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MASTER Apr-Jun09 REA Imagine Newsletter Vol 2 (Read-Only)


MASTER Apr-Jun09 REA Imagine Newsletter Vol 2 (Read-Only)

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                                    RE-ENGINEERING AUSTRALIA FOUNDATION LTD
                                                                 QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER                                          APR-JUN 2009 EDITION 2
                                                                                                             career options available to them, and in in-
                                                                                                             troducing manufacturing, engineering, design
                                                                                                             and technology at school, in such an exciting
                                                                                                             way, it really has changed their lives, and
                                                                                                             mine too.” Mr Germano later said after ac-
                                                                                                             cepting the award.
                                                                                                             Mr Germano has had great success with his
                                                                                                             students competing in the competition, assist-
                                                                                                             ing them through to winning the Victorian
                                                                                                             state finals on several occasions, culminating
                                                                                                             in the team DASHA—The Eagle winning the
                                                                                                             2006 National Finals.
                                                                                                             Mr Germano’s energy and enthusiasm seems
                                                                                                             to have no bounds, as he is also involved in a
                                                                                                             multitude of programs and activities outside
                                                                                                             of his primary and secondary school teach-
CELEBRATING A BIG WIN—A very happy boa-wearing Mr Michael Germano (centre) in celebratory mode,
                                                                                                             ing. He runs VCE classes, heads up a learning
flanked by his 2006 National Final winning team, DASHA—The Eagle from Laverton Secondary College, con-       community literacy team teaching science,
gratulated by a feathery Mr Craig Hingston (REA) and Mr Tim McKay (Victoria University) at back–right.       numeracy, reading, writing and speaking,
                                                                                                             and he is the coordinator of LavNet, the
      HONOURING AN                                   to inspire future generations to become world           Laverton Network, which is a network of pri-
                                                     leaders in manufacturing.                               mary and secondary science departments
                                                     The 2009 recipient, Mr Michael Germano, is              from schools in the Laverton region. As well as
At the Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame          a Chemistry Science teacher at Laverton Sec-            running the F1 in Schools program.
Gala Dinner, held at Melbourne’s Crown Ca-           ondary College where he has taught for 18
sino on the 11th May, the REA John Button                                                                    The Award is named in honour and memory of the
                                                     of his 23 year teaching career.                         late The Hon. John Button, who, as the Patron of
Award was presented to Mr Michael Ger-
mano of Laverton Secondary College, in               Since his involvement in the REA F1 in Schools          the REA Foundation, saw the potential impact that
front of an audience of over 600 manufac-            Challenge, both he and his students have                the F1 in Schools program would have for
turing industry leaders.                             gained enormous benefits from the ‘real                 younger generations, giving them the knowledge
                                                     world’ industry-paralleled project work.                and confidence to pursue engineering and manu-
This award is a perpetual honour awarded to                                                                  facturing industry-related careers.
an educator in recognition of their exceptional      “I have had an amazing journey since the F1
leadership and inspiration in developing and         in Schools Challenge was implemented at our             Our warmest congratulations go to Michael
encouraging manufacturing education in Victo-        school in 2004. It has given me and my stu-             Germano for this wonderful achievement,
ria. The award is aimed at encouraging educa-        dents opportunities that we never would’ve              and wishing him the best of luck (and en-
tors in High Schools, VET or TAFE environments       dreamed of. I just want kids to see all of the          ergy!) to continue the great work.

  TEAM BIO-HAZARD RECEIVE                            Megarrity was able to raise
 UNEXPECTED FUNDING BOOST                            the issue with the Premier’s
                                                     office, which received imme-
Team Bio-Hazard, the Apprentice Class Na-            diate approval. The resulting
tional Champions in the F1 in Schools Challenge      funding was an unexpected
from Menai High School received a visit from         but extremely appreciative
NSW Premier Nathan Rees MP on Friday 15th            windfall for the team.
May - with an unexpected gift.
                                                     Premier Rees and Ms Megar-
Upon hearing of their winning achievement at         rity enjoyed a morning of ex-
the National Final last year in Canberra, Pre-       ploring the achievements of
mier Rees presented the team with a cheque           team Bio-Hazard and came to
of $5,500 to assist in their preparations to         understand the program and
attend the World Championships in London             technologies involved further
later this year.                                     as the students explained their
Local Member for Menai, Ms Alison Megar-
                                                                                           SMILES FOR BIO-HAZARD — NSW Premier Rees & Ms Megarrity
                                                     F1 in Schools project work and BIG with Team Bio-Hazard and teaching staff at Menai High School.
rity MP heard of Bio-Hazard’s achievements           raced the cars down the track.
and approached the team through a parent             The Bio-Hazard team will be travelling with
asking if she could be of assistance. The initial    RedLine Racing to the UK in September as they Championship Winners, (and apprentice team)
request for obtaining Australian and State           represent Australia at the World Champion- The Stingers, means they are in good company
flags as part of their World Championship            ships. Australia’s spectacularly impressive track as they prepare their project work and fast cars
campaign was escalated further when Ms               record at this event, including 2006 World to take on the world.

                                                              RE-ENGINEERING AUSTRALIA FOUNDATION
                                                   Level 9, 423 Pennant Hills Road, Pennant Hills NSW 2120 Australia
                                                                  PO Box 389, Pennant Hills NSW 1715
                                                 Phone: 1300 554 503 or +61 2 9842 9512 | Facsimile: +61 2 9980 8722
                                                                                                                                    National Sponsor
                                 RE-ENGINEERING AUSTRALIA FOUNDATION LTD
                                                            QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER                                         APR-JUN 2009 EDITION 2

    WHERE ARE THEY NOW?                                                                             DANIEL: I’m half way through a Bachelor of Me-
                                                                                                    chanical Engineering at the Queensland University
In 2004, two bright young students from two                                                         of Technology. I’ve taken a year off and am cur-
different states were brought together and                                                          rently working full-time for REA as the Projects
created Australia’s first team to compete in                                                        Support Coordinator responsible for technology
the World Championships as Team THUNDER                                                             and training implementation at hub schools across
FROM DOWN UNDER. Working collabora-                                                                 Queensland.
tively for a few short weeks and only meet-
ing mere days before jetting off to the UK to                                                       What are your future plans?
compete, we ask the hard questions to                                                               ROCHELLE: I think I'm a fairly typical Uni student
ROCHELLE CALF and DANIEL BRYAN-                                                                     as I don't really consider my long term future at
CURNOW, including:                                                                                  the moment — one project, assignment or exam at
                                                   GREEN & GOLD: Daniel and Rochelle in team        a time. But ultimately I would like to be working as
  WHERE ARE YOU NOW AND                                                                             an industrial designer somewhere in the world.
                                                   uniform at the World Championships, UK.
  HOW DID YOU GET THERE...?                                                                         DANIEL: After this year, I head back to my en-
Where were you when you first got involved        choices. Prior to taking part in F1 in Schools, I gineering degree. Once that is completed, I'll
in F1 in Schools, what attracted you to it and    did not appreciate what being an engineer consider further education beyond the Bach. of
how did you get involved?                         was about...digging holes?                        Engineering—unsure what at this stage.
ROCHELLE: I was first introduced to the F1 in     What was the highlight of your REA involve- COLLABORATING FOR TEAM
Schools Design Challenge in year 10 at Chel-      ment at school?
tenham Girls High School (NSW). I was learn-                                                             THUNDER DOWN UNDER
                                                  ROCHELLE: Through the program, I was able to
ing how to use CAD programs in a technical        travel and compete overseas twice, first with     ROCHELLE: Paul Bray (REA General Manager)
drawing class. My teacher, Mr Wilson, signed      Thunder Down Under, and then with Brisk in gave a presentation in Noosa and Daniel being
up a few of my classmates and myself to           Pink. The experience I had with competing over- the very cluey guy he is, answered all the ques-
learn how to use CATIA and to eventually          seas and the skills I obtained with learning CA- tions about CATIA and I think stumped Paul on a
form a team to compete in the challenge.          TIA, working in a team and mixing with industry couple of occasions! I was really interested, and I
DANIEL: I was in year 10 in 2004 when             have been very valuable to me, but ultimately think I was in the right place at the right time and
choices for 'extra-curricular' classes came up.   winning the Most Innovative Car Design in the together we were chosen to be Team Australia.
F1 in Schools was an interesting name for a       world, two years in a row, was pretty amazing, To collaborate across the distance between
class, but beyond that I did not know a lot       and quite a highlight!                            Noosa and Sydney, we were taught how to use
about Formula One.                                DANIEL: Meeting and chatting to top engineers WebEx so we could share our design ideas and
I had an interest in IT and computing through     from around the world at European CATIA Fo- present to each other the work we had com-
the end of primary and high school, however       rum in France in 2004, right at the perfect time pleted so far. We also communicated through
living in the middle of nowhere it wasn't easy    to assist me with Senior School Subject choices.  an online chat room as I tended to be out play-
to get the latest and greatest technology,                                                          ing sports most nights of the week, this made it
which is what caught my eye in the F1 class, a                                                      hard to ring each other as our family members
                                                          BEST ENGINEERED CAR 2004                  were usually in bed!
move that has really payed off.
Did the program influence your decision with                                                        We only had six weeks to design, test and
your chosen study/career path?                                                                      manufacture the car, and we met face to face
                                                                                                    for the first time a day or so before we left.
ROCHELLE: Through competing in the F1 in
Schools project I was exposed to design and                                                         Daniel and I read through our verbal presentation
manufacturing. I used this in my year 12 major                                                      together for the first time on the flight over. We
design and technology project. I was able to                                                        both put in a lot of after school hours to make sure
identify design problems and make changes                                                           that everything was completed in time.
before the manufacture stage. This saved me a                                                       The highlights of this trip and project were seeing
lot of time and money! My MDP (major design                                                         the look on the American’s faces when they real-
project) was something I was really excited                                                         ised we had machined our car from the bottom!
about and so I decided I would look into study-                                                     And then there was winning ‘Best Engineered
ing design at Uni. The F1 in Schools project                                                        Car’ and ‘3rd Place Outright’, also presenting our
definitely helped me to choose design as a        What are you doing now?                           car and REA’s project to the world’s leading com-
career path as before I began the competition I   ROCHELLE: Currently I am studying Industrial panies in France and getting to travel half way
was considering aviation.                         Design at the University of Western Sydney. I across the world without my family at the age of
DANIEL: It certainly influenced my career         also work part time with REA.                     16. The trip and the experience of the whole
                                                                                                    competition was amazing!
                                                       DIARY DATES
                       Continue to check for updates, venues and locations.

                                                         RE-ENGINEERING AUSTRALIA FOUNDATION
                                              Level 9, 423 Pennant Hills Road, Pennant Hills NSW 2120 Australia
                                                             PO Box 389, Pennant Hills NSW 1715
                                            Phone: 1300 554 503 or +61 2 9842 9512 | Facsimile: +61 2 9980 8722
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                                     RE-ENGINEERING AUSTRALIA FOUNDATION LTD
                                                                 QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER                                           APR-JUN 2009 EDITION 2

        14 000 KMS AWAY…                               Woitowicz, Head of Department at Miles                ference style voice communication, video con-
                                                       MacDonnell Collegiate, a secondary school in          ferencing, desktop application sharing and
When parts of Canada are sleeping, namely              Winnipeg, Canada. David was in roughly the            much more. We scheduled several meetings
Winnipeg in Manitoba Provence, Noosa                   same position that I had been in back in              to discuss team structure, but more impor-
NSW is wide awake—and working. And                     2004 when I first started teaching F1 in              tantly to arrange ways to fast track the shar-
none more so than half of the Australian-              Schools, that is, full of hope and enthusiasm but     ing of knowledge that we had gained over
Canadian collaborative team working fever-             short on experience and knowledge. David              five years of involvement in F1 in Schools with
ishly to be ready for the World Champion-              wanted to break into the competition and had          David’s students.
ships in September                                     a group of year 11 students willing to form           One morning I was able to sit at my desk at
Veteran members of The Bullets, runner-up              teams but his dilemma was to choose just three        home and run CATIA on my laptop computer
National Champions in 2006, 2007 and                   to complement the four members of The Bullets         with David watching at his home in Winnipeg.
2008, are lending their considerable knowl-            team giving us the minimum numbers required to        There was a short lag of about 15 seconds but
edge and experience to a group of new-                 form a world championship team.                       David was able to watch me design and ma-
comers to the F1 in Schools Challenge, and                                                                   chine a virtual F1 car using all of the techniques
are determined that the distance between                                                                     that my students and I had developed over five
them won’t be the thing to beat them!                                                                        years. There was an eerie feeling that David
But to understand how the students from differ-                                                              was just sitting in another room in my house!
ent countries, backgrounds and time zones came                                                               A week later, we scheduled a meeting be-
to be team mates, it means stepping back a                                                                   tween all seven members of the newly
few years and introducing a few key charac-                                                                  formed Aus/Can collaboration team. I rushed
ters that have enabled this venture to happen.                                                               out and purchased a webcam, weaseled a
  INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATION &                                                                              disused classroom with a phone and data
        F1 IN SCHOOLS FROM                                                                                   connection and set up my laptop with a
      A TEACHER’S PERSPECTIVE -                                                                              speaker phone balanced on some books near
         Mr. MARK PRESLING                                                                                   a hastily arranged set of chairs.
“Late in 2003, I returned to work after taking                                                               This was great! We waved to each other, dis-
eight weeks long service leave. As soon as I                                                                 cussed the weather, (freezing rain in Canada,
walked into my staff room my eager colleagues                                                                bushfires and floods in Australia) and thrashed
told me about this cool new software that they                                                               out a team name. We were to be known as AC
had heard about called CATIA. I was shown how                                                                Racing. The inspiration for the name came from
to boot it up and as I began checking out the inter-                                                         the classic AC/DC rock song ‘High Voltage’.
face, my eager colleagues quietly backed out of                                                              Interestingly it was one of the Canadian team
the room leaving me alone with what would soon                                                               members who asked if we had ever heard of
take up a large chunk of my life over the next six                                                           AC/DC and did we think they were cool? (!)
years! Although I could not get the software to                                                        We quickly realised that NDSHS
draw anything like a model F1 car I was capti-                                                   had a unique opportunity to pass on thou-
vated by the scope and complexity of the pro-
gramme and before I knew it, I became the F1 in
                                                                                                 sands of hours of collective knowledge to
Schools Coordinator at NDSHS.                          LONDON BOUND: The Bullets in full uniform our Canadian counterparts.
In 2008 I coached five teams of enthusiastic           in front of their impressive stand at the             In just six weeks the Canadian team learned
students in what I consider to be the greatest         National Final in Canberra 2008                       how to use CATIA, how to use the ‘Spec Model’
innovation in technology education in my 31                                                                  tool that The Bullets and I had developed, and
year career of teaching students the craft of                                                                how to make use of some of the materials and
“making stuff”. Two of those teams competed at         After an initial phone call between David,            techniques that we had found to be effective in
the State Championships and both qualified to          Paul Bray and myself, we committed to pro-            shedding car weight and improving perform-
represent Queensland in professional class of          ceed with the rather daunting task of col-            ance of wheels and bearings.
racing at the National Championships. One of           laborating across roughly 14,000km and 15             I must qualify this by saying that we are very
the teams, ‘The Bullets’, had competed two             hours of time difference. It soon became              fortunate to have a wide range of support ma-
years previously at the National Finals and had        clear that the time difference alone                  terials developed by REA and ready access to
(sadly) placed second outright at both events.         would make for some interesting meet-                 expert engineers and mentors employed by
But out of such disappointment, they were              ing schedules. At 08:30 Sunshine Coast                Concentric Asia Pacific. On occasions my stu-
thrown a lifeline. A collaboration team was to         time it was around 16:30 on the previous              dents and I have spoken to engineers at GKN,
be formed between The Bullets and a Cana-              day in Winnipeg.                                      the Australian arm of the Joint Strike Fighter
dian team with the goal of competing at the                                                                  project, Hawker De Havilland, Toyota gurus,
                                                       In Australia we’re very fortunate to have             light aircraft manufacturers, Jabiru and many
World Championships in London, 2009. So
                                                       access to WebEx and in particular the Meet-           others. These opportunities almost never happen
earlier this year, Paul Bray, General Man-
                                                       ing Centre application which allowed for              in the mainstream education system.
ager of REA, contacted us to introduce David
                                                       scheduled virtual meetings which utilised con-

                                                              RE-ENGINEERING AUSTRALIA FOUNDATION
                                                   Level 9, 423 Pennant Hills Road, Pennant Hills NSW 2120 Australia
                                                                  PO Box 389, Pennant Hills NSW 1715
                                                 Phone: 1300 554 503 or +61 2 9842 9512 | Facsimile: +61 2 9980 8722
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                                       RE-ENGINEERING AUSTRALIA FOUNDATION LTD
                                                                     QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER                                           APR-JUN 2009 EDITION 2

                          Students from Winnipeg, Canada and Noosa, QLD join forces across the miles to form AC Racing

I believe that this is the final chapter in their jour-   aging the distribution of labour etc., however I       confident that this will be the enduring memory
ney through the F1 in Schools experience so many          see an opportunity to share in a cultural and          for Scott, Dean, Lucas, James, Ben, Stephanie
years of competing. I am constantly impressed by          engineering exchange, the benefits of which            and Crawford.
the willingness of former competitors to share their      are independent of any success in the competi-         I have come to see the real value of the F1
knowledge and expertise with younger and less             tion we are preparing for. In short, we are
experienced ‘greenhorns’.                                 keeping our eyes on the BIG PICTURE.
                                                                                                                 in Schools culture. It is an education in it-
                                                                                                                 self. If this was all students ever learned at
So, we have been moving forward with new                  A bond was formed very early on in the project         school they would enjoy it and they would
design innovations and testing of ideas. We can           between our two countries and I am looking
see a direction but at the same time we have to           forward to seeing the interaction between all
                                                                                                                 give 110% to make it happen!
be careful not to be seen to be driving or con-           the team members when we meet up in London.             Mark Presling is a Senior Teacher in the Industrial
trolling the project. Our other main hurdle is            Regardless of the outcome of the competition,            Technology Dept at Noosa District SHS with 31
“the tyranny of distance” (and time). There are           the common purpose and spirit of cooperation           years teaching experience. He is also a Champion
at times grumblings about the burden of man-              will be the big ticket item for me and I feel           for REA F1 in Schools and all round good bloke.

                                                                                                     The Razorbacks spent time in the Renault F1 pits and spoke
                                                                                                     with Technical Director, Pat Symmonds (above).
Being the creators of the Fastest Car at the Na-          Razorbacks from Pine Rivers State High School,         Victorian Government.
tional Finals comes with a few perks—smashing             QLD last year for creating a car that set a blister-   Another ‘treat’ was access to Renault F1’s ga-
and setting new national and world records, the           ing pace that shattered the one second barrier         rage, meeting with engineers and Technical
respect and awe of your competing peers (and              and all speed records known to F1 in Schools.          Director, Pat Symmonds to get a few pointers
the envy for setting the bar so high) and being           The 4-day pass to the Melbourne Grand Prix             on how to make a fast car even faster! But with
the recipient of the prize; TICKETS TO THE                gave the team access to some amazing op-               their insider knowledge, will the Razorbacks be
GRAND PRIX!                                               portunities, including attending a Williams F1         the ones to beat in 2009?
This great prize, donated by REA and the                  Technical Briefing, presented by Technical             And next question is, who will be there next year?
Grand Prix Corporation was awarded to The                 Director, Sam Michael and hosted by the

                                                                 RE-ENGINEERING AUSTRALIA FOUNDATION
                                                      Level 9, 423 Pennant Hills Road, Pennant Hills NSW 2120 Australia
                                                                     PO Box 389, Pennant Hills NSW 1715
                                                    Phone: 1300 554 503 or +61 2 9842 9512 | Facsimile: +61 2 9980 8722
                                                                                                                                          National Sponsor
                                    RE-ENGINEERING AUSTRALIA FOUNDATION LTD
                                                                 QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER                                               APR-JUN 2009 EDITION 2
                                                    of the project displays, and could barely                     The Avalon Airshow is just one of many opportu-
                                                    believe that ‘school kids’ did the work.                      nities that the REA takes throughout the year to
                                                    The stream of people didn’t stop at all over                  exhibit the work of the students and communi-
                                                    the six day event, and the interactive nature                 cate the F1 in Schools program to a wider pub-
                                                    of the display had people commenting that it                  lic, and REA sincerely thanks the teachers and
                                                    was the highlight of the exhibition space.                    students who generously volunteer their time to
                                                                                                                  assist in these events. Thank you!
                                                    It was also a highlight for team Basilisk Per-
                                                    formance Racing (previously Impulse Racing)                    REDLINE RACING PRESENT
                                                    from Sebastopol College, who travelled                         TO THE TOP BRASS OF DMO
                                                    down from Ballarat to be REA F1 in Schools
                                                    Ambassadors for the day.                                      The 2008 National Champions of the F1 in
                                                                                                                  Schools Technology Challenge, RedLine Rac-
                                                    It may have been a day off school, but the                    ing, made a presentation to DMO manage-
   Avalon Airshow 2009: The F16 Falcon              students worked hard all day with the public.                 ment – a first for all involved.
                                                    Team members Aidan Cowie, Brett Sizeland,
                                                    Warren Mahomet, Benjamin Kersten and                          At the request of Dr Stephen Gumley, CEO of
     AVALON AIRSHOW 2009                            teacher, Mr. Christof Muller, spoke to hun-                   the Defence Material Organisation, Canberra
                                                    dreds of people and confidently explained                     based RedLine Racing were invited along to
The 2009 Avalon Airshow took place from 10-                                                                       make a presentation to the DMO management
15 March in the dry and dusty paddock next to       the processes and goals of the competition,
                                                    and elaborated on their own project work                      team who gather together once a year.
Avalon Airport, just north of Geelong, VIC. At
the end of the week though, as is Melbourne’s       which lead them to participating in the Na-                   The purpose was to brief and inform the multid-
usual characteristic, it was 4 seasons in one day   tional Finals last year.                                      isciplinary and widely located management of
and much needed rain dampened down the                                                                            the F1 in Schools Technology Challenge. And
dust, turned the dirt to mud—and spirits lifted,                                                                  what better way than seeing the current Austra-
especially the Victorians’.                                                                                       lian champions in action—far more impressive
                                                                                                                  (and interesting) than another power point!
REA had a presence on the DMO (Defence
Materiel Organisation) stand, and was                                                                             This unique opportunity was hailed as, “a great
manned for the week by the REA team and a                                                                         success” and “incredibly impressive” by REA Foun-
small team of teachers and students from                                                                          der Michael Myers who attended with the team.
Sebastopol College and Bentleigh Secondary                                                                        “The presentation went exceptionally well.
College who have both been involved in the                                                                        The kids impressed the ‘top brass’ of the
F1 in Schools Challenge in previous years.                                                                        DMO with their excellent presentation skills,
REA had 10m of the usual 20m race track set                                                                       their knowledge and their confidence. Many
                                                    READY TO RACE - Visiting Victorian school students            couldn’t believe that high school kids could
up through the middle of the stand and hun-
                                                    test their reaction times at the race track starting gates.   produce that level of work, and those not so
dreds of CO2 bulbs (soda stream cartridges)
were used as interested and excited passer-            The team said, “Our participation at the Ava-              familiar with REA and F1 in Schools walked
byers stopped to hear about the F1 in                  lon Air Show was a great experience. We                    away impressed, very enthusiastic and with a
Schools program and to test their reflex times         were able to advertise the program to a                    far greater understanding,” he said.
at the starting gates.                                 larger audience, while enjoying the sights and             “And the kids gained a lot out of it too. Al-
Many people were genuinely amazed at the               sounds of the Airshow itself. This was a great             though they present very, very well, an oppor-
high level of work, complexity, thoroughness           day, as we were able to share our experi-                  tunity such as this allowed them to practice in
of research and the professional presentation          ences with students and businesses from                    front of a very difference audience. They didn’t
                                                                    around Victoria and beyond,                   seem phased at all by speaking to such a large
    TALKING THE TALK FOR REA AT THE AVALON AIRSHOW                  urging them to get involved and               (50+) and important group of people and had
Basilisk Performance Racing, Sebastopol College L-R: Aidan Cowie,   to participate.                               no problem chatting with the top civil and de-
Brett Sizeland, Warren Mahomet & Benjamin Kersten.
                                                                    As a team, we would like to thank             fence leaders in the country over lunch. I was
                                                                    REA and the DMO for this amaz-                very proud of them,” said Mr Myers.
                                                                    ing opportunity. This is an experi-           If the RedLine Racing team used this opportu-
                                                                    ence we all will not forget for a             nity to practice their presentation in readiness
                                                                    long time and would definitely                for the World Championships, they have
                                                                    like to participate in again.”                been given yet another rather extraordinary
                                                                    Their teacher, Mr. Muller added,              chance to share their award winning work, as
                                                                    “We all had a fantastic time.                 well as hone their skills. An invitation was ex-
                                                                    The students really opened up                 tended to the team to present at the D + I
                                                                    and enhanced their communi-                   (Defence + Industry) Conference in Adelaide
                                                                    cation skills throughout the                  next month front of an audience of 1500
                                                                    day, so much so they didn’t want              people. Wow!
                                                                    to leave!”

                                                             RE-ENGINEERING AUSTRALIA FOUNDATION
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