your project or something
                   else external related to the aims of the course.

MGCI – Notebook Security

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