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MS - google earth


MS - google earth

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									    Release Date: 2 October 2008

M                                         Google Earth
E   An article in the West Australian said some councils are using Google Earth and Street
    View. Does the City of South Perth use the technology at all? If so, how has the

D   introduction of Google Earth affected the City's methods of identifying such issues as
    unauthorised building works (such as swimming pools) and enforcing local laws?

        Please attribute the below information to City of South Perth Mayor James Best...
I   While the City of South Perth has the facility to use Google Earth and Google Street View, it

A   does not currently utilise these programs to monitor planning or building compliance within the
    City. The City uses a Geographic Information System (GIS) for managing land related data and
    to assist with planning and building matters. The City’s GIS offers a similar “birds-eye view” of
    development within the City.

    Since the aerial images on these programs are updated annually, they do not represent the
    actual or current situation and can only be used as a guide. Therefore, City’s officers deal with

S   unauthorised developments by way of site investigations carried out in person.

    The City’s GIS facility is also accessible to the general public on the City’s website under the

T   ‘Maps’ link. It should be noted that neither the GIS nor Google Earth display ‘real time’ images
    and should be used with caution.

A        M
    For further media details contact:
    Roslyn Mulcahy                 City Communications Coordinator
T                                  Ph:
                                           9474 0716
                                           9474 2425
                                   Mobile: 0438 946 085
E                                  Email:


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