Introducing the “Fun with Knowledge Series” by fdjerue7eeu


									                                            Introducing the “Fun with Knowledge Series”
The purpose of this series is, as the name says,   salesmen are really trying to lead you. And no,       of believers yet the sections on Movements and
to have fun with knowledge. This series is         for this series you do not have to read six to        Heresies, and the March of the Saints, contain
meant for group participation, meaning the         ten books on a subject, but you can if you want       items which many believers consider Heretics
home schooling parents as well as their            to, for you are in control of the material. What      and Heresies, while others consider them
children. They are based on the concept that       follows are suggestions and guidelines, the           Heroes and proper belief. The questions within
knowledge, and the acquiring of same, have a       questions are leading, it is true, but you decide     leave each unjudged as the parents are the only
value in themselves beyond all other purposes.     the direction and how they are covered. If it         ones to make these judgements; yet all are
You cannot know too much, only too little. Just    says “paragraph” and your student is not up to        worthy of consideration by committed
because you can see no reason for learning         paragraphs, then use points, or use pictures if       Christians.
about something today does not mean it will        you can find them. The series is, after all, Fun              Most of the guides contain out-of-the-
not have value in the future. But there is a       with Knowledge.                                       home activities, most suggestions are by way
major value even so, and this is in the                                                                  of where the author lives in the northern half of
development of discernment. Discernment                     Each of the studies comes with               Alberta, but similar places are located all over
according to the Merriam-Webster                   suggested resources, both hard copy and               Canada and the questions within are applicable
Dictionary, (Pocket Books, 1974) means             internet, as well as answers to the puzzles and       anywhere. As well, there are word searches and
“revealing insight and understanding”.             math questions (which are contained in many           crossword puzzles, math problems and other
         Insight and understanding are not just    of them). The hard copy sources are all               word games where applicable to increase the
magical things available to anyone at birth,       currently available in new or used from internet      enjoyment and cut the drudgery of learning.
they come with time and experience; and            book sellers, it being impossible to check every      Answers are provided to the puzzles but not to
experience comes with a broad scope of             book shop. As well, some web sites contain            the questions dealing with research,
reading and thought. Thus reading one book on      good information but also general advertising         presentation and opinion which can not have
a subject might give you knowledge for as long     and each book carries the suggestion it is better     official answers because that goes against the
as you remember it, but reading six to ten         for the parents to print the source by copying        very nature of gaining knowledge. My opinion
books on a subject, in their very differences      the text and pictures into their own writer           of the correct answer thereby imposes my
will teach you discernment and not a little        program and then printing it. This is especially      judgements on the parent and student and
judgement. You will learn judgement, for in        true of some of the religious sites, (for there are   thereby causes a conflict I can have no part in
these six to ten books you will find many          not many relatively inexpensive general texts         resolving.
different opinions on what the facts or events     available), which in addition to providing the                The purpose of this series is NOT to
mean and you should by the end of them be          history of the faith also have the aim of             impose judgement and truth on the parent or
able to decide which is the more likely or         recruiting and so may be unsuitable for               the student. Rather it is to enable them to learn
reasonable and this is discernment.                children.                                             to do the work to support their point of view
        In our modern world, so filled with                 All these guides contain references to       and build discernment and judgement which
competing ideas and ideologies, discernment is     God and his working where appropriate, but            enables them to more capably judge the things
a priceless gift going far beyond deciding         are not slanted towards any one denomination,         the world tries to tell them. The true purpose is
between the red car or the blue car, but also      this being the duty of the parents. For example:      to provide ideas for parents who have no idea
understanding where politicians, preachers,        the church history is meant to be a study of          how to approach a topic yet leave them room to
prophets (secular and theological), and            religious ideas and where they fit into the line      instruct their students in their values.
      REFERENCE TITLES FOR SALE                       #10    WIND, RAIN, AND SNOW:

                                                             INTRODUCTION TO WEATHER
         Saipe Publishing will be carrying selected
reference titles dealing with subjects covered by     #11    BIOLOGY #2 THE LIFE OF BIRDS
the unit studies from the following publishers.
                       Dover                          #12    BIOLOGY #3 BUGS, BUGS

                      Firefly                                & BUTTERFLIES: INTRODUCTION
                   Thomas-Allen                              TO ENTOMOLOGY
                    Kingfisher                        #13    BIOLOGY #4 THE LIFE OF

                     Whitecap                                HORSES
                                                      #14    HILL FORT TO CASTLE:
                                                             AN INTRODUCTION TO
           CURRENT SP TITLES                                 FORTIFICATION


                                                             BIOLOGY #5 FROGS, TOADS, AND
                                                             TURTLES: LIFE IN A POND

                                                             DAILY LIFE IN MIDDLE AGES:
                                                             AN INTRODUCTION
        PEOPLES OF ALBERTA                            #17    THE LAST TWO ICE AGES                          “LEARNING PLEASURE
#4      THE HISTORY OF THE CHURCH                     #18    THE BLACK-HAIRED PEOPLE:                         HOME-SCHOLARS”
        THROUGH THE AGES                                     INTRODUCTION TO CHINESE
                                                             HISTORY TO 1640
        IN HISTORY                                    “Help your child reach for the stars . . .” with
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