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					Property Transfer Letter


Congratulations on the purchase of your new home. You have picked a great community to
live in. Your City has many things to offer.

We at the Your Chapter Jaycees want to you know that we are an organization that strives to
improve the community in which you live. The Your Chapter Jaycees are a not-for-profit
community service organization that builds leadership skills through community service. Our
membership base consists of men and women in the community between the ages of 21 and
40 years of age, married and single, with children or without. All of us have a desire to serve
our community and make a difference. If you, or anyone in your household is between the
ages of 21 and 40, we would like to invite you to our next meeting. I feel that once you have
visited one of our meetings, you will find an opportunity to have fun, make new friends, and
make a difference in your community.

Enclosed, please find one of our brochures that provide you more information about our
chapter, and some of the things that we do.

Our annual dues are $_______ per year, and consist of your membership with the Your
Chapter Jaycees, the Iowa Jaycees, the US Jaycees and JCI International.

The Your Chapter Jaycees meet the put date of every month. Our meeting place is at
Meeting Place and Address. For more information on our meeting times or to obtain
directions, please call the Jaycee Hotline, Phone Number, Your Name, Membership Vice
President, Phone Number, or Your President’s Name, President (XXX) 555-1212.

Hope to see you at our next meeting.

Your Name
Membership Vice President
Your Chapter Jaycees