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									         How to reimage the Apple MacBook
             1. The MacBook notebooks come with two Mac OS X installation discs and a supplementary
                disc, as shown below. Please ensure before reimaging the notebook that the power
                supply is attached to the notebook and it is not running from the battery.

                                                                                        Supplementary Install Disc

Mac OS X Install Discs 1 & 2

             2. Open the notebook, press the power button and insert the disc labelled Mac OS X Install Disc

             3. Press and hold the „C‟ key on the keyboard when you hear the chime at startup.

                                                                                       Power button

Power adapter attached

                           ‘C’ key
4. You will see the following screen. Please wait for the language selection screen to appear
   and select “Use English for the main language”, then click the arrow button down the bottom
   right hand corner of the window to proceed.

                                                                          Use English for the main
                                                                          language selection

                                                                                Arrow button
5. Click Continue in the next screen.

                                                  Continue button

6. Click Agree in the License Agreement window.

                                                         Agree button
7. Select the Macintosh HD icon in the Select a Destination window and click Options.

                                                                       Macintosh HD icon

                                                      Note the Macintosh HD
                                                      icon changes when selected

                                                   Options button
     8. In the window that appears, select the Erase and Install option, leave the Format disk as:
        drop-down box. Click OK to continue.

Erase and Install option

                                                                                OK button

            Format disk as: drop-down box

     9. You will be returned to the Select a Destination screen. Click Continue to proceed.

                                                                       Continue button
 10. You will be presented with an Install Summary screen. You can choose which packages to
     install to the notebook. Click Customize to go to the customization screen.

Customize button

 11. Tick or untick check boxes according to which packages you wish to install and click Done
     when finished.

               Package check boxes

                                                                                Done button
12. You will be returned to the Install Summary screen again. Click Install to proceed.

                                                                     Install button

13. The following screen will appear. Click Continue Installation to proceed.

                                                                   Continue Installation button
14. The Installer will begin checking the installation DVD for consistency. Click Skip if you do not
    want to go through this step.

                                                                                               Skip button

15. Installation will begin and you will see a screen similar to the one below with a progress bar
    indicating how long the installation will take.
16. Once the first disc has finished installing, the following screen will appear. Click Restart to

                                                                            Restart button
17. The machine will reboot, eject the first installation disc and prompt you to insert the “Mac OS
    X Install Disc 2” to continue. Please do this.

                                               Insert the “Mac OS X Install Disc 2”
18. The notebook will continue the installation with a progress bar indicating how long it will take.
    Once finished, click Continue to proceed. The Mac OS X Install 2 disc will be ejected. Please
    remove and set aside.

                                                                          Continue button
19. The notebook will reboot again and you will eventually be presented with a Welcome screen.
    Select Australia from the list and click Continue to proceed.

                                                               Australia selection

                                                                  Continue button

20. Select Australian in the Select Your Keyboard screen and click Continue.

                                                              Australian selection

                                                                      Continue button
21. Select “Do not transfer my information now” and click Continue.

                                                                        Do not transfer my
                                                                        information now selection

                                                                          Continue button

22. In the Select a Wireless Service screen, click Different Network Setup down the bottom left
    hand side of the screen.

                                                         Different Network Setup button
23. The How Do You Connect screen appears. Select “My computer does not connect to the
    Internet” and click Continue to proceed.

                                                                               My computer does not connect
                                                                               to the Internet selection

                                                                               Continue button

24. The Registration Information screen is next. Press command-Q on the keyboard together to
    be presented with a dialog box that allows you to skip the registration process. Click Skip to
“Q” key

                        “command” key

          Skip button
25. The Create Your Account screen appears. In this instance, just create an account called
    Temp with a password of temp by filling in the appropriate details. Once all details are
    entered, click Continue.

 Please note: This temporary account name will be removed and you will be prompted to create a
new administrator account after installing the supplementary disc, so it doesn‟t really matter what
you give the account name here.

                                                                   Short Name field
                  Name field                                       (auto populates from
                                                                   Name field)

                  Password field
                                                              Verify password field

                                                                 Password Hint field (optional)
                  Continue button
26. The Select a Picture For This Account Screen is next. Select “Take a snapshot”. Change the
    amount of zoom by adjusting the slide bar below the video window and click on the video camera
    button next to “Take a video snapshot”. Once you are happy with your picture, click Continue to

                                                                                    Video window

 Take a snapshot selection

                                                                                Slide bar

                      Continue button                                     Video camera button
27. You will see the Select Time Zone screen. Click on the area indicated and check that the Closest
    City field is Sydney – Australia. If not, you can select it from the provided drop-down box. Click

                                                                             …click here

                                                                              Closest City drop-down box
                       Continue button
28. The Set the Date and Time screen is next. Check the date and time is correct, make changes if
    necessary, click Save and then Continue to proceed.


                                                                           Save button

                                                                             Continue button

29. The Don‟t Forget to Register screen is next. Click Done to continue.

                                                                                 Done button
        30. You will be taken to the desktop and a window will appear with the newly created account‟s home
            folder. You may close this window by clicking on the red button in the top left hand corner of the

          Close window button

        31. Insert the CEO Sydney Recovery Media for Macintosh Computers Only disc. You will see the
            following screen. Double click on the Install Customizations icon in the window that appears.

Install Customizations icon

                                                                                                                 Disc icon
32. The Installer window will appear. Click Continue.

                                                        Continue button

33. In the next window, click Install.

                                                            Install button
34. You will be prompted to enter an administrator username and password. By default, the account
    created during initial setup will be populated in the Name field. In the example below, it is Temp
    with temp as the password. Please enter the correct password for the account you created during
    initial setup and click OK.

                                                         Name field

                                                     Password field

                                                                          OK button

35. The next window will display the progress of the installation.
36. Once completed, you will be informed the installation was successful. Click Close and press the
    Eject key on the keyboard to remove the supplementary install disc.

                                                                                         Close button

                                                                                      Eject key
      37. Click on the Apple menu and select Restart.

Apple menu

                                                                               Restart selection

      38. Click on the Restart button in the next prompt to continue.

                                                                        Restart button

      39. When rebooted, you will be presented with the Welcome screen again. Please repeat steps 19-24
          in this document.
40. Create an account again similar to step 25, however make it unique to you (please refer to step
    25 in this document). For example the picture below is for a user called John Smith.

41. Repeat steps 26-29 in this document. Once you have gone through these steps again, you will be
    taken to the desktop again with a window displaying the home folder of the recently created user
    account as shown below. Congratulations! The Apple MacBook has been restored.

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