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									            Press Release ~ Press Release ~ Press Release
                                       For Immediate Release May 5th 2009
                                    For More Information, Call: 9375 1900

                            AT THE CAMBRIDGE CONFERENCE CENTRE
                           Cambridge Forum , 350 Cambridge St., Wembley
                 Free Parking—enter via roundabout at Simper street, over 300 bays
                ( including underground parking ) Inside the International Food Court.
                                        DATE/ TIME: Friday May 22 2009
                                    ( Monthly Friday Mornings throughout the year )
                        Time: 10.00 – 11.00 am - Free Morning Tea Served
            Each month we invite Guest Speakers, covering Health, Sport, Banking, Finance, Feng
                     Shui, Fashion, Security, Physiotherapy, Ageing and so on.
                                               This Months Topic is :
                                             NORDIC WALKING
                     How to make your regular walk a total body exercise
                                             • What is Nordic Walking?
                                               • Why Nordic Walking?
                            • How to do/ How NOT to do.. Nordic Walking
                                                         • Free Trail
                       ( you get to try a pair out at the seminar and do a
                                           Bit of Nordic Walking too )
                     Presented by Annika Ekstrand - Certified Instructor,
                                         Owner Operator Axess Poles
              Disclaimer: Person or persons attending and participating in any of these seminars/ workshops and or evens
    and demonstrations do so at their own risk. Individuals should seek independent medical advice should there
    be pre-existing and existing personal health conditions prior to attending , should they intend to participate in
     the demonstrations. Note: The Organisers and Presenters are not responsible for any injuries and or liabilities,
    should the case arise on attending and or participating The presenters views are explicitly their own and are not
                       intended as Medical, financial or general advice of any Form or otherwise.
          Bookings / General Enquiries : Just phone, email, fax, write but if you can’t, well, just turn up,
                we’ll find you a space - Contact Tony at Agora Marketing

                    Phone: 9375 1900—9480 5399 ( 24hr) Mobile: 0418 929 842 Fax: 9276 3890
                                  This Event is brought to You by Agora Marketing

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