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					Interactive Whiteboard

Swinburne has two types of interactive whiteboards:

   2-Touch Interactive whiteboard (preferred)
   Smart Boards

2-Touch systems
2-Touch systems will work immediately once connected to a PC or Laptop and does not require
software. 2-touch recommends using the stand-alone software program ‘WORKBOOK’ if you want
to create pages and annotate. Interestingly it will allow you to import Smartbook applications as
well if you wish to do so.

Download WORKBOOK from

SmartBoard Systems
For the Smartboards around Swinburne you need specific software to activate and operate the

Smart software download page:

During the installation process, you will be asked to enter a product key to activate the software, so
please have your product key available. The product key can be obtained from the Smartboard

Whether you require single or multiple installations of SMART Notebook 10, you will only have to
enter one product key to activate the software. If you do not enter a product key at the time of
installation, your software will remain an evaluation version that will expire in 30 days.

If you have older versions of Smart Notebook installed:

   Do not select Yes to uninstall the Gallery if you want to keep your existing Gallery content.
   On Windows operating systems, uninstall any Notebook software and software drivers earlier
    than version 9.x before you install version 10. On Mac operating systems, uninstall Notebook
    software and software drivers for version 9.7 or earlier before you install version 10.
   Don't worry about existing SMART Notebook files. Although your current version of the
    software will be upgraded to SMART Notebook software 10, all your previously created
    SMART Notebook files are compatible with this new version.

For more information visit the ITS website: