; International Conference Travel Grant Guidelines and Application
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International Conference Travel Grant Guidelines and Application


International Conference Travel Grant Guidelines and Application

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									                                                    International Conference Travel Grant
                                                          Guidelines and Application

Funds will be set aside in the budget each year to provide some financial assistance for members of staff
invited to international conference (s) to play a significant role.
An award will be made only to a member of staff on a minimum 0.5 FTE appointment of either continuing
or fixed term appointment of 2 years or longer, who will return to duty at Australian Catholic University for
at least twelve months full time after the conference travel period. In the event of a subsequent
resignation within that specified period, a pro rata proportion of the grant must be repaid. Staff are
normally eligible for one award every two years. 2010 is considered to be the first of the two year period.
Applications will be assessed by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) who, as the Vice-Chancellor’s
delegate, will deal with each case on its merits and will take into account:
  1. the international standing of the conference
  2. the overall research performance of the applicant
       a) Active Researcher
                Preference will be given to personnel who meet the ACU criteria for being research active,
                i.e., staff who meet two of the following three conditions:
                 • have published within the last 3 years a book, or 3 book chapters or 3 journal articles
                     (or their equivalent in creative and visual arts);
                 • have an externally funded research grant within the last 12 months;
                 • are serving as a principal or co-supervisor of at least 2 research higher degree
                     students within the last 12 months.
           b) Other Research Staff (including early career researchers or those who had a break in their
              research career) and Higher Degree Research Students
                Applicants need to provide persuasive argument that the conference is integral to further
                development of their work, and part of a demonstrable plan to produce ERA-scalable
                research outcomes.
  3. the reason for attendance
          Preference will be given to applicants who provide evidence that their participation in the
          conference is by specific invitation by the conference convenors, e.g., to be keynote speakers or
          chairs/leaders of a major session. Participation must be more substantial than simple attendance,
          involvement in a seminar or workshop sessions, or the presentation of a minor paper.
  4. the financial statement identifying
          •    conference, travel and other costs
          •    the financial support available from other sources
          •    the funds requested for this conference
Applications on the attached pro-forma must be made in terms of 1, 2, 3 and 4 as described above. A
completed and fully signed Application Form (attachment) should be submitted to the Research Services
(email: Res.Grants@acu.edu.au). Copies of the documents as requested must be attached. Hard copies
should be provided upon request. A short report about the conference must be submitted on return.
Applications may be submitted at any time, however, there will be three selection rounds per year (April,
August and December). The closing date for any given round is the 30 of the month. Grants to
successful applicants will be transferred to their Research Incentives Awards account and can be
accessed according to their Faculty procedures.
Applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and Conference Travel Grants, usually up to $1,500
per conference, will be awarded to successful applicants.

                                                                         Professor Thomas Martin
                                                                         Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)
                                                                         MacKillop Campus, North Sydney
                                                                         Email: pvc.research@acu.edu.au

Australian Catholic University ABN 15 050 192 660

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