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					                 WATER RESTRICTION PERMIT

                                    NEW SEEDED LAWN
To register for exemptions from water restrictions to establish your new seeded lawn
call our Water Restriction Hotline 1800 130 952 and quote exemption code NL/L3E14
as well as the date for commencement seeding.

This exemption applies to Couch, Kikuyu, Buffalo & Paspalum (drought tolerant varieties) ONLY.
At least 50% of existing lawn must be replaced or repaired for an exemption to be granted.

Ref No:   NL/L3E14                   Expiration Date: Seeding – Fourteen (14) Days after Seeding

The following special terms and conditions apply to this permit. Failure to comply with these conditions renders
the exemption invalid:


       Daily watering via a hand held hose fitted with a trigger nozzle is permitted at anytime for 14
       days after seeding only. No sprinklers are permitted.

All future watering of the garden/lawn is to be in accordance with the current water restriction requirements.
This exemption permit is applicable only for levels of restrictions up to and including Enhanced Level 3.
Please note should the level of restriction increase this permit will be invalid.
In granting this permit SA Water encourages the holder to devise and implement ways wherever feasible to
achieve a 20% or greater reduction in water use.

To ensure the terms and conditions of the permit are being adhered to, SA Water may conduct site audits.
Therefore, please have this permit available for inspection at the site.

If you have any inquiries in relation to this permit please contact our Water Restriction Hotline on
1800 130 952.

Authorised by: Neil White
                Head of Customer Services
               SA Water Corporation

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