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					International Liaison
    Scholarships, Visits and Exchanges
                 Support Programmes

   The International Centre of Excellence in
             Water Resources Management
                   WaterEd Australia Pty Ltd
 Master of Water Resources Management
 Scholarship Programme

 The International Centre   Applications are now open for full and
                            part tuition scholarships to undertake
 of Excellence in Water     full-time postgraduate studies in
                            the Master of Water Resources
 Resources Management       Management programme.
 (ICE WaRM) provides        Developed and delivered by ICE
 a national focus and       WaRM’s partner universities (The
                            University of Adelaide, University
 international gateway      of South Australia, The Flinders
 to Australia’s leading     University of South Australia, Central
                            Queensland University and Deakin
 education, training and    University), the 18 month full-time
 research expertise         Master programme provides students
                            with the opportunity to undertake
 in water resources         specialised streams to suit their
                            interests and career aspirations in
 management.                water resources management.
                            Further information on ICE WaRM’s
                            Master programme is available in
                            the Post-Graduate Programmes
                            section, and on Scholarships in the
                            International Liaison section, under
                            Education at

                             Scholarship Application Closing Dates

                             Semester 1 intake (February): Closing date 22nd September of previous year

                             Semester 2 intake (July):
I was highly impressed                                     Closing date 22nd March of the same year

by the depth and range
of courses on offer.
I would recommend
the programme as a
beneficial means to
further education and
skills in water resources

Scholarship Recipient
        International Visits & Exchanges

                                                  ICE WaRM’s International Visits and
                                                  Exchanges Programme provides an
                                                  opportunity to persons from industry,
                                                  education, training and research
                                                  sectors for increased engagement at an
                                                  international level in the sharing of skills,
                                                  knowledge and experience in water
                                                  resources management.
                                                  Applications are now open for inbound (to
                                                  Australia) and outbound (from Australia)
                                                                                                     It created the
                                                  visits by individuals, and exchanges               opportunity to
                                                  between two candidates.
                                                                                                     establish new and
                                                  Individual candidates will be eligible for
                                                  funds to the maximum of AU$10,000 for              extend existing
                                                  visits or exchanges ranging in duration            collaborative links
                                                  from 4 to 13 weeks.
                                                  Further rounds of Visits and Exchanges
                                                                                                     in Australia. Having
                                                  have been planned for 2007. The closing            been selected
                                                  dates for each round are listed below.
                                                                                                     for this award
                                                                                                     adds professional
                                                                                                     Visiting Professor
                                                                                                     JOHANNES (HANS) VAN LEEUWEN
Ambassadors and
Distinguished experts may be appointed as
ICE WaRM Ambassadors, to represent the
Centre internationally.
The ICE WaRM Fellowship programme                 Further information regarding the
provides for senior academics to spend            International Visits and Exchanges
longer periods visiting other institutions,       Programme and how to apply is
generally including specific advancement          available in the International Liaison
of ICE WaRM objectives.                           section, under Programmes, at:
Individuals seeking further information about
these programmes should contact:                  Queries relating to the programme can                             be emailed to:

 Round      Closing Date          Notification of successful candidates     Date by which visit/exchange must have commenced

    4       27th April, 2007      Mid June 2007                             31st January, 2008

    5       27th July, 2007       Mid September 2007                        24th April, 2008

    6       26th October, 2007    Mid December 2007                         27th June, 2008
ICE WaRM – a broad partnership
ICE WaRM shareholders, supporters and                         Other supporters and associates                          FURTHER INFORMATION
associates include Australia’s leading                        n   CSIRO Land and Water
education, training and research centres.
                                                              n   CRC for Water Quality and Treatment
Founding Shareholders                                                                                                  The International Centre of Excellence in
                                                              n   CRC for Irrigation Futures
n   Deakin University                                                                                                  Water Resources Management (ICE WaRM)
                                                              n   CRC for Plant Based Management of
n   Flinders University                                           Dryland Salinity
    The University of Adelaide                                                                                         WaterEd Australia Pty Ltd
n                                                             n   Water Industry Alliance
                                                                                                                       ABN 13 112 314 780
n   Central Queensland University                             n   United Water & international parents
n   University of South Australia                                 Thames Water Ltd and Veoli
                                                                                                                       GPO Box 860
n   Centre for Groundwater Studies                            n   Charles Sturt University
                                                                                                                       Adelaide SA 5001
n   AITEC Corporate Education                                                                                          AUSTRALIA
    and Consulting                                            ICE WaRM is continually growing its list
                                                              of partners, supporters and associates,
South Australian Government supporters                                                                                 Level 1, 77 Grenfell Street
                                                              both in Australia and internationally. To be
n   Department of Further Education,                          involved, email                      Adelaide SA 5000
    Employment, Science and Technology
    (DFEEST)                                                                                                           Tel: +61 8 8236 5200
n   TAFE South Australia                                                                                               Fax: +61 8 8236 5236
n   Department of Water, Land and                                                                                      Email:
    Biodiversity Conservation (DWLBC)                                                                        
n   SA Research and Development
    Institute (SARDI)
n   SA Water Corporation, including the
    Australian Water Quality Centre

CRICOS Provider Numbers for principal ICE WaRM partners:
The University of Adelaide - 00123M; The University of South Australia - 00121B; Flinders University of South Australia - 00114A;
Deakin University - 00113B; Central Queensland University QLD - 00219C, NSW - 01315F, VIC - 01624D.
Barnaby Myers photo supplied by Parsons Brinckerhoff. All other images from WaterEd Australia.

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