Marsupial pouch by lindash


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									    Marsupial Pouch Pattern
    If you can knit crochet or use a sewing machine we need your help.
        We are always in need of pouches and liners of assorted sizes.

•      Please round the corners of sewn liners (pouches can be rounded but not necessary)
       as small animals often choose to bury into the corners and can suffocate. All liner
       seams should be on the outside and edges French—zig zagged or overlocked.
•      Ease of washing should be considered and also wool shrinkage.

Pouches                                                Liners (longer for rolled top over pouch)
10cm (w) x 15cm (l)                                    10 (w) x 20cm (l)
15cm x 20cm                                            15cm x 25cm
20cm x 30cm                                            20cm x 35cm
45cm x 55cm                                            45cm x 60cm
Pouches and liners sewn 3 sides with top hemmed and open.
Liners do not get attached to the pouch.

Preferred materials are:
Polar fleece—non piling
Windcheater fleecy

Knitted pouches
Any wool ply or blends can be used                                                              Round bottom corners of
                                                                                              liners to prevent suffocation.

Liners (used inside the pouch helping to increase its lifespan)
Cotton and flannelette

      Any and all pouches are greatly appreciated, so if you know an individual or group
               who would be happy to help us—please give out our patterns.

                            Pouch delivery and enquiries to Bronwyn on 9770 2070
     Unit 2/7-8 Bloom St, Frankston Heights (front unit). Please place on verandah or over mesh fence if gate is locked.
                        Please place your details in the bag so we know who to thank!

                                                                                         ABN: 45 549 406 633
                                                                        Postal: PO Box 291, Patterson Lakes 3197
                                                                             Telephone: 0412 433 727

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