; Issue 25, February 2010 Maintain unique character Flood tips win
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Issue 25, February 2010 Maintain unique character Flood tips win


Issue 25, February 2010 Maintain unique character Flood tips win ...

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									Issue 25, February 2010
Achievements and goals for 2010                                                                 A Light concept
After a successful 2009 the Adelaide Hills Council plans this year to roll out infrastructure   Light Regional Council will sell off five
improvements using Federal Government Regional and Local Community Infrastructure               new allotments at Freeling to finance the
Program funds, to undertake a $4 million construction of the Main Street upgrades in            redevelopment of the Park Range Estate
Woodside and Lobethal, and to prepare a new Community Plan.                                     Reserve and to settle loans taken out by
                                                                                                Council in 2008.
As a result of significant financial restructuring, the end of year result for 2008/09 saw
Council’s financial position improve by $1.6 million. The Council also completed Stage 1B       The concept for the redevelopment of
of the Lobethal Main Street works, completed a number of infrastructure projects and set a      the Reserve includes the reshaping of
target of 20% reduction in carbon emissions by 2016 as part of its Climate Change strategy.     a stormwater detention basin, a central
                                                                                                playground and picnic area, a southern
The Council also received the Metropolitan Council of the Year Award for Public and
                                                                                                reserve, new walkways, additional
Environmental Health, and won the PIA (SA) Excellence Award for the Environmental Covers
                                                                                                screening landscaping and a new entry
Policy which involved placing protective netting over vineyards and orchards.
                                                                                                wall. The redevelopment will provide a
                                                                                                more functional and attractive reserve and
                               Maintain unique character                                        improve stormwater management.

                               Name: Ivan Brooks - Mayor of Mitcham
                               Family: Married to Jan, 4 children, 8 grandchildren
                                                                                                Flood tips win award
                                                                                                Mitcham, Unley, Marion, Holdfast Bay, West
                               Business: Prior to retirement, State Manager for Sunbeam         Torrens and Adelaide City Councils, with
                               Victa for many years. Full time Mayor.                           South Australia’s SES, took out the national
                               Community: It is important that Council maintains its focus      Australian Safer Communities Award 2009
                               on protection of both our built and natural environment,         with their FloodSafe program.
                               particularly in the face of climate change, extreme weather      The awards are sponsored by the Australian
events, and water shortages. In Mitcham the risk of serious bushfire is an ever-present         Attorney General’s Department for
reality and I hope that by implementing community educational campaigns, establishing           programs enhancing community safety
effective strategies to provide for the protection of the community and Council staff on        through emergency management.
high fire risk days, and conducting regular bushfire preventative practices, any potential
damage to property and loss of life can be minimised in the event of a major fire.              The FloodSafe program involves providing
                                                                                                the community with advice on flood
Council: Councillor of the City of Mitcham for 15 years. Elected as Mayor in May 2000,          preparation, behaviour during a flood and
re-elected as Mayor in May 2003 and again in November 2006.                                     during the recovery period.
Challenges: Managing urban development sensitively to provide adequate housing to
meet demand, while ensuring preservation of heritage areas and Mitcham’s unique urban
character. Maintenance and replacement of ageing infrastructure, particularly roads,
                                                                                                New VIO for Angaston
footpaths and drainage systems is an ongoing challenge in Mitcham, as it is for other           Visitors to Angaston now have tourist
older metropolitan Councils in today’s economic climate. The provision of services to the       information at their fingertips with the
community within the context of an ageing population is a major challenge. Sustaining           opening of a dedicated Visitor Information
the many street trees that are a characteristic feature of Mitcham in the face of extreme       Outlet (VIO) at Angas Park Fruits.
heat and drought is a particular problem we face. Council has been working hard in
                                                                                                The Angas Park Shop now displays a wide
collaboration with other Councils to ensure the development of an environmentally and
                                                                                                range of tourism information including
economically responsible stormwater management solution in the Brown Hill Keswick
                                                                                                visitor guides, maps and brochures. Barossa
Creek area.
                                                                                                Visitor Information Centre Co-ordinator Jo
Personal Interests: Collecting and restoring antique oil lamps and irons. Member of             Seabrook said the new VIO complements
two Vintage/Classic Car Clubs. Has restored a 1924 Fiat, a 1955 Austin Healey and a 1956        the tourism services provided at the Visitor
Renault.                                                                                        Information Centre (VIC) in Tanunda.
Balaklava BBQ                                                                                     Onkaparinga’s gas
Wakefield Regional Council has                                                                    The City of Onkaparinga has become one of
completed the final stage of                                                                      the first Councils in the state to de-gas old
the Balaklava Parklands with the                                                                  fridges and airconditioning units received in
installation of a shelter over the                                                                its hard waste collection.
BBQ. Students from Balaklava
                                                                                                  About 1400 fridges and airconditioning
High School designed and built
                                                                                                  units each year will have the ozone
the shelter. Council will shortly
                                                                                                  depleting gases removed by local
install a fluorescent light and
                                                                                                  contractors before they are sent away for
power point, within the shelter.
                                                                                                  crushing and recycling. This service will
                                                                                                  save the equivalent of 240 tonnes of carbon
                                                                                                  dioxide a year. The gas will be recycled for
Funds for Playford                                                                                use in new whitegoods, and the metal parts
                                                                                                  will also be recycled.
More than $205,000 in funding grants is being invested in the local Playford community as
part of the first round of the Playford Alive Initiatives Fund.
The Fund was established to initiate and sustain initiatives that are going to see a real
                                                                                                  Throwing Octopi
improvement in opportunities for residents living within South Australia’s largest urban          More than 7,000 people crowded Port
renewal project area. Over the life of the project the Fund will provide around $4-5 million      MacDonnell earlier this year to celebrate
dollars for community initiatives.                                                                the 15th anniversary of the MG Plasterers
                                                                                                  Bayside Festival, and the annual Octopus
City of Playford Mayor Martin Lindsell announced the first round of allocations from the          Throw attracted record entry.
Fund, and said the major beneficiary would be programs that provide employment
opportunities for young people in the project area with two grants in the category of             Major attractions with local and national
Pathways to Employment.                                                                           entertainment including the Neil Diamond
                                                                                                  Superhits Show with Steve Cummins, the
                                                                                                  first amateur Open Mic competition.
Something to carp about                                                                           The joint winners of the Morning Loaf
The Mt Barker Council has                                                                         Bakery Pie Eat-a-thon managed to consume
extended an invitation to anglers                                                                 10 meat pies each.
to help Council rid the Laratinga
Wetlands of unwelcome                                                                             On the same wave
European carp which were
                                                                                                  Port Adelaide Enfield, Charles Sturt, NPSP,
illegally introduced to the
                                                                                                  Tea Tree Gully, Walkerville and West Torrens
wetlands. The carp are growing
                                                                                                  Councils have again held a successful beach
in numbers and need to be
                                                                                                  safety course and fun day at the Semaphore
                                                                                                  Surf Life Saving Club.
The Council has almost
                                                                                                  In partnership with the Australian Refugee
guaranteed a successful fishing
                                                                                                  Association, Families SA, Multicultural
venture with no limit to the
                                                                                                  Youth SA, Surf Lifesaving SA and Survivors
number of fish caught. Only one
                                                                                                  of Torture and Trauma Assistance and
caveat to a fruitful day’s fishing,
                                                                                                  Rehabilitation Service, the Councils intro-
don’t throw them back in, take them home and dig them into the garden for fertiliser.
                                                                                                  duced youngsters and their families to
On a more positive note the Laratinga Wetlands (which featured in the recent Out of the           beach safety. Participants observed a mock
Ordinary reality television series on Channel 9) are home to more than 140 bird species.          rescue and had a go at surf swimming and
The Wetlands are unique to South Australia and are one of the most successful and diverse         paddling a board, with a free lunch, beach
artificial wetlands in Australia.                                                                 soccer and beach volleyball thrown in for
                                                                                                  good measure.

                     Articles for “At a glance...” are sourced from print and electronic media and from Council publications

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                                                                                                           P: 8224 2063
                                                                                                           E: maryann.stenberg@lga.sa.gov.au

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