Kimseed Seed Cleaner, East Timor

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					                            Kimseed Seed Cleaner, East Timor

                                                                                                                             October 2009

                            Seeds of Life has used a Kimseed seed cleaner since mid-2007 at our Betano Research Station in the dis-
                            trict of Manufahi, on the south coast of East Timor. The equipment is used by our research staff who are
Seeds of Life (SoL) aims    involved in producing foundation seed at the research station. Our research staff report that the seed
to improve food secu-       cleaner can process 400kg of seed per day, which suits their needs as they only work with limited quanti-
rity in East Timor.         ties of seed at the research station. The equipment is used on average once every three months, depend-
                            ing on the available harvest.
We aim to achieve this
                            The research station staff report that the greatest benefit of having the seed cleaner is being able to easily
by releasing improved       separate large seed, small seed and fine seed. However they also note that some sieve sizes do not
staple food crop varie-     correspond with seed sizes.
ties, primarily maize,
rice, sweet potato, cas-
sava and peanuts, and
producing seed of
those varieties so
that farmers across East
Timor can produce more

Seeds of Life is a
program within the East
Timor Ministry of
Agriculture and Fisheries
(MAF). We are funded
collaboratively by MAF
and the Australian
Government, through
the Australian Agency for
I n t e r n a t i o n a l
Development (AusAID)
and the Australian Centre
for      International
Agricultural Research
(ACIAR). The Centre for
L e g u m e s         i n
Agriculture (CLIMA)
within the University of
Western Australia
(UWA) is commissioned
to coordinate our
activities.                          Luis Pereira, Seeds of Life On-Farm Demonstration Trial (OFDT) Coordinator, uses the
                                     Kimseed seed cleaner to sort maize seed at the Betano Research Station, October 2009.

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