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MEDICAL CENTRE                                                                                                                   MEDICAL CENTRE

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                                                                                                                    Darling R
Dr David Zheng is an owner of the practice.
He has interests in all aspects of family medicine,
men’s health, adolescence health and acute medicine.
He also has strong interests in small surgical
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procedures and skin cancer removals.

Dr David Welsh is an owner of the practice.
He has interest in all aspects of family medicine
especially in preventative medicine and the area
of mental health and heart testing.                                                                      Carnegie Station         1036 Dandenong Road
Dr Lois Parr has some 30 years of experience in           The clinic is just a short walk from Carnegie
general practice as a whole, but more specialized         train station. Parking access via the service
in geriatric medicine. Her dedication and contribution    lanes on Dandenong road / Princes Highway.                                         Open 7 days
towards her patients’ wellbeing and community
is a true inspiration to her colleagues.                                                                                                    Family Practice
                                                          Services available on-site:
Dr Pallavi Sharma practices paediatric, geriatric                                                                                             Home visits
                                                          Podiatry & Physiotherapy courtesy of
and preventative health. She also enjoys contributing
to women’s and adolescence health. She also has
                                                              CAREPRO Allied Health Pty Ltd
                                                              CAREPRO                                                                      After hours care
a special interest in skin cancer diagnosis and               Call: 1300 307 319
                                                              Allied Health Pty Ltd

                                                          Psychology courtesy of Dr Rita Lapidus
Dr Yameui Cui enjoys her role as a family doctor          Dietician courtesy of Silvia Nazaretian
with around twenty years of clinic experience.
She has key interests in family medicine and women’s
                                                          Remedial Massage courtesy of Danny                                                  Psychology
                                                          Call 9572 2211
health. Previously she practiced for five years                                                                                                  Dietician
in a rural town near Shepparton.

Dr Robert Hoffman is interested in all aspects             Carnegie & Malvern Medical Centre
of family medicine especially in men’s health, diabetes   1036 Dandenong Road, Carnegie VIC 3168                                 Practice hours:
and preventative medicine. He spent several years                  Phone: (03) 9572 2211                                         Monday - Friday:        8:30am - 6:00pm
working in emergency medicine before moving into                    Fax: (03) 9572 2112                                          Saturday:               9:00am - 2:00pm
family practice.
                                                                  Dr. on call: 0422 109 011                                      P/H & Sunday:           10:00am - 1:00pm
Welcome                                                Fees                                                       Recall & reminder system
It is with great pleasure that we welcome              Our clinic is a private billing clinic. A schedule of      As service to our patients, we maintain a system
all our patients to our medical centre.                fees is located on the reception counter and in the        to remind patients of routine tests, checkups
                                                       waiting room. We generally bulk bill pensioners, DVA       or other preventative health issues via letter or
Our Vision
                                                       patients, children under 16, and full time students        phone. If you do not wish to receive reminder
Carnegie & Malvern Medical Centre
                                                       with a medicare card. In some cases, patients with         letters please advise your doctor.
is committed to providing its patients with
                                                       financial difficulties will also be bulk billed on
the highest standard of care for the benefit                                                                       Language difficulties
                                                       compassionate grounds.
of each patients’s health and wellbeing.                                                                          If a language other than english is spoken, please
                                                       Test results                                               bring a family member or a friend to interpret
                                                       Test results are generally available after three           (if acceptable to you) or an interpreter can be
Our reception staff are happy to assist you in
                                                       working days by making an appointment to see               contacted in some cases. Some of our reception
making an appointment that suits your needs
                                                       your doctor. In some cases the doctor may ring             staff speak Mandarin. Dr Zheng and Dr Cui also
with the doctor of your choice. If the doctor you
                                                       you to discuss your results.                               speak Mandarin.
request is unavailable, an alternative arrange-
                                                       Pap-smear results will be phoned to you in a
ment will be offered to you.                                                                                      Feedback
                                                       case of an urgent abnormality.
Longer appointments are available for complex                                                                     Is always welcome. If you have a complaint
medical problems or procedure.                         Prescriptions                                              please inform the Practice Manager or request
Please inform the reception staff when booking         Your medication should be reviewed on a regu-              a feedback form from reception.
these appointments so we can allocate time for         lar basis. Repeat prescriptions can be arranged            If dissatisfied with the way your complaint was
you and our doctors.                                   without seeing a doctor. Fees may apply.                   resolved please contact the Health Services
                                                       It is the general policy of the clinic that drugs          Commissioner on 1800 136 066.
After hours appointments
                                                       of addiction will not be prescribed. It is a requirement   Privacy Policy
For medical attention outside normal surgery
                                                       that people “doctor shopping” or suspected                 This practice is committed to maintaining the
hours, our after hours service can be contacted
                                                       of medication abuse are to be referred to the              confidentiality of your personal health information.
on 0422 109 011.
                                                       appropriate authorities for assistance.                    Your medical record is a confidential document.
In an emergency please call 000.
                                                       Availability of doctors by phone                           It is the policy of this practice to maintain security
Home Visits                                                                                                       of personal health information at all times and to
                                                       Doctors of this practice may be contacted by
Are available after discussion with your doctor,                                                                  ensure that this information is only available to
                                                       telephone during normal surgery hours.
however fees may apply.                                                                                           authorised staff.
                                                       A message may be taken for them to call you
Referrals                                              back. In an emergency your call will be put
Referrals to specialists are to be requested at the    through to the doctor
time of consultation. This is to ensure that the
current, relevant medical information is transferred
to the specialist.

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