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					A Separate Peace

                    Character Notebook

Throughout the reading of A Separate Peace, you will be
introduced to numerous characters. Analyzing the characters
and their motives is crucial to your understanding John
Knowles’ novel.


Page Requirements:

q    Each character deserves their own page; after all, Knowles
    dedicates substantial time to each one and we need to
    understand everyone at the school. These characters are
    “crazy” or “angry” or “guilty” or “proud” according to most
    students, and we need to know why.

q    Characters of importance: Gene Forrester, Phineas (Finny),
    Brinker Hadley, Elwin “Leper” Lepellier, Chet Douglas, and
    Cliff Quackenbush.

q    One page for each character. Each should contain the
    following elements. Be creative with how you choose to
    present each character and make each page unique!
                 Character        Symbolism
                 Name &           include a
                                  visual of a
                 Description      symbol from
                 Age, job,        the novel that
                 relationships,   we discussed
                 facts, etc.      in class and an
                                  explanation of
                                  how the
                                  character ties
                                  in with
                                  is NOT a
                                  symbol that
                                  stands for the

                 Analysis of      Character-
                 Character        Theme Tie-
                 choose a         In: In three
                 quote either     or more
                 about the        sentences,
                 character or     explain how
                 something        the character
                 the character    helps support
                 said, and tell   or illustrate a
                 what this        theme in the
                 shows about      novel
                 and motives

q    You and your partner each need to make THREE pages of
    the character notebook. One person will make: Gene, Leper,
    and Cliff. The other person will make: Finny, Brinker, and

q    On the due date (November 21), turn in your character
    notebooks together. All blocks should be typed!!