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Since being introduced by their piano teacher in 2002, Paola and Clare; Portal Window have
been performing the various venues in Melbourne including a support for Clare Bowditch
and the Feeding Set, also performing as part of the St Kilda Festival 2005 and 2007.

Their debut release Curious was a bedroom inspired 5 track EP (released 2004). A blend of
melodic tunes ranged from upbeat tempo, melancholic guitars, spanish vocals in a jazz-
influenced ride to the misplaced violins in Nina Perdida.

2006 saw Paola travel and perform in LA, New York City, London, Barcelona and France
also taking Cajon (Afro-Peruvian instrument) lessons in her native city of Lima, Peru.

Although taking a break in 2007, took an interest to include ‘Abstract’ as part
of the Planet X ‘Discoveries’ compilation, the song was also used to accompany the bonus
DVD extreme sports that was slowed down to Portal Window’s melancholic sound.

Typical Portal Window themes include soundtrack moods, bossa nova rhythms, a ragtime,
and the usual catchy pop tunes with underlying beats.

2008 will see their debut album (recorded 2005 in Paola’s bedroom studio) dusted off the
shelf and finally released. 'A World For You', will represent a little part of their world that
sits in their heads - a waltz or ragtime anyone?

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