Grand Master Oh Jang Yoon_ 9th Dan WTF Chronological History by fdjerue7eeu


									                            Grand Master Oh Jang Yoon, 9th Dan WTF
                                     Chronological History

March 24 1955:   Begins TaeKwonDo Training, Ji Do Kwan Style

1963             Selected for Korean National TaeKwonDo Team
1965             Korean National Bantam weight Champion
1966             Representative for Korean Armed Forces TaeKwonDo Team
1967             Demonstration Fight against Mas Oyama – Head of Japanese Karate
1969             Invited to teach - Université de Laval in Québec city as part of a cultural
1971             Establishes Oh Jang TaeKwonDo schools in Montréal
1976             Assist in the founding of the WTF TaeKwonDo Association of Canada
1977             1st Canadian National TaeKwonDo Team Coach, 3rd WTF World
                 Championships Chicago – USA
1981             Founded Quebec TaeKwonDo Association
1986             Elected President of the WTF TaeKwonDo Association of Canada
1987             Founded Prince Edward Island TaeKwonDo Association
1987             Team Leader – Pan Am Games – Indianapolis –USA
1987             Team Leader – 8th WTF World Championships – Barcelona – Spain
1988             Team Leader – 24th Olympic Games – Seoul – Korea
1988             Establishes: Montreal Dobuk & Sport Supplies Inc. – MDSS Inc.
1989             Team Leader – 9th WTF World Championships - Seoul – Korea
1990             Establishes: First Nations TaeKwonDo Association with Mohawk people
                 of Kahnawake, Québec
1993             MDSS Inc. Opens head office, showroom & distribution warehouse in
                 Mississauga, Ontario.
1994             Team Leader - Goodwill Games, St-Petersburg, Russia
1997             Team Leader - 13th WTF World Championships - Hong Kong – China
1998             Team Leader – 11th Pan Am. TaeKwonDo Championships – Lima –Peru
1999             Elected 1st Vice President, Ontario TaeKwonDo Association
2001             Team Leader – 15th WTF World Championships, Jeju, Korea
2002             Team Leader – WTF World Cup – Tokyo – Japan
2003             Member Appointment to WTF Financial Committee
2004             Team Leader – 5th Junior WTF World Championships, Suncheon, Korea
2005             March 24, 2005 – 9th Dan – Kuk Ki Won, Seoul, Korea
2006             Elected VP Sport TaeKwonDo Canada
                 Team Leader – Korea Open
                 Team Leader – Pan am Qualifier, Cali, Columbia
                 Team Leader – Pan American Championship – Buenos Aires, Argentina
                 Received “Boastful People Award” from KukKiWon President
2007   Elected President, Ontario TaeKwonDo Association
       Team Leader - WTF World Championships – Beijing
       CAO – TaeKwonDo Coach
       LTAD – NCCP Committee Chair

2008   KukKiWon appointment to International Advisory Committee
       Elected VP Sport – Taekwondo Canada

2008   Team Leader – 7th WTF World Junior Taekwondo Championships-
             Izmir, Turkey
       Team Leader – XVI Pan American Taekwondo Championships –
             Caguas, Puerto Rico

2009   Member of the HPMG – High Performance Management Committee
       Team Leader – World Cup – Baku, Azerbaijan

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