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									                          SAMPLE NAME CHANGE NEWS RELEASE
                               (print on your CAA's letterhead)


[date release is issued]

[CAA media contact's name, phone number, and email]

[CAA] undergoes name change; joins national campaign to raise
visibility and awareness of America’s poverty fighting network

[city, state] – [CAA] will change its name to [new CAA name] as a part of an ongoing national
initiative to highlight anti-poverty efforts underway at Community Action Partnerships across the
country. The initiative, spearheaded by the national office of the Community Action Partnership, is
designed to increase awareness of Community Action—America's poverty fighting network.
         The Community Action Partnership, the national association representing the 1,000-
member Community Action Agency network that helps 13 million low-income Americans change
their lives each year, kicked off the awareness campaign more than four years ago to engage the
public in the nation's fight against poverty. The campaign included the introduction of a new
Community Action logo featuring arms embracing a heart and the words, "Helping People.
Changing Lives" and a new association name, ―Community Action Partnership‖ that categorizes
Community Action Agencies as "partners" in this effort. Prior to the campaign, the national logo
for Community Action was a pinwheel and the Community Action Partnership was known as the
National Association of Community Action Agencies.
     "For far too long, Community Action has been America's best kept secret," said Tim Donnellan,
Board Chair of the Community Action Partnership and Executive Director of the Community
Action Partnership of the Greater Dayton Area in Dayton, Ohio. " But as [CAA] and other CAAs
across the country introduce and continue using the new name and logo on their offices, websites,
stationary, and brochures, the public will begin to recognize these local agencies as being part of
one national network—America’s poverty fighting network."
     "This awareness campaign underscores our dedication to ending poverty and making [city] a
better place to live," said [CAA executive director's full name and title]. "Many people familiar
with [CAA] don't realize we are part of America’s poverty fighting network, so this effort allows us
to express the common commitment we share with other Community Action Agencies to help
people and change lives.‖ [He/she] added, ―It will also show [city] residents that poverty is bigger
than our city, it’s an epidemic that is affecting America and we all need to support efforts to end it.‖
         While [CAA] will have a new name, it will still offer the same high level of service,
programs, and commitment it has been known for since [year]. ―We are changing our name to
better describe what we do and to visually connect us to a national network,‖ said [CAA executive
director’s last name]. ―We will continue offering [city] residents a comprehensive array of
programs to help them turn hope into reality.‖

[Two-three sentences about the CAA].

Based in Washington, DC, the Community Action Partnership is the national association
representing the interests of the 1,000 Community Action Agencies (CAAs) across the country that
are helping low-income people change their lives and embody the spirit of hope. CAAs care about
the entire community and are dedicated to helping people help themselves and each other. For
more information about the Partnership and CAAs, visit the association's website at


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