Operate a Forklift TDTD1097B

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					Operate a Forklift TDTD1097B

Course Objective:                                                          Duration: 16 hours

                                                                           Days:          2
To provide inexperienced participants with the skills and knowledge to
undertake activities related to Forklift Operation as defined by AS        Evenings: -

Course Outcomes:                                                           Times:

                                                                           Days:          8.00am – 4.30pm
♦   Plan and prepare for Forklift operations
♦   Shift load using a Forklift                                            Evenings: -
♦   Shut down Forklift and secure site
                                                                           Cost:          Per Participant
♦   Hazard management
                                                                           Full:          On Application
Relationship to Standards:
                                                                           Subsidies by CITB:
♦   TDTD1097B – Operate a Forklift
                                                                           Do exist for Building and
                                                                           Construction Industry participants
Course Content:                                                            with a current CITB Eligible
                                                                           Worker ID number.
♦   Conduct routine checks
                                                                           Construction Industry Training
♦   Plan work                                                              Centre Inc.
♦   Check controls and equipment                                           Site:       491 – 499 South Road
♦   Shift load                                                                         Regency Park SA 5010
♦   Shut down equipment                                                    Post:       CITC Inc
                                                                                       PO Box 2571
♦   Secure site                                                                        Regency Park SA 5942
                                                                           Tel:        (08) 8301 4500
Assessment:                                                                Fax:        (08) 8301 4501
                                                                           Mobile:     0418 853 225
♦ Theory Exam                                                              Web Site:
♦ Practical Examination
♦ Assessment to Government credentialing bodies standard is provided
  at end of course by accredited assessor

Course Award:

♦   Statement of Attainment

Course Prerequisites:
                                                                                   Provider No. NAT 0647 SA 95029
♦ Ability to use and understand basic English
♦ Drivers licence required if intending to operate on public roads after
  completion of course                                                              Date of Issue: 01/07/2009
♦ Participants must be 18 years of age to obtain their Forklift ticket
                                                                             Country courses attract additional
                                                                                   costs for travel and

       CITC27 – Course Outlines July 2009

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