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									                     Maintenance Technician (Parking)

An opportunity to join the City of Bunbury’s Community Law & Safety team as
a Maintenance Technician (Parking) currently exists. We are looking for a
person to primarily carry out maintenance on all parking machines and other
infrastructure directly associated with parking, as well as providing practical
and technical knowledge to ensure the continued operation of the machines.

Ideally we are looking for an individual who has an understanding of the
operation, diagnosis and component replacement of electro-mechanical
equipment such as parking machines. You will also need to possess well
developed analytical, problem solving, time management and developed
customer service skills.

Conditions of employment are in accordance with the City of Bunbury
Enterprise Agreement 2004 with a Level 3/4 salary of $45,218 to $52,657,
depending upon experience. Interested persons may download the
Information Pack from the City’s website at A hard
copy of these documents and/or further information may be obtained from
Teresa Brooke on 9792 7179 or

Applications that address the Selection Criteria and clearly specifying the
position title marked ‘confidential’ should be addressed to: Manager, Human
Resources, City of Bunbury, PO Box 21, Bunbury WA 6231. Applications
must be received by 5pm 19th March, 2010.

Greg Trevaskis
                                            Guidelines to Apply for an
                                            Advertised Position

Thank you for your interest in the position advertised by the City of Bunbury.

These guidelines are presented to assist you in preparing your written application
and to enable you to plan for a possible selection interview.

Selection on the basis of merit

The City of Bunbury is an equal opportunity employer. All applications for a position
will be assessed against the same criteria, included in the position description.

Only those applicants, who demonstrate they meet all the selection criteria of
the position by a statement addressing the criteria, will be considered for an

Applications will not be assessed until after the closing date and will usually be
assessed by a selection panel of three staff members. Selections will be based on
which applicant demonstrates the highest merit for the position and on their past
experience and ability to perform the advertised position.

Note: Canvassing of Councillors will disqualify

Preparing your application:

The application should be typed and stapled in the top left-hand corner. Please do
not submit applications in plastic or cardboard folders. Application received will not
be returned; therefore you should photocopy any original documentation.

What to include:

Your application should include:

   •   A brief covering letter
   •   A statement addressing the selection criteria
   •   A copy of your current resume
   •   Details of at least two employment referees

Covering Letter

The covering letter gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself to the selection
panel and must include a title that clearly states the title of the position that you are
applying for. For example: “Application for Works Supervisor Position”.
A Statement addressing the selection criteria

In order for you to be considered for short listing, you must address the selection
criteria that are listed in the Position Description.

Preparation of the statement addressing the selection criteria is the most
important part of your application.

The selection criteria include the skills, knowledge, experience and, if required,
qualifications of the position. Should the position you are applying for require you to
present a recent state and/or federal police clearance, and/or current working with
children check, this will be listed in the essential selection criteria.

The key to addressing selection criteria is:
           • Demonstrate capability by providing evidence of how you meet the
              selection criteria.
           • Provide specific details; and
           • Where possible, include an indicator of success or a result.

An easy way to do this is to use the STAR model – that is:

       Situation – provide a brief outline of the situation or setting
       Task – outline what you did
       Approach or action – outline how you did it
       Result – describe the outcomes

Include information of any relevant qualifications you may have obtained and their
relevance to the Selection Criteria.

It is strongly suggested that you use each of the selection criterion as a heading and
outline your relevant experience separately against each one. It is better to be
succinct and relevant rather than wordy.

Please Note: Any false and/or misleading claims by an applicant will lead to
immediate disqualification or in the case of successful applicant will lead to
instant dismissal.


Your resume should include your personal details, relevant work history, and
education, training courses, qualifications and professional memberships.

When listing your relevant work history you should include dates/period of
employment and duties and responsibilities for each position.


It is not necessary to include written references or character referees as part of your
application. Instead, the selection panel will make direct contact with referees.

It is common courtesy that you make contact with your referees for their approval
before nominating them in your application. Tell your referees about the City of
Bunbury position(s) that you are applying for.
Your referees must be able to comment on your work and experience. Ideally your
referees should be a current manager/supervisor; however a manager/supervisor
from a previous position may be used.

You may be asked to provide the names of more appropriate or alternative referees,
as part of the selection process.

Closing Date for Applications:

In accordance with the Local Government Act, vacancies are advertised for a specific
period only and close at 5pm on the closing date written in the advertisement.

Late applications will not be accepted.

All applications will be acknowledge with four working days of receiving the

Preparing for the Interview:

To prepare yourself for the interview, re-read the Position Description form, focusing
on the selection criteria. Think of examples of work situations where you would have
applied the relevant skills and abilities.

Focus on the duties of the position and think about how you would carry them out.
Think about any problems you might encounter and how you would resolve them.
Try to identify examples form your past experience that are similar, or that may be

Ensure that you take along the original copy of the transcript, the certificate or
qualification(s) to the interview, for the Selection Panel to sight.

The Interview Process:

The interview panel will consist of at least three members. Interviews will follow a set
format to ensure equity and fairness to each applicant and will be evaluated in the
same manner.

During the interview, Selection Panel Members will write notes and assess your
answers in response to the structured questions, ensuring that applicants are
examined in an objective and informed manner. Should you not understand a
question asked during the interview please seek clarification prior to providing a

After the Interview:

Successful applicants will be required to undertake a full pre-employment physical,
hearing and drug and alcohol test.

Other selection tests such as driving, typing, aptitude and psychological testing may
be required to ensure that candidates are suited to the position.

Should you be successful in obtaining the vacant position, a member of the Selection
Panel will contact you by telephone to verbally offer you the position.
All unsuccessful applicants will be notified in writing.
Forwarding Applications:

All applications need to be marked “Confidential – Employment Application”.

Your application can be submitted via:

Post                          Manager Human Resources
                              City of Bunbury
                              PO Box 21
                              Bunbury WA 6231

Fax                           (08)9792 7184


Hand Deliver                  City of Bunbury
                              Administration Building
                              4 Stephen Street

If you experience difficulties when emailing or faxing your application contact the City
of Bunbury on (08)9792 7000.

Please note: If you are applying for more then one position, separate
applications are to be submitted.


Some of the things that should be checked by the Applicant

           Covering Letter
           Statement addressing the selection criteria
           Copies (not originals) of supporting documentation eg qualifications,
           drivers license, police clearance
           The application has been photocopied for personal reference
           If I am applying for more than one position I have enclosed separate
           applications for each position
           I have checked and am aware of the closing date and time.

It is hoped that you find this information of assistance and we look forward to
receiving your application.

Please Note: Any false and/or misleading claims by an applicant will lead to
immediate disqualification or in the case of successful applicant will lead to
instant dismissal.

TITLE:                          Maintenance Technician (Parking)

TENURE:                         Permanent

DEPARTMENT:                     Community Law & Safety

DIVISION:                       City Development Team

LEVEL:                          Three (3)/Four (4) - City of Bunbury Enterprise Agreement

Position Objectives

         •      Carry out maintenance on all parking machines and other infrastructure
                directly associated with car parking for which the City of Bunbury is
         •      Provide practical skills and technical knowledge to ensure the continued
                operation of equipment associated with car parking within the City of
         •      Contribute to the pursuit of organisational and departmental objectives.
         •      Provide technical knowledge of car parking infrastructure maintenance of
                sufficient professional qualities and standards to meet the City of Bunbury’s


         Reporting to:                  Parking Coordinator

         Responsible for:               Nil

         Membership of:                 City Development Team

         Liaison with:                  Executive Manager City Development, Manager
                                        Community Law & Safety, Parking Coordinator,
                                        Community Law & Safety Officers, Parking machine
                                        and other parking infrastructure providers, general

                                            Chief Executive Officer

                                     Executive Manager City Development

                                      Manager Community Law & Safety

                                              Parking Coordinator

                                       Maintenance Technician (Parking)


       •   Perform daily checks, or as required, on parking machines that are maintained
           by the City.
       •   Undertake all programmed maintenance on parking machines that are
           maintained by the City.
       •   Attend to any machine faults, identify faults and repair as necessary.
       •   Obtain financial information from all machines, when required to assist with the
           collection of monies from the machines.
       •   Provide reports on the operation of the machines including faults and auditing
       •   Arrange the purchase of goods and services as required.
       •   Complete the installation and maintenance of parking infrastructure as and when
       •   Maintain a register of all repairs undertaken and provide reports of the repairs as
           and when required.
       •   When required, schedule servicing of parking machines in accordance with
           manufacturers specifications.
       •   Initiate and promote continuous improvement within the car parking maintenance

Occupational Safety & Health Support

       •   Ensures that work-stations are maintained in a safe, clean and tidy condition, so
           that risk of accidents occurring is reduced to a minimum.
       •   Exercises a Duty of Care and the need to work in a safe and efficient manner,
           having regard to own safety and that of other workers.
       •   Monitors and reports workplace hazards and accidents, in accordance with
           correct reporting procedures.
Delegation of Authority

        •    Works under the general supervision of the Parking Coordinator.
        •    Under the direction of the Parking Coordinator, the purchasing of goods and
             services up to $500 in accordance with Council’s purchasing policy.
        •    Freedom to act limited by standards and procedures.
        •    Assistance readily available when problems arise.

Selection Criteria


        •    An understanding of the operation, diagnosis and component replacement
             electro-mechanical equipment such as parking machines.
        •    Procession of a current C (Car) class Western Australian driver’s licence.
        •    Ability to undertake repairs to parking infrastructure both in situ and in a
             workshop environment.
        •    Experienced in the use of computer based technologies including an
             understanding of basic programming principles.
        •    Well developed customer service skills.
        •    Ability to work within a team environment and without direct supervision.
        •    Possession of a current National Police Clearance Certificate.
        •    Well developed oral and written communication, interpersonal and public
             relations skills.
        •    Well developed organisational, prioritisation and time management skills.
        •    Working knowledge of current computer and software programs (e.g. Microsoft)


        •    An electrical (restricted) licence.
        •    Previous experience in the repair of pay and display ticket issuing machines.
        •    Knowledge of legislation associated with the parking of vehicles.


This position holder is required to drive a City of Bunbury C (Car) class vehicle as part of the
duties and responsibilities.

As position Manager/Executive Manager, I confirm the details contained in this document are
an accurate statement of the duties, responsibilities and other requirements of the position.

As position occupant, I have noted the statement of duties, responsibilities and other
requirements as detailed in this document.

As Manager Human Resources I confirm the details contained in this document are
consistent with City of Bunbury standards, the Organisational Structure and Award
classification requirements.

OCCUPANT                                        _________________________________

DATE                                            ___________________________

EXECUTIVE MANAGER                                ________________________________

DATE                                            ___________________________

MANAGER HUMAN RESOURCES                         _________________________________

DATE                                            _____________________________

Date Last Reviewed                              February 2010

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