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               Getting Divorce In Fort Lauderdale? Things You Must Know To Avoid Disaster
                                                              By Marlon Baugh

   When a couple decides to part ways, they will have to go through one of the most emotional times of
their life. Not just that they will be parting with there once thought soul mate, but now they have to
figure out how to live on a single income, where they are going to live, how to preserve their credit and
how to restructure their financial future.

 It is best to start with the largest asset, which is normally their home and is the foundation of their
finances. Now there are several questions that must be addressed concerning the house. Such as:

 - Should you sell or refinance
 - What is the appraised value of the house
 - Who will stay with the home and how the other spouse will be compensated for their portion of the

 All these questions can only be answered on a case by case basis as no 2 divorce cases are exactly
the same.

 If there is no mortgage on the home, then it’s a matter of having a quit claim deed drawn up by your
attorney to transfer title to the spouse keeping the home. From there the spouse that is keeping the
home will either need to do a Equity Loan, Line of credit or a refinance. The equity loan or line of credit
will be the most cost effective as a lot of them have little or no closing cost involved. The purpose of
this loan is to compensate the other spouse for their portion of the accumulated equity in the property.

 Now one quick note that is important to understand, if there is a mortgage on the home and both
spouses are responsible for the monthly payments of the mortgage, then this mortgage must be paid
off either thru a refinance or a sale.

 In Fort Lauderdale, a quit claim deed will only transfer title, it will not release the non occupying
spouse from the obligation of the mortgage. The only way to do this will be to pay off the existing
mortgage, normally through a refinance.

 Now one of the most common mistakes in Fort Lauderdale is the non occupying spouse agrees for the
spouse staying in the home to refinance after the divorce is complete.

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 Big NO NO……this needs to accomplished ASAP before the divorce proceedings is complete. Doing
this is the early part of divorce will reveal some very important factors such as whether or not the
occupying spouse can qualify for a loan on their own to release the non occupying spouse from the
mortgage obligation, if not they the best bet may be just to sell the house. Or if the occupying spouse
really wants to keep the property then the help of a qualified mortgage expert can help structure this,
such as adding a family member to the loan the assist the occupying spouse with qualifying for the

 If the divorce process is complete and the occupying spouse cannot qualify, then the non occupying
spouse will still have the debt obligation and if the occupying spouse makes any payments late or
worst goes into foreclosure this will affect the non occupying spouse’s credit adversely. This could
affect the non occupying spouse ability to qualify for a new mortgage for buying a new home.

 A common problem in today’s Fort Lauderdale market is declining values. Couples thinking of divorce
in Fort Lauderdale are finding themselves with a home that is upside down in value and no one wants
the house. One solution to this is to let the judge make the decision or if you are willing to take a credit
blemish then a Short Sale can be a solution to selling a property that is upside down.

Marlon Baugh nationally known mortgage expert has specialized in working with divorced and
separated individuals to obtain home mortgages for over 5 years now. These types of loans require a
certain amount of expertise and personal attention that you will not find with other loan officers who do
not concentrate their practice in these areas. If you would like a Free Copy or to get instant access to
the remainder of this Insider Mortgage Report, please visit or Call 954-678-5796

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             Venice On The Shores Of Fort Lauderdale - Fort Lauderdale Travel Information
                                                               By Elyse Morgan

 Twenty-three miles north of Miami on the subtropical Atlantic Coast, Fort Lauderdale is a sophisticated
resort destination as well as the yachting and cruise capital of the world. There are numerous options
for airfare to Fort Lauderdale with three major airports in the area that service the city: Fort
Lauderdale-Hollywood International, Miami International, and Palm Beach International.

Fort Lauderdale is known as the "Venice of America" for its intricate network of canals and Florida's
deepest port, Port Everglades, which makes this beach city a major hub for the boating industry. The
canals offer a twist to sightseeing, with many water taxis and aquatic city tours. From the sea you can
catch a glimpse of Florida's most beautiful waterfront mansions that line the bays and canals. Also,
Fort Lauderdale's proximity to the Bahamas and Caribbean makes tropical cruise travel extraordinarily
convenient out of Port Everglades.

Fort Lauderdale's Fine and Funky Enclaves

Travel to Fort Lauderdale is diverse and eclectic due to the city's various districts, each with its own
personality and character. The Strip, or Fort Lauderdale Beach, was put on the map as a Spring Break
mecca during the 1970s and 80s due to the film Where the Boys Are. Elbo Room, the famous spring
break bar that was featured in the film, is still standing today at the corner of Las Olas Blvd. and A1A.
That intersection may not be as wild today, but its ocean breeze and string of lively bars and
restaurants still attracts spring breakers and local beach-goers alike.

Further down Las Olas Blvd. in Downtown, the entertainment district has experienced a major rebirth,
attracting waves of locals and visitors alike. Enjoy an evening at the Broward Center for the Performing
arts and then wander by the many new restaurants and shops lining the boulevard. This area is also
home to Fort Lauderdale's museums, including the Museum of Art and the Museum of Discovery and
Science as well as some historical exhibits covering the Native American and European settler history
of Fort Lauderdale. Just to the north, Wilton Manors is a very popular gay and lesbian community
within Fort Lauderdale, packed with lively bars, blaring nightclubs and all inclusive resorts. Whatever
your orientation may be, this place is certainly worth a visit.

Get In and Get Out

Travel to Fort Lauderdale and experience all of what the southeast Floridian coast has to offer. The city
is conveniently close to Miami's South Beach resorts, clubs and restaurants and just a short drive to
the expansive biodiversity of Florida's Everglades. Additionally, booking your airfare to Fort Lauderdale
today will get you that much closer to a luxurious Bahamas or Florida Keys vacation. Treat yourself to
a tropical getaway right here in the United States.

For more information on Fort Lauderdale and cheap airfare & flight tickets, go to

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