If there is news in Grand Central_ its in The Central Times by fdjerue7eeu


									      If there is news in Grand Central, it's in The Central Times
                                                     Monday, November 09, 2009
  T h e C e n t r a l T i m e s , n e w s p a p e r f o r T h e Grand Central Region in Nation States
                Editor in Chief– Aegara Associate editor – SMan (acting)/Baitulmqdis (associate)


                                   The Central Times Welcomes Associate Editor Baitulmqdis
The Central Times - Central City - The Central Time originates in the Region Grand Central, covers the major events in region
and significant events in NationStates. A current copy as well as archives of previous issues can be found on the web at:
Your contributions*, comments, opinions, Original Articles, Prose and Poetry, advertisements and other submissions are
welcomed. Such contributions should be Emailed to:
Members of the Grand Central forum can PM either:
                                                       Aegara, SMan or Baitulmqdis
* All submissions become property of The Central Times and are subject to edit

                                                 Regional and Forum Facts:
Grand Central contains 347 nations, the 13th most in the world.
The Technocracy of Aegara - the World Assembly Delegate has 108 verified endorsements. (see additional article.)
Board Statistics Our members have made a total of 19,405 posts We have 273 registered members Total Unique Topics 1158

                                                     NOVEMBER 2009 ELECTION
The results of the November 2009 are finalized. At the time the Polling booths were to be opened. The two races which had more
than one Candidate had a Candidate withdrawal.
In the Race for World Assembly Delegate - Junia voluntarily withdrew and in the Minister of Defence race - Frasas voluntarily

This left only One Candidate in each of the Political Races, as such the election was declared in favor of the single candidates in
each race.

WAD - Aegara,
President - TMaurerB
Minister Of Exterior - SMan
Secretary of Defence - Reccopolis
Speaker Of The Grand Council - Baitulmqdis
Minister of Interior - Inglorious Basterds
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Weirmaridom

The ministers are meeting in Grandcentral->C.O.G. Headquarters->Organize
All are welcomed to meet the Ministers there, observe their activities, make suggestion, offer alternatives and otherwise contribute
to the changes planned for the forum. I can speak for all the ministers they would appreciate all constructive contributions.

The Central Times attempt to secure an interview with each of the new Ministers.
If you have questions you would like to have asked please PM these Questions to Baitulmqdis
                                                       FORUM PARTICIPATION

In the Grand Central Region there is a forum. This forum is the HEART of Grand Central. It is extremely important to every member join the Grand
Central Forum and register:
                                                            The Grand Central Forum.
When you register in the forum,you will always know the latest event and news. We must be united and the ways is to be active in the forum.
                                    United we Stand Strong, - Divided we FALL
            In the forum,you also can add and make more friends. You also can share your ideas,experience and everything in the forum.

We The Central Times strongly support and represent Grand Central in asking for all member in the Grand Central Region to take a few minute and
registered on the forum. We believe our region will be the TOP in the list of ALL NationStates Regions.

                        The Signs that you are in Grand Central
                                                            Look for them!

                  Nations do die! They Cease to Exist (CTE)
  If a nation goes unused for a period of 28 to 30 days (58 to 60 days if in Vacation mode), it is considered aban-
                               doned. Once abandoned it is removed from the game.

   It is important that you visit your nation on a regular basis, for the clock starts fresh with each sign-in.
While you are in your nation take a look around, see what is happening in the region, post on the Regional Mes-
      sage Board (RMB), Check your Telegrams (TG), do your issues and other misc and sundry things.

  Doing the above is good for you and very good for the region! It is a sign of activity which will help the region
                                      grow and also protect it from harm.

  If you should find yourself "nation-less", don't fret you can get it back by attempting to sign in and following
 the game prompts which follow. Once you have accomplished this you will find your self in Lazarus, so you will
                                      have to move back to Grand Central.

  While CTE'd you continue to gain population. But you will lose the Great Flag you carefully crafted and what
                                 ever regional status you might have gained.

                   - - -Bottom Line- - - Remain active in your Nation!
This report comes from the office of Grand Central WORLD ASSEMBLY DELEGATE
The graph below shows our share of votes in the top 20 regions by population. Of a combined 2167 votes we control 108, which represents
a 5% share of this vote. Grand Central currently presides over the joint 10th (with Abolution) bloc of votes in the world.

I would like to thank everyone who has so far endorsed me, and urge EVERONE to join the WA, go to my nation page, and endorse me as

 Join the World Assembly and endorse Our World Assembly Delegate (WAD):

                                           The Technocracy of Aegara
 Remember he VOTES for Grand Central in the World Assembly, to add you voce in the regions VOTE visit the WAD Office on the Forum World
 Assembly Delegate there you will find the current WA Proposal and advice on how to Vote.

 YES even though Aegara votes for the Region YOU as a WA MEMBER can also vote. This will help make Grand Central even stronger in the
 NationStates World Assembly.

                                                THE GRAND ARMY
                                                       Enlist and train now!
                                                        Recruiters Office
                                                   POLITICAL PARTIES IN GRAND CENTRAL
The Political Parties is a party that every member in the Grand Central can build their own. Usually the parties has their own logo,motto and the
description about their parties.Until today there are 3 political parties.If anyone interested to join The Political Parties
The Labour Party: Founder By Weirmaridom
The Revolutionary Party: Founder By Inglorious Basterds
The Democratic Party: Founder By Junia
The Civil Party: Founded by Baitulmqdis

                                                                                         The Labour Party
The Labour Party is a democratic socialist/social democratic party that believes that by the strength of our common endeavour we achieve more than we achieve alone, so as to create for each of
us the means to realise our true potential and for all of us a community in which power, wealth and opportunity are in the hands of the many, not the few.

mocratic party that believes that by the strength of our common endeavour we achieve more than we achieve alone, so as to create for each of us the means to realise our true potential and for all
of us a community in which power, wealth and opportunity are in the hands of the many, not the few.

                                                                                    The Revolutionary Party
The Revolutionary Party supports a right-wing policys. Here are some positions.
* Emphasize the role of free market decision making in fostering economic prosperity. We favor laissez-faire free markets, economic liberty, fiscal conservatism, personal responsibility, and
policies supporting business.
  * Believed that the private sector is more effective in helping the poor than government is; support giving government grants to faith-based and other private charitable organizations to
                                                                                   supplant welfare spending.
            * Oppose a single-payer health care system * Strong advocates of a strong military * Private control in the means of production * Preserving traditional or cultural values
                                         * Small government, believing that bigger government would have the power to infringe on indivdual's liberty
                                * Low taxes, believing that the people know how to spend their money better * Keeping the market free will keep the people free.

                                                                                     The Democratic Party
                                 We wish to ban the use of any fur apparel in GC, as it is sick and immoral. We wish to adhere to the new constitution and it's contents.
          However, we also wish to allow referenda if 67% of all citizens approve of one. We believe in allowing people own their own crap; but government regulation must be introduced.
     We believe in helping reduce carbon emissions here and in any provinces we might give birth to. We also believe in allowing provinces (not separate regions)- all with a governour elected by
                                                                                           the province's people.
     We believe that the majority wins; no electoral college is necessary. We believe in basic human rights such as freedom of speech, the press, religion, the right to assembly, warranted searches,
                   We disprove of all raiding; we prefer to strike a balance. We believe that diplomacy is the only way to success; we must continue our ambassadorial programme.

                                                                                         The Civil Party
                                               Every living things in this world like humans,animals and plant has their rights.The list for rights is:
                                                                               1. They have their own rights to be free.
                                                                           2. They have their rights to judge other people
                                                                  3. They have their rights to choose the people who will lead them
                                                                         4. They also have rights to determine his own live
                                                                                 1. They have rights to stay survive
                                                         2. They have rights to determine his food like carnivore,omnivore and herbivore.
                                                               3.Their have rights to harm people that disturb his area or his family
                                                                                 1. Have rights to Grow in this world
                                                                                  2. Have rights to live in this world
                                                                  3. Have rights to determine his life like want to bear a food or not

                                                                    So everyone has their own RIGHTS and we should respect it.
                                     Letters From Our Readers!

                                   NATIONSTATES CHAIN LETTER!

 Submitted by: sicopaths
some guy tg me this, Nov 9 2009, 12:18 PM

Would you kindly post this message for me at the FORUM. I am unable to do so. Thank you in advance,



My friend Stacey told me that she got an official 'offensive spam' warning from FlagThe Cuddly Modalicious State of Kat-
ganistan I can not logically comprehend how an inquiry whether disallowing light peach posts (a moderation issue) is fair -
is spamming.

''Senior forum moderator'' FlagThe Cuddly Modalicious State of Katganistan replied to my friend Stacey
FlagThe Republic of Graud in this hurriedly locked thread http://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=23879

///… We're getting tired of garish posts of any color. …///

According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary garish means tastelessly showy or disturbingly vivid. Light peach is neither
tastelessly showy nor disturbingly vivid.

///… you, like everyone else here, is a guest. Your personal freedoms and the US Constitution hold no sway here -- the fo-
rum rules do…///

On Max Barry’s facebook profile I was told that the mods do not have to abide by the rules – they can make them as they
go. So which is it? Personal freedoms are enshrined in the Bill of Rights for a good reason. Do the moderators think they are
smarter then James Madison and Thomas Jefferson? If a vain unsophisticated boor is the supreme judge here why not make
a monkey the forum moderator. At least it is more harmless.

///Warned for spamming in moderation and for repeatedly posting in garish colors.///

You and I both know that we are not guests but willing victims of carefully planned pyramid scam to get a poorly written
Socialist propagandist book sold by relying on the ambition of thousands of visionaries inviting their friends to a promotion-
al site. Is FlagThe Cuddly Modalicious State of Katganistan in anyway related to FlagThe NYMWASOB Tribe of FASTER-
CAT has told me that the Stop the Blue Code of Silence Proposal will not be approved because 80% of the National
Assembly are Socialists. When I received a telegram within milliseconds from FlagThe NYMWASOB Tribe of FASTER-
CAT soliciting me to join Capitalist Paradise, because my nation was classified as a Capitalist Paradise. How could he find
me within milliseconds of me joining the game unless FlagThe NYMWASOB Tribe of FASTERCAT IS FlagThe Cuddly
Modalicious State of Katganistan who is a senior game moderator? I do not have clones. And I do not abuse my power as
game moderator to recruit people to my region. So who is the culprit here? idk what it is but still kinda wierd...

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