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Live auction in Ottawa, Friday 12 June at 5:30 p.m.

The Tudor Hall
3750 North Bowesville Road, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
The Catharine Gray collection of British Ceramics

Property from The Chelsea Club, Ottawa

The Estate of Charles McKenzie

Property of Various Owners

                You are cordially invited to join Walker’s at one of their pre-sale auction exhibitions.
        Selected lots will be on view in Montreal & Toronto prior to the full exhibition and live auction in Ottawa.

Toronto Preview                             Montreal Preview                                Ottawa Preview
Saturday, 23 May from 12 p.m.–5 p.m.        Friday, 29 May from 12 p.m.–5 p.m.              Thursday, 11 June from 5 p.m.–9 p.m.
Historic St. Lawrence Hall, The East Room   Saturday, 30 May from 11 a.m.–5 p.m.            Friday, 12 June from 2 p.m.–5:30 p.m.
157 King St. East                           HanArt Gallery, 4209 Ste. Catherine St. West    The Tudor Hall, 3750 North Bowesville Rd.

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Buyer’s premium, live auction 15%, online 18%                                    
               British & Continental Ceramics

Lots 400–460
                400                                             401                                           402

                403                                       404                                           405

400 Rare Liverpool Tin Glazed Cabinet Plate                           403 Fine English Pearlware Plate
    Circa 1760                                                            Probably Thomas Whieldon circa 1795
    Painted in blue in the chinoiserie taste with floral                   The moulded draped border encircling blue painted
    border, standing figure and flying insects.                             pagoda and water.
    8.75 IN, 22 CM diam                                                   9.75 IN, 25 CM diam
                                                                      404 Rare Talavera Tin Glazed Egg Holder
401 Pair of Liverpool Tin Glazed Cabinet Plates                           Spain 17/18th century
    Circa 1760                                                            The deep triangular blue painted body set with
    Painted in blue in the chinoiserie taste with peonies                 three egg holders.
    and birds in flight.                                                   6.5 × 2.5 IN, 16.5 × 6.5 CM
    9 IN, 23 CM diam                                                      $200/400
                                                                      405 Two Lowestoft Teabowls & Saucer Dishes
402 Fine Liverpool Teabowl & Saucer                                       Circa 1760–1780
    Circa 1780                                                            Painted in the chinoiserie taste, the first with red &
    Painted in blue in the “Rowan Blossom” pattern.                       blue flowers and panelled pagodas, the second in
    Saucer 5.25 IN, 13.5 CM diam                                          blue with houses, trees and birds in flight.
    $100/150                                                              5 & 4.75 IN, 13 & 12 CM diam
                                                                          PROVENANCE: Mrs. D. MacCallum collection
                       406                                 407                                408

                        409                                410                                411

406 Rare Bow Dragon Plate                                        409 Worcester Teapot & Cover
    Circa 1760                                                       Circa 1770–1780
    Painted in blue in the chinoiserie taste with dragon             Of globular form with loop handle & floral finial
    and flaming pearls, the reverse painted with                      painted in blue in the “Fence” pattern.
    flaming pearls.’                                                  5.5 IN, 14 CM high
    8.25 IN, 21 CM diam                                              PROVENANCE: Sir. Robert Borden estate, Nova Scotia
    PROVENANCE: Mrs. D. MacCallum collection
                                                                 410 Worcester Sparrow Beak Cream Jug & Cover
407 A Fine Cabinet Plate
                                                                     Circa 1770–1780
    Bow or Lowestoft circa 1775
                                                                     The dome lid, floral finial and baluster body
    Decorated in blue in the “Pine Cone” pattern. The
    stamped border was intended for piercing but                     decorated in blue in the “Fence” pattern.
    presumably dried too quickly and was left plain.                 4.5 IN, 11.5 CM high
    9 IN, 23 CM diam                                                 $150/250
                                                                 411 Worcester Dragon Plate
408 Worcester Cabinet Plate                                          Circa 1760
    Circa 1775–85                                                    The gilded rim encircling a dragon chasing
    The basket weave border & shaped rim around the                  flaming pearls.
    “Pine Cone Group”.                                               8.25 IN, 21 CM diam
    9.5 IN, 24 CM diam                                               $250/350
              412                                 413                                            414

                 415                                       416                                         417

412 Fine Worcester Rose Bowl                                     415 Rare Worcester Sauceboat
    Circa 1775                                                       Circa 1775–80
    The deep circular footed dish painted in blue in the             Decorated in the “Chelsea Ewer” pattern with
    “Fence” pattern.                                                 moulded floral decoration, painting and gilded scrolls.
    6.5 IN, 16.5 CM diam                                             4.5 IN, 11.5 CM long
    $300/400                                                         $400/600

413 Fine Worcester Trio                                          416 Worcester Teapot & Cover
    Circa 1755                                                       Circa 1770
    Comprising a teacup, teabowl and saucer with                     The globular vessel dome lid and floral finial with
                                                                     chinoiserie style floral painted reserves, sprays
    fluted sides under cell pattern borders.
                                                                     and gilding.
    4.75 IN, 12 CM saucer diam
                                                                     6 IN, 15 CM high
    PROVENANCE: The Horsham collection, Chichester
                                                                 417 Worcester Sparrow Beak Milk Jug
414 Three Worcester Teabowls & Saucer Dishes
                                                                     Circa 1775–78
    Circa 1770
                                                                     The rare baluster type vessel with loop handle
    Decorated in blue in the “Fence” pattern.                        painted in monochrome pink floral designs with
    Two saucers 4.25 IN, 11 CM diam, one saucer 5 IN,                gilt scrolling.
    13 CM diam                                                       4.25 IN, 11 CM high
    $150/250                                                         $200/300
        418                  419                          420                                   421

                                                            420 A Good Worcester Assembled Trio
                                                                Circa 1765–75
                                                                The handled teacup and saucer with scale blue
                                                                ground painted in a modified “Wheat Sheaf” pattern
                                                                together with a coffee cup with scale blue ground
                                                                decorated with “Fancy Birds”. The coffee cup
                                                                decorated by James Giles.
                                                                4.75 IN, 12 CM saucer diam

           422                           423                421 Chamberlain Worcester Trio &
                                                                Double Handled Mug
                                                                Circa 1805
                                                                Comprising a saucer, teacup, coffee cup and
                                                                double handled mug decorated in the Japan style
418 Worcester Sparrow Beak Jug & Cover                          “Thumb & Finger” pattern no. 276.
    Circa 1790                                                  5.5 IN, 14 CM saucer diam
    The baluster vessel with fine scale blue ground and          $250/350
    gilding further decorated with cartouche reserves
                                                            422 Fine Early Bow Footed Bowl
    filled with exotic birds, butterflies and a lady bug.
                                                                Circa 1755–63
    3.75 IN, 9.5 CM high                                        Painted in the Imari palette with underglaze blue and
    $300/500                                                    “wet” iron red trailing prunus and peonies.
                                                                4.5 IN, 11.5 CM diam
419 Very Fine Worcester Vase
    Circa 1780
    The ovoid vessel and flaring collared rim with scale     423 Early Bow Powder Blue Plate
    blue ground further decorated with gilded scroll            Circa 1757–60
    reserves containing various exotic birds, floral             The octagonal dish decorated in the Kangxi style
    sprays, butterflies and insects.                             with pagodas and birds in flight.
    7.5 IN, 19 cm high                                          6.5 IN, 16.5 CM diam
    $800/1,200                                                  $125/175

424 Two Fine Chelsea Cabinet Plates
    Circa 1755
    The moulded edges with brown line rims each
    containing three exotic birds.
    8.5 IN, 21.5 CM diam

425 An Exceptional Rare English Libation Cup
    Circa 1750–55 Bow or Longton Hall
    Decorated in the Kangxi “Blanc-de-Chine” style
    with glassy glaze and a raised dragon-fish on each
    side symbolizing a “leap into future”.
    2 × 3.75 × 2.5 IN, 5 × 9.5 × 6.5 CM

The Geoffrey A. Godden Study Collection of Early British            Chelsea Red Anchor Candlestick Base
Porcelain — To Be Sold In One Lot                                  Circa 1755, the scroll and leafy natural base set with
                                                                   a seated woman.
426 A collection of nine early British porcelain examples,         7.25 IN, 18.5 CM high (extensive losses)
    which comprised a portion of the personal study
    collection, purchased by Mrs. Catherine Gray directly          Longton Hall Strawberry Plate
    from Mr. Geoffrey Godden. Comprising:                           Circa 1755, the border moulded with strawberries
    (Top image left to right then lower image)                     and leaves picked out in red, puce and green, the
                                                                   centres painted in “Trembly Rose” style, ref. no.
     Caughley Dessert Dish                                         V5401
     Circa 1760, decorated with powder blue, trellis               9.25 IN, 23.5 CM diam (restored rim)
     panels and peonies, ref. no. Z9322
     9 In, 23 CM square (hairline crack)                           Worcester Double Handled Cup
                                                                   Circa 1770, the ribbed flaring body mounted with two
     Worcester Scale Blue Receiving Dish                           handles painted with floral bunches on either side.
     Circa 1760, decorated with raised handles & acorns            3 IN, 7.5 CM high
     and floral cartouches, ref. no. 16703
     8 IN, 20.5 CM length (repaired)                               Caughley Sugar Bowl & Lid
                                                                   Circa 1785, decorated in the “Fisherman” pattern with
     Caughley Spoon Tray                                           cell border and gilded finial on lid, ref. no. Z3553
     Circa 1785, the moulded lozenge dish with pagodas             4.75 IN, 12 CM high (hairline on lid)
     and gilding, ref. Z5692
     6.5 IN, 16.5 CM length (small rim chips)                      Worcester Teapot Stand
                                                                   Circa 1775, decorated with pagodas, figures and six
     Lowestoft Dragon Bowl                                         birds in flight, ref. no. A5392
     Circa 1760, decorated with flaming pearls and                  6 IN, 15 CM diam
     dragon, also on the decline, ref. no. V9560
     7.25 IN, 18.5 CM diam (cracked)                               $1,500/2,500
               427                                      428                                            429

                  430                                         431                                        432

427 Miles Mason Trio                                                430 Two New Hall Pitchers
    Circa 1790                                                          Circa 1785–90
    Comprising a teabowl, teacup and saucer dish                        Of traditional form with spreading feet painted with
    decorated in the “Pink Diaper Chine” pattern.                       floral sprays and crimson edges, one market with
    5.75 IN, 14.5 CM saucer diam                                        pattern no. 208.
    $150/250                                                            4.5 IN, 11.5 CM high
428 New Hall Trio & Matching Bowl
    Circa 1795–05                                                   431 Fine Pair of Standing Salts
    Comprising a teabowl, teacup, saucer dish and                       Circa 1750–75 probably Derby
    waste bowl decorated in the “Girl in the Window”                    The slip cast figures modelled as a boy & girl in
    pattern no. 225.                                                    natural settings supporting nautilus shell receivers.
    6 IN, 15 CM bowl diam                                               5.5 IN, 14 CM high
    $200/300                                                            $200/300

429 Three New Hall Teabowls & Saucers                               432 Fine Pair of Derby White Biscuit Figures
    Circa 1790                                                          Circa 1785
    One with ribbed edge, cobalt blue and gilding,                      Each modelled with cupid seated on a rocky base
    another painted with figures in the Chinese style,                   with bocage, one with dog and the other missing the
    the last in the Famille Rose palette with pink trellis              falcon, after models by Spangler.
    and flowers.                                                         5.25 IN, 13.5 CM high
    5 IN, 13 CM saucer diam                                             PROVENANCE: Geoffrey Godden, no. Z3117
    $150/250                                                            $400/600
                     433                                         434                                  435

            436                                           437                                           438

433 Four Derby Hot Chocolate Cups, Covers & Saucers             436 Chamberlain’s Worcester Basket
    Circa 1780                                                      Circa 1815
    Modelled with dome lids, double handles and                     Regent’s Ware of rectangular form with leafy edge
    dished, ringed saucers with cobalt blue and                     and handle on claret ground, the reserve painting
    burnished gold accents, pattern no. 31, gilded by               of Malvern Abbey Church probably painted by
    Joseph Stables.                                                 Thomas Baxter.
    6 IN, 15 CM saucer diam                                         5 IN, 13 CM long
    $400/600                                                        $150/250

434 Four Derby Cabinet Wares                                    437 Four British Teacups & Saucers
    1780–1840                                                       Circa 1820–37
    Comprising a floral painted cabinet plate with                   Coalport, circa 1820, powder blue, gilding & floral
    gadroon rim, miniature campana form pierced                     painting, no. 2/285. Daniel, circa 1825, deep blue,
    incense burner & a pair of small double handled                 gilding and reserves filled with castle ruins & birds,
    ovoid urns.                                                     no. 4/42. Samuel Alcock, circa 1830, with light blue,
    10 IN, 25.5 CM plate diam                                       gilding & exotic bird painting, no. 8262. Worcester,
    $300/500                                                        circa 1837, Regent’s Ware with floral painting
                                                                    and gilding.
435 Bloor Derby Dessert Service                                     5.75 to 6 IN, 14.5 to 15 CM saucer diam
    Circa 1830                                                      $200/400
    Painted in the Imari palette and gilded, comprising
    twelve teacups, eight coffee cans, twelve saucers,           438 Fine Earthenware Part Dessert Service
    two tea plates, cream pitcher, sugar bowl & cover,              Circa 1805 Probably J. & E. Baddeley
    waste bowl, teapot and teapot stand.                            Decorated in the “Kylin” pattern no. 941 and
    Total 39 pieces                                                 comprising eight dessert plates, three shaped
    $800/1,200                                                      oval dishes, two squared serving dishes & one
                                                                    pierced oval tray.
                                                                    8.25 IN, 21 CM dessert plate diam
              439                            440


           441                           442

439 Pair of Staffordshire Pearlware Deer
    Circa 1810–1820
    Naturalistically painted stag and doe standing on         442 Royal Worcester Figural Vase
    floral covered ground.                                         Circa 1880
    7.5 IN, 19 CM tallest height                                  The white glazed goat standing in a foliate
    $800/1,200                                                    landscape with leafy hollow trunk behind.
                                                                  9.5 IN, 23.5 CM long
440 Wedgwood Jasperware Cabinet Plate                             $200/400
    Circa 1820
    The circular rim with sprig decoration on light green     443 Pair of Royal Worcester Vases by James Stinton
    ground encircling Aurora in her chariot.                      Dated 1912
    7.25 IN, 18.5 CM diam                                         Of cylindrical form with reticulated rim raised on
    $200/300                                                      acanthus moulded scrolled feet painted with cock
                                                                  and hen pheasants on a hillside in a misty
441 Copeland Parian Bust of Clytie                                landscape, shape number G42.
    Circa 1855                                                    5.75 IN, 14.5 CM high
    Modelled by C. Delpech, quarter length on a soccle            $600/900
    base, moulded signature “C. Delpech” and Art Union
    of London, 1855. Clytie was a water-nymph in love         444 Carleton Ware Large Blue Centrebowl
    with Apollo, who did not return the affection. She pined       Circa 1920
    away and after nine days turned into a sunflower, her          The flaring rim and blue ground with gilded and
    head following Apollo through the skies.                      enamelled pagoda scenes.
    13.5 IN, 34.5 CM high                                         11.75 IN, 30 CM diam
    $300/500                                                      $150/250
               445 Exceptional Pair of Minton Turquoise-Ground
                   Pilgrim Flasks
                   Dated 1871, model no. 1498, designed by
                   Christopher Dresser. Modelled with loop handles,
                   the turquoise ground enamelled and gilt all over as
                   pseudo-cloisonné, each side enameled with three
                   butterfly reserves and lotus blossoms, the sides with
                   running vines.
                   12.25 IN, 31 CM high

               Producing high-quality ceramics in a wide range of popular
               styles, the Minton factory, founded in 1793, had become
               one of England’s foremost ceramics manufacturers in the
               nineteenth century.

               Dresser, as art advisor to the company for about a twenty-
               year period from the 1860s to the 1880s, drew attention
               to Chinese and Japanese cloisonné through his enamel
               adaptations on porcelain.

               His designs, displayed at Minton’s stands at the 1862
               London International Exhibition and the 1867 Paris
               Exposition Universelle, were reviewed quite favourably.

               LITERATURE: Minton, The First Two Hundred Years of
               Design & Production, by Joan Jones, 1993.
445 (profile)
             446                               447                     448                       449

446 Royal Doulton Hanna Barlow Stoneware Jardiniere
    Dated 1904
    The conical vessel with foliate slip banding around
    sgraffito work of longhorn cattle in pasture.
    8.75 IN, 22 CM diam

447 Pair of Doulton Lambeth Hanna Barlow
    Stoneware Vases
    Dated 1884
    The baluster vessels with blue and green leafy
    banding around the sgraffito work reserves of
    horses in pasture.
    12 IN, 30.5 CM high                                               450                           451

448 Moorcroft Fuchsia Pattern Table Lamp
    Circa 1948
    The high shouldered vessel with leaves and purple      450 Moorcroft Pomegranate Pattern Vase
    fruiting flowers on a blue/green ground with silvered       Circa 1925
    metal mounts.                                              The pyriform body painted with fruit and leaves on
    12 IN, 30.5 CM body height                                 a deep blue ground.
    $400/600                                                   6.5 IN, 16.5 CM high
449 Two Moorcroft Haseler Pewter Mounted Vases
    Circa 1926                                             451 Pair of Moorcroft Pansy Pattern Vases
    The baluster vessels decorated in the Pomegranate          Circa 1925
    and Pansy patterns under planished pewter                  The compressed vessels with unusually long
    flaring rims.                                               cylindrical necks.
    4.5 IN, 11.5 IN largest height                             8 IN, 20.5 CM high
    $300/400                                                   $250/350
           452                            453

          454                            455                                             457

452 Moorcroft Orchid Pattern Vase                             455 Important Rosenthal Walter Schott Group
    Circa 1930                                                    Circa 1918
    The ovoid vessel with flowers painted on a                     The hoofed satyr seated on a rocky base between
    green/blue ground.                                            maidens, moulded signature & model date 1901.
    9.5 IN, 24 CM high                                            17 IN, 43 CM high
    $700/900                                                      $600/900

453 Moorcroft Leaf & Berry Covered Jar                        456 Fine Pair of German Porcelain Pheasants
    Circa 1935                                                    Circa 1920 Dresden
    The cylindrical vessel with circular lid decorated with       Naturalistically modelled, painted in cobalt with
    leaves and fruit on a blue/green ground.                      gilding perched on stumps.
    3.75 IN, 9.5 CM high                                          16.75 IN, 42.5 CM high
    $125/175                                                      $800/1,200

454 Fine Lladro Figural Group                                 457 Fine Pair of German Porcelain Parrots
    Circa 1971                                                    Circa 1920 Dresden
    Two young girls in winter clothing with unglazed              Realistically modelled and painted perched on
    faces and earth tone decoration.                              gilded, leafy stumps.
    15 IN, 38 CM high                                             10.25 IN, 26 CM high
    $500/700                                                      $1,000/1,500


458 German Figural Candelabrum
    Circa 1920 Dresden
    The gentleman leaning on a leafy tree under three
    scrolling branches.
    15.25 CM, 38.5 CM high

459 German Classical Figurine
    Circa 1920 Dresden
    The elegant lady with plume hat and crinoline
    lined dress decorated with painted and
    gilded accents.
    13.75 IN, 35 CM high

460 German Model of a Ballerina
    Circa 1930 Dresden
    Modelled with crinoline dress and fairy wings
    dancing among flowers.
    14.25 IN, 36 CM

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