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Margaret River Tennis Club

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									                                Margaret River Tennis Club

                          International Pro Circuit Tournament

                                       November 2009


The Margaret River Tennis Club has been selected to host an International Tennis Pro
Circuit Event in November 2009 with a view to host the event for a further two years.
This event will attract future top players from around the world who are searching for
rankings points, prize money and entrance into the WTA and ATP Tour.

International Tennis Pro Circuits exist all over the world and Australia plays host to a circuit
in November and December with several tournaments being held across the country. Most
of the events are for men or women only, however Margaret River will be able to host a
combined mens and womens event making it a larger tournament.

The event to be held in Margaret River will bring significant tourism revenue to boost the
local economy, bring media exposure to the region and enhance the local community pride
and involvement.

The Australian International Pro Tennis Circuit is promoted, developed and managed by an
independent management group called Sporting Spectrum who is contracted by Tennis
Australia. The Pro Circuit is supported by Tennis Australia but requires support from other
local sponsors at each event.

According to the Sweeney Sports Report (2007) tennis has become Australia’s #1 favourite
sport and this is a position that had not been held since 2001. Top players that have played
in the Australian International Pro Circuit in the past include Lleyton Hewitt, Pat Rafter, Mark
Philippoussis, Alicia Molik and Nicole Pratt. Players expected to play in the 2009 events are
future sensations Bernard Tomic and Brydan Klein amongst many others. Approximately
35% of players come from overseas with the remaining 65% covering all parts of Australia.

The ATP world ranking scale currently rank 1875 male players. The players at the Pro
Circuit are in the top 31% of ranked players in the world.
The WTA world rankings scale currently rank 1100 female players. The players at the Pro
Circuit are in the top 35% of ranked players in the world.

The prize pool is generally $15,000 for men and $25,000 for women.

(Margaret River Tennis Club House and Courts 1 and 2)

Event Management
The Australian International Tennis Pro Circuit is an established tour that has for the most
part existed on the east coast of Australia and in Perth. With Sporting Spectrum onboard the
future aim of the circuit is to increase its reach and development across regional Australia.
The Margaret River Tennis Club, as a host venue, needs to assist Sporting Spectrum with
the organisation and operation of the event by way of goods and services, volunteers and
funding. An event committee has been formed within the club and meetings are held
regularly. The Margaret River Tennis Club with support from local and state sponsors will be
able to deliver on the requirements and ensure a world class event in a world class

Tourism Season
It is important to note that this event is scheduled for November 2009 with a view to a further
two years if successful. November is considered to be a shoulder or off-peak time for visitors
to the region. By hosting such an event during this time, it provides local businesses with the
opportunity to boost economic returns in a traditionally quieter time.
There are no other major events scheduled in the region during November.

Visitor Numbers
Sporting Spectrum has identified that approximately 53,000 spectators are estimated to
attend all events on the proposed pro circuit calendar. It has been estimated that
approximately 3,400 spectators can be expected to attend the Margaret River event over the
course of the 8 day tournament.
Based on previous events held elsewhere in Australia the figures suggest that approximately
500 participants will visit the region and stay on average of 6 days. The estimated average
daily spend has been calculated at $180 per tour participant.

Total players, officials, others visiting each             Men         Women

Qualifying singles players                                 64          64

Main draw singles players                                  32          32

Main draw doubles players                                  16          16

Travel companion/coach/parents (1 per person)              115         115

Officials (tour director, umpire, linesmen etc)            15          15

Total number of tour participants to the region            245         245

Estimated Number of spectators             Number per day                   Totals

Weekday (6 days)                           200                              1,200

Twilight (Wed/Thur/Fri)                    400                              1,200

Weekend (Sat/Sun)                          500                              1,000

Totals (based on 8 day tournament )                                         3,400

Spend                                             Amount                            Total over 6 days

Estimated daily spend (accommodation, food, $120pp                                  $720

Estimated daily spend (activities; gym,           $60pp                             $360
movies, shopping)

Total (x 490 tour participants)                                                     $493,200

Data courtesy of Tennis Australia.
Marketing, Media and Sponsorship
Sporting Spectrum, in partnership with local council, state and regional tourism boards, will
implement an event specific marketing plan. The strategy will be designed to highlight
relevant features of the area and to engage the relative local media outlets.

The marketing plan for each site will operate as follows:
6 weeks prior to the event advertising will commence in the local newspapers, on local radio
and with the locally affiliated TV stations.
Given the current geographical locations of the tour we expect the media outlets to be
predominantly a regional weekly paper, a leading FM radio station and Network 7 affiliated
TV stations.
Over the coming weeks we will be finalising the marketing plan for each site. Once
completed will be in a position to provide specifics including outlets, tarps, frequency, spend
and additional support provided.
It is worth noting that this will be the first time there will be a cohesive, tailored single event
plan within the Pro Circuit. As a sponsor you would receive verbal & logo placements across
all marketing channels.

The Margaret River Tennis Club requires several sponsors under the following levels.

Tier 1 = Major Sponsor with naming rights ($10,000) x 2

Tier 2 = Event Partners ($5,000) x 4

Tier 3 = In-Kind Support such as locally bottled water, locally hand-crafted trophies,
on-site physiotherapy, radio and newspaper advertising, souvenir packs for participants,
umpire chairs etc.

Tier 4 = Corporate Hospitality Tent ($1,000 x 3) Invitation for local businesses and sponsors
to showcase their products and entertain clients over the duration of the tournament in a
courtside spectator tent.

Sponsor Entitlements:

Corporate Branding
Logo representation on:
           event posters (unique event specific poster will be produced for each
           tournament schedule
           daily media releases
           all locally driven promotional materials
           Court signage
           2 x 1m x 3m mono signs on both ends of the court (see court layout below)
           Advertisement within the event program

    Sponsor acknowledgment in all media releases and event collateral produced
    Opportunity for sponsors to access players for interviews, meet & greets etc (upon
        approval from Tennis Australia)
    Active engagement of local media to promote the event and sponsors
    TV broadcasting is currently in discussion for key Pro Circuit events (local & national
On-line Promotion
        Dedicated Pro Circuit page on the Tennis Australia website (www.tennis.com.au)
         which will include results, articles, media releases and fact sheets.*
        Logo representation on the Tennis Australia website
        Web link from TA website to your company website
        Potential for Pro Circuit stories to be featured on the “latest news”
         homepage section of the TA website
   * Website figures from 3/06 – 12/06 show 279,106 unique hits, 787,245 visits, 3,344,509 pages viewed.

Cross Promotional Opportunities
    Networking & cross promotional opportunities with other sponsors will be developed
    On-site promotional activity opportunities (at own cost)

        Opportunity to provide local gifts to players / finalists
        Certificate of appreciation sent to council acknowledging their contribution to the
        success of the event

Sample signage photos:

Sample Corporate Hospitality Area:
Centre Court Signage:

Uniqueness and Image Building
Despite the fact that this event is part of an Australian International Pro Circuit, the Margaret
River Tennis Club offers sponsors a unique opportunity. This will be one of the few events
that host both men and women players, will be held in a world-renowned tourist destination
with five star attractions, and further builds and supports on the existing major events that
occur in the region, such as the Margaret River Pro Surfing, the Anaconda Adventure Race,
the Margaret River Wine Region Festival and the Busselton Ironman WA.

This event will continue to encourage the desirability of Margaret River as an all-year round

Event Frequency
Following the success of the first annual event in November 2009, the Margaret River Tennis
Club will have the opportunity to sign on for another two consecutive years.
As previously stated – the event is part of an International Professional Circuit.
Tour Packages
It is envisaged that with the support of the Augusta Margaret River Tourism Association
(AMRTA) an appropriate tour package can be designed which would include;
accommodation, daily breakfast and tickets to the sponsors and player function for all
participants of the event.
Benefits for the AMRTA include increased web traffic to www.margaretriver.com and
utilisation of their event booking service, as well as other sponsor entitlements.

In Principle Support
The event has in principle support from the following:

   1.                         The local State Member for Parliament – Barry House
   2.                         The Augusta Margaret River Shire Council
   3.                         The Augusta Margaret River Tourism Association
   4.                         The South West Regional Tennis Zone Committee

Measuring Effectiveness
Sporting Spectrum with assistance from Tennis Australia will conduct a post event
evaluation which will include:

   1.                         Total visitor numbers
   2.                         Brand exposure
   3.                         Individual tournament report
   4.                         PR report and attributable values
   5.                         Local dealer engagement
   6.                         Player performance
   7.                         Asset evaluation and review

The Margaret River Tennis Club will also contribute its own post event evaluation report to
support the report from Sporting Spectrum and both will be made available to all sponsors
and partners.

Event Budget
The 2009 event buy-in fee payable by the Margaret River Tennis Club to Sporting Spectrum
is $35,000 plus GST. Other expenses will include food, beverages, general supplies,
trophies and any court maintenance costs leading up to and during the event.

Revenue will be generated through food and drink sales throughout the event.

Tennis Australia and Sporting Spectrum require commitment from the Margaret River Tennis
Club by the end of February 2009.
The Margaret River Tennis Club needs to have in principle support from sponsors before this
date to ensure the event buy-in fee can be met.

Based on this proposal, we feel that the International Tennis Pro Circuit event to be held in
Margaret River in November 2009 would align strongly with your brand and we hope you
may like to support the event with a sponsorship agreement for a Tier 1 ($10,000) or Tier 2
($5,000) level, or In-Kind Support.
If you would like to discuss the event and sponsorship request in more detail, please don’t
hesitate to call Roger Budd – President, Margaret River Tennis Club on 9757 9212 or email

Thank you for your time.

Kind regards

Margaret River Tennis Club

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