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Mazda MX-5 Club of Victoria Inc by lindash


Mazda MX-5 Club of Victoria Inc.

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									                                                                      To pay your membership:
                                                                      •	 by	cheque	or	money	order
                                                                         please complete this form and return it with your payment to the
                                                                         address shown at the bottom of the page.
                                                                      •	 by	Visa	or	MasterCard
Mazda MX-5 Club                                                          please use the “Membership Portal” on our website,
                                                                and follow the steps.

 of Victoria Inc.
           Incorporated No. A0021659A
                                                                        For more information, please call the Club's Membership Officer,
                                                                                    Bill Campbell, on (03) 5261 4816 (ah).

                                        MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM
                   Please note: The information provided on this form will be used solely for Club purposes.

 Membership Type:                                 Name/s of Applicant/s:
          Country member
          Associate (no magazine)
          Junior (no magazine)
    Please tick appropriate membership category. See over for details of membership types and fees.

 Residential Address:


 Home Phone: (                 )                                       Business Phone: (           )

 Facsimile: (            )                                             Mobile:

 E-mail (essential if you choose the online Club magazine - see over):

 Occupation: (optional)                                                             MX-TRA:            Please tick to indicate choice of

                                                                                    (Club magazine)      ❏   printed (mailed) or
                                                                                                         ❏   online version of magazine

 MX-5 Vehicle Details:
 Registration No.                Colour:                       Year:
 Generation: ❏ NA 1600 ❏ NA 1800 ❏ NB ❏ NB sp ❏ NB se ❏ NC ❏ Limited Edition

 Remittance Details:          (please tick as appropriate)                                        Club use only:
      Cheque: no.                                            Cash              Money order        Date received:

      Amount enclosed: $                                        Date:                             Amount paid:           $
      •	 Please	make	cheque/money	order	payable	to	“Mazda	MX-5	Club	of	Victoria”.
      •	 Please	do not send cash through the mail.                                                Receipt number.:
      •	 Please	note	that	we	do	not	accept	direct	transfers	to	our	bank	account.
      •	 For	credit	cards	(Visa/MasterCard	only),	please	pay	online	via:        Member number:

                                                                                                  Member card sent:
 Motor Sport: I am interested in taking part in motor sport activities.
      Please contact me with more information about the Club’s                                    Name badge sent:
      motor sport program, licences, vehicle requirements etc.

   Mazda MX-5 Club of ViCtoria inC                                           Po boX 7438 bEauMariS ViC 3193
                                                 Membership types and fees applicable
                                                         for new members
                                                                                       Effective:	1	August	2008

Membership types:                                                                                                Conditions of membership:
                                                                                                                 Adherence to Club rules
•	Full	           Available to any natural person of at least driver’s licence-holding age who is the
  membership:     driver and/or co-driver of a Mazda MX-5.                                                       I agree to be bound by the Club's constitution (PDF
•	Associate	      Available to any natural person of at least driver’s licence holding age who either            copy available from website,
  membership:     accompanies or intends to accompany a Full Member to one or more Club functions                On Club runs, you must adhere to all applicable road
                  annually or who was a Full Member but no longer owns or drives a Mazda MX-5. An                rules and abide by the Club's “Convoy Rules” (PDF,
                  Associate Member may participate in events with the Club but, save at the discretion           425K), any run notes provided on the day and the run
                  of the Committee, may not win trophies or prizes.                                              leader's instructions.
•	Family	         Available to a family (defined as two adults, plus two children under 18 years of age)         Cancellations and non-attendance at events
  membership:     and providing the benefits of Full Membership to both adults and Associate
                  Membership to both children.                                                                   For events that require payment (for entry, meals etc),
                                                                                                                 if you cancel less than one week before the event, or
•	Country	        Available to any natural person of at least driver’s licence holding age who would
                                                                                                                 do not turn up at an event for which you have booked
  membership:     otherwise be a Full or Associate Member save that the person resides, or has their
                                                                                                                 a spot, you may be charged in full for that event.
                  principal place of business situated, 100 kilometres or more from the Melbourne GPO.
•	Junior	         Available to any natural person who is under the age of 18 years. Junior Membership
  membership:     is only available for such persons to enable them to participate in events of the Club
                  under the supervision of at least one Full Member and in accordance with the
                  directions of any officer of the Club from time to time.

 Membership fees† – new members:                                                 Joining	                  Joining	            Joining                 Joining	
      (includes one-off initial joining fee)                                 1	July-30	Sept             1	Oct-31	Dec        1	Jan-31	Mar            1	Apr-30	June

 •	Full	Membership
          – printed magazine (one/household)                                  $     97.00               $   79.00            $     61.00             $    43.00
          – on-line magazine°                                                 $     73.00               $   61.00            $ 49.00                 $     37.00

 •	Associate	Membership                                                       $     61.00               $   52.00            $     43.00             $ 34.00
 	Note:	Associate	members	do	not	receive	MX-TRA	magazine

 •	Family	Membership
          – printed magazine (one/household)                                  $ 133.00                  $ 106.00             $     79.00             $    52.00
          – on-line magazine°                                                 $ 109.00                  $ 88.00              $     67.00             $ 46.00

 •	Country	Membership
          – printed magazine (one/household)                                  $     70.00               $ 59.00              $ 48.00                 $ 36.00
          – on-line magazine°                                                 $ 49.00                   $   43.00            $     37.00             $    31.00

 •	Junior	Membership                                                          $     20.00               $    17.50           $     15.00             $    12.50
      Note:	Junior	members	do	not	receive	MX-TRA	magazine

 †	   Full	annual	membership	is	due	on	1	July	each	year.	All	fees	shown	above	include	one-off	joining	fee	for	new	members.	
 ° MX-TRA magazine:	If	you	opt	to	receive	the	Club’s	monthly	magazine,	“MX-TRA”	on-line,	you	will	be	notified	via	e-mail	
   when	each	month’s	PDF	is	ready	to	be	downloaded	from	a	specific	page	on	our	website.	You	will	need	Adobe	Acrobat	to	
   view	the	PDF.		NB: It is your responsibility to advise the Club of any change to your e-mail address.

 Renewing members (annual fee† only)                                                    Printed	magazine                              Online	magazine°

                                                    Full	Member               $ 72.00                                                    $ 48.00
                                            Associate Member                  $ 36.00           Note:	Associate	members	do	not	receive	MX-TRA	magazine

                                                Family	Member                 $ 108.00                                                   $ 84.00
                                               Country Member                 $ 45.00                                                    $ 24.00
                                                Junior	Member                 $ 10.00           Note:	Junior	members	do	not	receive	MX-TRA	magazine

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