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Newsletter Spring


Newsletter Spring

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									Enfield Veterinary Hospital’s Newsletter                                                                      Spring 2006

Welcome          Did you know that Enfield Veterinary Hospital has been finding homes
to Enfield       for stray and orphan animals for many years. We have found new
                 families for dogs, cats, rabbits, galahs, cockatoos, budgies, guinea pigs
                 and many other animals. We also now have a new page on our website
Hospital’s       to show the animals that we have here looking for a home, which you
Newsletter       can visit at www.enfieldvet.com.au. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are
                              looking for a new pet. Also remember that our animals come
    OUR                       desexed, vaccinated, wormed, flea treated, microchipped and
SERVICES -                    registered for life so the costs involved are considerably less
                              and you are helping to save a pets life.
  Vaccination                                                                    CONGRATULATIONS
  Blood tests    Spring is in the air... but poisons beware...                                The winner of our
  Radiographs    Finally the gardening is coming back to life and now comes the               Frontline Winter
(X-Ray)          concern of protecting your freshly planted blooms from snails and            Promotion was Miss
  Ultrasounds    slugs. Dogs find snail bait pellets highly palatable and will even tear      DAWES with her dog
  General        open packets and break into cupboards to get to them. (even the pet          Marley who will be able
anaesthetic      deterring packets). Don’t forget, if your dog is not strictly confined to
                                                                                              enjoy their
                        your yard then he may find and eat these products anywhere.
  Dentistry                                                                                   heater for the
                      Other poisons of major concern include rat bait, Pesticides
  Pathology              and Herbicides.If you know exactly what your dog has eaten,          rest of winter.
  Baths and               bring the packet with you to show your vet.
  Nutrition      Toxic Plants -Our gardens are places where our pets spend much of their time. There are a number of
advice           commonly grown plants that are highly toxic to both small and large animals. Pets are curious,
  Weight         exploratory and they love chewing a large range of plant material. There are hundreds of commonly
watchers         grown plants that are potentially toxic to the animals around us.
  Prescription   Lily toxicity can be very severe, especially to domestic cats. All parts of the plant are toxic
diets             to cats; the roots, stems, leaves and flowers and even the stamens. The toxin initially causes
  Nurse          some inflammation of the stomach, and progresses to acute renal failure and potential death
consultations    within 3 to 5 days if itis left untreated.
  Seniors        Glory Lily (Gloriosa superba) poses a major problem. Not only is every part of this plant
Club             toxic to humans and animals, but it has escaped from gardens and become an environmental
  Boarding       problem as well. So not only is it toxic to cattle and dogs and cats, but it is also killing our native
  Wild life      kangaroos and wallabies.
care                                  Just because we can eat something does not mean that it is safe for our pets. Both the
  Puppy                               leaves and the fruit of Avocado Persea Americana can cause heart failure if fed to
Pre-school                            caged birds such as budgies and canaries, and other pets.
  Adult dog                           Macadamia nuts, although delicious to us, are toxic to dogs. They create severe
training                              abdominal cramping, joint pain, a high fever and a hind limb gait abnormality. There
                                      is little that can be done, except for supportive care and painkillers and the symptoms
                                      will disappear after a few days.
                 Yesterday Today and Tomorrow (Brunsfelsia) Dogs can die in dramatic and distressing
                 circumstances with convulsions and vomiting, after eating berries of the common wayside flower
                 Cotoneaster has small fruit which can cause paralysis in dogs.
                 Oleanders are a familiar poisonous plant, but azaleas, and poinsettias can also be toxic..
                 *If you observe your pet eating anything unusual or showing any signs of poisoning,
                 it is vital that you seek immediate veterinary attention as these substances can kill.
Desexing Myths Exposed
Here are some of the common Facts and Myths that we here about when we are discussing desexing.
We hope this will help you to make the correct discission about desexing your pet.
 Eliminates the possibility of unwanted
 puppies/kittens, especially cross breeds                      Desexing will NOT make your pet
 which can be harder to re-home                                FAT, it will however stop them trying to
 Male dogs and cats are more likely to roam in search          escape and find a mate which may result
 for a mate which increased the risk of fighting, car          in less energy expended so they require
 accidents and being taken to the pound                        less food
 Entire males are more likely to display aggression to         Desexing will not turn your dog into a
 other dogs and people and can be very dominant and            wimp, if they would normally protect
 possessive of toys and food.                                  their territory then they will continue to
 Entire males are at risk of getting prostate and              do so once desexed
 testicular cancer and other tumours associated with the       Animals will not miss being entire if
 production of testosterone which is eliminated with           anything they are probably going to be
 desexing                                                      happier that they are not coming into
 Entire cats are at risk of catching the deadly FIV virus      season every 6 months and being
 which currently has no cure. Also often get                   prevented from mating
 abscesses from fight wounds becoming infected                 Desexing will not change the animals
 which require surgery to fix.                                                  personality, it will only
 Male cats will spray urine around the house and yard                           take away the unwanted
 and male dogs will also urinate on any object in their                         behaviours like marking
 territory which will include the furniture, this urine                         territory and aggression,
 has a much stronger odour than a desexed animals                               if done before these
 Female dogs will try to escape to find a mate when                             behaviours develop
 they come on heat about every 6 months
 Females dogs are prone to problems such as Phantom
 Pregnancy, Mastitis (inflamed mammary glands),                       The end of an era for
 Pyometra (infection of the uterus), mammary and ovarian                 Puppy Pre-school
 cancer and some dogs that fall pregnant have problems
 giving birth so require an emergency ceaserian. Most of           We would like to give a big
 these conditions are very painful and also life threatening.      thanks to Kelly from Love on a
 Female cats on heat will call constantly which can be very        Leash for helping many of our
 distressing for their owner and they will also continue to        clients puppies learn good
 remain on heat until mated                                        manners and basic training in
 The cost of registration for a entire animal is considerably      her puppy classes. We will now
  more than for a desexed animal and registration is               have Jacqui taking over with the
                                                                   training which will be run at
  required by law in NSW for both dogs and cats
                                                                   night at Enfield
                                 All puppies and kittens           Veterinary Hospital.
                               must be microchipped by law          If you have a puppy
                               and will require their first        that needs basic
                               vaccination, worming and flea       training please call
                               treatment before being sold or      Jacqui on
                               given away so it usually costs      9747-
                               the breeder alot of money to
                               re-home the animals

                               Enfield Veterinary Hospital
                         94 Coronation Prde. Enfield NSW 2136
                         Ph: (02) 9747-3999 Fax: (02) 9744-5106
                             Website: www.enfieldvet.com.au
                             Email: enfieldvet@bigpond.com

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