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Important - Please note this information will be updated from time-to-time (see version and date in top left corner).
A final version will be emailed to exhibitors a couple of weeks before the Fair.

Information for 2010 UTS Careers Fair Exhibitors
The 2010 event will be held on levels 4 and 5 of
the UTS Tower Building (Broadway campus),
from 1pm to 5pm on Wednesday March 24

The UTS Broadway Campus is located in
Sydney City, very close to Central station.

Because of space restrictions at our central
location, we are unable to provide parking for
the Fair. User pay parking is available at various
locations marked on the map.

Stop and Drop

Although these parking stations are only a short
walk from the Tower Building, we recommend
that you stop to unload equipment at the
Broadway entrance to the Tower Building
before parking. To do this you must be driving
East on Broadway (ie towards the city). You
may stop briefly to unload and then move your
car to a parking station. Make sure your
equipment is clearly labelled with your company
name so that it may be quickly identified and not
confused with other exhibitors’ equipment. Student ‘Roadies’ in fluoro orange vests will be there to help you.

  > Each booth is 3m wide x 1m deep x 2.3m high and has black, carpeted walls. A limited number of larger
    booths may be available at additional cost. Contact the Industry Liaison Coordinator to discuss your
    needs. 02 9514 7906,
  > The exhibitor name and booth number will be displayed across the front fascia in professional signage
                                                          (see example below). Each exhibitor is entitled to
                                                          up to four representatives per booth (at any one

                                                               > 1 table (130cms x 55cms)
                                                               > black tablecloth
                                                               > 2 chairs
                                                               > 2 spotlights
                                                               > 1 standard electrical socket

                                                              > Bring Velcro to attach your posters
                                                              > Bring double adapters and extension cords for use
                                                                with electrical equipment
                                                              > To request special power for refrigerators etc,
  NOTE: Pictured booth is 3mx3m, UTS Careers Fair               please contact
  booths are 3mx1m
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   > Banners and stands must be contained inside your booth/s
   > Please be aware that spot lights and fascia boards contribute to height restrictions
   > Internet access is not provided, however UTS is a wireless-friendly environment.

  > Deliveries: between 8am and 11am, Wednesday 24 March. Boxes/equipment should be clearly labelled
    with your exhibitor name and booth number, and be delivered directly to your booth. EG:
              Company (your organisation’s name) , booth (your booth number)
              UTS Careers Fair
              Levels 4 and 5, Tower Building
              University of Technology, Sydney
              15 Broadway, ULTIMO 2007
  > Pick-ups: between 5pm and 9pm, Wednesday 24 March. Boxes/equipment should be clearly labelled with
    your exhibitor name, return address, and number of items
  > Couriers should use the Broadway entrance
  > Please provide couriers with a copy of the 2010 Careers Fair floor plan (available online). Couriers
    should be told to see UTS Security (Tower Building, level 4, RHS on entering from Broadway) if they need
    assistance on the day.
  > If you have any special requirements regarding delivery and access please contact the Industry Liaison
    Coordinator 02 9514 7906

On arrival
Please enter the UTS Tower Building using the Broadway entrance. Note that you will be on level 4 and may
proceed directly to your booth. If you are not sure where you are located, ask a Roadie (student in orange
fluoro vest) . An exhibitor’s pack will be at your booth. Please ensure that all representatives wear the ID
lanyards provided in the pack. We suggest you arrive between 9am and 11am so you have plenty of time to
set up and enjoy your lunch before the Fair begins.

Roadies (student helpers) will be available from 9am at the Broadway entrance to the Tower Building to direct
you and if necessary, assist with moving your equipment to your booth. Look for friendly faces in bright orange

  > Served from 11.30am
  > Location: exhibitor break-out room (adjacent to the Great Hall on level 5)

Afternoon tea
  > Available from 3pm
  > Other snacks and drinks available in the exhibitor break-out room (adjacent to the Great Hall on level 5)

Tea , coffee & water
  > Available from 10am in the exhibitor break-out room (adjacent to the Great Hall on level 5)
  > Water bottles at each booth will be refilled by roadies throughout the afternoon
  > Additional refrigerated water coolers are dotted around the fair for your comfort

Leaving the event
Roadies will be available until 6.30pm to assist you with taking heavy or awkward items to the level 4
Broadway entrance, where you can stop and pack your car, or flag a taxi.
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Spare materials
The Careers Service would be delighted to accept spare brochures, leaflets etc for use in our resource centre
and distribution across campus. Simply mark materials "For UTS Careers" and leave in your booth.

Free use of vacancy advertising service
Advertise your graduate program for free! Look at information and on-line booking and make a note in the
comments box that you are a Careers Fair exhibitor.

More information
If you have any questions about this event, please do not hesitate to contact or Alice Watkins
on 02 9514 7906.

Wishing you a successful graduate recruitment season.

Alice Watkins.

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