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         LEAD THE WAY
iLEAD IS...                                        n

                                                       the University of Newcastle’s ‘International Leadership Experience and Development’ Program
                                                       an exceptional opportunity for students of all backgrounds to gain experience and skills in the
                                                       areas of leadership and international affairs.
                                                   n   an opportunity to take seminars on topics that interest you or that will further your career,
                                                       listen to world-class speakers and gain your own international and leadership experience.

How to Complete the Program                        About the International                             n   Teach sport to children in HIV-affected
Completing the program has a few                   Leaders Series                                          communities in Africa
major steps:                                       Once or twice per semester the iLEAD                n   Learn another language, like French in
                                                   Program will bring you face to face with a              France, Italian in Italy or Spanish in Mexico.
1. Go to an Induction Seminar to get
                                                   leader who is internationally renowned in               Alternatively, take a language course here
   you started.
                                                   their field.                                            in Australia!
2. Attend the International Leaders Series:
                                                   These leaders will deliver a lecturer to                Work for a grass-roots advocacy group on
   A series of lectures by high profile speakers

                                                   members of the iLEAD Program and then                   an issue you are passionate about
   who are experts and international leaders in
                                                   you’ll have the chance to ask them
   their field.                                                                                            Volunteer with desert elephants in Namibia
                                                   questions... whatever you want to know!             n

3. Participate in Skill Building Seminars:                                                             n   Assist on research projects in Patagonia
   A total of nine dynamic skill-building
                                                   Gaining your international                              Take an intensive course in English on
   seminars over the duration of your program.                                                         n

                                                   leadership experience                                   International Law (Czech Republic),
4. Gain Experience: Gain leadership and            One of the most exciting parts of the                   Psychology (London), Business (Milan),
   international experience by undertaking         iLEAD is the opportunity to get both                    Health (Mexico), Environment and
   activities such as student exchange,            leadership and international experience                 Sustainability (Malaysia)
   internships, volunteering and community         by undertaking activities either in Australia
   work activities. The University is offering                                                         n   Lead a group to a model United Nations
                                                   or around the world.
   travel scholarships of up to $3000 to                                                                   conference in Singapore
   subsidise these activities.                     Over the course of your program you have to         n   Undertake rainforest conservation and
                                                   gain 100 ‘points’ worth of experience. You can
                                                                                                           community development in Ecuador
                                                   gain points by going on exchange or doing
About the Seminar Series                           an intensive holiday study program overseas,        n   Teach English in Central America
A big part of iLEAD is the skill-building          by doing local or international volunteering or
seminars. The seminars are designed to be          internships, by being part of clubs, societies
                                                                                                       n   Do an internship with Bovis Lend Lease,
hands-on and practical – they are about way        and local organisations in and around                   Talent2 or the Renaissance Hotel in
more than just sitting in a lecture! Through       Newcastle and much much more. There                     Malaysia
the seminars you’ll meet heaps of other UoN        are literally hundreds of opportunities             n   Undertake an internship in Washington DC,
students who are interested in the same sorts      available to students.                                  New York or elsewhere in the USA
of things as you.
                                                                                                       n   Undertake community work in
The seminars revolve around the three              List of experiential options                            Australia or abroad
program themes: Leadership in an                   available to students
International Context; International
                                                                                                       n   Participate in an intensive leadership
                                                   n   Volunteer at a primate care centre                  program in the Czech Republic or the USA
Awareness; and Community, Diversity                    in Thailand
and Integration.                                                                                       n   Do project work helping to run a
                                                   n   Do a semester student exchange                      not-for-profit organisation
In order to complete the program you need              program in one of 20 countries
to take three seminars from each theme.                                                                n   Attend an international conference in
There are always more seminars being added.        n   Do a summer school at Oxford or                     your academic discipline
Seminars cover topics like:                            Cambridge
                                                                                                       This list is just a small sample of the
n   Models and styles of leadership                n   Attend specialist seminars with experts         opportunities available to students. To see a
                                                       in your field elsewhere in Australia            bigger list of opportunities, see the webpage
n   Critical global trends and issues
                                                   n   Work with indigenous communities                at
n   Cross Cultural Project Management                  on a conservation project in Borneo
n   Citizenship and Social Responsibility
It would be no exaggeration to say that my
experience on exchange in the USA has been
the most valuable life-changing and maturing
experience of my life. While sometimes
difficult, lonely and challenging, it has been
like cramming three years of life experience
into one and forcing me to become more
independent, socially-confident and
motivated in all aspects of life. Going home
and seeing that no one else has changed
or had the same experiences emphasises

how valuable it has been.

  The University of Newcastle – International Leadership Experience and Development Program (UoN – iLEAD)

                                                                 Leadership in an International Context
                                                                 Fundamentals of leadership and the skills it requires in the context of intercultural
                                                                 communication and cross-cultural environments.
The program themes form the competencies that                    International Awareness
students must obtain to complete the program.                    Understanding and critical analysis of global issues and the role of international frameworks.
                                                                 Community, Integration and Diversity
                                                                 Concepts of belonging to, and playing a role in, a community; and, the integration of
                                                                 different cultures into diverse work and community environments.


                                                                 Some example seminars are:
                                                                 Leadership in an International Context
                                                                 n Intercultural Communication
iLEAD SEMINARS                                                   n Models of Leadership
                                                                 n Business/Cultural acumen and etiquette
Students will attend four lectures from the International        n Other relevant seminar
Leaders Series and nine Skill Building Seminars.
                                                                 International Awareness                                               OUTCOMES
International Leaders Series                                     n Global Business Issues
The International Leaders Series is an ongoing series of         n International Systems                                               Develop skills
high profile speakers (1-2 per semester) who are experts         n World Paradigms                                                     (participate in
and international leaders in their field. Students will attend   n Other relevant seminar                                              seminars)
a minimum of 4 ILS lectures in order to complete the
                                                                 Community, Integration and Diversity
iLEAD program.                                                   n Citizenship and Social Responsibility
Skill Building Seminars                                          n Cross Cultural Project Management
Students will complete a minimum of 3 skill building             n Diverse Communities
seminars under each ‘theme’.                                     n Other relevant seminar

                                                                 Leadership in an International Context
                                                                 n eg. Independent International Project (50 points)
                                                                 n eg. Local community project work (50 points)
EXPERIENTIAL OPTIONS                                             n

                                                                   eg. Domestic/International Projects (50 points)
                                                                   eg. Attending other approved seminar/event (5 points)
Students will complete a total of 100 points worth of
‘Experience’ spread across the three program ‘themes’.           International Awareness
                                                                 n eg. Student exchange (80 points)                                    OUTCOMES
                                                                 n eg. International short courses (40 points)                         Gain experience
                                                                 n eg. Language other than English (major) (60 points)                 (create a portfolio)
                                                                 n eg. Attending other approved seminar/event (5 points)
                                                                 Community, Integration and Diversity
                                                                 n eg. Community Connections (30 points)
                                                                 n eg. Buddy program (20 points)
                                                                 n eg. Conferences (10-15 points)
                                                                 n eg. Attending other approved seminar/event (5 points)

                                                                 n   Participate in a Capstone Seminar
                                                                 n   Submit a Portfolio of Experience                                  OUTCOMES
                                                                 n   Obtain a Certificate of Attainment and letter of
FINISHING THE PROGRAM                                                activities completed                                              International
Students will complete a total of 100 points worth of            n   Attend a Presentation and Awards Ceremony
‘Experience’ spread across the three program ‘themes’.
Exchange Program                                 How to join                                    What it costs, scholarships and other
Becoming an international exchange student       iLEAD is really easy to join.                  financial support
involves swapping places with a student from                                                    The iLEAD Program is free to join and the
                                                 1. Apply online at
an overseas institution. The program allows                                                     seminars and speaker events are free for
you a great opportunity to experience studies    2. You will receive an email from the          iLEAD participants to attend.
in an overseas university. It’s a great way         iLEAD Program team inviting you to
                                                                                                When it comes to funding your experiential
to make friends, learn a different language,        an Induction Seminar.
                                                                                                activities, some support is also available.
experience different cultures and travel
extensively. You’ll get credit back to your      3. Attend one of the regular Induction
                                                                                                The University of Newcastle has a number
Newcastle degree, invaluable experience for         Seminars where you will hear lots more
                                                                                                of generous travel grants available to assist
your CV and unforgettable memories.                 about the seminars and experiential
                                                                                                students with the cost of undertaking their
                                                    options, be able to think about what
                                                                                                experiential activities overseas. This support
See                  options you’re interested in taking as
                                                                                                ranges from $500 for shorter activities to up
exchange/ for more information or visit the         part of the program, and meet other
                                                                                                to $3000 for a semester on exchange.
International Office.                               participants who are part of the program.
                                                                                                If you are an Australian citizen or permanent
                                                 4. You’re away! Once you’ve been to an
                                                                                                resident you might also be eligible for OS-
Short programs overseas                             Induction Seminar you will be fully
                                                                                                HELP – the Australian Government’s loan
There are many opportunities for students to        registered into the program and will
                                                                                                scheme for international study. This scheme
undertake short study programs overseas.            receive all the further information you
                                                                                                allows eligible students to borrow more than
These programs run during the vacation              need to develop your international and
                                                                                                $5000 towards the cost of overseas study
periods and are taught in English in a              leadership potential!
                                                                                                (such as exchanges and short term programs)
variety of countries around the world. How       You’re now free to attend events, sessions     – conditions apply.
about learning Tourism in Mexico, Health         and more.
Sciences in Thailand, Leadership in the USA
or Business in Berlin. There is a long list of
courses available, covering most academic
disciplines, and both credit and funding may
be available.
See or email

                                                                                                                                                 UoN 2009/0004 I CRICOS Provider 00109J



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