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					                                          Roses That Do Well
                                         in our Desert Climate
                                           Updated January 2006

This newly updated list of recommended roses includes varieties grown by members of the Desert Rose
Society that do well in our hot, dry climate. It is not by any means meant to be exhaustive, as there are
many other roses that can do well here. It should be noted that there are many factors that influence how a
rose performs in a given setting, including climate (and microclimates can vary even within a garden),
feeding, water, sunlight, competition from other plants/trees, etc.). The inclusion of a variety on this list
does not necessarily imply that it is totally disease-resistant; some of these roses are prone to powdery
mildew during the cooler months.

Other more general sources of information on individual varieties may be found in/at the following
publications/web sites: ARS Handbook for Selecting Roses, Combined Rose List, Modern Roses 11,,,

American Rose Society
Color Class Abbreviations

ab – apricot & apricot blend
dr - dark red
dp - deep pink
dy - deep yellow
lp - light pink
ly - light yellow
m – mauve & mauve blend
mp - medium pink
mr - medium red
my - medium yellow
ob - orange & orange blend
op - orange-pink & orange-pink blend
or - orange-red & orange-red blend
rb - red blend
r - russet
w - white, near white & white blend
yb - yellow blend

Hybrid Teas
Ain’t She Sweet (or)
Artistry (op)
Betty White (pb)
Black Magic (dr)
Blue Girl (m)
Blue Nile (m)
Brandy (ab)
Bride’s Dream (lp)
Brigadoon (rb)
Bronze Star (ab)
Brooks’ Red (mr)
Cajun Moon (w)
Cajun Spice (or)
Cajun Sunrise (pb)
Camara (or)
César E. Chavez (aka Beloved) (mr)
Chicago Peace (pb)
Chris Evert (ob)
Chrysler Imperial (dr)
Color Magic (pb)
Crowd Pleaser (dp)
Dainty Bess (single) (lp)
Della Reese (m)
Delta Gold (yb)
Double Delight (rb)
Dr. Bob Harvey (lp)
Elle (op)
First Prize (pb)
Fragrant Cloud (or)
French Perfume (yb)
Full Sail (w)
Gemini (pb)
Gold Medal (my)
Grand Siècle (aka Great Century) (pb)
Honor (w)
Hot Princess (dp)
Ingrid Bergman (dr)
Ink Spots (dr)
Jema (ab)
Johnny Becnel (ob)
Just Joey (ab)
Kardinal (mr)
Karen Blixen (w)
Key Largo (op)
Let Freedom Ring (dr)
Liebeszauber (mr)
Liverpool Remembers (aka Beauty Star) (or)
Louise Estes (pb)
Lynn Anderson (pb)
Manou Meilland (m)
Marilyn Monroe (ab)
Medallion (ab)
Mellow Yellow (dy)
Melodie Parfumée (m)
Mikado (rb)
Miss All-American Beauty (dp)
Mister Lincoln (dr)
Mom’s Rose (pb)
Moonstone (w)
Neptune (m)
Oklahoma (dr)
Olympiad (mr)
O’Rilla (r)
Papa Meilland (dr)
Paris d'Yves St. Laurent (dp)
Peace (yb)
Pearl (w)
Perfect Moment (rb)
Perfume Delight (mp)
Peter Mayle (mr)
Pink Favorite (mp)
Pink Peace (mp)
Pop Warner (pb)
Pristine (w)
Proud Land (dr)
Red Intuition (rb)
Rina Hugo (dp)
Rio Samba (yb)
Rose Rhapsody (dp)
Rosie O’Donnell (rb)
Secret (pb)
Sheer Bliss (w)
Sheer Elegance (op)
Spencer’s Delight (ab)
St. Patrick (yb)
Strawberry Romance (rb)
Table Mountain (w)
   (with pink/green)
Taboo (dr)
Terracotta (r)
Touch of Class (op)
Tropicana (or)
Uncle Joe (dr)
Ultimate Pink (lp)
Valencia (ab)
Veterans’ Honor (mr)
Victor Borge (ob)
Voluptuous (dp)

Arizona (ob)
Fragrant Plum (m)
Gold Medal (my)
Queen Elizabeth (mp)
Silver Star (m)
Tournament of Roses (mp)

Amber Queen (ab)
Angel Face (m)
Betty Boop (rb)
Brass Band (ab)
Chihuly (yb)
City of Carlsbad (ob)
City of San Francisco (dr)
Disneyland (ab)
Dr. Jo (ab)
Europeana (dr)
Fabulous! (w)
First Kiss (lp)
French Lace (w)
Gruss an Aachen (lp)
Hannah Gordon (pb)
Honey Bouquet (yb)
Honey Perfume (ab)
Hot Cocoa (r)
Iceberg (w)
Intrigue (m)
Judy Garland (yb)
Katherine Loker (my)
Kathleen Ferrier (op)
Lady of the Dawn (wb)
Lavaglut (dr)
Lavender Pinocchio (m)
Lichterloh (mr)
Livin’ Easy (ob)
Miami Moon (op)
Miss Ada (lp)
Nicole (rb)
Our Lady of Guadalupe (pb)
Pasadena Star (w)
Passionate Kisses (mp)
Pinnacle (rb)
Playboy (rb)
Playgirl (mp)
Purple Tiger (m)
Sarabande (or)
Scentimental (rb)
Sexy Rexy (mp)
Sheila’s Perfume
Simplicity (mp)
Summer Fashion (yb)
Sun Flare (my)
Sunsprite (dy)

Anda (dr)
Cecile Brunner (lp)
Cecile Brunner, Cl. (lp)
China Doll (mp)
Excellenz von Schubert (m)
Lullaby (w)
Margo Koster (ob)
Orange Morsdag (aka Orange Mothersday) (ob)
Red Fairy (mr)
Snow White (w)
Sweet Pea (m)
The Fairy (lp)
The Gift (w)
Verdun (r)
Zenaitta (rb)

Miniatures and Mini-Floras
Autumn Splendor (yb)
Bee's Knees (yb)
Behold (y)
Butter Cream (ly)
Charismatic (wb)
Chelsea Belle (mr)
Conundrum (yb)
Erin Alonso (my)
Fairhope (ly)
Giggles (mp)
Gizmo (ob)
Glowing Amber (rb)
Gourmet Popcorn (w)
Heather Sproul (mp)
Hilde (m)
Hot Tamale (rb)
Incognito (m)
Irresistible (w)
Jean Kenneally (ab)
Kristin (rb)
Lady E’Owyn (pb)
Little Artist (rb)
Merlot (dr)
Minnie Pearl (pb)
Miss Flippins (mr)
Neon Cowboy (rb)
Odessa (m)
Peter Cottontail (w)
Pierrine (op)
Popcorn (w)
Rainbow's End (yb)
Rise n' Shine (my)
Ruby Baby (rb)
Sachet (m)
Santa Claus (dr)
Scentsational (m)
Soroptimist International (pb)
Sweet Chariot (m)
Vista (m)
Winsome (m)
X-rated (pb)

Large-Flowered Climbers
Altissimo (red)
America (or)
Berries 'n’ Cream (pb) (pink/white striped)
Chariots of Fire (rb)
Compassion (op)
Constellation (ab)
Don Juan (dr)
Fourth of July (rb) (red/white striped)
High Hopes (mp)
Morning Jewel (mp)
Pearly Gates (mp)
Pierre de Ronsard (aka Eden Climber) (w)
Pink Don Juan (mp)
Polka (ab)
Rosarium Uetersen (dp)
Royal Sunset (ab)
Sombreuil (w)
The Impressionist (yb)
Wells Climber (pb)

Shrubs – includes “Modern”, “Classic,” Austin and others
Abraham Darby (op)
Ballerina (mp)
Be-Bop (rb)
Dortmund (mr)
English Garden (ab)
Flower Girl (lp)
Flutterbye (yb)
Gertrude Jekyll (mp)
Golden Celebration (dy)
Golden Wings (ly)
Graham Thomas (dy)
Happy Child (my)
Heritage (lp)
Illusion (mr)
Jacqueline du Pré (w)
Jude the Obscure (my)
Lilian Austin (op)
Lynnie (mp)
Mary Rose (mp)
Outta the Blue (m)
Pat Austin (or)
Paul Bocuse (ab)
Paul Ecke, Jr. (ob)
Perdita (ab)
Princesse Alexandra (dp)
Prospero (mr)
Route 66 (m)
Sally Holmes (w)
Shakespeare 2000 (dr)
Sonia Rykiel (op)
Starry Night (w)
Tamora (ab)
The Dark Lady (dr)
The Prince (dr)
The Squire (dr)
Tradescant (dr)
Wise Portia (m)

Old Garden Roses
Archduke Charles (rb)
Austrian Copper (rb)
Baronne Prevost (mp)
Catherine Mermet (lp)
Cherry Drop (rb)
Comte de Chambord (lp)
Cramoisie Superieur (rb)
Deuil de Dr. Raynaud (dp)
Eugene de Beauharnais (m)
Grandmother’s Hat (aka Mrs. R.G. Sharman-Crawford) (mp)
Her Majesty (mp)
La Reine (mp)
Le Vésuve (pb)
Louise Odier (dp)
Louis Philippe (rb)
Mme Isaac Pereire (db)
Mutabilis (yb)
Napoleon (pb)
Old Blush (mp)
Phil’s Hot Pink Perpetual Damask (aka General Allard) (mp)
Purezza (w)
R. Fortuniana (w)
R. Glauca (mp)
R. Moschata (w)
Rose de Rescht (dp)
Rose du Roi (mr)
Sombreuil (w)
Souvenir de la Malmaison (lp)
Sydonie (mp)
The Green Rose (w) (green)
The Portland from Glendora (aka Joasine Hanet) (m)
Tipsy Imperial Concubine (pb)
Triomphe du Luxembourg (pb)
Vick’s Caprice (pb)
Yolande d'Aragon (mp)

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