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									                                               Mount Lofty      G OLF C LUB I NCORPORATED

             ISSUE 2                                                                                                         SPRING 2003

             President’s Report
                                                                                                              Ross Deans

             Is that sunshine that we see? Yes members, we                           This requires a significant amount of new capital
             are finally coming out of winter. Incredible as it may                  investment. I believe that such funding, apart
             seem, we were able to keep the course open throughout                   from selling off our assets, i.e. land, is beyond us. At a
             what was our wettest winter for some years.                             time when all our options are in hand, they will be
             This is because of the efforts of our groundstaff and I                 presented to you for discussion and decision.
             thank them for their terrific work during what has been                 I would like to take this opportunity to thank the
             a difficult time, not only with winter, but financially as              ladies. They once again put on a magnificent day for
             well.                                                                   the Champagne Breakfast. Members, if you weren’t
             On behalf of the Committee of Management, I am                          there you don’t know what you missed. I would like to
             pleased to advise you that the Club has secured funding                 encourage all of you to get along and support these
             that will improve our cash position. This funding                       events. Bring a friend or bring the family to support
             has come from a prominent Adelaide businessman                          your club and believe me you will have a good time.
             who will also be offering some substantial                              Your committee continue to work hard and in coming
             improvements to the course and its amenities.                           months you will notice some improvements and
             The way of the future is to improve both our facilities                 changes taking place. All goes well for the future of
             and the course, not only attract new members, but also                  Mount Lofty.
             to retain our existing members.                                                                                        Yours in Golf

             Mount Lofty Golf Club Management Committee                                         President:          Ross Deans
                                          2003/2004                                             Vice President:     Peter Walsh
                                                                                                Captain:            Darryl McKee
                                                                                                Vice Captain:       Jeff Amos
                                                                                                Treasurer:          David Hill
                                                                                                General Committee:
                                                                                                Marion Cartwright
                                                                                                Sybil Mulroney
                                                                                                Gordon Bowen
                                                                                                Peter Loveless
                                                                                                Tom Gosse
                                                                                                We wish the new committee a very
             l. to r.: Marion Cartwright, Peter Loveless, Darryl McKee, David Hill,             successful and enjoyable year in
                      Gordon Bowen, Sybil Mulroney, Peter Walsh, Ross Deans and Tom Gosse
                      Absent - Jeff Amos
                                                                                                representing Mount Lofty Golf Club
                                        MOUNT LOFTY GOLF CLUB n e w s l e t t e r

Lady President’s Report
                                                                                                                          Sybil Mulroney

O u r w i n t e r s e a s o n s e e m s t o h a v e f l o w n b y. M a n y              general committee, Celia Fowler and Pauline Nietz. You
outs t a n d i n g re s u l t s w e re a c h i e v e d . A m o n g t h e m t h e        have all done an exceptional job and we are very grateful
g o o d numbers we have had playing each week, despite the                              for the time and expertise you have given. We wish you
very wet weather. Hardy souls aren’t we?                                                well with the extra time you now have available to practice
Our card day in June was well attended. Sixty people                                    and we expect to see some good results. Welcome aboard
played and we had a very successful trading table.                                      to those taking your place.
Country Week in July proved popular with 2 Mount Lofty                                  On a personal note, my thanks to all who have rung,
players at Balaklava, 2 at Loxton and 13 at Victor Harbor.                              visited, sent cards, food and chocolates since I was foolish
                                                                                        e n o u g h t o s l i p a n d b re a k a b o n e i n m y a n k l e ( I c a n
Our recent Champagne Breakfast was again an excellent
                                                                                        recommend all Mt. Lofty Staff as first class carers of the
event. Pauline Nietz conceived the wonderful decorating
                                                                                        careless and infirm). Fortunately, by the time this is printed,
theme with much style. Thank you Pauline and all your
                                                                                        I hope to be minus plaster and almost back to golf.
helpers. Thanks too to the Ladies Committee for a job well
done. Wish I could have been there.                                                     Thanks to the committee for their extra work in my
Welcome to all new lady members, we hope you enjoy your
time with us. Please feel free to contact any of our                                    Sybil’s philosophy in verse -
Committee Members if you need help at any time.
                                                                                        It is not the will to win
A special thank you to our retiring committee members -                                 It is the will to practice to win
C a p t a i n Pa m C a l l a g h a n , S e c re t a r y Fa y L e d i s t c h ke a n d   that makes the crucial difference

Captain’s Report
                                                                                                                           Darryl McKee

As Chairman of the Course Committee, I will commence this                               This request has been granted and will be placed behind the 16th
report with some information on the Golf Course. As you would                           green near the start of the path leading to the bridge over the creek.
all be aware, we have had a very wet winter and an equally                              Congratulations to the Ladies Committee and their men for a
wet commencement to spring. Last year we recorded 799mm of                              great Champagne Breakfast day. I am sure the Mount Lofty
rain for the whole year and this year (at time of writing) we have                      Champagne Breakfast Cup will be a much sought after trophy in
recorded 876.5mm at Mount Lofty.                                                        future. The colour of horse racing never looked better. The horses
The Course therefore, for the last two months, has been saturated.                      were very fit and flighty, but the jockeys were very questionable
Having said that, I must say, that the Golf Course has not been                         with their skills??? A great day was had by all.
closed and members have still been able to play (those brave                            We have had some new members join us recently. We extend a big
enough).                                                                                welcome to you all. Please join other members in the Clubhouse
At this point we must congratulate our Course Superintendent                            after your round of golf so we can get to know you and you get to
Steve and his staff, plus the volunteers for their untiring efforts in                  know us. We are a friendly lot as you will find out.
maintaining the course. I can assure you all that the drainage of                       Congratualtions to Wayne Wilkes (Veterans Champion 2003) for
our fairways is much better than some of our neighbours.                                the second time. Well done Wayne. Wayne tells me he loves to beat
We have now started work on the cart path at the new 7th tee.                           his old mate Gunter Gross, also a past winner of this event. Also
This tee should be brought into play within the next 4 weeks as                         congratulations to Brett Morkunas for winning the Vice-Captains
the weather improves.                                                                   Trophy 2003.
You would have noticed a lot of trees have come down of late and                        As a passionate member and Captain of our great Club, I urge all
this has caused extra work for the course staff. However, a                             members to get behind your Committee of Management at this
contractor has been brought in to cut up and remove this timber                         time so we may work together for the future of “our” Mount
at no cost to the Club - in fact we are being paid.                                     Lofty Golf Club.
The Allen family has requested that they would like us to erect a                       “United we will stand but divided we will fall”.
memorial seat to the memory of their late father “Jim Allen”.                                                                               See you in the Clubhouse

Life Membership Award
                                                                                        This honour has now been awarded to very long-standing
The awarding of Life Membership at the Mount Lofty Golf Club                            member, Doug Blair.
is strictly limited to very special people who have made an
                                                                                        He has benefitted the club that he loves in so many ways for over
outstanding contribution to the club.
                                                                                        thirty years and we are enriched by his continuing presence.
Current life members are Colin Mulroney and Nan Francis.
                                                                                        Well-known member and former editor of this journal who died in
Our third life member was the late Nan Driscoll who died in July.
                                                                                        April, Frank Coulter, has been posthumously awarded a life
(See obituary in this issue).

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                                        MOUNT LOFTY GOLF CLUB n e w s l e t t e r

Lady Captain’s Report
                                                                                                                   Pam Callaghan

The only way to describe this winter season is to say that it                            Earlier in the year, we played the Shylie Rymill Foursomes
has been ‘interesting’. Every Thursday is a new challenge as                             event. Women from every South Australian Club compete
we are never sure whether the rain will prevent us playing                               at their own course and the winners are the pair who
or how the course will be suffering the effects of the                                   record the lowest net score in relation to CCR. Julie
frequent downpours. Despite these challenges, there have                                 Michelmore and Helen Price played our course with a
been some very exciting moments and some memorable                                       net 57, a brilliant score against our CCR of 66. We are
achievements by our players.                                                             delighted to hear that this was the winning score in South
We all sympathise with our President, Sybil, who slipped                                 Australia and so Julie and Helen will receive the trophy
near the18th green and broke her ankle; her plans to                                     which will remain here for a year. The presentation will
compete in the Foursomes, in the Seniors event in Perth,                                 take place at a special lunch during Open Week when
a t Vi c t o r H a r b o u r a n d o u r l o c a l e v e n t s a l l h a d t o b e       Helen will also receive the Nora Maskell prize, another
cancelled.                                                                               statewide event which she won with Jane Cameron and
                                                                                         which was reported in our previous newsletter. We are very
As the reports on other pages show, Country week always
                                                                                         proud of these great achievements.
provides the opportunity to compete on different courses,
to enjoy the company of players from all parts of South                                  Joy Page recently was runner-up in the State Business
Australia and to get to know fellow-members. Seventeen                                   Women’s Event played at Blackwood. This was held on two
ladies went to Balaklava, Loxton or Victor Harbor,                                       consecutive Sundays and Joy scored 90 and 93 off the
depending on their handicap range. We congratulate Helen                                 stick. As the winner plays off a handicap of 3 and both
Price who was runner-up in the gross competition on one                                  days were marred by continual rain and bursts of hail, this
day and Celia Fowler who won the overall gross and the                                   was a great achievement.
Veteran’s Trophy at Victor Harbor.                                                       Our Club Foursomes were played over three days and we
During the President’s Trophy, a 4BBB event, I was playing                               congratulate these successful competitors -
along the 10th hole when we heard a shout from the 11th.                                 Open:               Jill Freer and Selina Dally
Pauline Nietz was excited when her ball landed close to the                              Runners-up:         Judi Denton and Julie Michelmore
pin as she felt she had not been contributing to her                                     B Grade:            Meg Dunn and Lynn Creighton
partnership with Celia Fowler. A few minutes later there                                 Runners-up:         Marion Cartwright and Pam Callaghan
came an even louder scream - not to be outdone, Celia hit
                                                                                         C Grade:            Helen Price and Pauline Nietz
her drive and watched as the ball rolled past Pauline’s and
                                                                                         Runners-up:         Dot Hartley and June Willsmore (who
straight into the hole. Congratulations to Celia for her first
                                                                                                             have 150 years of age between them!)
                                                                                         Warren Symons continues to encourage us by conducting
If you had been at the course in late July, you would have
                                                                                         clinics, especially in chipping and putting. We thank him
seen pink everywhere. We all dressed with a touch of pink
                                                                                         for sending off the field on Thursdays and for his
to play in the “ Tee off for Breast Cancer research day”. We
                                                                                         continued support.
donated $130 for this research and received warm thanks
f ro m t h e a s s o c i a t i o n . L’ O re a l s p o n s o re d a S t a b l e f o rd   As our winter season draws to a close, I congratulate all
c o m p e t i t i o n a n d Ro s e m a r y B e n n e t t f ro m t h e l o c a l          who have achieved their goals this year, either in the varied
pharmacy presented packs of skin-care products to Judi                                   Thursday events or the ongoing competitions like the
Denton, Jane Cameron, Jill Freer, Marion King, Joy Page                                  Captain’s Trophy, the DMM Price Bowl, the Laurel Wreath
and Pat Paddick.                                                                         and the 36+ competition. This is my last newsletter report
                                                                                         as Lynn Creighton becomes Captain at our AGM in
Holden has also sponsored a day when we will vie for 3
                                                                                         October. Thank you to everyone who has helped to make
prizes of travel bags once the weather allows us to do so.
                                                                                         my role easier, especially Lynn and our supportive Committee.

                 The ‘Shylie Rymill’ Foursomes - 2003 Winners
                                                                        Julie Michelmore and Helen Price            Hole-in-one!!
                                                                        have brought this prestigious WGSA
                                                                        Golfing Trophy to Mount Lofty for
                                                                                                                                   Congratulations to
                                                                        the first time, winning not only the
                                                                                                                                   Celia Fowler on
                                                                        club’s event but also the State event
                                                                                                                                   her hole-in-one on
                                                                        with a Net 57 against our
                                                                                                                                   the 11th.
                                                                        CCR of 66.
                                                                        The club’s runners-up were Janet                  An exciting achievement.
                                                                        Wallwork and Marion King with a
                                                                        Net 60.
                                                                        In 2002 Celia Fowler and Pauline
                                                                        Nietz lost in a countback on a score
                                                                        of Net 59, having to accept being the
                                                                        State runners up.

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                                      MOUNT LOFTY GOLF CLUB n e w s l e t t e r

Match Report
                                                                                                                                Jeff Amos

Since our last newsletter I am privileged to have been appointed                    12 players plus ties to continue, every other player will
Chairman of the Match Committee, which comprises Peter Walsh,                       play stableford as the Saturday comp for the next 2 Saturdays.
Tom Gosse and Colin Mulroney.                                                       The Foursomes Championship will also change, in that there will
Our main objective, as well as organising and conducting men’s                      be a championship for the 3 grades also, and played over 2 days,
events, was to upgrade and improve communications of all club                       18 holes each day. Increased member participation is the objective.
activities to the standard that Matthew Dent had achieved,                          Throughout the winter, many events have been decided.
b y trying to inform participating members of upcoming                              Numbers have struggled due to the consistently wet Saturdays we
programmed competitions 5-6 weeks in advance.                                       have had to endure. To update you on some of these results,
We believe our golfers should be excited by some changes we will                    I congratulate the following who were successful -
be introducing. The first of these is the Mt. Lofty Open, a 36 hole                 Presidents Trophy           Andrew Fielder
aggregate stableford event to be held on Saturday 1st and Sunday                    A.B. Cox Trophy             Ray and Jill Freer
2nd November. It is open to all 3 Grades A 0-12, B 13-18                            Alan Fletcher Memorial      Alex Morkunas
and C 19-32.                                                                        Vice Captains Trophy        Brett Morkunas d. David Gamble 3/2
2004 will see the traditional format for the club championships                     Veterans Championship       Wayne Wilkes
changing to a 72 hole stroke event, conducted over 4 Saturdays in                   Upcoming events to keep under notice are the Mulroney Mug,
April and May. A cut will be made after 36 holes with the leading                   CC Verco Trophy and the Mixed Foursomes Championship.

      ‘A’ Pennant Team 2003 - ‘Simpson Cup’                                                            ‘B3’ Pennant Team 2003

                                                                                    l. to r.: Brett Morkunas, Jeff Amos, Steve Berridge, Greg Bourne, Paul Durham,
                                                                                              Andrew Fielder, Jamie Martin and Hamilton McNicol
l. to r.: Paul Knape, Ross Deans, John Wills, Sean Steed, Ben Tobin, Scott Hayes
          and Gunter Gross
                                                                                    The B3 Pennant Team had a disappointing 2003 season recording
On the surface, our results for this year were not brilliant. We only               o n e w i n a n d f o u r l o s s e s f ro m i t s f i v e m a t c h e s . T h i s
won 4 games from the 35 played.                                                     included narrow losses to North Haven and The Vines but a
However, considering the limited number of players we have                          good win over Regency Park. However, unfortunately we were
compared with our opposition, and understanding the opponents                       not able to match a strong team from Westward Ho and the
are a selection of some of our state’s best golfers, then I suppose                 improved North Adelaide team.
our results were almost inevitable. Combine this with a                             On a positive note, having generally only 2-3 members of the
lack of matchplay practice and we have a recipe for almost disas-                   2002 team present this season, meant that we were able to
ter. We are hopeful 2004 will gain better results due to a                          welcome back a number of past pennant players such as Hamilton
pre-season practice plan currently being developed. This will be                    McNicol, Jamie Martin, Paul Durham, Greg Bourne and David
combined with player desire and possible new players, to boost                      Hill who all performed strongly at times throughout the season.
our player numbers and results.                                                     Retaining these players in our Pennant squads will only serve to
                                                              Ray Freer
                                                                                    improve our depth for future seasons.
                                            Captain - ‘A’ Pennant Team
                                                                                    I would like to thank Ray Freer and Jeff Amos for their efforts in
The “A.B. Cox” Mount Shield                                                         co-ordinating the team this season. Also to Darryl McKee for his
Mount Lofty trounced !                                                              support during matches and the efforts made by those members
                                                                                    who refereed or started matches during our Mt. Lofty home
Continuing the tradition, Mount Lofty men went to Mount                             game.
Osmond for the annual Spring visit on Sunday October 19th..
                                                                                                                                             Brett Morkunas
Beginning in 1950, the results have been remarkably close.                                                                       Captain - B3 Pennant Team
This time our President and Captain lost 4 and 3 and set the
pattern for the team - down 11 to 1 with 3 square.
The totals now read 51 all and 5 squared.
The usual hospitality prevailed and a good time was had by all and
we look forward to a return bout at Mount Lofty in the new year.

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                                   MOUNT LOFTY GOLF CLUB n e w s l e t t e r

Junior News
                                                                                                                     Leon Arnold

                                                                               The pennant season for 2003 was not a successful one for the
                                                                               team. In the last game of the season against Riverside Golf
                                                                               Club, the team went down 4-3 with two of the losing games
                                                                               going right down to the wire. However, there is promise for the
                                                                               upcoming season with only three players moving up to senior golf
                                                                               next season. One of the stand-out players for the team was Scott
                                                                               Schubert who managed to win two games. Another good player
                                                                               for the team was Tyrone Pfeiffer who lost three games by less than
                                                                               two holes, including getting beaten on the 18th hole by an
                                                                               opponent who holed a bunker shot to win the match one up.
                                                                               The other players in the team were Alex Robson (VC), Simon
                                                                               Schwerdt, Simon Jacobs, Cameron Bell, Will Warren,
                                                                               Con Papaevagelou, Tyrone Pfeiffer and Scott Schubert.
                                                                               In the recent South Lakes Junior open that was played on the
                                                                               28th of September, there were some outstanding results. Alistair
                                                                               Kingham shot 82 in the blustery condition, which was good
Junior Pennant Team                                                            enough for 4th in A Grade. Will Warren shot 87 which earnt him
l. to r.: Alex Robson, Simon Schwerdt, Tyrone Pfeiffer, William Warren,
                                                                               a tie for seventh in B Grade. Con Papaevagelou shot 87, which
         Leon Arnold, Scott Schubert, Cameron Bel, and Simon Jacobs
         Absent - Con Papaevagelou                                             took many shots off the former 21 handicapper, now playing off
                                                                               19, after a great round. Alex Robson also played in this event.
STOP PRESS NEWS - Alex Robson won the ‘Rymill Cup”
(A Grade - Victor Harbor) 36 holes over 2 days.                                The Victor Harbor Open will take place on the 4th October and
Alisdair Kingham won the “Heysen Shield” (Southern Group                       many Mt. Lofty players will be competing in this event. Another
Jnr. Chp’s - Mt. Barker) 27 holes, with William Warren winning                 upcoming event is the Mt. Barker Open over 27 holes on Friday
best net. Leon Arnold came 2nd and Alex Robson 3rd on gross.                   the 10th of October, another strong contingent of Mt. Lofty
Alex over 12 months has dropped his handicap from 28 to 8.                     junior golfers will play in this event.
Well done - great achievements.
                                                                                   Some of the Lads at the Waikerie Open

                  Save up to 35%
       on your Personal & Business
        Telephone usage with the
            Mt. Lofty Golf Club
Through the SA Golf Association and the Australian Golf
Union, an opportunity has arisen for members to save
money on their telephone accounts and at the same time
acrue sponsorship for the Mt. Lofty Golf Club.
To assist the introduction of a club program World
PacificCommunications is prepared to offer the following:                      l. to r.: Steven Berridge, Sean Steed, Leon Arnold, Gunter Gross, John Wills,
                                                                                         Ben Tobin, Alex Robson and Ross Deans
• On the Club reaching 20 accounts - it will sponsor a
  Saturday Comp for $200.
• On reaching 50 accounts, a mobile phone will be provided to
   the Club to use as a raffle or trophy prize.                                Roney on the Rules
• When 100 accounts are registered, sponsorship funding
                                                                                                                        Colin Mulroney
  of $4,000 is provided with $40 extra for every signing
  member above that.
                                                                               A player’s ball in a Lateral Water Hazard lay in a small pool
• 500 signed accounts registered represents $20,000 per                        of water surrounded by nice grass. He declared the ball to
  annum to the Mt. Lofty Golf Club.                                            be in Casual Water and intended to drop it within the
    Application Forms are available at the Club Office                         Hazard, without penalty.
Fill out an application form and a Rep will contact you to                     What is the ruling?                                 Knowing that it is
show how substantial savings can be made.                                                                                          a long way over the
                                                                               See later for answer:                               water hole, Colin is
   Help your Club! - This is S.A. Golf ’s Telephone Plan.
                                                                                                                                   taking no chances
           Should you have any further queries                                                                                     with a $4 golf ball.
  Call SAGA or World Pacific direct on 1300 661 818

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                                  MOUNT LOFTY GOLF CLUB n e w s l e t t e r

Mixed/Social Events

Champagne Breakfast 2003
                                                                                       Pauline Nietz with co-helpers Cris Pollard and Celia Fowler
                          It never ceases to amaze me how one
                          Committee person comes up with a
                          theme for the Champagne Breakfast and
                          then everyone contributes to make the
                          event the highlight of the social year. This
                          year’s theme of “A Day at the Races” saw
                          the clubhouse decorated in shades of pink,
                          silver and purple. Special thanks to Pauline
                          Nietz who worked tirelessly to make
                          many of the decorations; she also called
                          in many favours from her wide range of
                          contacts to get a professional race call,
                          stunning table decorations and colorful
silks for the ‘jockeys’ to wear.
We thank Nigel Wallwork who provided the traditional quiz,
                                                                                       Ladies Captain Pam Callaghan and
Warren Symons for golf balls, the Stirling Hotel for magnums of                        Ladies Vice Captain Lynn Creighton
wine, Marion Cartwright’s family for wine, Brian Cartwright for                               having a private joke!
the professional soundsystem and appropriate music, Peter Wood
for his photography, Les Pollard for his video and Sally and Terry
for the lunch. Husbands of some Committee members were
cajoled into getting up at dawn to man the bar and members
helped with numerous jobs.
We received generous donations and raised $1,556.00 for course
An Ambrose golf competition was sandwiched between the
entertainment at breakfast and ‘Spin the Wheel’ during lunch and
we congratulate all the successful players. Thanks to our generous
supporters, seven teams received prizes including winners of the
mystery prize who also received a donation from Julie Michelmore’s
horses to help their roses grow.
                                                         Pam Callaghan                     Some of the Jockeys preparing for the start of the race!!

                                            Winners - Ladies Foursomes

A Grade: Jill Freer and Selina Dally with Captain Pam Callaghan B Grade: Meg Dunn and Lynn Creighton          C Grade: Helen Price and Pauline Nietz

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                                        MOUNT LOFTY GOLF CLUB n e w s l e t t e r

A profile on our Professional Warren Symons
Warren was born at the Stirling District Hospital on May 8th,                            March 24th, 1990. He recalls that it was a
1963. His mother Dorothy was born in Port Augusta and his                                Federal Election Day! The inaugural
father Kevin in Hurstville, a southern suburb of Sydney. It is not                       professional successfully ran his own business
surprising then that both Kevin and Warren are keen St. George/                          at Hahndorf, which coincided with
Illawarra Rugby League supporters, as Hurstville is in the heart of                      considerable growth at the time in that club.
“Dragons” territory.                                                                     During his first 5 or 6 years, Warren
Warren attended the Oakbank Area School, was on the                                      managed to play in a reasonable number of S.A. Pro/Am
student council and represented in various school sports teams.                          Tournaments with marked success. He won two Pro/Ams at
At the age of 13, after watching it on television, he started playing                    Mt. Osmond and Westward Ho and was second and third in
golf . He joined Hahndorf Golf Club as a Junior, and began                               several others. His available time for tournament play dropped off
having lessons from Mt. Lofty Professional Ted Williams. Before                          in the late 90’s because of heavy teaching commitments. Warren
his first lesson, his best score was 120 off the stick. After one                        had been Professional at Hahndorf for 12 years when an
lesson from Ted, Warren broke 100.                                                       opportunity presented itself at his beloved Mt. Lofty. Matthew
                                                                                         Dent had resigned after 10 years as Professional and Warren was
It is not surprising that Warren has always been interested in sport,
                                                                                         appointed as his replacement.
as Dorothy and Kevin encouraged him to play cricket, soccer, table
tennis and Australian rules.                                                             The rest is history. Over the past 12 months our new Professional
                                                                                         has established great rapport with members, continues to develop
In addition, the family have been racing horses for a number of
                                                                                         young and not-so-young members with expert tuition and
years. Their horses include “Freeling Heights”, which won 5 races,
                                                                                         generally provides expert professional service to the club.
“Wine Song”, which won 2 races, and the remarkable “Touch of
Grey”, which won her first race after 55 starts! “Touch of Grey”                         Because Wa r re n i s o n e o f t h e m o s t h i g h l y q u a l i f i e d
then ran, in order, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, and another 1st. It won another                       g o l f professionals in Australia, the Professional Golf Association
immediately after and, to the joy of Warren and his family, was                          has asked Warren to complete a thesis on a particular golf subject
named this year as the “2003 Eyre Peninsula Horse of the Year”.                          of his choice. On completion of this thesis, he will be recognised
But back to golf. Warren joined Mt. Lofty in 1979 as a 16 year                           in Australia as a “Master Professional”. This honour is only
old junior and was off a 16 handicap. In September of the same                           offered to a select number of qualified Australian Golf
year, he won the Junior Championship. That same day, Warren                              Professionals. As an extension of this title, Warren could be utilised
told his parents that whilst he didn’t want to get too carried away                      by the PGA as a golf mentor for developing young professionals
with his trophy, he wanted to become a Professional. They were a                         and leading young amateurs.
little shocked.                                                                          As if life isn’t busy enough for our “Pro”, Warren has been
In February 1980, Ted Williams offered him a job working for                             a member of the Sturt Football Club “since tender years”. He
him in the Pro. shop. Warren’s handicap then was 9, but you had                          follows the Adelaide Crows and, as mentioned, St. George/
to get down to 4 to gain a Professional Traineeship. Then on                             Illawarra in the National Rugby League. He has now retired from
July 1st, that year, his handicap was 4 and the PGA accepted
                                                                                         playing A-Grade competitive Table Tennis in the hills!
Warren’s application. He had taken his handicap from 16 to 4 in
10 months.                                                                               Two years ago Warren attended a beginners’ dance class as a favour
During his 3 years traineeship, Warren worked 40 hours per week,                         to a friend. After attending this class for a few months he started
in addition to hitting 1,000-2,000 practice balls weekly, plus 5                         to warm to this activity and decided to take up dancing as a
rounds of golf, all in his own time.                                                     hobby. His continued enjoyment of dancing lead to him receiving
                                                                                         private lessons from South Australia’s premier dance instructor
The young man had to be at the Pro shop by sunrise every day
                                                                                         Susan Bowshall. Quickly the dance steps improved enough to
which meant he would be there in the winter months by 6.30 am.
                                                                                         receive a bronze medal in the New Vogue category last December.
A pleasing touch worth mentioning is that “W Symons” appears   .
                                                                                         This led to more medals earlier this year in this category as well as
on the Hole-in-One Honour Board in 1986. This was achieved on
                                                                                         Modern and Latin sections. In December he will be trying to
the 13th Hole.
                                                                                         obtain a gold medal in the New Vogue section and silver star in
During the traineeship, our budding Professional attended night                          the Modern section. Dancing is now usually a three nights a week
school, completing five Year 12 subjects in 3 years, plus a Business                     activity and has become a great way to improve his fitness level
Management Course, as well as studying piano and doing exams                             and learn new skills.
at the Conservatorium of Music.
                                                                                         The three keys to Warren’s job at Mt. Lofty and to life in general
It is not surprising Warren has always claimed self discipline is one                    are honesty, leadership and integrity.
of the main keys to life!
                                                                                         My personal thanks to Warren for giving his time for this interview.
On July 1st, 1983, Warren became a fully qualified Golf                                  Like many long standing members, I was delighted to welcome him back
Professional. He continued working for Ted as Assistant                                  to the club where his career began.
Professional for 2 more years and during that time was mixing                                                                                        John Ryan
duties at the shop with playing tournaments and teaching
members and other pupils from outside the club.
He left the club in 1985, wanting to know how the other half                             Answer to Rules Question
lived, so he took a job with Australia Post and did shift work.
He still continued to play some tournaments.                                             Not allowed! Casual water is any temporary accumulation of
About this time, Warren began a business association with the                            water which is not in a Water Hazard. See Rule 26 and/or
Hahndorf Golf Club, both selling some items on behalf of Ted                             Definitions.
Williams to Hahndorf, giving lessons, and providing some                                 He/she must play the ball as it lies, or drop it out, with a penalty,
p ro f e s s i o n a l c o n t a c t t o a g ro w i n g c l u b w h i c h l a c ke d a   under Rule 26.
re s i d e n t p ro f e s s i o n a l . T h e c o m m i t t e e a t t h i s h i l l s    Note: There is no Rule allowing a player to drop his/her ball in a
c l u b finally appointed Warren as their first professional on                          water hazard either with or without a penalty.

                                                                                    PAGE 7
                                MOUNT LOFTY GOLF CLUB n e w s l e t t e r

Ladies Country Week
The Silver Division 8-18 Hcp was held at Balaklava,
an interesting course with greens and watered fairways. The
weather was windy with some showers and very cold for the
foursomes on Thursday.
Monday began with Country versus Metropolitan matches.
Jill Freer represented Mt. Lofty and myself for Mt. Osmond, as
they were unable to make a player available.
Having finished my match on the 17th, we found a deputation at
the 18th green. The other matches were tied and the result of ours
was received with joy by the Country Team, winners with 15
points to 13.
Ceri Nicholson of Port Augusta and Laurie Brown of Blackwood
were the stars of the stroke event (Laurie equalling the course
record on the Tuesday) tying the scores on the Wednesday and            Victor Harbor -1st Tee
again contesting a 3 hole play off. Unfortunately Laurie’s ball         Back Row l - r: Fay Leditschke, Jenny Denyer, Helen Price, Marie Gore
decided to get up close and personal with 3 trees on the first hole.                     Jo Ryan, Marion King, Celia Fowler
Not being able to catch up on the 2nd, she conceded and Ceri            Front Row l - r: Jenny Wawryk, Pauline Nietz, Nance Collins, Cris Pollard
                                                                        Absent:         Anne Johnson and Leonie Robson
was declared the winner once again.
Other trophies were won by Tea Tree Gully, South Lakes, Glenelg,        Rain, wind, hail and shine were the elements that 13 Mt. Lofty
Lameroo and Royal Adelaide.                                             girls faced at the Bronze Plate on the challenging but
Mt. Lofty’s triumph!! 2nd prize in the major raffle!!                   picturesque Victor Harbor course but the warm hospitality of the
                                                                        Victor ladies was comforting.
As usual we were extremely well cared for and entertained. Our
thanks again to Balaklava for a great week.                             Helen Price was on the Leader’s Board after Day One, well done
                                                                        Helen but after two consistent rounds Celia Fowler had jumped
2004 venues McCracken, Wallaroo, Kimba and Port Broughton.
                                                                        up the board. Congratulations Celia who made Mt. Lofty proud
                                                    Sybil Mulroney      by winning both net and gross in the Veteran’s competition
                                                   Ladies President     against a large and competitive field.
Smile for You                                                           First comers to Country Week: Anne Johnson, Leonie Robson,
Smiling is infectious, you catch it like the flu                        Cris Pollard and Jo Ryan were given a very warm welcome and
When Someone smiled at me today I started smiling too                   enjoyed the experience of playing in a large competition.
I passed around a corner and someone saw my grin                        Congratulations to Anne who took home the prestigious Mt.
                                                                        Lofty trophy for good golf over the two days.
When he smiled I realised I’d passed it on to him
                                                                        A more relaxed Foursomes competition was held on the Thursday
I thought about that smile, I realised its worth
                                                                        in more weather-friendly conditions. The meeting concluded with
A single smile, just like mine could travel round the earth
                                                                        a light lunch in the clubrooms.
So, if you feel a smile begin, don’t leave it undetected
                                                                        Thanks must go to “Mother Hen Jen” for organising excellent and
Let’s start an epidemic quick, and get the world infected
                                                                        comfortable accommodation at “Encounters” for eight of the girls
                                                                        and to Dot Hartley for making available “Wrenwood” for three.
                                                                        Leonie and Anne stayed with “rellies” at Middleton. To “Chef
The 2003 Bronze Salver 19-24 Hcp was held at Loxton and
                                                                        Helen” a big thank you for a delicious dessert which was enjoyed
Jenny Tolliday and I went to the Riverland for this event.
                                                                        and appreciated by all on Tuesday night.
On Monday 21st July we drove to Berri and booked into the Big
                                                                        The group cannot be noted for their navigational skills. One
River Golf and Country Club just 15 minutes from the Loxton
                                                                        group ended at Lover’s Lookout whilst another went surfing at
Golf Club. We played 9 holes on the Loxton course to warm-up
                                                                        Waitpinga. The rubbish dump was visited and others were
on the Monday afternoon, then met up with the other competi-
                                                                        completely lost- all between the Golf Club and the Bluff.
tors for a wonderful welcoming party in the clubhouse. We
joined up with ex Mt.Lofty friends, Barb Geisler and Anita Just.        We agreed that Pauline needed a miner’s helmet with lamp as she
                                                                        teed off 2 mins past sunrise on Day 1 and sank her last putt on
On the Tuesday and Wednesday we played in the Bronze Salver
                                                                        Day 2 with the aid of headlights from the groundsmen’s vehicles.
event, 18 holes stroke play each day. The weather was much
warmer than Adelaide and we really enjoyed the run our balls had        All had loads of fun and laughter.
on the fairways after the softness of Mt. Lofty in the winter.          Written on behalf of Nance Collins, Jenny Denyer, Celia Fowler,
The presentation dinner at the Loxton Hotel on Wednesday                Marie Gore, Anne Johnson, Marion King, Fay Leditschke, Pauline
evening was a noisy and fun-filled evening. Jenny and I joined our      Nietz, Cris Pollard, Helen Price, Leonie Robson, Jo Ryan and
Kooyonga friends’ table and had a lot of laughs whilst we               Jenny Wawryk.
swapped various golfing stories.                                                                                                        Jo Ryan
                                                                        PS Ask Marion K her secret on keeping wrists stiff whilst putting!
On the Thursday Jenny and I teamed up for the foursomes.
Unfortunately that day there was a very strong wind blowing
which gave us some ‘interesting’ challenges. After the foursomes        Mount Shield - held at Mt. Lofty on 29/9/03
we had lunch and presentations in the clubhouse before driving
                                                                        Mount Lofty ladies were victorious winning on an average of 27.4
back to Adelaide. The country hospitality was wonderful and I
                                                                        against Mt. Osmond’s 25.9. Mt. Lofty had 16 players with a total
really enjoyed my first ‘Country Week’. I’ll look forward to
                                                                        of 438 points and Mt. Osmond 15 players with a total of 388
participating again next year.
                                                 Lynn Creighton         Mt. Osmond’s best player was Pat Rudd with 33 points and
                                              Ladies Vice Captain       Mt. Lofty’s best was Lynn Creighton with 39 points.

                                                                   PAGE 8
                                        MOUNT LOFTY GOLF CLUB n e w s l e t t e r

Reminiscing -                                   The Mount Lofty Golf Estate Limited

                                                                                                                                  John Ryan
                                                                                         of 25 Shares did not have to pay an entrance fee to become a
                                                                                         playing member.
                                                                                         During the second World War, the number of playing members at
                                                                                         Mount Lofty dropped to an all-time low of 65 by the 30th June,
                                                                                         1943. All golf clubs were struggling, as money flow and severe
                                                                                         rationing plus lack of manpower on the home front pushed golf
                                                                                         into the background.
                                                                                         “Out of the Rough”, Alf Cox’s history of our Club, reports that
                                                                                         following *VE Day in May 1945 and **VP Day the following
                                                                                         August, Mount Lofty asked all new members to purchase 25 One
                                                                                         Pound Shares in Mount Lofty Golf Estate Limited, “but returning
                                                                                         soldiers were exempt from this requirement”.
Illustrated above is a copy of a wonderfully preserved receipt                           The Share Certificate illustrated belongs to one of our lady
issued on the 20th August, 1929, from “The Mount Lofty Golf                              members, Janet Wallwork, and was originally purchased by her
Estate Limited”. The Club Secretary at the time, Len Marriott,                           father John Edward Barker, which she came across amongst the
has signed the receipt issued to “John Edward Barker Esq.”, who                          family belongings.
had paid 25 Pounds for 25 Shares of one Pound each. Our Club                             * VE Day = Victory in Europe
had taken the decision on 16th December, 1925, that any holder                           * VP Day = Victory in the Pacific

Our Course Environment
BIRD SURVIVAL AT THE GOLF COURSE                                                                                              Tom Hands

In the previous Newsletter I mentioned that a Vegetation                                 It is very much a specialist feeder and if you take some time off
Management Plan was being undertaken with a grant from Birds                             from rummaging around in the rough for your ball, you will see
for Biodiversity (BFB) program as part of their “Habitat Creation                        the “perch and pounce” approach in action.
Scheme”.                                                                                 It will often use the same branch around 5-6 feet from the ground
BFB was initiated after recommendations made in the Action Plan                          to scan the surrounding area for insect life. Dense undergrowth,
for Australian Birds 2000. The Mount Lofty Ranges (MLR) was                              lack of intermediate trees or heavy weed infestation will effectively
identified as one of the nation’s “hot spots” in regard to declining                     exclude this species.
bird numbers and possible extinctions.                                                   The aforementioned rough and adjacent understorey is impor-
The present predicament has been many years in the making due                            tant not only as a hiding place for newly purchased golf balls.
to past land clearing. Predictions as to which species would decline                     Those untidy branches, pieces of bark and rocks all provide
were being made over 30 years ago.                                                       housing for creatures whose numbers make up 99 per cent
Without wishing to sound too dire, the situation for well over                           of all species on earth - the insects.
3 0 s p e c i e s i s f a i r l y g r i m u n l e s s t h e continuing loss and          By modifying, “tidying up” or removing these areas, many useful
degradation of remaining habitat is halted and redressed.                                insects lose their homes and in turn, the birds that control
The MLR has had approximately 90 per cent of its original                                the more pestiferous ones, begin to disappear.
n a t i v e vegetation cleared. Of the remaining 10 per cent,                            This brings us back, somewhat circuitously, to the lamentable state
very little, if any, is in pristine condition.                                           of many of the birds we considered common not so long ago. Of
To add insult to injury, the Golf Course is located within the                           the 77 bird species recorded on the course, 18 (or 23 per cent) are
Uraidla Environment Association, which i s estimated a s                                 listed as Declining, Rare or Vulnerables in the MLR.
re t a i n i n g l e s s t h a n 1 p e r c e n t o f i t s o r i g i n a l n a t i v e   To this end it is expected that the Vegetation Management Plan
vegetation cover.                                                                        will, in part, enable us to identify and prioritise those areas
Weed invasion, altered fire regimes and pockets of remnant                               in need of restoration and the most appropriate methods to use.
vegetation becoming isolated “islands”, together with a lack of safe                      In this way we can begin a reversal in the decline of the Scarlet
corridors for wildlife, are all part of the present day scene.                           Robin and other woodland birds.
Enter the Scarlet Robin, a beautiful somewhat erratic visitor to                         Their future survival and most importantly, recruitment, is largely
this course and one of the little birds you will see around the 1st                      dependant on the remedial bushcare work we undertake now.
green, 2nd tee or the vicinity of 12th, 13th and 14th holes.

FAREWELLS                                                                                BIRTH NOTICE - Nietz: To Warren and Joanne (nee Fowler)
                                                                                         a son, Matthew Kealan Nietz. This is the first grandchild for Celia
Long time employees Phil Middleton and Carole Fear are
                                                                                         and John Fowler and the third for Pauline and Noel Nietz.
branching out to new horizons.
                                                                                         Matthew caused everyone some anxious moments at his birth but
We wish them well in their new pursuits.                                                 is now thriving. We look forward to seeing him on the Mt. Lofty
                                                                                         Course in a few years time.

                                                                                    PAGE 9
                                MOUNT LOFTY GOLF CLUB n e w s l e t t e r

This edition we feature long time member Rosemary Sawley and
our President Ross Deans.
                                                                                                                  Ross Deans

                                                                        I think most members know that my passion, apart from
                                Rosemary Sawley                         my lovely wife, is golf, not particularly playing anymore but
                                                                        rather watching and encouraging the younger ones. I get a
I lived in the small suburb of Thorngate near the north parklands       tremendous thrill from watching my son play. Of course, I wish
until I was married. I was the youngest of three children of the        that he was somewhat more determined like my daughter, who
W Michell family and grew up with much talk about sheep,
  .E.                                                                   won’t back away from anything, but you can’t have everything.
wool and woolsales.I remember going to the Michell factory              He has of course given myself and Cathy a lovely grand daughter.
and jumping into the piles of scoured wool (sweet smelling) and         Originally from the south west of Sydney, my wife and I were
taken for tours of the tannery (not so sweet!).                         neighbours, both growing up on the Georges River. I have been
Childhood living was easy in those days, riding to and from             involved in golf for the best part of my life, starting out at the ripe
school, enjoying freshly baked bread from the baker’s cart, hearing     old age of 11. Golf has brought me some tremendous memories
the milkman filling the billy, playing in the parklands, etc. After     and of course many friends that I cherish. I have been an A Grade
my school days at The Wilderness, I completed a three year course       golfer for over 35 years and am now playing off the
at the Kindergarten Training College, North Adelaide working at         highest handicap of 5 that I have for some 30 odd years, but I
Glenelg, Springbank, Kadina, Myrtle Bank and Port Adelaide.             am determined to get back to being competitive and practicing
I married Brian on 29th February 1964 (our 40th anniversary             more.
next year!) and in 1969 with our two young daughters, sailed for        We have been in Adelaide for the past 9 years. I work for myself
England where Brian secured part-time work. This gave us time to        playing around the amusement machines and you guessed it, a
travel widely in the UK and Europe in our trusty campervan for          large part of my business is golf games.
two years. Our third daughter was born in 1972 and my life was
then filled with schools, children’s acitivities and voluntary work
                                                                        Thank you Rosemary and Ross for your profiles.
which has continued to this day. With Brian, I have been involved
with the Adelaide Rowing Club, Burnside Lions and also Swan             We all appreciate and enjoy reading the varied and interesting lives
Reach Lions as we own a citrus block at Swan Reach and assist           that our members lead.
with many of their fundraising activities. I have participated in
two Targa Tasmania car races and several Grand Prix rallies. At
present I am the honorary secretary for the Friends of the Waite
Arboretum and am a volunteer gardener at Urrbrae House 20th
Century rose garden, both little known gems of Adelaide which
are open to the public daily. This of course was the home of Lily
Travel has been a big part of my life; camping in the Flinders,                                                These photos could raise
enjoying the Tanami road and desert, the Gibb River Road and                                                   some pertinent questions of
Birdsville and Oodnadatta tracks, sailing in Turkey, skiing in                                                 our friendly club member of
Switzerland and golfing at St Andrews in Scotland.                                                             many years. Diamond ring
Golf clubs were always lying around my Thorngate home and                                                      maker/jeweller/watch
often a net was strung over the clothes line for my parents and                                                repairer (that is if the watch
brother to use for practice. On Sunday afternoons I would be                                                   still works), and golfer of
taken to Kooyonga to trudge around and watch my parents play                                                   some note.
and given the golfballs to wash at each hole to keep me amused.                                                However, maybe he did not
I later had two seasons at Kooyonga. When my 3 children were all                                               spend all his work days at
at school, I joined Mt. Lofty to be with my sister, the late Jeanette                                          their shop on the ramp at
Maeder, and have not regretted the move as I love the surround-                                                the Adelaide Railway
ings and all involved with the Club. I have spent time on the           Station and possibly there was a quick trip to the “U.S. of A.” and
Ladies Committee being Secretary for two years and for the past         a couple of wild nights, long forgotten, until this photo appeared
three years have been the non playing Captain of the Ladies             in our daily paper. Any thoughts!!!
Pennant team who have been so close to winning the flag ...             Good Golfing “Shippy” - don’t worry about your past.
perhaps next year!
Although my 3 girls have not yet taken up golf seriously, their         Eating humble pie
husbands are very keen and I hope that some of my 6                     Players at our club find it hard enough to get out of the bunker
grandchildren will grow up to enjoy the sport in years to come.         on the 9th, but that’s nothing compared with the embarrasing
                                                                        problems created by a representative of SA’s well-known bakery.
New Members
                                                                                                                         After numerous
Welcome to the following new members - please make yourselves                                                            attempts, the visitor
known as we all look forward to meeting you and trust you will                                                           was forced to
enjoy your membership at Mount Lofty.
                                                                                                                         abandon the hole
Ron Goodwin          Stuart Coles           Mary Beamond                                                                 and pick-up ---
Con Papaevagelou Stephen Davies             Chris Beamond
                                                                                                                         with a little bit of
David Sharpe         John Vine Hall         Adrian Loechel
                                                                                                                         help from our
Margaret Howard Josaia Skewes               Robert Munn
                                                                                                                         obliging ground
David Clements       Grahame Williams       Peter Martindale
Chris Sage           Michael Beamond        James Martindale

                                                                   PAGE 10
                                        MOUNT LOFTY GOLF CLUB n e w s l e t t e r

Vale                                                                                     What’s on at Mt. Lofty
July was a sad month for the Mount Lofty Golf Club, with
the deaths within 4 days of each other of three of our
“Golden Oldies”.
                                                                                         Thursday 30       Ladies Guest Day
Nan Driscoll aged 85 years                                                               Friday 31         Twilight/Chicken Run Competition
Nan was a Life Member, served as President in 1960 and                                   NOVEMBER
Hon. Secretary 1960/62. For many years on Championship
days Nan gave her time, acting as starter, sending us off                                Tuesday 4         Melbourne Cup - Ambrose
with her lovely warm smile and wishing us well. Nan’s                                    Thursday 6        Ladies Holden Competition
efforts were much appreciated by all the players.                                        Sunday 9          Mixed Foursomes Championship and
                                                                                                           Nett Event - 18 holes
Laura Robson aged 90 years
                                                                                         Thursday 13       Ladies Gala Day with Trading Table
On Laura’s last visit to a ‘Golden Oldies’ luncheon,                                     Friday 14         Presentation Dinner
I introduced Laura to Fay Leditschke who is a cousin to
the late Dora Gelly. “Oh” said Laura, “I played a lot of my                              DECEMBER
golf with Dora. In fact there were three of us, myself,                                  Wednesday 3       Mens Guest Day – Reduced Green Fees
Flora Lyon and Dora Gelly”. Can you imagine it Laura,
                                                                                         Friday 5          Twilight/Chicken Run Competition
Flora and Dora in a threesome!
                                                                                         Sunday 14         Christmas Party - Ambrose
Doris Hillier aged 86 years                                                              Friday 26         Open Day
Doris served as President 1980/81 and Hon. Secretary                                     Saturday 27       Open Day - Par
                                                                                         Sunday 28         Open Day
These wonderful ladies were staunch and loyal members of
M t . L o f t y. J u d g i n g b y t h e i r l o n g e v i t y, i t i s a                Monday 29         Open Day
g o o d recommendation to keep climbing those hills until                                Tuesday 30        Open Day
one’s boots fall off. I feel sure they are now playing the
fairways in heaven.                                                                      JANUARY
                                                               Grace Barrow              Friday 9     Twilight/Chicken Run Competition
Long time member Roy Robinson died in mid                                                Wednesday 14 Mens Guest Day - Reduced Green Fees
September at the age of 96.                                                              Thursday 15  Ladies Guest Day - Reduced Green Fees
Roy came to Mount Lofty in the 60’s from North Adelaide                                  FEBRUARY
and Glenelg. In the words of his friends - “He was a real
                                                                                         Wednesday 4       Mens Guest Day – Reduced Green Fees
nice fella” and his nickname was “old blue eyes” after
Fr a n k S i n a t r a . H e h a d a d e l i g h t f u l s m i l e . H e l o o ke d      Friday 6          Twilight/Chicken Run Competition
forward to his golf and although only a little bloke, but                                Wednesday 18      Mens Guest Day - Reduced Green Fees
with patient practice, developed a very smooth swing and                                 Thursday 19       Ladies Guest Day - Reduced Green Fees
in his hey-day played to a 7 handicap.                                                   Sunday 22         Open Pinehurst
Although Roy stopped playing golf about ten years ago,                                   Monday 23         Ladies Mount Shield at Mt. Lofty
there is a photo in the club of what is claimed to be the
oldest four who ever played golf in S.A. They were Les                                   MARCH
Hill, Alf Cox, Geoff Roberts and Roy Robinson.                                           Thursday 4        Ladies Opening Day
Roy worked for many years at Adelaide Art Engravers and                                  Friday 5          Twilight/Chicken Run Competition
was a well-known and popular figure in the printing industry.                            Sunday 7          President’s Cup - 3 club event
                                                                                         Saturday 20       Open Day - Stableford
Another long-standing member Alby Jones died in June.                                    Sunday 21         Family Open Day
Alby was one of the state’s most renowned educators and                                  Friday 26         Twilight/Chicken Run - Final for the season
l i f t e d S o u t h Au s t r a l i a n g o v e r n m e n t s c h o o l s f ro m
r i g i d c e n t r a l i s e d c o n t ro l t o l e t t h e m t a ke c a re o f t h e
individuality of the child.
Alby’s wide studies earned him a MA, BSc and Dip.Ed..                                                         Mt.Lofty Golf Club
He taught mathematics and science in secondary schools
from 1934 until after the war when his progression                                                            Newsletter
through the education department began. He became a
Fulbright Scholar in 1956 and a UNESCO Fellow in 1964.                                                       Published
He was co-author of the Mathematics School Book “Searle                                                 Autumn, Winter, Spring
and Jones” which was self-published and administered by
his wife Shirley. As the Director-General of Education he                                              We hope you enjoy reading them.
introduced “Freedom and Authority” which was regarded                                        Please send stories or articles that you think would be
as a landmark in Australian education.
                                                                                                            of interest to members.
His wife Shirley is well-known in our Club and is a past
Ladies President and was heavily involved. They competed                                     These can either be forwarded to Helen Price, editor
together in social and mixed events but Alby didn’t give                                     Tel/fax 8379 8036 or emailed to
the game his highest priority and had a golf swing that few
wanted to emulate. However, his cheerful and positive                                                      or leave copy at the office.
personality will be missed.
                                                                           Bryan Price

                                                                                   PAGE 11
From the Professional
                                                                              Warren Symons
Positive Thinking Means Better Scoring
There’s an old saying in golf “the most important            indeed ever before. Indecision is a huge enemy. Instead
distance is not length from the tee but the distance         of saying let’s try and hit this 8 iron near the flag’
between your ears”. I believe golf must be the most          replace that thought with ‘I’m going to hit this 8 iron
difficult game on earth. If there is any harder, I don’t     next to the cup’. Players who are positive thinkers and
want to know about it. Therefore our attitude towards        shotmakers never say never and don’t say don’t. Also, if
our individual game, practice, shotmaking, scoring and       you are undecided about which iron to play into the
ourselves are vital in improving our standard of play.       green hit the longer club. For instance, if there is
Please allow me to elaborate on these points to further      indecision between a 7 or 8 iron, hit the 7 iron and
explain what I mean.                                         perform a smooth, balanced swing. Using our course as an
1. Individual Game - I am a firm believer that positive      example, how many times does any player fly the 13th
attitudes produce positive outcomes. Therefore               green on the full compared to finishing short of the
taking a positive attitude onto the course must be           green.
beneficial to improved scoring.                              5. Scoring - A positive attitude to scoring is
2. Windy Conditions - Negative players are                   tremendously important in every round of golf. By
thinking about how difficult scoring will be, etc.           this I mean the thought process a golfer uses during
Positive players are looking forward to the                  their round. For example, if your handicap is twelve,
challenge before them, mindful that the conditions are       that effectively means you are allowed twelve mistakes
the same for everyone. They know that a large number         per game. Limit that to nine mistakes (one every
of the field will allow the wind to negate their game so     second hole) and suddenly there’s a good round
‘hanging in there’ will place them in a better position to   presented. Perform this over a series of weeks and
win a prize at games end. Positive players will always       instantly the handicap is reduced. This same principle
look for the highlights in their play but also be mindful    can be used for any handicap. If the person’s handicap is
of their weaknesses and strive to improve them.                   ,
                                                             forty try and limit your errors to two per hole, etc.
3. Practice - Believe it or not, positive players            6. Ourselves - You may say to yourself - what does
are continually practising their weaknesses. If they are     that mean? Quite simply all of us have something in
uncertain about how to improve they don’t hesitate to        common. We are all humans who are not perfect and
seek lessons from a Professional. They don’t hide from       can all make mistakes. Good golfers don’t dwell on
the problem by constantly practising their strengths. An     their mistakes. When they hit a poor shot they accept it
example of this is a young player Ben Hallam that            and move on trying to make their next shot better.
I’ve taught for 5 years who is now tackling a                Also, good players only emphasize what they did well
United States Collegiate Scholarship in America.             during a round. Rarely does a good player talk about
Chipping and putting was an area that we worked              the three putt on the fourth or the penalty on the
tirelessly to improve. During a lesson some three            eighth, etc.
years ago he looked me straight in the eye and               They acknowledge their errors but mainly focus on the
remarked ‘This is going to become my strength’. Six          the long putts they holed or the chip in on the
months later his handicap was +1. A short while later        fourteenth or the great ‘UP N DOWN’ on seventeen
he won his first Senior Vardon Trophy event at               to salvage a stableford point. Sometimes this can be
Riverside. You guessed it, he made a par on the first        perceived as ego, but in fact it is self confidence and
play-off hole after hitting an extremely difficult chip      positive attitudes. After your next round try to focus
shot to 1 metre from the cup.                                more on the positives rather than the negatives. Being
Practising strengths is so tempting. I’ve fallen for this    negative is easier but being positive makes life more
trap so many times. The moral to the story is to be          fulfilling.
brave and practise those shots which constantly let          One final thought: We don’t make mistakes, we have
you down and don’t be afraid to seek help anytime.           learning experiences.
4. Shotmaking - Confidence is when you hit a                 I sincerely hope that you have found this article
particular shot many times successfully and you know         both interesting and thought provoking. Please feel
you are capable of repeating the result again. Optimism      free to discuss any points made in the passage with me.
is when you have never hit a certain shot successully or     I really hope this article improves your game.

                                                                                                                         Mount Lofty
                                                                                                                         Golf Club Inc.
                                                                                                                         35 Golflinks Road
                                                                                                                         Stirling 5152
                                                                                                                         PO Box 20
                                                                                                                         Stirling 5152
                                                                                                                         Tel: 8339 1788
                                                                                                                         Fax: 8339 2999
                                                                                                                         Pro: 8339 1805



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