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					                          Parachute Rigger Association
                                      (Victoria / Tasmania)

                                              Founded 2007

                Minutes of PRA (Vic/Tas) Inaugural General Meeting
                                    March 2007
Date: 08 March 2007
Place: Army Museum, BANDIANA
President: Mal Carson (21)
Vice President: John Nelson (69)
Secretary: Phil Thamm (165)
Treasurer: Graham Coleman (222)
Members Present: Gordon Andrews (20), John Pretty (29), Andrew Norrell (320), Brett Davis
(328), Andrew McIntosh (335), Paul Snibson (386), Rohan McIntosh (423), Ben Pearn (484),
Bob Sutherland (75).
Guest: Craig Treloar (Ex RAE).
Apologies: Jeni Chiron (173), Bridget Pearce (313).
Meeting opened at: 1600 hours.
1.     Meeting Purpose
This meeting is the inaugural meeting of the Parachute Rigger Association - Victoria/Tasmania Branch
(PRA [Vic/Tas]), held to form the Association and commence the management business, establish the rules
of the Association and record the decisions made regarding the raising of the Association on this day. The
raising of the PRA (Vic/Tas) follows on from an undertaking given by Lofty Carson on 22 September 06 at
the 40th Anniversary celebrations of the Parachute Rigger Trade held at 39 ADE Platoon, RAAF Base
Richmond, to support the raising of a Victoria/Tasmania Branch of the Association.
2.     Previous Minutes
As this is the inaugural meeting of the PRA (Q), there are no previous minutes on record.
3.     Correspondence
Inwards: Nil.
Outwards: Nil.
Parachute    Rigger   Assn    (Vic/Tas)      Inaugural   General   Meeting    08   March        2007   Minutes
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4.       Treasurers Report
Due to this being the inaugural meeting for the Association, the Financial Report of the PRA (Vic/Tas) as at
08 march 07 is as follows:
*        Statement of Account (Cash at Hand/Bank): $120.00 (being Membership Fees collected today)
*        Unbanked Monies:                          $120.00 (as above, with Treasurer for banking ASAP)
 *       Unpresented Cheques:                      $Nil
*        Monies Received Since Last Report:        $Nil
*        Monies Paid Since Last Report:            $Nil
*        Accounts Received/Outstanding:            $Nil
(Action: Treasurer to research and identify the most suitable banking option for the new
5.       General Business:
Item 1 – Opening Address by Lofty Carson.
Lofty Carson explained to the Meeting his suggested intention – to establish and develop the PRA (Vic/Tas)
as an organisation to foster and develop the brotherhood of the Australian Army Parachute Rigger through
regular social gatherings that bring Victorian and Tasmanian-based Riggers together as a group having a
common bond. The Association will serve the interests of Parachute Riggers through gathering regularly to
socially interact and meet, and to keep those members not available to attend such gatherings, in touch with
Association matters of mutual interest.
The protocols and rules of the Association will be kept as informal as is practical and will consist of a basic
constitution that will guide the management and business of the PRA (Vic/Tas) and show/define the
membership classes eligible to join, and the basic rules of business to be followed.

Item 2 – Raising of the Association.

There was discussion on the merits of raising and association if there was sufficient interest to do so. It was
agreed that it would be decided by a show of hands whether the Victorian/Tasmanian branch of the
Parachute Rigger Association be raised. The Motion was endorsed unanimously and Carried.

Item 3 – Voting in of Management Committee Appointments.
After an explanation of the practical steps required to formally raise the PRA (Vic/Tas) by Lofty Carson, it
was agreed by those assembled that, to serve the best interests of the Association, the first order of
business would be to establish a Management Committee to run the meeting and the PRA (Vic/Tas) from
this point forward. A ballot of Riggers present involving a show of hands with a simple majority deciding the
outcome was conducted to identify the position holders. Those present were then asked to nominate people
for the committee positions. The following are the duly elected members of the management committee:
     •   President: Mal Carson. Nominated by John Nelson, Seconded by Chook Andrews, Carried.
     •   Vice President: John Nelson. Nominated by Chook Andrews, Seconded by Kiwi Norrell, Carried.
     •   Secretary: Phil Thamm. Nominated by John Pretty, Seconded by Lofty Carson, Carried.
     •   Treasurer: Graham Coleman. Nominated by himself, Seconded by Phil Thamm, Carried.

Item 4 – Constitution PRA (Vic/Tas).
The Management Committee will develop a basic constitution acting on behalf of the membership of the
Association. This draft is to be presented to the next gathering/meeting for consideration and validation as
being the rules adopted for our association. (Action: Lofty Carson to develop draft document.)

Item 5 - Recruiting/Membership.
Lofty Carson raised for discussion the matter of membership approval and fees for joining the new
association and maintaining a line of funding to conduct Association business. Following discussion it was
agreed to adopt the model of the Queensland branch of the Parachute Rigger Association. The annual fees
for the PRA (Vic/Tas) would be $15, and that a one-time joining fee of $5 would apply to applicants, to
facilitate new member administration (production of Membership Certificate and postage etc).
Parachute    Rigger   Assn    (Vic/Tas)     Management/General    Meeting   08   March       2007    Minutes
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Phil Thamm provided a Membership Application Form designed to meet the initial requirements of the
Association and to enable members to be signed-up as early as at today’s gathering, to progress the
association ASAP. Discussion of the membership classes proposed resulted in there being four categories,
these being:

     •   ‘Full Member’ (Australian Army Parachute Riggers – ie those having been allocated an Australian
         Army Parachute Rigger number following formal qualification at a military school).
     •   ‘Associate Member’ (those members having military service but not Parachute Rigger qualified – to
         accommodate those past or present members of Rigger units who wish to join the Association and
         who are accepted by a quorum [majority vote] of ‘Full’ Members at a Management or General
     •   ‘Social Member’ (those members not fitting either of the other categories whose membership and
         social involvement and friendship is in the best interests of the Association, and who are accepted
         by a quorum of ‘Full’ Members at a Management or General Meeting).
     •   ‘Honorary Membership’ (the spouses of other classes of member who wish to be involved with the
         Association and those members not fitting either of the other categories whose membership and
         involvement is in the best interests of the Association, and who are accepted by a quorum of ‘Full’
         Members at a Management or General Meeting).
Using the forms provided, 10 applicants submitted their applications with payment of $20 being submitted
by six ‘Full’ Members. Each Application was Proposed, Seconded and accepted, resulting in there being 13
foundation members that being, 13 in the ‘Full’ member class. (Action: Graham Coleman to pursue
payment of fees by non-financial members ASAP.)
These members will be included in a newly-raised PRA (Vic/Tas) Membership Register, to be maintained as
required by our Constitution.
The matter of establishing an Association bank account was discussed, with the suggestion of a Defence
credit union to be used. The need for an ‘any two to sign’ account was agreed with the signatories to be the
Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer as for ease they are all in the same locality.
Discussion followed, of the need for the Association to continue recruitment of new members, to develop its
support base through contacting other Victorian/Tasmanian-based Parachute Riggers not able to be
present today. An application form needs to be mailed out with an in response to queries about the
Association. Phil Thamm advised that Nigel Welsh of the Queensland branch is creating a Rigger website
which trhe Vic/Tas Assoc can piggy back on. (Action: Phil Thamm to raise initial Membership Register
and mail out membership forms. Graham Coleman to investigate Defence credit unions and open an
account in consultation with Phil Thamm. All members to continue to contact potential new
members. Phil Thamm to Nigel Welsh Vic/Tas Assoc information for the Rigger website.
Item 6 – PRA (Vic/Tas) Merchandise etc.
There was discussion on merchandise. It was thought that merchandise would be best held and sold by the
National Assoc but some state based merchandise may be appropriate. (Action: All members to come up
with ideas for merchandise for the next meeting.)
6. Sick List
With the passing of Sandy Issanchon, Lofty Carson said he would send a card to Sandy’s family. It was
suggested that a get well card should be sent to Gilbert Shepherd.
8.   Next Meetings
The next meeting of the association will be held at 1400 hrs on Thursday, 31 May 2007, at the Army
Museum Bandiana. The following meeting will be held at the Waverley RSL in Melbourne, TBA to give the
Melbourne based Riggers an opportunity to attend. (Action: Phil Thamm to promulgate this and post
these Minutes onto the Association website, when signed-off.)
Parachute     Rigger   Assn   (QLD)      Management/General    Meeting   08   March   2007   Minutes
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9.      Closure
There being no further business, the Meetings were declared closed at 1700.

Minutes agreed to:

President: _____________________________________                Date:__________________

Secretary: _____________________________________                 Date:__________________


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