Junior Fair Class 113

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					               Junior Fair                   Class 113
Committee Contact: Kathy Wetselaar ......................... 905-957-3133

1. Open to boys and girls 18 years and younger.
2. All exhibits are to be the work of the exhibitor
3. Each exhibitor in the Junior Fair must be a Junior Fair Member at a
   cost of $3.00. Any Junior member wishing to exhibit in the Senior
   Fair as well, may receive a Senior Membership by returning the Jun-
   ior card and paying an additional $2.00. The member is then eligible
   to exhibit in both the Junior and Senior classes.
4. All work must be new and never before exhibited.
5. Other general rules of the Senior Fair apply.
6. Exhibits must be in the Hall between the hours of 6:30 p.m. and
   8:00 p.m. Tuesday or noon and 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday and must
   remain on display until 6:00 p.m. Sunday. Entries to be picked up
   between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m., Sunday.
PRIZES: 1st: $3.00, 2nd: $2.00, 3rd: $1.00

          FaRMYaRD sPeCIal: “OFF tO the MaRket”
     5 items grown from a farm/ garden representing our food groups:
                Dairy, Grains, Fruits/Vegetables and Meats
      PRIZES: 1st: $5.00, 2nd: $3.00, 3rd: $2.00 Sponsored by: TBA

1. Tomatoes, 3, any variety (no cherry tomatoes)
2. Carrots, 3
3. Green Beans, 5
4. Onions, 3
5. Squash, 1, any variety, named
6. Yellow Beans, 5
7. Cucumbers, 3
8. Zucchini, 1, not over 20 cm long
9. Green Pepper, 3
10. Beets, 3
11. Potatoes, table variety, 3, named
12. Sweet Corn, 3, any variety, husks pulled back and tied
13. Gourds, 6, arranged in basket for table
14. Melon, any variety, named
15. Freaky vegetable
All products to be plated and tagged
MOST POINTS IN VEGETABLES (items 1-15): Sponsored by: TBA

        COOkbOOk sPeCIal: Create your own cookbook with
            decorated cover - 6 recipes. Use of computer allowed.
                 PRIZES: 1st: $5.00, 2nd: $3.00, 3rd: $2.00

                                      sPeCIal: gIFt bOx
                              of cookies and squares for Christmas, variety of
                                            five different items.
                                 PRIZES: 1st: $5.00, 2nd: $3.00, 3rd: $2.00

30                                                            Ontario Fairs
                                                 Sowing Seeds... Sewing Traditions
16. Cactus in suitable container
17. Favourite Cut Flower
18. Aster, 3 blooms
19. Marigold, 3 blooms
20. Dish garden, various plants
21. Cosmos, 3 sprays
22. Large Zinnia, 3 blooms
23. Dahlias, 3 blooms, large decorative
24. Petunias, 3 sprays
25. Perennial, 1 bloom, stem or stalk
26. Make your own pin-on or wrist corsage
27. Sunflowers, 3, no bigger than 4” head
28. House plant in suitable container
MOST POINTS IN FLOWERS (items 16-28): Sponsored by: TBA

             & satu
         Ride ls
       s pecia

(Rules of the Senior Baking, class 101 apply)
PRIZES: 1st: $3.00, 2nd: $2.00, 3rd: $1.00
29. Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, 1 slice
30. Apple Crisp, 1 serving in a suitable dish
31. Any cooked or uncooked candy
32. Cinnamon Buns (3) yeast baked with recipe
33. Muffins (3) - any fruit variety
34. Drop cookies (3) - any baked variety
35. Drop cookies (3) - any unbaked variety
36. Shaped Sugar Cookies (3)
37. Cupcakes (2) iced, decorated in baking cups
38. Chocolate Brownies (3) not iced
39. Jar of homemade jelly or jam
40. Unbaked squares (3) any variety
41. Your favourite dessert, max. 9"x9", use glass dish if needed
MOST POINTS IN BAKING(items 29-41): Sponsored by: TBA

       FleIsChMaNN’s Yeast “YOuth
                                  ” best
                bReaD CONtest:
    Best homemade bread from contestant
                                           under age 16. Juding will be
   based on appearance, taste, texture
                                       and recipe creativity. PRIZE: 1st
          place $10.00. Country Fair rules apply
                                                . See class 101.

   FleIsChMaNN’s Yeast NatIONal “YOuth”
           best bReaD CONtest:
 Eligibility: Fleischmann’s Yeast first place winner from each fair with submissio
 of information by local fair convenor. PRIZE: 1 of 2 portable CD players. Coun-
                         try Fair rules apply. See class 101.

Ontario Fairs                                                                  31
Sowing Seeds... Sewing Traditions
                            Oaas sPeCIal
         ChOCOlate ChIP COOkIe COMPetItION
1. Contest is open to youth ages 10 to 15 years (as of December 31
   of current year).
2. One class only.
3. Number of cookies to be shown at local Fair/Exhibition to be
   determined by each individual Fair/Exhibition.

4. The winner from each Fair/Exhibition will be eligible to
   enter at the District Competition.
5. District entry must consist of 8 cookies displayed on a
   firm, disposable plate.
6. Cookies must be no larger than 3” (6.75 cm) and no
   smaller than 2” (5 cm)
7. Prize money to be paid by the District.

8. The entrant must be the winner from the District Competition.
9. The entry for the District must consist of 8 cookies displayed
   on a plate provided by the OAAS Chocolate Chip Cookie Committee.
10. Cookies are to be no larger than 3” (6.75 cm) and no
   smaller than 2” (5 cm)
11. The entry must be tagged with the exhibitor’s name, address and
   District represented using the entry tag provided.
12. District winners must send to the committee by January 15, 2010 the
   “Personal Waiver Form” signed also by parent/guardian.
13. Cookies will be judged according to the OAAS Homecraft
   Judging Standards.
14. Entries will be received in the Canadian Room between 7:30 to 8:30 a.m.
   on Friday morning of the convention. Juding will commence at 9:30 a.m.

1st: $20.00, 2nd: $15.00, 3rd: $10.00 with 12 prizes of $5.00

PRIZES: 1st: $3.00, 2nd: $2.00, 3rd: $1.00
42. Pillow, for bedroom
43. Article of clothing, any material, decorated or not
44. Tote bag or purse
45. Windsock
46. Doll outfit, displayed on doll
47. Stuffed item
48. Quilted article
49. "I made it from my old jeans"
50. Set of two placemats
51. Apron
52. Embroidered article, or cross stitch, etc.
53. Crocheted article,or knitted
MOST POINTS IN SEWING (items 42-53): Sponsored by: TBA

32                                                            Ontario Fairs
                                                 Sowing Seeds... Sewing Traditions
          sPeCIal Fall FaIR baNNeR
    24” x 36” sewn or appliqued featuring some agricultural
   aspect of the Smithville Fair. Winning entries to become
   property of the S.A.S. to be used to display at future fairs.
         PRIZES: 1st: $15.00, 2nd: $10.00, 3rd: $5.00.

PRIZES: 1st: $3.00, 2nd: $2.00, 3rd: $1.00
54. Article made of wood
55. Decorated memory box
56. Baby-sitter kit, 5 articles every baby-sitter should bring
57. Inukshuk, glued together
58. Farm made out of recycled material
59. Window clinger
60. Scrapbooking, 1 page, any theme
61. Article made from building blocks, ie. Lego, K'nex (kits allowed,
    max. 40 cm high x 30 cm x 30 cm)
62. Decorated T-shirt
63. Pop Can Man
64. Make your own time capsule, size of large coffee can
65. Handmade jewelry
66. A Paper Mache creation
67. Original game, rules to be displayed with game
68. Wall hanging, any medium, other than sewing
69. Poem about Smithville Fair, on computer with graphics
MOST POINTS IN CRAFTY CORNER (items 54-69): Sponsored by: TBA

     JR. FaIR sPeCIal: PuMPkIN
       DeCORatINg CONtest
           Green pumpkins allowed.
                                     tell the tale!
Be creative and let your imagination           0
   PRIZ ES: 1st: $5.00, 2nd: $3.00, 3rd: $2.0
   Sponsored by   the Smithville Garden Club

70. Homemade holiday card (Christmas, Easter, Valentines, Halloween)
71. Snowflakes, any media, ready to hang
72. Snowman, mounted on sturdy base
73. Homemade Christmas decoration (wood, knitted, etc.)
74. Christmas stocking
75. Decorated Easter egg (hard boiled)
76. Halloween decoration
77. Halloween mask - not a paper plate
MOST POINTS IN CELEBRATION CORNER (items 70-77): Sponsored by: TBA

Ontario Fairs                                                      33
Sowing Seeds... Sewing Traditions
PRIZES: 1st: $3.00, 2nd: $2.00, 3rd: $1.00
1. All photographs must be taken by the exhibitor.
2. No frame or glass is allowed.
3. Photos must have been taken in the
   last 2 years.
4. Photos may be any size, mounted on
   white bristol board to extend approx. 3
   cm on all sides.
5. Due to the sensitivity of the subject, no
   nude photographs (children & babies
   included) can be accepted.
6. Photos will be judged on quality (focus,
   angle, lighting, etc.) and content (repre-
   sentative of category).
7. Enter only ONE photograph per category unless otherwise stated.
8. Photos must remain on display until Sunday 6:00 p.m. Entries to be
   picked up between 6:00 and 8:00 pm Sunday.

78. Before & After - dirty/clean
79. Before & After - best friend makeover
80. Before & After - how does your garden grow
81. Any bird photo
82. Special effect
83. At the Fair - group of 4 photos
84. Humourous Photo
85. “My Favourite Season”
86. “My Favourite”
87. Photo of any animal
88. “My Favourite Digital Photo”
89. On the Farm
    (items 78-89): Sponsored by: TBA

     Only 1 entry per category.
     PRIZES: 1st: $3.00, 2nd: $2.00, 3rd: $1.00
     90. Drawing, any subject, coloured in pencil or pastel
     91. Drawing of farm animals in pencil, charcoal or ink
     92. Character
     93. Landscape in any media
     94. Nature close up, oil or acrylic
     95. Self-portrait, include photo of yourself
     96. Drawing from photo, photo attached
     MOST POINTS IN ART (items 90-96): Sponsored by: TBA

     New - CReatIVe wRItINg
     97. What the Smithville Fair means to me - on 8.5” x 11” paper

         Friday is
   kid’s Day                                              Ontario Fairs
                                             Sowing Seeds... Sewing Traditions

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