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                                                                                                                             Australian Navy
                                                                                                                          Cadets Newsletter
                                                                                                                               Vol 1 Issue 3
                                                                                                                               Spring 2004
       a national newsletter for cadets, parents, staff and the ANC community

TASSIES mix it for ACT                                                                                  Story Page 13

                                                                                                           THIS EDITION:
                                                                                                           •   At the Helm
                                                                                                           •   CadetNet Support Changes
                                                                                                           •   Overseas Cadet/Exchange News
                                                                                                           •   Uniforms Update
                                                                                                           •   IT Directions

                                                                                                           •   Training Documents
                                                                                                           •   Service Writing Tips
                                                                                                           •   Brisbane Metro ACT
                                                                                                           •   A Busy Year in BENDIGO
                                                                                                           •   BUNBURY’s Challenge
       ANC from Tasmania with AAFC in the background on their recent joint ACT to RAAF Base East Sale      •   CANNING’s Grand Final
Editorial ~ LCDR Paul Mansell ANC                                                                          •   TINGIRA Top in Vic
                                                                                                           •   VENDETTA performs Ceremonial
Welcome to the spring edition of                     the fact that we belong to an
the ANC's National Newsletter.                       organisation that lives up to its                     •   ALBURY assists Special Olympics
This is a bumper issue that                          guiding principles and Navy's                         •   TS TOBRUK Volunteers
contains lots of photos and stories                  values"
                                                                                                           •   TASSIE’s ACT Variation
covering what the ANC does best
- providing a fun packed                             This issue is dedicated to the                        •   GAYUNDAH Farewells MIDN
maritime learning environment                        memory of Cadet LS Nicholas
for Australia's youth.                               Schumacher.

Since our last issue our
organisation has seen some highs
and lows and to quote CAPT
Reeves, "we can all take pride in
At the Helm                                                             loss of Nicholas, it is that the
                                                                        ANC has demonstrated its
    CAPT Gavin Reeves ANC ~ National Commander                          humanity and compassion. These
                                                                        qualities are difficult to define
Much has happened in the ANC        from the RAN and many other         and even harder to quantify, but
since our last bulletin and there   organisations, together with the    TS PIONEER and the ANC as a
are numerous articles of interest   exceptional way in which the        whole have confirmed them
throughout. Unfortunately the       ANC banded together to support      through      good      leadership,
most significant happening was a    TS PIONEER.                         teamwork and mutual respect.
very sad one for the ANC family.
Consequently I am confining my      As Captain, it made me realise      Support for the ANC over its loss
comments in this edition to this    just how lucky we are to have the   of Nicholas came from many
event, in memory of a very fine     RAN as our sponsor. The old         quarters, including the AAC,
young Australian.                   maxim 'The Navy is here' could      AAFC and DDFC and others too
                                    never      have   been      more    numerous to mention, together
Cadet LS Nicholas Schumacher:       appropriate. Nothing was too        with the condolences of the
TS PIONEER                          much trouble and the assistance     overseas Sea Cadet Corps that
                                    offered was immediate and totally   sent messages of sympathy to the
As most of you will be aware,       supportive. The Senior Service      ANC. These were all of great
during September we lost one of     demonstrated       just     how     comfort to TS PIONEER and the
our cadets in a tragic road         professional an organisation it     Schumacher family.
accident. This was a very difficult really is by the outstanding
time for TS PIONEER (LEUT           manner in which it came to the      BZ to the RAN and ANC and I
Garry Rovelli ANC) and the          aid of the ANC.                     sincerely thank all organisations
entire ANC family in coming to                                          and individuals who came to our
terms with the loss of Cadet LS The ANC's response was                  aid: your support is greatly
Nicholas Schumacher, who was exceptional too and we can all             appreciated.
an outstanding ANC Cadet.           take pride in the fact that we
                                    belong to a youth organisation
While our thoughts remain with that has lived up to its Guiding
Nicholas' family and TS Principles and Navy's Values.
PIONEER, we should also reflect                                         Gavin Reeves
on and be thankful for the If any good can stem from the                Captain ANC
outstanding support received events and actions following the

CadetNet Support Changes
                               Paul Mansell LCDR ANC ~ ADIT
New Support Arrangements for        Weekends: 0800 - 1700
                              The changes will allow the
From 06 Dec 04 the InformationCadeNet support function to align
Systems Division of the       with the ANC periods of
Department of Defence will    operation and will enable every
manage the CadetNet Help Desk.Unit in Australia the capability of
                              accessing this support at the cost
The new contact phone number of a local phone call.
will be 13 32 72 and hours of
operation will be as follows: Cards and posters detailing these
                              changes will be sent to all Units
Weekdays: 0630 - 2130         and HQs very soon.
Tuesdays: 0630 - 2330
                                                                                                    Page 2
                                                                International Exchange Opportunities
                                         LCDR Zenda Gardiner ANC ~ Deputy Director Overseas Liaison

                      INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE PROGRAMME 2005 /6
                        The following information has been sent to all units
           Country                Dates in /out                                      Officer. Cadets Minimum Closing
                                                                                                     age     date
       Singapore         May 29 – June 12. To be confirmed.                            1            5         15     February 15
       Sweden            July 4 – 20                                                   Filled       3         16     March 10
        Netherlands      July 22 – 30                                                  1            3         16     March 20
       England           July 22 – Aug 4                                               1            3         14.5   March 20
       USA               July 22 – 30                                                  Filled       3         15     March 20
       Canada            July 23 – Aug 10                                              1            5         15     March 20
       Korea             July 23 – Aug 01. To be confirmed                             1            4         15.5   March 20
       Hong Kong         August 14 – 21                                                1            4         14.5   March 20
       Japan             August 6 – 18. To be confirmed                                1            2         15     March 20
       India             Dec 27, 2005 - Jan 01, 2006                                   1            6         15     June 30.
1.       All nominating Officers a short letter in support of the                                    3.     More           information
and Cadets are asked to select upapplication, along with the                                         regarding the individual exchange
to 3 exchanges, in order of      necessary recommendations from                                      programmes anticipated costs, kit
preference, in the event that theunit Commanding Officers, and                                       lists etc are available by
exchange billets are already     Senior Officers as required.                                        contacting the DDOL - email:
                                 (Refer to ABR 5128/Ch 21)
filled, or do not have the required                                                         - please
Officer to escort the group.     These are to be posted to:                                          mark your topic: International
                                 LCDR Z Gardiner, ANC                                                exchange enquiry.
2.    Nomination forms must PO Box 1210
be completed, signed and include BUNBURY WA 6231.

                            The Hong Kong Exchange, LEUT Brian Pettitt, and Cadet LS Hanelt are right of centre.

                                                                                                                                   Page 3
Uniforms Update                                                              My records indicate that only
     LCDR John Gill ANC ~ Assistant Director ~Policy                         about half of the Units have
                                                                             placed demands for the ANC T-
                                      this is listed under the               shirt which is integral to the
ENSIGN/COLOUR/BANNER                  communications section of our          summer ceremonial uniform.
                                      web pages, and more recently,          Units that have not yet demanded
The first ten ANC Ensigns have        hard copies were sent out to all       the T-shirts should do so through
now been received and a further       Units/HQs - I intend to place          the appropriate channels as a
300 are expected by the end of the    orders for these items (subject to     matter of urgency.
year. Roll out will commence as       sufficient expressions of interest
soon as possible, with the            being received) at the end of          LOGISTICS
Logistic Support Cell having          November. I urge everyone who
demanded sufficient for two per       intends to buy the items to get        The final report into the Review
Unit/HQ.                              back to me, as per the flyer, as       of Logistics Support has been
                                      soon as possible.                      held in abeyance whilst further
Further discussions with regard to                                           information             regarding
the six ANC Colours will be           UNIFORMS                               warehousing availability is
undertaken during October.                                                   sought from the Soldier Support
Funds have been allocated in the      CPO and WO badges have now             SPO. One of the problems
current financial year to make the    been codified (given stock             identified in the review was the
Colours, so this needs to be          numbers) and the Soldier Support       lack of sufficient warehouse
completed by May 05.                  SPO has been advised of initial        capability at the ANCLSC, and
                                      quantities to buy. It is expected      we are endeavouring to identify
It is anticipated that the            that stocks will now arrive by the     alternative arrangements that are
Ministerial      Representation       end of November. The blue on           both viable and provide a long
required to change the Governor       white version of the badge is to be    term solution.
General's Banner will be released     worn by Cadet CPO and WO on
this month, once details of the       the upper left sleeve of               ANC STYLE GUIDE (BRAND
Howard Government's next              ceremonial summer jumpers,             ANC)
cabinet make-up becomes known.        short sleeve white shirts,
                                      coveralls and the gold on blue in      Hard and electronic copy of the
IDENTITY CARDS                        the corresponding position on the      ANC Style Guide has now been
                                      Utility Jacket.                        sent out to Senior Officers under
DANC has been requested to                                                   cover of a DANC Minute. The
hasten the Defence Security           Discussions with the Manager,          Guide will become effective from
Agency with regard to changing        ANC Logistic Support Cell              date of receipt, with a sunset
Identity Cards to reflect             indicate that approximately 40         clause of 31 Mar 05 being
Australian Navy Cadets instead        Units have returned feedback on        established during which time
of Naval Reserve Cadets. We           stocks of the Junior Sailor Winter     existing promotional material etc.
have also asked that the format be    Ceremonial Jumpers/Jackets to          is to be exhausted. All new
changed to more closely align         date. This information is required     promotional/recruiting/course
with RAN cards (inclusion of PM       to determine if sufficient stocks      material etc. produced from this
Keys Number).                         of the items are held at Unit levels   point on is to comply with the
                                      to warrant Navy re-establishing        ANC Style Guide. The Style
MERCHANDISING                         them as an issue item. Any Unit        Guide will eventually become
                                      that holds stocks of the Junior        available on our web-page to
Very few responses have been          Sailor's Winter Ceremonial             facilitate local production of
received with regard to my            Jumper (male) or Jacket (female),      material.
request for expressions of interest   and who are yet to advise Mr
for an ANC cummerbund and an          Molyneux are urged to do so as a
ANC tie. Information regarding        matter of priority.

                                                                                                         Page 4
                    Website link for Merchandising:
                       Also don’t forget to visit the our ANC on-line shop at

ANC Takes up the CadetNet
Challenge                                                                        IT Directions
                                     Paul Mansell LCDR ANC ~ Assistant Director IT
Among other things, CadetNet
provides the ANC with a                                                    opportunity for AHQ’s to share
communications       hub     that    After the CadetNet Web Builder        information in their regions and
contains many tools that people,     was rolled out nearly 12 months       to manage the flow of
Units and Headquarters can use to    ago, it was very encouraging to       information in a very efficient
communicate within the ANC           see so many Units starting work       manner. We hope to have all
and to the outside world.            on their Unit websites. Some          AHQ’s set up with their websites
                                     Units have done an outstanding        by Jan 05.
Already some Units in Tasmania       job with their sites, in particular
and NSW are using CadetNet           TS Kanimbla in NSW and TS         The implementation of websites
e-mail to communicate within         Paluma in QLD. If you're looking  and e-mail have only been the
their unit. This facility is         for ideas on how to present a     thin end of the wedge in terms of
available to all Units and I         professional Unit website you     IT related initiatives for the ANC.
encourage everyone to take           should see what these units have  Next year we will see some
advantage of these features. We      achieved.                         significant changes to the way we
are still moving towards the goal                                      do business in the ANC as we
of having all Cadets and Staff set   So far we have four Units in move to an online administration
up with accounts on CadetNet by      NSW, seven in QLD, two in TAS, program and a compliance
31 Dec 04. We're making steady       three in VIC, three in WA and two management program.
progress but we still have a way     in SA/NT who have at least
to go. Contact your Regional         started work on their web sites. Stay tuned for more details in the
Information              Systems     Keep up the great work everyone! next issue of ONBOARD.
Administrator (ISA) if you need
assistance in getting your crew      Websites are also available for
onboard.                             Area HQ’s as well. This is a great

Two documents have been placed
on CadetNet for Staff to use. The              Training Documents posted
first is the first Training Bulletin LEUT Kathy Ford RANR ~ Trg Develop’t ANCHQ
(Oct 04). Training Bulletins will
be released quarterly as a way of progress, share ideas, and appointment. Hard copies are in
keeping the training community celebrate successes within the print, and should be distributed to
informed of training project ANC training community.           all units shortly.

                                     The second is the Staff Induction     Both Documents can be accessed
                                     Workbook. This is the first level     and downloaded from the
                                     of the new Staff training             Training Section of the Resources
                                     continuum. All ANC Staff will be      page.
                                     required to complete this             Point of contact for either
                                     workbook, and all new Staff will      document is myself.
                                     complete this workbook on             Work number is 08 9311 2512

                                                                                                      Page 5
Service Writing Tips                                                    4.      Postnominals (ADFP102
                                                                        Pt 2 1.43)
                     CPORS Lynton Michael RANR, SO NCANC These are not used in the address
                                                                        or     signature     block      of
COMMUNICATIONS                     should be set at 25mm.               correspondence that is intended
Writing Standards                                                       primarily for use within Defence.
                                                                        However, at the discretion of the
Reference: ADFP102 as amended                                           signatory, postnominals may be
05 NOV 02.                                                              appropriate     when      sending
                                                                        correspondence to peers or
Just a few points to assist all                                         colleagues outside Defence,
personnel in preparing memos,                                           particularly where this would
minutes and letters etc.                                                give      authority     to    the
                                   3.      Text           Justification correspondence.
1.      Spacing after Full Stops (ADFP102 Pt 2 1.28)
(ADFP102 Pt 1 4.2)                 Text to commence on the left Colour ANC Letterhead
In text, one space is left between hand margin and, except for the
a full stop and the next word, last lines of paragraphs, should be Stocks of ANC letterhead are still
clause or sentence.                "Justified". (For Microsoft Word available from the National HQ
                                   users, this is the right hand option ANC.
2.      Margins (ADFP102 Pt 2 of "Align Left, Centre, Align Requests should be directed to:
1.27)                              Right and Justify" on the toolbar).
Left and Right hand margins                                             and include a delivery address.

                                                                        trivia night was held with
Fun for All at Brisbane Metro ACT                                       questions ranging from Cadet
                      Cadet PO Grant Mansell - TS GAYUNDAH              knowledge to musical and even
                                                                        mathematical questions. Prizes
During September of 2004,         The Cadets also had a great           were given to the highest scoring
Cadets from all around the        opportunity to go to Enoggera         watches but sadly, even though
Brisbane Metro region gathered    Army Base and take part in a very     the PO's won, they could not be
together to take part in the annual
                                  physical and tiring Confidence        given the main prize because they
ACT camp held at Bulimba Army     Course. This involved climbing        helped write the questions. Even
Barracks.                         over large nets, running through      on the rare occasion that the
                                  pools of water, crawling through      Cadets could not participate in an
Cadets from Training Ships tunnels and many other things to             activity, they made their own fun
GAYUNDAH,            NORFOLK, test one's endurance and balance          by creating modified versions of
MAGNUS, MORETON BAY and also to test the way that the                   "scissors, paper,
and PALUMA at all ranks Cadets work together as a team.                 rock", so the
attended and everyone was                                               Cadets always
looking forward to the week's fun                                       had something to
and activities. Every Cadet was                                         do.
anxious to find out what had been
planned for the week and what                                           All in all the Navy Cadets of the
they would take part in, and sure                                       Brisbane Metro region who
enough they were given a week of                                        attended the September ACT of
great fun.                                                              2004 made lots of good friends,
                                                                        had a great time and can't wait to
Cadets participated in sailing,                                         do it again.
power boating, rock climbing,
firing Steyr Rifles at the WTSS Even after the sun had set there
range, and team building games. was always something to do. A

                                                                                                    Page 6
continues to have an extremely                     A Busy Year at BENDIGO
busy year. The following is just a
selection of the activities that we Pat Ibbotson POANC ~ TS BENDIGO
have been involved in.               front of the magnificently dockside, they arrived back in
                                     restored Town Hall where Bendigo late in the evening to get
EASTER PARADE - 12 APRIL             speeches were made. This was ready for the Parade next
The City of Greater Bendigo followed by a Civic Reception in morning. A fantastic experience
hosts an annual Easter Fair the Town Hall. The Cadets and for both Cadets who are planning
Festival and the Navy Cadets Officers were privileged to a career in the Navy.
have been involved in the parades participate in both these
for as long as anyone can activities. We were also able to TRI-SERVICE                         CADET
remember. This year was no invite Officers from TS HENTY, DEBUTANTE BALL - 29 MAY
exception and the Unit was TS ALBURY and VIC HQ ANC
looking for something special for to join with us.                    Following the success of previous
the parade. While visiting                                            years balls, this year was no
Portland (TS HENTY) in January,                                       exception. The Ball was hosted
Cadets and Officers had spotted a                                     by TS BENDIGO and naturally
huge one-third scale model of the                                     had a nautical theme to the whole
sailing ship, the Thistle, in the                                     evening. Eight couples from the
back room of the tram museum.                                         three units, TS BENDIGO, 309
                                                                      RCU AAC and 410 SQN AAFC
Shortly afterwards the Thistle was                                    were presented to CAPT Bob
sitting on the back of a huge                                         Richards RAN, CO HMAS
Army truck and "sailing" its way                                      CERBERUS and CAPT Gavin
to Bendigo for a short visit. It was In the week before the Freedom Reeves ANC, NCANC and Ms
transferred to a boat trailer and celebrations, two Cadets from TS Shelley Harrison.
towed in both the Twilight and BENDIGO,               MIDN     Doug
Gala parades. It was a great hit Ibbotson and PO Mark St Clair
and created a lot of interest as the were fortunate enough to be
Cadets marched alongside.            flown to Sydney and sailed from
                                     Sydney to Melbourne in HMAS
                                     BENDIGO and participated in
                                     various exercises through the
                                     week. They departed Sydney on
                                     Monday and called in at HMAS
                                     CRESWELL for two nights. The couples entered the ballroom
                                     While at CRESWELL the boys through a huge white and red
                                     visited former Cadet, Michael St balloon arch representing a
                                     Clair (brother of Mark) who was lifebuoy. Small sailing ships were
                                     completing his Officer Entry a feature of the table centrepieces
HMAS BENDIGO - FREEDOM course. They then sailed for and a huge floodlit replica of the
OF THE CITY - 08 MAY                 Melbourne       through   some sailing ship Thistle sat outside the
One of our more notable events extremely bad weather and floor to ceiling windows of the
was      HMAS         BENDIGO's heaving seas (we believe our ballroom.
Exercising the Freedom of the Cadets and some of the crew were
City in Bendigo on the 08 May. in a similar condition coming The RAN Band provided
The occasion was marked by a around Gabo Island). They fantastic entertainment for the
Parade down the main street of docked in Melbourne at evening including a special drum
Bendigo, the challenge in front of lunchtime Friday and after solo and following presentation
the RSL Hall followed by a Salute attending a cocktail party for of the debutantes and partners a
and the March Past finishing in various dignitaries on the beautiful three-course dinner was

                                                                                                  Page 7
A Busy Year at BENDIGO                                                      us on camp and we passed on lots
                                                                            of those military skills learned at
                                                                            previous camps. It was a great
                            Pat Ibbotson POANC ~ TS BENDIGO
                                                                            weekend for all despite some wet
served.     Planning is already radios, cam nets, vehicles etc. and         weather. Army cam uniforms
underway for next year’s ball, an Officer of 8/7th to teach the             were supplied for the BARWON
which is to be held on the 28 May. Cadets some military skills. A           Cadets and soon it was hard to
                                   great time was had by all, even          recognise anyone in their "war
                                   those who were dragged out of            paint".
                                   bed at 0430 to set up and defend a
                                   campsite out on the island               FAREWELL
                                   opposite the camp. A navigation          This camp also marked the end of
                                   exercise later that day also proved      an era as we said goodbye to our
                                   to be very successful and Cadets         MIDN Doug Ibbotson. Doug had
                                   were able to practise their map          been with TS BENDIGO since
                                   reading     skills    and     radio      August 1998 (six years) and was
                                   techniques.                              the first Cadet at our unit to reach
MILSKILLS            WEEKEND                                                the rank of MIDN. Doug was
POSTING           AT        LAKE MILSKILLS               WEEKEND            accepted into the Navy and
EPPALOCK - JUNE                    POSTING            AT       LAKE         started at Recruit School HMAS
From ball gowns to cams - the EPPALOCK - AUGUST                             CERBERUS on 30 August. He is
Cadets of TS BENDIGO are                                                    specialising in Electronic Warfare
certainly a multi-skilled group.                                            and will commence the second
Due to an extreme lack of water                                             phase of his training in
at our lakeside camp we resorted                                            Queensland in January. Doug has
to learning and using army skills.                                          found that his many years in
We are very fortunate to have the                                           Cadets has certainly helped at
support of our two local Army                                               Recruit school and he is having a
Reserve Units, 15th Transport                                               great time.
and 8/7th Royal Victorian
Regiment and they loaned us In August TS BARWON joined

TS BUNBURY meets a Challenge                                                We are forming a Committee
                                                                            from Staff, Unit Committee, local
               Marten Wagenaar SBLT ANC CO TS BUNBURY                       Council and State Government to
                                                                            secure a new site for our Unit -
TS BUNBURY was destroyed by           storm, we paraded in a small Sea      not too far from our old site but in
a mini tornado on 11 August.          Scout premises for three weeks        a precinct for community based
                                      until the Bunbury Port Authority      groups using the waters of
                 TS BUNBURY           offered us the use of a building at   Koombana Bay. The new
                 had been in their    the old Power Station                             building     will    be
                 Unit premises        site at the Inner Harbour                         purpose built for
                 for over 20 years    in       Bunbury      for                         Cadets             with
                 in one of the best   approximately          18                         accommodation for
parts of Australia, the southwest     months until a new                                100 Cadets and Staff
corner of WA. It has taken nearly     headquarters could be                             so as to be able to host
two months for the engineers to       built. Unfortunately, it                          Cadets for training
decide that our Unit was not          won't be on our old site as this is   camps throughout the year. This
habitable and for the Insurance       to be part of an expansion for up-    new facility would not only cater
Company to process our claim.         market unit developments in the       for Navy Cadets but also offer a
                                      area.                                 safe venue for boating skills for
In the mean time, just after the                                            Army and Air Force Cadets.

                                                                                                          Page 8
We have settled into our                                     TS BUNBURY ctd
temporary premises with a lot of
                                  Marten Wagenaar SBLT ANC CO TS BUNBURY
assistance from Staff, Cadets,
Unit Committee and Parents and                               Navy who have assisted us in our
Friends of TS BUNBURY. We                                    hour of need and no doubt will
have not missed a Tuesday night                              ask for more in the coming
parade through it all. The Cadets                            months ahead as plans are
have taken on ownership of the                               prepared for our new facility.
temporary premises very quickly
and have claimed various areas as
theirs, which has been good to
I thank everybody from ANC and

September 26 saw TS CANNING
ready for it's National Inspection   TS CANNING vies for National Title
- TS CANNING has won the
                                   Andrew Carlson SBLT ANC A/CO TS CANNING
State Colour for two consecutive
years and was
runner up in last                                                         The Captain spoke
year’s     National                                                       to the Cadets on
Inspections. The                                                          completion of the
Inspection this year                                                      Inspection and was
was held on the                                                           impressed by their
Sunday to avoid                                                           performance. How
the AFL Grand                                                             impressed I guess
Final. CANNING                                                            we, with several
moved            it's                                                     other States and
Inspection to give                                                        Territories, will
the AFL Grand                                                             just have to wait to
Final some of the                                                         find out
                                                                          WELL         DONE
With two brooms                                                           CANNING BZ
hanging from her mast                  TS CANNING's Ceremonial Drill Team

CANNING was indicating             TS CANNING's world famous
a clean sweep for the past two Ceremonial Drill Team. (We’re
years in WA. The weather was modest as you can tell.) The Drill
perfect for the Inspection. A team was followed by a fire
crowd of over 120 parents grand lecture. It was then onto a Light
parents and friends gathered to Jackstay on the Parade ground
watch CANNING strut it's stuff. followed by sailing, power
For weeks prior to the Inspection boating and canoeing with a first
there was a lot of planning and aid exercise thrown in for good
training prepared by the Senior measure. The day was fantastic. It
Cadets and Leading Seamen to was run smoothly and efficiently
make for a great day.              by the Senior Cadets and Leading
TS CANNING paraded 41cadets Hands. Special visitors included
all dressed in W3's with shoes the Senior Officer of ANCWA the
shined and looking very smart. It XO HMAS Stirling and the CLO
started with a Parade followed by from HMAS Stirling.

                                                                                         Page 9
TINGIRA on top in Victoria                                          Inspecting personnel.

                  Val Bookless LEUT ANC ~ CO TS TINGIRA           Cadets      had     fun      while
                                                                  participating in their classes and
TS TINGIRA held its National      Michael Murray RAN. The physical activies.
Inspection on Sunday 15 August    parade was inspected by CAPT The greatest part of the day was
2004 after a very dismal day on   Gavin Reeves CANC and was       the food.
the Saturday with wind of 35      attended by CMDR Richard
knots.                            Wallach SOANC, Members Of
                                  Parliament, local Councillors,
                                  members       of    Community
                                  Organisations and many parents.

                                                                    All the Staff and Cadets of TS
                                                                    TINGIRA wait in anticipation of
                                                                    the final announcement for the
A Ceremonial Parade was held at                                     winning Unit.
the covered parade ground         The       Cadets      performed
HMAS      CERBERUS.          In   excellently. The day was one that It seems like a decade when you
attendance representing the       will be positive memory for all wait for good news.
Commanding Officer of HMAS        concerned and hopefully had an
CERBERUS        was    CMDR       overwhelming impression on the

Ceremonial Sunset for Voyager Reunion
                Cassie Cole LEUT ANC ~ CO TS VENDETTA

TS VENDETTA performed a
Ceremonial Sunset for the HMAS
Voyager Reunion at the Coffs
Harbour Ex-Services Club on 11
Sep 04

LSCIS Nathan Cole from HMAS
NEWCASTLE travelled from
Sydney to Coffs Harbour to help
train the Cadets for this very
important ceremony.

                                                                                             Page 10
The Victorian State Special
Olympics was contested in              TS ALBURY assists Special Olympics
Wodonga over the weekend of 02-
03 October. TS ALBURY was Lea Toussaint LEUT ANC ~ Comms, PR & ISA VIC
privileged to provide Cadets for                                   President of the Victorian
the Ceremonial requirements of                                     Special          Olympics
the event at the request of the                                    Committee.
Ovens & Murray Special
Olympics Committee.                                                Over the course of the
                                                                   weekend, the Cadets of TS
The Opening Ceremony was                                           ALBURY were amazed at
attended by the Federal Member                                     the various abilities of the
for Indi, Ms Sophie Panopoulos,                                    disabled athletes and the
MP who offically opened the                                        sportsmanlike manner in
Games, the State Member for
Benambra, Mr Tony Plowman MP,
the State Member for Albury, Mr officiated at the Closing Ceremony
Greg Aplin MP, the representative during which TS ALBURY was
                                           presented      with   a
                                           Certificate          of
                                           Appreciation by the

for Susan Ley, Federal Member for
Farrer, representatives for the
Mayors of Albury and Wodonga
and dignitaries of the Victorian and
Regional      Special     Olympics
Committees. Mr Tony Plowman                                     which they conducted themselves.

Also, some positive feedback...

    One of TS ALBURY’s most recent recruits and family used the
  CadetNet Website to gather information on Australian Navy Cadets.

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TS TOBRUK Volunteers                                                     t-shirts of their respective beach.
                                                                         The Cadets and I wore white
                                           LCDR Bill Hancock ANC         t-shirts. Our responsibility was to
                                                                         move between the beaches and
Cadet Leading Sailors James                                              assist as required. Two of the
Cartwright, Chris Saetta, AB Tim  The volunteer personnel had the        Cadets assisted in deep water,
Reeves and SMN Evalin Sellick     job of placing and removing a          arresting the boats on the way in
and Mathew Reeves, in company     large number of participants in        and out and controlling the boats
with their CO attended and        their boats, putting and retrieving    whilst centerboards were fitted or
assisted as volunteers at the     the boats in and from the water,       removed. The remainder of us
Australian and International      standing in the water to assist        was busy trolleying boats in and
Sailability Championships 2004.   with the removal and placement         out of the water and assisting with
                                  of the boats on the boat trolleys      placement and removal of the
The disabled SAILABILITY before the start and on completion              sailors from their boats, rigging
Sailors compete in three classes of the races. Also required was         and unrigging.
of sailing boats - the 2.2(2mtr), the winching in and out of the
303 (3mtr) and Liberty (4-                                                   The day was tiring but highly
5mtr).Classes. The 2.2 and                                                   rewarding. The manner in
Liberty are single person                                                    which the Cadets present
boats with the 303 being a                                                   acquitted themselves during
two-person boat (seated side                                                 the course of the day was very
by side) and a rather tight fit.                                             satisfying. Comments of
                                                                             favourable note were passed
Persons sailing the Liberty's                                                to me from a number of
and some of the smaller craft,                                               sources. The acceptance by
required placing and removal                                                 the Cadets of the manner and
from a number of the boats by                                                range of disabilities amongst
lifting hoist.                        Liberty's centreboards. Each the competitors was very mature
                                      board weighs 75kg. It requires at and reflected well on the Corps.
Two of the participants, Amee         least three people to lift the
from Victoria and Andrew from         boards from the ground. Each of Ignoring the fact that they are
NSW, were mind-blowing. Amee          the other craft's centreboards is members of my Ship's Company,
who is without arms and has one       equally as heavy in proportion to but by fact they are members of
useable leg, controls the steering,   the craft size, giving the amazing the Australian Navy Cadets, to the
foresheets and mainsheets via         factor of stability. Winds that five Cadets present on the day,
electronic controls with her big      would tip a Corsair, only make through their conduct, approach
toe. Andrew, a quadriplegic, sails    these craft heel a bit more.       and work ethic on the day, I
similarly to Amee but controls all                                       award a BRAVO ZULU!
operations with his mouth. His        The day was extremely hectic as
breathing and life support            all three classes were sailing all
equipment is placed along with a      their races in the same day over
back-up system in a waterproof        two courses. The Saturday had
compartment at the rear of the        been cancelled, as the weather at
Liberty.                              Lake Macquarie was extremely
                                      windy (up to 50 knots) with
One of the International              temperatures that would turn a
participants, from Malaysia           Polar Bear blue - so Sunday was
/Singapore was blind and sailed       all go. The marshalling area was
the course in accordance with         divided into three beaches. Green
directions given by radio from a      (2.2's), Yellow (303's) and Red
following         power      boat     (Liberty's). each beach had
(right/left/go about etc.).           volunteers wearing colour-coded

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5 Wing AAFC General Service
 Training RAAF Base SALE                  TASSIE UNITS mix it with AAFC & AAC
                                  Ken Wilkinson LEUT ANC ~ XO TS DERWENT
Seven ANC Cadets from
Tasmania and I attended the contingent. By this time there was The AAFC held a Drill
AAFC's 5 Wing GST at East Sale around 220 Staff and Cadets.          competition between Squadrons
Air Force Base from 04 - 12                                          (Units) on the last day. Four
September this year.              The ANC were incorporated into Cadet members of the ANC
                                  training groups with AAFC and contingent did a display of their
We, along with around 20 AAC AAC.                                    own. They didn't win but they
Staff and Cadets, were invited by All of the ANC got to go bush showed what the ANC is made of.
WCDR Chris Eickhoff AAFC, overnight, sleep in hootchies and
their ‘oppo’ to our State Senior eat ration packs. They also visited The return trip was again on the
Officer.                          the local power station and coal Spirit of Tasmania 2 where the
                                  mine and got to go flying in a ANC were in their element,
We travelled over Bass Straight light aircraft.                      enjoying shipboard life.
on the Spirit of Tasmania 2.
Luckily the passage was smooth                                       This was a great experience and
and a good trip was had by all.                                      one which I hope will continue
The rest of the trip to SALE was                                     with more Tri Service Cadet
by bus with a stop in South                                          activities happening.
Melbourne for breakfast at
Maccas. On the trip there we had
around 120 personnel so you can
imagine the order we gave at the
‘Drive Thru’!
                                  Three of the Cadets did the four-
On arriving at SALE we caught day Steyr Course and all passed.
up with the rest of the Tassie

TS GAYUNDAH’s first Cadet
 Midshipman retires at 19                   GAYUNDAH Farewells MIDN
                                     TS GAYUNDAH
Saturday 09 October 2004 was a
special day in for the Ship's    looking forward to the future. It     and for guidance. Even as a
Company of TS GAYUNDAH.          was always in his game plan to        young AB, the junior ranks
Our only Midshipman was rowed    reach the highest rank he could       always wanted to know "where
ashore as a consequence of him   within the short timeframe that       do you find out all this stuff?!" He
attaining the upper age limit.   was available to him. He studied      was rapidly earning the respect of
Under the current regulations, a the training manuals diligently,      his peers and his superiors.
Cadet is unable to continue in the
                                 researched whatever wasn't in the
ANC as a Cadet upon reaching     manuals and completed all the         As a Cadet PO, he was invited to
the age of 19 years. The Unit held
                                 promotional exams with flying         apply for the selection of
a Passing Out Parade and         colours.                              becoming a Cadet Midshipman.
Farewell morning tea in his      Always keen to get involved in all    That was the only involvement
honour.                          the activities and the pride of the   the Unit had in the process. The
                                 wardrobe at home was his Navy         rigorous selection criteria was
MIDN Shane Mosel joined TS Cadet uniforms!                             conducted by staff in ANC
GAYUNDAH in March 1999 as a                                            National Headquarters. There
very young and inexperienced It wasn't long before other Cadets        were assignments and reports to
recruit. From the outset, he was began to approach Shane for           write and these formed the basis
enthusiastic and was always answers to promotional issues              of selections. He was successful

                                                                                                   Page 13
GAYUNDAH Farewells MIDN                                                 From here, it is the Australian
                                                                        Maritime College to begin his
                                                   TS GAYUNDAH          Deck Officer's training and
                                                                        ultimately becoming a Ships
in his pursuit and became one of   numerous other roles that had him    Master with a Marine Sciences
twenty Cadets nationally to be     juggling all sorts of tasks at once. Degree. That next Super-tanker
selected for what was only the     His very first ACT as a MIDN         you see could be under the
second Cadet Midshipman            was a baptism of fire and            command of Shane Mosel MIDN
Course to be conducted in HMAS     anything that could go wrong,        ANC Ret’d!
CRESWELL.                          did! A steep learning curve, for
                                   sure, and one he came out the Bravo-Zulu, Shane.
Upon         rejoining         TS other side of considerably more You have served your
GAYUNDAH, the Cadets were a educated!                                   duty admirably. May
bit apprehensive as to how to deal                                      all your future seas be
with the new officer that walked During his career, he has smooth and your
among them. Shane had learnt his completed specialist courses in winds favourable.
craft well leading by example, Communications and First Aid.
fairness and falling into the role He attained his recreational Ships
of assistant Training Officer. Masters Licence, learned how to
Soon the Cadets became familiar manage large groups of people
with his leadership style and and set goals that were attainable.
again regularly looked to him for He developed his self-confidence
guidance. He wore the rank with and learned to communicate with
pride, honour and respect.         people at all levels in and out of
                                   the ANC.
During his time as a MIDN,
Shane attended numerous ACT's As he himself said in his very
and Specialist courses to act as moving farewell speech, this door
regulating Staff, Instructor and is closing but another is opening.

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