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         Every family, Everywhere, Every day
The wonderful services provided by
Starlight are key components in the
provision of total care. These services
not only change the hospital and illness
experience for so many children and their
families, but also enhance the capacity
of health professionals and the health
system in delivering the best possible care.
Professor Les White
Executive Director, Sydney Children’s Hospital
Starlight’s Mission
To brighten the lives of all seriously ill and hospitalised children and their families throughout Australia.

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Starlight’s Values                                                                                              About Starlight

                                                                                                                Starlight’s impact


Shine brightly for seriously ill children and their families                                                    2007 at a glance              10

Work as one cohesive and caring team                                                                            2008 and beyond               12

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Take pride in our achievements
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Chairman and CEO Report

         Every day we draw inspiration from the strength of the thousands of children and young         “When there is a
         people living with chronic medical conditions and physical disabilities. While their medical
         and emotional needs may be complex, their biggest challenge can be to simply feel ‘normal’     complicated issue to resolve,
         and enjoy ‘normal’ childhood experiences. ‘Ordinary’ is something these kids and their
         families can only dream about – for them, ‘ordinary’ is ‘extraordinary’.                       Starlight has only one
         At Starlight we are all deeply passionate about achieving the best outcomes for kids           criteria: what is in the best
         and their families. This underpins our every decision. When there is a complicated issue       interest of the children?”
         to resolve Starlight has only one criteria: what is in the best interest of the children?
         By delivering the best programs possible, that are meaningful and relevant, we are being
         true to our mission and values. To achieve continual improvement, we listen to our
         stakeholders, adapting to changing environments and healthcare needs.

         Each year there are over 600,000 child admissions to hospitals in Australia, of which,
         Starlight programs currently only reach “1 in 3”. Our ultimate goal is to enable every
         seriously ill and hospitalised child and family in Australia to access our programs and
         services, everywhere and every day.

         Currently, we are well on the way to making this a reality and the following report features
         many of Starlight’s recent achievements.

         In 2007 we extended our reach into the homes of 10-18 year olds living with illness or
         disability, with the pilot launch of Livewire, our online program focused on connecting kids
         to each other and the outside world. We also established a permanent presence in the
         Northern Territory with Captain Starlight now regularly visiting hospitalised children and
         remote, Indigenous communities.

         To ensure we can meet future demand with the most relevant programs,
         we completed a comprehensive ‘Needs Analysis’ research study with
         families of children who are seriously ill or living with a disability, with a
         particular focus in metropolitan, regional, rural and Indigenous communities.
         By understanding their needs and challenges, and the impact our programs have, we can
         plan most effectively for the future.
In the coming years our focus will be on ensuring Starlight is well positioned to support
children and their families alongside the healthcare system. We will focus on evolving
our program strategy to embrace learnings from our Needs Analysis study and ongoing
program evaluation. By introducing the most efficient systems, investing in development
initiatives for our team, and by continuing to work closely with our valued supporters,
including our donors and volunteers, we can be sure that their Starlight experience is
positive and enriching.

Starlight’s programs significantly enhance the wellbeing of a child throughout their illness,
which is often over many years. There is still a long way to go to reach our goals and
we can’t do it without your support. The incredible efforts and generosity of our team,
volunteers, supporters and partners is having a resounding impact on these brave kids          Jill Weekes - Chief Executive   Doug Jukes - Chairman
and their families.

Thank you for your dedication and commitment. It is due to the generosity of people
like you that we can provide vital support to seriously ill children, young people and their
families right across Australia.

We look forward to working together to achieve our ultimate aim – every family,
everywhere, every day.

Jill Weekes - Chief Executive                  Doug Jukes - Chairman

National Board of Directors
The Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia Board of Directors consists of fourteen independent non-executive directors and one
executive director. Combined, the Board brings a wide range of business and commercial skills to Starlight, spanning numerous
industries and sectors.

                          STARLIGHT LUMINARIES                              Doug Jukes - Chairman
                          “Luminary – leading light, achiever, celebrity,
                                                                            “I am passionate about Starlight because I have witnessed our ability to lift the spirits of
                                                                            seriously ill children right when they need it the most. Starlight works in conjunction with
                          Starlight is fortunate to have many loyal         the medical profession and provides a total approach to care using innovative programs of
                          supporters, however from time to time             distractive therapy. From all the feedback of health professionals and personal observation, I
                          there are those people who really go ‘over
                                                                            know that this is an essential part of the healing process.”
                          and above’ for Starlight, showing their
Neil Perry                commitment and publically supporting the
                          Starlight cause to bring great benefit to          Ian Kennedy OAM - President
                          Starlight families.                               “Starlight is truly there for the children. Once, I granted a wish for a 14 year old boy who was
                                                                            dying from muscular dystrophy. Leaving his home one night after looking at the pictures of
                          A Starlight Luminary is such a person,
                          someone who is a ‘leading light’ for Starlight
                                                                            his father carrying him on his back into the porpoise pool, his mother said to me ‘it will be a
                          using their influence to great and positive        wonderful place to go to when he’s gone’. That we can help Starlight take children and families
                          effect. We are delighted that in 2007 Neil        in despair to such places I find astonishing, humbling and rewarding all at the one time.”
Kieren Perkins AO         Perry one of Australia’s premium gourmet
                          chefs and Olympic swimming legend Kieren          Jill Weekes - Chief Executive
                          Perkins AO accepted this prestigious
                          position as our first Starlight Luminaries.        “Making a positive difference to sick children is so rewarding – I see so many children and
                          Their continued support will help Starlight       families who are confronted by real challenges. Fortunately, Starlight can help them smile,
                          achieve our goals in the coming years.            laugh and cope better. Having now been CEO for ten years, it’s been the most wonderfully rich,
                                                                            challenging and rewarding journey and continues to be so. Working here reinforces my faith in
                          STARLIGHT PATRONS                                 human nature, shows me the positive influence that Starlight has and the important impact
Sir William Dean AC KBE   “Patron - supporter, protector, advocate,         individuals can have, working with and supporting Starlight.”
                          For many years Starlight has enjoyed the
                          support of our two core patrons, Sir William
                          Dean AC KBE and John Newcombe AO

John Newcombe AO OBE

Top Row: Professor Les White, Peter Butler, Mark Burrowes
Middle Row: Alison Deans, Carolyn Kay, Laura Andersen, Dr Merci Kusel                     Why I’m passionate
Front Row: Doug Jukes, Jill Weekes, Ian Kennedy
Absent: Philip Hennessy, Neil Flett, Stephen Johnson, Kieren Perkins, Graham Watman
                                                                                          about Starlight…

                                                                                          Dr Merci Kusel “I have personally witnessed the
                                                                                          calming effect Captain Starlight’s presence had on a
                                                                                          petrified child about to undergo a painful diagnostic
                                                                                          Kieren Perkins “After having a serious accident in my
                                                                                          childhood, I understand the stress, discomfort and
                                                                                          loneliness that hospital treatment brings.”
                                                                                          Mark Burrowes “Doctors heal their bodies and
                                                                                          Starlight helps heal the spirit of the kids and their
                                                                                          Steve Johnson “Without the work of organisations
                                                                                          such as Starlight it can be very difficult for children
                                                                                          and their families to see a light in the dark during
                                                                                          these painful and often stressful times – and so the
                                                                                          need for such work is profound.”
                                                                                          Peter Butler “Starlight is a true pioneer...”
                                                                                          Alison Deans “As a mother of three young children I’ve
                                                                                          seen the power of Starlight programs.”
                                                                                          Laura Anderson “Starlight offers children burdened
                                                                                          with serious illness the chance to laugh and feel
                                                                                          Philip Hennessy “Starlight’s focus and initiatives allow
                                                                                          me to make a ‘right now’ difference to those children
                                                                                          and families facing extra challenges.”
                                                                                          Neil Flett “The challenge now is to extend Starlight’s
                                                                                          services to the hundreds of thousands still untouched
                                                                                          by the many Starlight services.”
                                                                                          Graham Watman “Because we aren’t content with
                                                                                          brightening the lives of only a third of all seriously ill
                                                                                          kids, but are constantly finding ways to reach every
                                                                                          single seriously ill and hospitalised child in Australia.”
                                                                                          Carolyn Kay “The benefits of the happiness that
                                                                                          Starlight brings to these children and their families is
                                                                                          evident time and time again.”
About Starlight
Living with illness or injury can cause enormous strain in the lives of children and their families.

The pain, loneliness and isolation that sick children feel can dominate their lives. They      Starlight’s programs and services deliver meaningful benefits. Research has shown that
often miss out on normal experiences healthy children take for granted.                        our work:

Many children will live with their condition all their lives, and for seriously ill children     n Stimulates the senses and lifts the spirits
physical treatment is only part of the solution.                                                 n Promotes the healing process
Since 1988, the Starlight Children’s Foundation has been providing innovative programs           n Provides a more positive experience during hospital treatment
designed to lift the spirits of these children and their families when they need it most.
                                                                                                 n Assists the medical care team in patient compliance
Starlight brings fun and laughter to children no matter what their illness or where              n Provides essential respite from the strain of living with serious or chronic illness by
they live. Delivered both in and out of hospital, Starlight’s programs provide a positive          giving a positive focus for the child and family
distraction to children, their siblings and their parents.
                                                                                                 n Enables important social connections with others facing similar challenges, and
                                                                                                   helps to maintain the family spirit

                                                                                               Starlight is a national organisation with offices in Victoria, New South Wales,
                                                                                               Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Northern Territory. This national
                                                                                               structure allows Starlight to minimise its administration, fundraising and program
                                                                                               delivery costs as infrastructure for the organisation is shared.

                                                                                               “Starlight was like the gasp of air, in between being dumped by the waves”

                                                                                               - John, Starlight Parent

CAPTAIN STARLIGHT                               STARLIGHT FUN CENTRES                             STARLIGHT ESCAPES
Captain Starlight’s sole purpose is to bring    Starlight Fun Centres give kids the               Starlight Escapes offer families a much
smiles to sick children by distracting them     freedom to play what they want, when              needed break from the stress of a child’s
from their illness and pain and engaging        they want from their bedside. These               illness with a fun family experience.
them with unique skills, companionship          mobile entertainment units have                   By providing simple, unexpected
and entertainment. In the eyes of a child,      computer games, a CD and DVD player               entertainment such as a night at the
Captain Starlight is a magical super hero       loaded with numerous movies, lifting              movies or a picnic in the park, the Starlight
bringing laughter, games, magic and all         children’s spirits during difficult times.         Escapes program brings families together
kinds of fun activities into their lives. The   There are 478 Starlight Fun Centres in            and gives them a much needed respite
team of Starlight Captains work their           paediatric wards around Australia.                from hospitals and treatment rooms.
magic across numerous Starlight programs.
                                                STARLIGHT WISHGRANTING                            LIVEWIRE
STARLIGHT EXPRESS ROOMS                         A Starlight Wish is a dream come true for         Livewire is an exclusive secure online
The Starlight Express Room is a place           a seriously ill child. Sharing a special, once-   community connecting 10 to 18 year
where Captain Starlight delivers a special      in-a-lifetime wish brings a family together       olds living with serious illness or disability.
brand of fun and entertainment, alongside       and is an experience that stays with them         Livewire gives these teens the opportunity
the latest computer games, movies, crafts       forever. In 2008, Starlight aims to grant         to break through the isolation and loneliness
and activities. Kids too ill to leave their     450 life changing wishes for children with        they may suffer. It gives them the chance to
beds are also visited by Captain Starlight      serious and chronic illness.                      meet in a safe environment and share their
and can join in the fun via the daily                                                             experiences, make friends, have fun and
Captain Starlight shows broadcast to their      STARLIGHT EXPRESS VANS                            support each other.
bedside TVs. There are 7 Starlight Express
Rooms in Australia’s major paediatric           Seriously ill children living in regional and
hospitals providing a medical free respite      remote areas face enormous challenges             CLUB ADO
                                                such as extended periods away from                The only facility of its kind in Australia, Club
for children and their families.
                                                home for treatment, emotional hardship            Ado (Princess Margaret Hospital, Perth)
                                                and isolation from their friends and family.      is a dedicated space for teenagers where
                                                Our Starlight Express Van program                 they can hang out and escape the stress
                                                ensures that these children have the              and boredom of hospitalised life. Made up
                                                opportunity to experience the magic of            of a broad range of interactive activities
                                                Captain Starlight throughout the year as          and with professional room hosts trained in
                                                our vans travels across Australia.                various backgrounds to reflect the interests
                                                                                                  of adolescents, this initiative allows patients
                                                                                                  to support one another, meet new friends
                                                                                                  and discover hidden talents. It is Starlight’s
                                                                                                  aim to provide all paediatric hospitals with
                                                                                                  a Club Ado facility.

Starlight’s Impact
Every day Starlight employees and volunteers devote their time to help bring much needed laughter and smiles to sick children and
their families across the country.

In 2007…                                                                                             “The Starlight Express Room is a focal

                                                                                                     point, it’s a centre for activities for
     n 80 highly trained professionals made up our passionate Captain Starlight team
       visiting children in hospitals, clinics and special schools every day.                        children in this hospital. I know that

     n 7 Starlight Express Vans reached more than 22,500 children during over 80                     because the children are waiting at
       hospital visits.
                                                                                                     the door well before Starlight opens,
     n Captain Starlight entertained over 400,000 visitors across Starlight’s 7 Starlight
       Express Rooms.                                                                                and they’re there at the very end and

     n 478 Starlight Fun Centres are in paediatric wards throughout 170 hospitals.                   they’re very disappointed to see the
     n 520 Starlight Escapes entertained more than 900 families.                                     doors close. There’s so much activity in
     n Over 360 children had their Starlight Wish granted.
                                                                                                     that room, that children tear in there
     n Starlight launched the Livewire pilot program.
                                                                                                     at all times of the day to participate
     n Over 8,500 teens visited Club Ado.
                                                                                                     and enjoy themselves.”
     n Over 1,580 volunteers supported Starlight programs.
                                                                                                     - Dr Luce Dalla Pozza, Staff Specialist
                                                                                                     Oncology, Westmead

                                                                             4    Captains
                                                                             14   Starlight Fun Centres
                                                                             6    Volunteers

11    Captains
38    Starlight Fun Centres
                                                            NT                                                                 15     Captains
                                                                                                                               85     Starlight Fun Centres
1     Starlight Express Room
                                                                                                                               1      Starlight Express Room
1     Starlight Express Van
                                                                                                                               1      Starlight Express Van
1     Club Ado
                                                                                                                               225    Volunteers
288   Volunteers                                                                           QLD


                                                                                                                                    26    Captains
                                                                                                                                    214   Starlight Fun Centres
                                                                                                                                    3     Starlight Express Rooms
                                                                                                                                    2     Starlight Express Vans
                                                                                         VIC                                        489   Volunteers

                               4    Captains
                               56   Starlight Fun Centres
                               1    Starlight Express Van                                                                      4      Captains
                               26   Volunteers                                              TAS                                6      Starlight Fun Centres
                                                                                                                               1      Starlight Express Van
                                                                                                                               1      Starlight Wall
                                            16     Captains
                                                                                                                               31     Volunteers
                                            57     Starlight Fun Centres
                                            2      Starlight Express Rooms
                                            1      Starlight Express Van                                    8    Starlight Fun Centres
                                            376    Volunteers                                               27   Volunteers                           9
2007 At a Glance
Thanks to the continuous support of our partners we are pleased to share with you some significant milestones and
achievements Starlight celebrated in 2007.

                                                     Completion of the ‘50              Captain Starlight lands in       The ‘Starlight Wall’ is
                                                     Towns in 50 Weeks’ tour            the Northern Territory and       launched at Canberra Hospital
                                                     in conjunction with Caltex.        now regularly reaches children   providing hospitalised kids
                                                     Captain Starlight travelled over   in communities as far apart as   with ongoing interactive
                                                     40,000 kms to bring Starlight      Alice Springs and Gove, Darwin   entertainment and distraction.
                                                     magic to remote and regional       and Katherine.
                                                     areas for the first time.

                                                                                                           “Starlight creates smiles, ends

                                                                                                           loneliness and fear and holds families

                                                                                                           like ours together.”

                                                                                                           - Lillian, Starlight Parent.

Livewire pilot is launched.          The first Club Ado officially        Starlight undergoes a
A secure online community            launches in Perth, giving          comprehensive ‘Needs
where 10 - 18 year olds living       hospitalised teenagers a           Analysis’ research study to
with serious illness or disability   dedicated space of their own,      identify how, in the future,
can make friends and share           with exclusive access to a games   Starlight programs should
experiences with their peers         room, café, arts studio, media     support seriously ill children,
facing similar challenges.           station and lounge.                young people and their families,
                                                                        especially those in remote and
                                                                        regional areas. To respond to
                                                                        these needs Starlight develops a
                                                                        long term program

2008 and Beyond
Our goal is to enable every child to access Starlight’s programs. This will require continual evolution and in 2008 we will
focus on:

                            The Livewire program                  Starlight Escapes will evolve    Our Starlight Wishgranting    As part of our Regional
                            membership will be opened             to provide more activities       program will be expanded by   Needs project we will begin
                            up to ALL teenagers living            allowing even more families to   25%, with 450 life changing   Indigenous consultation
                            with serious illness or disability.   relax and enjoy much needed      wishes planned for 2008.      and develop program models
                            Hospital trials enabling bedside      fun time together.                                             to optimise Starlight activities in
                            access for seriously ill teenagers                                                                   remote communities.
                            will commence ensuring they
                            can remain in touch with their
                            peers and family even during
                            medical treatment.

                                                                                                        “It’s been a difficult year healthwise for my daughter but also

                                                                                                        for the whole family. Seriously, Starlight is the only thing that

                                                                                                        enables us to all focus on something positive and generate lots

                                                                                                        of smiles.” - Kylie, Starlight Parent.

3 new Starlight Express             A review of Starlight Fun           Final planning is underway      Planning will commence for new      Starlight will invest in a more
Vans will be launched, 1 in         Centres will be completed to        for the first ever Starlight     Starlight Express Rooms             sophisticated infrastructure with
QLD, in NSW and in the NT           evolve these into new dynamic,      Express Room in South           in the redeveloped Royal            better technology, to ensure
which will take Captain Starlight   interactive units for the future.   Australia, due to open in       Children’s Hospital, Melbourne      we maximise efficiencies as we
to regional hospitals and special                                       the Women’s and Children’s      and the new Queensland              continue to grow.
needs schools on a more                                                 Hospital in Adelaide in 2009.   Children’s Hospital in Brisbane,
regular basis.                                                                                          both due to open in 2011.

Expanding Our Reach
We will expand our services geographically, offering relevant programs for more remote and regional areas. We will also deepen our
programs for teenagers and young people with specific facilities to support their wellbeing by keeping them connected with ‘normal
life’ and their peer group both in and out of hospital.

50 Towns in 50 Weeks
In 2006 Caltex celebrated 50 years of refining in Australia, and to
commemorate this milestone the ‘50 towns in 50 weeks’ tour was
developed in conjunction with the Starlight Children’s Foundation.
The tour represented the single biggest community initiative ever
for both Starlight and Caltex. Captain Starlight traveled almost
40,000kms over a 50 week continuous tour around regional areas
of Australia. Visiting numerous hospitals, special schools and remote
communities, the Captains put on magic shows, karaoke competitions
and computer game challenges and painted hundreds of kid’s faces.

The 50 towns in 50 Weeks tour increased Starlight’s reach to remote
areas including towns such as Nhulunboy in the Northern Territory as
well as raising significant funds through Caltex fundraising activities. A
documentary, ‘Miles for Smiles’, screened on Channel 9 and featured
the story of Captain Starlight’s trip across Australia and the incredible
individuals that were touched by Starlight’s magic along the way.

                                                                            “The 50 Towns tour has set an amazing precedent for what can be achieved when two like
                                                                            minded organisations come together for the benefit of communities across Australia, and work
                                                                            in a truly symbiotic partnership. We are all extremely proud of this achievement.”
                                                                            – Des King, Managing Director & CEO, Caltex Australia Limited.
                                                                                                        Starlight reaches the NT
                                                                                                        Healthcare for children in the Northern Territory presents unique
                                                                                                        needs and challenges, one of which is reaching Indigenous children in
“It is a joy to see the transformation when Captain Starlight visits, as so many children, especially   remote areas who face cultural as well as geographical issues. Around
Indigenous kids, are withdrawn and suddenly they come out of their shell. It makes our job so           30% of the population in Northern Territory is Indigenous, but more
much easier and the hospital a happy place.”                                                            than 90% of the child admissions to paediatrics wards in Alice Springs
                                                                                                        and Darwin are Aboriginal. These children typically remain in hospital
- Christine Finlay, Director of Nursing, Royal Darwin Hospital, NT                                      for more than twice the average time as those in a metropolitan
                                                                                                        hospital in the southern states.

                                                                                                        Historically, reaching these children has been extremely difficult for
                                                                                                        Starlight however, in late 2006 Starlight established a permanent
                                                                                                        presence in the NT. Captain Starlight is now bringing fun and laughter
                                                                                                        to hospital wards and clinics in Darwin, Katherine, Alice Springs and
                                                                                                        Gove on a regular basis.

                                                                                                        To meet the unique needs in the NT, basic health and hygiene tips have
                                                                                                        helped to form part of the Captains’ fun and interactive shows. When
                                                                                                        visiting the Yirrkala health clinic the Captains’ shows focus on messages
                                                                                                        around the importance of nose blowing, ear cleaning and washing
                                                                                                        hands. Thanks to a new Starlight Express Van, Captain Starlight can
                                                                                                        also visit children living outside major regional centres.

                                                                                                        Starlight Wall, Canberra
                                                                                                        The Canberra Hospital is the primary public health facility serving the
                                                                                                        ACT and surrounding regions in southern NSW. Starlight launched
                                                                                                        the Starlight Wall in early 2007 to provide an interactive facility within
                                                                                                        Canberra Hospital’s existing play therapy room.

                                                                                                        In addition to the Starlight Wall, two Captain Starlights are now based
                                                                                                        in the ACT, spending three days a week in the Canberra Hospital as
                                                                                                        well as visiting hospitals on a monthly basis in surrounding towns
                                                                                                        including Goulburn, Albury, Wodonga, Wagga Wagga and Griffith.

                                                                         “We would love to meet other parents who understand our son’s condition so we could talk it
                                                                         over with them. The medical people are not really allowed to tell you what to do. It would just
                                                                         be so good to know another family and what they are doing.” - Geoff, Starlight Parent.

Needs Analysis
In 2007 Starlight undertook a Needs Analysis research project to
help us better understand the experiences of children and young
people - who have a serious illness, chronic health condition
or disability - and their families. Funded by the Macquarie
Group Foundation, the groundbreaking initiative will provide
vital information on how Starlight can expand and enhance its

The consultation program involved almost 300 people including
families, children, health professionals, service providers, Starlight
volunteers, academics, government agencies and others. Over 70
family members took part and it is their stories and experiences
in particular that have helped to bring a new perspective to
existing knowledge.

The final phase of this research involves consulting Indigenous
and isolated communities. Around 40% of children reside in
regional Australia and Starlight currently has limited means in
reaching these kids. One of the most exciting outcomes of this
project will be the development of more comprehensive and
sustainable regional models.

                                                                         “The work Starlight do is something that we will never do. That isn’t because we don’t believe it
                                                                         is important, it is because there are so many other services that we have to provide first. The
                                                                         reality is we operate in an environment of scarce resources and if Starlight wasn’t here, the types
                                                                         of things they do just wouldn’t happen.” - Health Professional

                                                                                                    “In the case of families living in regional and remote areas,
                                                                                                    those problems are compounded by the need to travel long
                                                                                                    distances for treatment and the extended family separation
                                                                                                    this often entails. In supporting this study, we hope that some
                                                                                                    of the pressures on regional families can be alleviated and the
                                                                                                    needs of seriously ill children better addressed.”
                                                                                                    - Julie White, Head of the Macquarie Group Foundation

“I was with her in hospital for every single day of the nine months. How do you describe it? You
are so desperate for things to do or talk about but even things you would normally talk about are
taken away from you because you are limited to what goes on in this one, tiny room.”
- Amanda, Starlight Parent

Young People and Teens
The needs of adolescents are quite specific. Young adults need
opportunities to be independent, to make choices and to interact with
their peers in a safe and private environment. This was the primary
motivation for Starlight to develop the pilot program of Livewire, an
exclusive, secure online community connecting 10 to 18 year olds
living with serious illness or disability. Livewire gives these teens the
opportunity to break through the isolation and disconnectedness
they may suffer. It gives them the chance to connect with their
peer group and share their experiences, make friends, have fun and
support each other – even as they cope with medical treatment or
prolonged hospital stays.

Livewire is all about the members, who can visit the chat room to
connect with others, start a blog and keep up to date with all the
latest news on music, movies and sports gossip. The Livewire website
has three separate communities for three age groups; 10-12 years,
13-15 years and 16-18 years, ensuring all content, language and chat
topics are relevant and age appropriate.

This is one of Starlight’s largest and most significant programs.
Ultimately, the aim of the program is to connect these young people
not only with their peers, but with their parents, siblings and friends.
                                                                            “The hosts and members are all absolutely friendly and brilliant and it’s good to get to know
                                                                            people that might have been through what I’ve been through.” - Livewire Member

                                                                            “Livewire is a really cool place for sick kids to hang out and talk to others with similar conditions.
                                                                            This is a big plus for those kids who live out of the city.” - Livewire Member

                                                                                                       The only facility of its kind in Australia, Club Ado is a dedicated
                                                                                                       space for teenagers, where they can hang out and escape the stress
                                                                                                       and boredom of hospitalised life. Made up of four distinct zones,
                                                                                                       each providing different activities and distractions, Club Ado is a
                                                                                                       collaborative initiative managed by Starlight and Perth’s Princess
                                                                                                       Margaret Hospital.

                                                                                                       Imaginations are unleashed with painting and arts in the Creative
                                                                                                       Cosmos room, the Star Studio has all the latest DVDs, plus
                                                                                                       filmmaking technology to produce shows, patients and their visitors
                                                                                                       can hang out in the games room, grab a quick snack in the funky
                                                                                                       Star Bites café or enjoy some fresh air in the outdoor area. Club
                                                                                                       Ado also has its own TV station, reaching isolated teenagers on the

                                                                                                       With professional room hosts trained in various backgrounds to
                                                                                                       reflect the interests of these young people, this initiative allows
                                                                                                       patients to support one another, meet new friends and discover
                                                                                                       hidden talents, all the while filling the room with smiles and

“Starlight lets you experience what’s great in life when other things aren’t so good. Even though
I was very sick, with Starlight I could still enjoy myself and have fun. That’s what life is about –
living in the moment.” – Cody, previous Starlight Wish Child

Thank You To Our Supporters
Starlight relies entirely on the generosity of the Australian public to exist. It is due to the kindness of individuals, businesses and
community groups that we are able to continue to provide our vital support to seriously ill children, young people and their families.

Volunteers are Starlight’s most valuable resource in making the dreams
of Starlight and the children a reality. Volunteers from across Australia
generously donate their time and effort to bring magic across numerous
activities to support Starlight.

These amazing individuals lend a hand on a regular basis, fundraising
for Starlight, helping to grant Starlight Wishes, working in our Starlight
Express Rooms, in our office and at our events, truly becoming part of
the Starlight family. Volunteering for Starlight not only makes a positive
                                                                                                                Adre vero odiamet.
change in the lives of Starlight families but often makes a strong impact
on those giving up their time too.

Each year, over 4000 people lend their support on Starlight Day, our
annual ‘cause day’ in May. Individuals and corporate groups volunteer
their time to sell merchandise and host Star Party fundraisers in the
name of Starlight.

Volunteers are essential to the success of the Starlight Children’s
Foundation - a huge thank you to all of our big hearted supporters.

“In January, after 18 years of organising wishes and decorating              “I’ve been a Starlight volunteer for ten years now, as I know first-hand how a wish can positively
rooms, I finally hung up my fairy wings. Looking back on my                   impact the life of a seriously ill child. It gives them something exciting to think about in the midst
time with the Starlight Children’s Foundation, I’m so proud to               of medical appointments and worry.”
have been part of such a wonderful organisation.”                            – Lyndal, Starlight Volunteer since 1997 and Starlight Wish child in 1992.
– Faye, Starlight Volunteer since 1988.

                                                                                                    Philanthropy is defined as ‘the love of humankind’ or ‘private action
                                                                                                    for the public good’. Philanthropy is the reason why generous, caring
                                                                                                    people support Starlight to brighten the lives of seriously ill children
                                                                                                    and their families.

                                                                                                    Starlight is fortunate to enjoy the support of many individuals whose
                                                                                                    philanthropy inspires them to help in a variety of ways and Starlight
                                                                                                    helps ensure their inspirational generosity makes a real difference to
                                                                                                    the children and families we help.

                                                                                                    There are a multitude of ways to support Starlight, which include
                                                                                                    caring people who make donations through mail, phone or internet,
                                                                                                    those who make a regular monthly donation, or have included
                                                                                                    Starlight in their Will, or those who through Foundation Grants
                                                                                                    or major donations contribute to Starlight’s work. Every donation
                                                                                                    makes a difference and helps us grow the extent and impact of our

                                                                                                    Declan raised $110 with his impromptu music performance which has
                                                                                                    helped more hospitalised kids have fun in the Starlight Express Room.
                                                                                                    Max chose to forgo his Christmas beer so he could make a donation and
                                                                                                    help grant more wishes. And Gloria made a bequest to Starlight so sick
                                                                                                    kids in the future will have the chance to smile again.

“I was on my way down to the supermarket where there was a Christmas Special on my                  Grants from caring donors and philanthropic organisations have
favourite beer. However I saw the postman coming and there was Starlight’s letter. After            taken the Starlight Express Van to more hospitals, sent more families
                                                                                                    on Starlight Escapes, granted more wishes and brightened more lives
reading about Christian and his ‘Rocket Ship Plans’ how could anyone purchase beer? As an old       in many ways.
age pensioner I can’t afford both so it might just be that your letter and Christian’s story have
cured my liking for alcohol.” – Max, Starlight Supporter.

Community Partnerships
Starlight is grateful for the support of a number of community groups and corporate
partners that kindly donate funds or goods and services, to further develop our

Throughout the year community supporters host a wide range of fundraising activities
for Starlight including dinners and balls, sporting and recreational challenges, movie nights,
garage sales, BBQs and morning teas, merchandise sales and Christmas light shows – just
to name a few!

While some activities are one off events, many become annual events with structured
committees. Starlight receives support from a broad range of community groups including
service and sporting clubs, purpose built committees, councils, schools, universities and
mother’s groups.
Some key community organisations and initiatives that support Starlight include:

   n Organised committees such as Young Starlight who have managed cocktail events
     and designer fashion shows throughout Australia.
   n Dinner and dance events such as Star Ball organised across the country.
   n Cycling events such as Tour de Kids and Chain Reaction.
   n Social fun events like Big Kids Night Out in Perth.
   n Kick 4 Kids, a great day where healthy kids kick goals to help sick kids.
   n Purplehaze football match with Fremantle Dockers and supporters Fremantle                   “For the families of seriously ill kids, and the children themselves,
     Ports.                                                                                      the pain must be unbearable. The fundraising bike rides I’ve
   n Challenging events like Star Jump (abseiling down city buildings), for the adrenalin        done for Starlight have been one of the toughest things I have
     and sporting individuals.                                                                   done physically, if not the toughest. But tomorrow I can go
   n Sporting activities like City2Surf or Bridge to Brisbane.                                   back to work and the pain will be gone with the help of an
   n For driving enthusiasts, events like Cruise for Charity and Starlight Trek.                 ice pack. For the kids who benefit from the Starlight Children’s
                                                                                                 Foundation and their families, the pain and suffering is constant
                                                                                                 and ongoing.” - Warrick Waugh, TDK rider.
                                                                                                           Case Study: Star Ball
                                                                                                           The concept of Star Ball was created by a passionate Starlight
                                                                                                           supporter in Sydney in 1997. What started as one event
                                                                                                           raising $8,000 for Starlight has now grown to annual black-
                                                                                                           tie dinners attended by over 1600 people in Canberra,
                                                                                                           Melbourne and Sydney, raising significant funds for Starlight.

                                                                                                           Founder and Chairman of the National Star Ball Committee,
                                                                                                           Scott Didier turned his passion for Starlight into an amazing
                                                                                                           fundraising concept. “Having experienced it first hand, I
                                                                                                           find the wonderful work Starlight does both motivating and
                                                                                                           inspiring. The Starlight culture and its people are infectious.
                                                                                                           All of us who work on Star Ball are honoured to be able to
                                                                                                           contribute and play our part in putting smiles on children’s

                                                                                                           These events raise significant funds for Starlight largely thanks
                                                                                                           to the passion and dedication of the external organising
                                                                                                           committees, who work tirelessly for a large part of the year.
                                                                                                           To help minimise event costs they aim to secure prizes and
                                                                                                           pro bono support for event facilities, prizes and entertainers.
                                                                                                           This helps to minimise event costs and ensure the greatest
                                                                                                           possible portion of funds raised goes directly to benefiting
                                                                                                           Starlight kids and families.
“It’s such an important cause, one that the mums and dads of our little players will embrace.
Apart from $1 from each registration that will be donated to Starlight, we’re looking forward to
the many different ways we can all fundraise throughout the year!”
– Terry, Executive Officer, Parramatta District Junior Rugby League.

“I think the fear you feel abseiling off a building is a little taste of how scary it is for families in
those situations” – Steve, Star Jump participant.

Corporate Partnerships
Many businesses, from large scale multinational companies, to small owner operator
businesses support Starlight. Our long term corporate partners have been built upon
an understanding of each other’s goals. A Starlight partnership can be linked to a
company’s ‘corporate social responsibility’ objectives, which often focus on supporting
local communities, enriching culture and engaging staff.

We pride ourselves on developing mutually beneficial relationships with all our corporate
partners to deliver tangible benefits to those who support us. We encourage volunteering
and staff engagement with our partners and offer corporate sponsors rewarding
opportunities including customised employee programs such as fundraising initiatives,
team-based volunteering opportunities and workplace giving programs.

There are many ways a company can support Starlight including: sponsorship, cause-
related marketing, fundraising, workplace giving, staff volunteering and donated goods
and services.

“Partnering with Starlight has proven to be both beneficial and rewarding. What
is most exciting has been the incredible sense of cohesion and support that
has flowed through the organisation. Employees at every level have embraced
our relationship and enhanced outcomes through internal initiatives to support
Starlight.” - Dennis Mahoney, National Sales & Marketing Manager, BIC

“Reed Construction Australia embarked on a joint cause-related marketing
campaign with Starlight and the Manly Sea Eagles team. The campaign was a
huge success and increased the amount of web traffic to Reed’s website from
40,000 hits to 200,000 hits per month.” - Kristy Reilly, Marketing Manager Reed
Construction Australia Pty Ltd

                                                              Case Study: AXA
                                                              In November 2006, AXA partnered with            see how the partnership benefits seriously
                                                              Starlight via the AXA Charitable Trust          ill children on a first hand basis. To date,
                                                              and Hearts in Action (HIA) community            AXA and Starlight have ‘delivered smiles’
                                                              investment programme to fund a series of        to children in Maitland, Hervey Bay, Dubbo
                                                              national Starlight Escapes - fun days out for   and Adelaide with a further 15 Escapes
                                                              seriously ill children and their families.      planned for 2008.

                                                              AXA’s community investment strategy             Summarising the relationship with Starlight,
                                                              is to develop partnerships with charities       AXA’s Corporate Social Responsibility
                                                              that support sick or disadvantaged children     Manager, Jennifer Dew, said: “AXA’s
                                                              and those affected by poverty and               support of the Starlight Escapes has
                                                              homelessness. In line with this strategy,       enabled our organisation to give back to
                                                              AXA provided funding for 19 fun and             the community in a genuine way and play
                                                              memorable Starlight Escapes which will          a small part in brightening the lives of
                                                              benefit more than 380 families across            seriously ill children at a challenging time.”
                                                              metropolitan and regional Australia.
                                                              The programme has been affectionately
                                                              dubbed “The AXA ‘delivering smiles’ Plan”
                                                              in reference to AXA’s current marketing

                                                              Rewarding volunteering opportunities
                                                              were incorporated into the Escapes
“A very high proportion of our people want to volunteer and   programme allowing AXA’s employees
get involved. Starlight Day has become a major milestone on   and its network of financial advisors to
                                                              directly interact with Starlight families and
the KPMG calendar each year. Teams around Australia take
time off from their day job, and have great fun, collecting
much needed funds for Starlight.”
Geoff Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, KPMG.

Corporate Governance
Starlight does not aspire to be the biggest, only the best. Our aim is to help as many seriously ill children as possible, in a personal,
principled and meaningful manner.

The Starlight Board and executive team are committed to the highest level of ethics in the     n Approve and review the strategic direction and plans of the organisation,
management and governance of Starlight, ensuring full transparency and accountability at
                                                                                               n Monitor the performance of the CEO and executive team in accordance with the
all times and compliance with Starlight’s Code of Conduct and Values. The two underlying
                                                                                                 strategic business plan and performance goals,
principles which govern every decision and action are:
                                                                                               n Review the structure, charter and composition of the Board and Board
  n What is best for the children?
                                                                                                 Committees and review outcomes of Board Committees,
  n We are only the trustees of the funds donated.
                                                                                               n Identify business risks and approve controls to manage risks and monitor
The Board shall comprise no fewer than six directors and no more than 17 at any one              compliance,
time, the majority of whom must be independent and non-executive directors. The                n Confirm the appointment of auditors, review the audit process and audit reports
Chairman shall be elected by directors and must be an independent, non-executive                 and approve annual forecasts and budgets,
director. New directors should be nominated and seconded by current Board Members
and then confirmed by the Nominations Committee.                                                n Determine and approve the level of authority to be granted to the CEO and
                                                                                                 authorise any further delegation by the CEO,
Starlight’s Board of Directors supports the ASX Principles of Good Corporate Governance
                                                                                               n Approve major operating and capital expenditure as well as credit facilities where
and Best Practice Recommendations. The Board meets bi-monthly and also conducts an
                                                                                                 required and
Annual General Meeting. In accordance with these principles, the Board has adopted a
formal charter incorporating their responsibilities which include to:-                         n Approve and review executive team’s performance targets, remuneration and
                                                                                                 succession plans.

                                                                                             Starlight’s non-executive directors do not receive any fees. Operational management
                                                                                             is the responsibility of Starlight’s CEO, with all powers, discretions and delegations as
                                                                                             authorised by the Board.

2007 Financial Summary

 Over the following pages we include financial highlights of Starlight’s performance in year
 ending 31st December 2007.

 In reviewing these please note that in 2006 Starlight changed the reporting period to a
 calendar year. The graphs and table information shown on the following two pages have been
 extracted from audited accounts. In the case of 2006 the January to December data has
 been extracted from the audited report for 18 months (June 2005 to December 2006).

 Prior to 2006 the information shown is for 12 months (June to July) each year.

 Full audited accounts are available on request or can be viewed on our


2007 Financial Summary



                                                                                                 Where our funds came from
Sources of Income                                                                                       5                                                             2004/2005

   n Individual and Community donations continue to be ourany previous year.income
     Income in 2007 was significantly above that achieved in major source of Growth                      0
     came from Community Events, Individual Giving and an increase in the level of
     and have shown the largest growth in 2007.
   n Our most significant single fundraising event continues to be Starlight Day where
     we receive support from over 4000 volunteers either selling merchandise on the

     day or holding Star Parties to raise funds for Starlight.
   n Our intention is to grow our online we invested in programs for the future. During
     Expenses also grew during 2007 as donations and significantly improve our

     relationship management capability in order to grow our return for seriously ill
     the year Starlight established a pilot of a secure online program on direct

     young people under the banner ‘Livewire’. An investment of $0.9m was made in

     this pilot which was an essential step in securing Federal Government funding to
     establish a robust and scaleable platform so this can be rolled out to the wider                                                                                  2006
     community, particularly those young people located in rural and remote locations.
                                                                                                        5                                                              2004/2005
                                      2006               2007
   n In addition we conducted extensive market research exploring howChangeStarlight
    programs are being perceived by those who access them and how we might                                                                                             2003/2004
    enhance and extend them to be able to meet the3935
                                                   objective of reaching 3 out of 3                     0
 Events                               3909                          1%
    seriously or chronically ill young people.                                                          Expenses
  n An investment was also made in upgrading our web presence and establishing
 Individual & Community              7510               9909
     it on a software platform that will enable us to update and maintain32% site
                                                                          the                 EVENTS
                                                                                                                 CORPORATE                                          INDIVIDUAL & COMMUNITY
                                                                                                                 PARTNERS                                           DONATIONS
     ourselves ensuring content is fresh and informative for everyone who wishes to                     20
     interact Partners
 Corporate with Starlight.           3129               3228             3%                   OTHER              DONATED
                                                                                              INCOME             GOODS AND
  n Given the size of these investments, a deficit of $0.2m was recorded for the year.                   15       SERVICES

    This is reflected in the slight decline in the level of Net Assets.                                                                                                  2007
 Donated Goods & Services            3250                3887          20%




Our thanks go to staff, partners and volunteers who have all contributed to achieving these
  Other results.
significant Income                        441               354                 -20%                         5                                                           2004/2005

 Totals                                 18239              21313               17%                          0

                                                                                                        Net Assets

                                                                                                        * Note: The above figures exclude donated goods and services.
                                                               The following ratios are extracted from audited financial reports. The ratios for 2006
                                                               are based on 18 months data.

                                                                Ratio                               2005              2006               2007

                                                                Direct cost of Fundraising/
                                                                Gross Income from Fundraising       14%               9%                 11%

                                                                Administration costs/Gross
                                                                                                    20%               23%                17%
                                                                Income from Fundraising

                                                                Total cost of Services              51%               52%                61%
                                                                provided/Total Expenditure

                                                               The above ratios are measures of efficiency within the overall operation and include
                                                               donated goods and services. The ratio of Direct cost of Fundraising to Gross Income
                                                               from Fundraising will vary depending on the mix of fundraising activities. Our strategic
                                                               focus is to shift to fundraising activities which have a higher net yield to Starlight.

                                                               Administration costs as a percentage of Gross Income from Fundraising can be adversely
                                                               effected by changes in the level of depreciation and any investments we might make to
“The focus is on the kids and the Captains treat them all
                                                               gain longer term efficiencies. Our objective is to see this ratio continue to decline over
equally. We love this because they don’t judge. The Captains   time.
don’t even ask which one has the problem and which are her
                                                               Total cost of Services to Total Expenditure relates our program spend to overall costs.
brothers and sisters.” - Cindy, Starlight Mother, WA
                                                               Our objective is to see our program spend as an increasing proportion of our overall


2007 Financial Summary



                                                                                                 Where our funds came from
Income of Income
Sources                                                                                                 5                                                             2004/2005

   n Income in and Community donations continue to be ourany previous year.income
     Individual 2007 was significantly above that achieved in major source of Growth                     0
     came from Community Events, Individual Giving and an increase in the level of
     and have shown the largest growth in 2007.
   n Our most significant single fundraising event continues to be Starlight Day where
     we receive support from over 4000 volunteers either selling merchandise on the

     day or holding Star Parties to raise funds for Starlight.
   n Expenses also is to grow our online we invested in programs for the future. During
     Our intention grew during 2007 as donations and significantly improve our

     relationship management capability of a secure online program on direct
     the year Starlight established a pilot in order to grow our return for seriously ill

     young people under the banner ‘Livewire’. An investment of $0.9m was made in

     this pilot which was an essential step in securing Federal Government funding to
     establish a robust and scaleable platform so this can be rolled out to the wider                                                                                  2006
     community, particularly those young people located in rural and remote locations.
                                                                                                        5                                                              2004/2005
                                      2006                2007
   n In addition we conducted extensive market research exploring howChange  Starlight
    programs are being perceived by those who access them and how we might                                                                                             2003/2004
    enhance and extend them to be able to meet the3935
                                                   objective of reaching 3 out of 3                     0
 Events                               3909                          1%
    seriously or chronically ill young people.                                                          Expenses
  n An investment was also made in upgrading our web presence and establishing
 Individual & Community              7510               9909
     it on a software platform that will enable us to update and maintain32% site
                                                                          the                 EVENTS
                                                                                                                 CORPORATE                                          INDIVIDUAL & COMMUNITY
                                                                                                                 PARTNERS                                           DONATIONS
     ourselves ensuring content is fresh and informative for everyone who wishes to                     20
     interact Partners
 Corporate with Starlight.           3129               3228             3%                   OTHER              DONATED
                                                                                              INCOME             GOODS AND
  n Given the size of these investments, a deficit of $0.2m was recorded for the year.                   15       SERVICES

    This is reflected in the slight decline in the level of Net Assets.                                                                                                  2007
 Donated Goods & Services            3250                3887          20%




Our thanks go to staff, partners and volunteers who have all contributed to achieving these
  Other results.
significant Income                        441               354                 -20%                         5                                                           2004/2005

 Totals                                 18239              21313               17%                          0

                                                                                                        Net Assets

                                                                                                        * Note: The above figures exclude donated goods and services.
                                                                                     How we applied our funds
Expenditure Summary
 n While income from Community fundraising grew significantly 2006 to 2007, our
   costs in generating this income also grew significantly.
 n Program costs increased 2006 to 2007 due to both the investment in Livewire
   and an increase in the number of Captain Starlights around Australia.
 n Administrative costs have declined but this is largely due to a very large
   depreciation expense in 2006 with the write down in value of the Starlight Fun
   Centres. This is in accordance with conservative accounting policies adapted by
   the Starlight Board.

                                          2006                 2007    Change

Partnerships                              3148                 3789    20%

Fundraising Costs                         1423                 2045    44%                            FUNDRAISING

                                                                                       PARTNERSHIPS   ADMINISTRATION

Programs                                  5536                 8617    56%

Administration                            3354                 3187    -5%

Totals                                    13461                17638   31%

* Note: The above figures exclude donated goods and services.

Frequently Asked Questions
How does Starlight determine which children get access to                                        There seems to be a few charities doing similar work, why doesn’t
Starlight programs?                                                                              Starlight work more closely with these charities?
Our in-hospital programs do not discriminate – any hospitalised child, and their siblings,       Starlight liaises with other children’s charities on a regular basis to ensure our services
parents and friends are welcome in a Starlight Express Room, or may use a Starlight Fun          are differentiated and complement the support provided by other charities. Starlight’s
Centre. The Starlight Wishgranting program is open to seriously, chronically, terminally         programs are unique, and provide an invaluable service to families experiencing difficult
ill and disabled children aged 4-18 years, who have not previously received a wish from          circumstances. Starlight does not offer financial or medical assistance to families.
Starlight, or a similar wishgranting organisation. The child must be referred to Starlight
by their healthcare practitioner. Children eligible for a Starlight Wish are also eligible
to participate in the Starlight Escapes program, which provides Starlight kids and their         How does Starlight decide where donations are spent?
families with a break from the ongoing pressures of long term illness.                           We seek to maximise the amount of donated funds spent on innovative programs to
                                                                                                 help seriously ill children and young people throughout Australia. There are operating
How does Starlight evaluate its programs?                                                        and administrative costs associated with providing these services and we work
Recently, we conducted a comprehensive research study in which parents, children                 extremely hard to make sure these costs are kept as low as possible.
and health care professionals were consulted on their needs, and the value of
existing programs. Every day we receive feedback from Starlight families, health care            How are Starlight’s costs monitored?
professionals and partners - information which is used to refine and enhance our
                                                                                                 We are acutely aware that every dollar spent has been donated, and it is therefore
programs. A national evaluation framework has also been put in place which will provide
                                                                                                 everyone’s focus to minimise non-program expenses. Detailed budgets are prepared
information to improve the quality and focus of each program area.
                                                                                                 each year and performance against budget is closely monitored by management and
                                                                                                 the Board. Starlight seeks to obtain donated goods and services when ever possible.
What is Starlight hoping to achieve in 2008?                                                     Detailed accounts are produced each year and are independently audited.
Starlight’s initial goal was to reach 1 out of 3 seriously or chronically ill and hospitalised
children. We have now set ourselves the more ambitious target of reaching 3 out of               How do Starlight’s operating costs compare with other charities?
3 children. This ambitious goal can not be achieved without considerable change and
                                                                                                 Because charities are different sizes and generate their revenues in many different ways,
investment. For example, we must build on our recent initiatives – the expansion into
                                                                                                 direct comparisons are difficult. Some charities simply receive and distribute donations,
the Northern Territory, the extension of services to teenagers, our online program
                                                                                                 others, like Starlight, deliver services directly to those in need. Starlight is a relatively
called Livewire, as well as our ongoing core programs. We will also be investing in a
                                                                                                 small, specialist charity which relies on the generosity of donors and supporters without
more sophisticated infrastructure with better technology to ensure maximum efficiency
                                                                                                 the benefit of dedicated support from a religious group or single large corporate
in the future.

Does Starlight receive any funding from the government?
This year, for the first time ever, Starlight (through a wholly owned subsidiary ‘NFP
Online’), has applied to receive government funding specifically to build the pilot of
a secure online program called ‘Livewire’. Livewire is a program designed to connect
Starlight services to those children who are left at home, away from their friends and
unable to remain in contact with their peer group. This funding, if granted, cannot
be used for any other purpose and must be matched with in kind contributions from
Starlight and its development consortium partners.
External auditors have given Starlight members a qualified audit
report. Why?
The qualification relates to the fact that some community fundraising activities may
be undertaken without Starlight’s knowledge or endorsement. This prevents Starlight
from monitoring and ensuring receipt of all monies collected. This is common in many

Aren’t there Starlight offices overseas… does any funding come
from Starlight’s international partners (and vice versa)?
Yes, Starlight does exist abroad and we share key program learnings with these affiliates.
However, Starlight operates independently in each country – all funds donated in
Australia are directed towards the running of Starlight in Australia and Starlight does not
remit any funding to international counterparts.

Does Starlight have any religious or political leanings?
No, Starlight is a non denominational charity. Its goal is for every seriously ill and
hospitalised child in Australia to have access to Starlight programs regardless of race,
culture or religion.

How you can support Starlight
Every gift you give helps bring fun and laughter to people whose lives are being adversely affected
by illness.

People and Time. We understand                 Sponsorship of Starlight programs,              Bequests are a way of remembering
the importance of staff engagement, and        such as the Starlight Express Rooms and         Starlight in your Will. Your legacy will help
offer our corporate partners rewarding         Starlight Express Vans.                         Starlight spread much needed laughter
opportunities to become part of the                                                            and positive distraction now, and into the
Starlight family. Starlight has a number       Volunteering. You can help to grant             future.
of ways to engage with staff including         wishes, help out in our Starlight Express
customised fundraising programs, team-         Rooms, volunteer at Starlight events such       Donations no matter how large or
based volunteering opportunities and           as Starlight Day, come into our office or        small, every dollar helps. You can choose
payroll giving programs.                       become a public speaker for Starlight.          to make a one off donation, or become a
                                                                                               regular monthly donor, where payments
Workplace Giving is a payroll                  Fundraising activities are a great              are automatically deducted from your
deduction scheme where employees               way of raising much needed funds and            bank account or credit card. All donations
choose to give a portion of their income       awareness. Anyone can host a fundraising        over $2.00 are tax deductible.
to a charity. Employees are able to            event with their local school, club,
donate from their pre-tax pay, gaining an      community group, work colleagues or on
immediate tax benefit.                          their own.                                      “The Starlight Children’s Foundation
                                                                                               really is a bright light in dull days.”
Donated Goods and Services                     Celebrations are a part of life, and if
assist Starlight in many ways, from granting                                                   – Sarah, Starlight Parent.
                                               you’ve got all you need, why not ask your
wishes, to promoting the Starlight brand       guests to make a donation in lieu of buying
to running our Starlight Escape programs,      a gift, be it for your child’s christening or
which rely exclusively on the donation of      baby shower, your birthday, anniversary,
tickets, activities and services etc.          wedding or Christmas.

Starlight would like to thank:
AXA for funding the production of this Annual Report.
Without your support, this project could not have been completed.

Brand Logic

Hunt Online

Oneill Photographics

*Note: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers are warned that this
report may contain images and quotes of deceased persons.
How you can help Starlight:
There are many ways you can help Starlight, through
your workplace, with friends, community groups or
on your own!

Here are some ideas:

Host a fundraiser with family, friends, work
colleagues, your local sporting group or club. If you’re
stuck for ideas, gives us a call and we’ll send you a
little inspiration.

You can help to grant wishes, help out in our
Starlight Express Rooms, volunteer at Starlight
events such as Starlight Day, come into our office or
become a public speaker for Starlight.

No matter how large or small, every dollar helps!
Call us or visit our website and follow the prompts
to our donations page.

Visit for further
information, or call 1300 727 827.

Thank you for your support!

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