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									                         . . .to the                                                                       April 2006

                         Rehoming Some Of Colorado’s Most Eligible Dogs
                                                                                                          ABRN News

In This
                         A Team Effort
                                                                                                     along with children was

   Issue:                                                                                            very educational for the
                                                                                                     parade audience as well.

                         ABRN 2006 Rescue Parade                                                  Twenty-one
                                                                                                  and      their
                                 by Sandy Moore                              lies braved the below-average tempera-
                                                                             tures, and many of the dogs arrived in teams.
                         Teamwork was the word of the day Feb-
                         ruary 18th at All Breed Rescue Network’s 2006     There were two elegant Borzoi (left) named El-
2 - Trinket              Rescue Parade in the National Western Com-        liott and Jake who ignored the cold to grace the
                         plex’s Hall of Education. This annual event,      parade. Elliott came into rescue when he was
                         sponsored by the Plum Creek Kennel Club,          only 6 months old from a backyard breeder who
5 - Rescue Profile        gives All Breed Rescue Net-                       couldn’t sell the last three puppies and surren-
                         work the opportunity to cel-                                             dered them instead. He was
                         ebrate the successes rescue                                              adopted by John and Bar-
6 - Furry Scurry         groups have had in placing                                               bara Gierscher. The most
                         dogs in loving homes, as                                                 recent addition to the Gier-
7 - Who’s Who            well as educate the parade                                               scher family is Jake. Jake’s
                         audience about the charac-                                               former home offered him a
                         teristics of specific breeds.                                             dirt backyard and a bucket
8 - Happenings. . .                                                                               of dry dog food, both of
                         Jackie Selby and Ted Ter-                                                which he shared with anoth-
                         roux were the team of an-                                                er small dog. He had been
                         nouncers for the parade             Borzois Elliott and Jake             separated from another dog
                         this year. Jackie Selby is an                                            that lived in the house after
                         award-winning midday radio personality for        that dog had torn his neck open. Maggie Rice
                         KOOL 105 and an avid supporter of animal          of Borzoi Welfare called Elliott’s Dad and Mom
                         rights. Ted Terroux is a well-known canine be-    about Jake and they all went together to pick
                         havior consultant and has been featured on Ani-   him up. According to Barbara, “Both dogs suf-
                         mal Planet, KUSA Petline 9, and KCNC News         fer from ADD (Attention Dog Deficit), because
                         4. He is also a Canine Good Citizen evalua-       neither dog thinks they get enough attention.”
                         tor for the American Kennel Club. Thanks to
                         Jackie’s heartfelt efforts, each dog’s story of   Alaskan Malamutes were represented by Dante-
                         bleak beginnings and happy endings touched        and Tahoe. Dante was left by his owner as a
                         all the audience members. Ted’s original rating   stray at a shelter. He arrived at POLARIS Alas-
                         system for each breed regarding such areas as     kan Malamute Rescue walking in a pigeon-toed
 Nancy Gregory’s Bunny   trainability, level of energy, and ability to get                  . . . fetch the rest on page 3
                                                                               ABRN Hotline: 303-989-7808
President’s Message                            I’m also happy with the many improve-
         by Martha Smith                       ments to our website. It is now possible for
                                               anyone to easily print out a complete list of
                                               all our rescue groups. Since the list changes
I  feel very good about All Breed’s recent     frequently, this is the absolutely best way
accomplishments and upcoming events.           to have the most current information about
The Plum Creek Kennel Club Rescue              who’s rescuing what breed. Terrye Hoffman,
Showcase was excellent. Thanks to every-       the webmaster, is doing an excellent job, and
one’s hard work to make it such a success.     she’s trained several of us to have adminis-
Thanks again to DeDe LaRue for gener-          trative access to make changes as they occur.
ously donating one of her whimsical sculp-     It is also possible now for our rescue groups
tures for the second year. We will use the     to access the website directly to enter their
funds well.                                    contact information and statistics. Technolo-
                                               gy’s grand when it ultimately makes us more
I’m excited about the “All Breed Rescue        efficient at helping the dogs and the people
Network 101” workshop to be held at the        who need help re-homing their dogs or want
Dumb Friends League on April 30th (see         to adopt a dog. Enjoy the newsletter. We
the back page of this newsletter). All who     welcome your comments, articles, and pho-
are interested are welcome to attend – just    tos. I’m delighted that we received so many
call Sandy Moore in advance so we know         generous donations this quarter. We appreci-          Remember, you can write a
how many are coming and have enough            ate each and every one of them. Thank you.              check to support this
materials for everyone.                        Have a lovely Spring.                                 worthwhile fund anytime!
                                               to do agility. Poodle Rescue had the patella    their grooming certifications. Trinket loved

Trinket by Linda Pocurull
                                               surgery done on Trinket, and Jeanne let me
                                               take Trinket home to foster her and heal. Of
                                               course, Trinket came to live with me for-
                                                                                               to spend the weekends with Wendy at these
                                                                                               events. One of Trinket’s favorite places was
                                                                                               Anna’s Howlin’ Cowgirl Rancho. She loved
                                                                                               a good ‘walk about’ there and was the best
                                                                                               ranch dog when it came to doing chores. She
                                               Trinket was an honest and hard-working          was also known to ride a big white horse or
It is with many tears I tell of the travel     dog, as well as charming to all who met         miniature donkey from time to time. After
of my precious Toy Poodle, Trinket, to         her. I brought her to many dog                                       meeting Trinket, many
the Rainbow Bridge. I came home to find         shows as our ‘mascot’ and                                            people had a new ap-
Trinket had been taken by the Great Spirit.    often had offers from people                                         preciation for those
She had just not been herself for the past     to buy her. Trinket was a cer-                                       little white fluffy poo-
two days, but it did not seem to be any-       tified therapy dog with TDI                                           dles.
thing serious. Do we ever really know?         and also worked with Pike’s
                                               Peak Hospice. Each time she                                           Yes it’s true, Trinket
Trinket came to live with me in early 2001     worked as a therapy dog, a                                            owned the entire Bar-
through Poodle Rescue of the Rockies.          ‘miracle’ occurred. Trinket and                                       bie wardrobe, fairy
Trinket had been abandoned and was in          I worked for some time with                                           wings, and even had
a sick ward at one of the Denver shelters      agility and although we never                                         jewelry that some say,
when they obtained her. She had such bad       actually competed, Trinket                                            made her look at bit like
luxating patellas that she could not walk      was asked to be a demo dog for                                        Elizabeth Taylor. She
up stairs, and certainly could not jump on     many agility demonstrations.                                          was an old soul, full of
the couch or go for a walk. I was at Jeanne    To see little Trinket climb the A frame or      wisdom and spirit far bigger then her size.
Phipers’ one afternoon and met Trinket         work the teeter was incredible. Trinket also    Thank you, Jeanne, for letting me share my
and knew she just had to come home with        worked with her groomer, Wendy Booth, at        life with Trinket. She was a most special gift
me. I had been looking for a toy dog to        many grooming contests and events over          who will always be in my heart and forever
do agility with. The vet had said if Trinket   the past several years. Trinket was well        missed. Trinket was buried at the Howlin’
had knee surgery, she was so young and         known at these events and people began          Cowgirl Rancho. Thank you Anna, for letting
full of spirit that she would likely be able   to call Wendy to request using Trinket in       Trinket be at peace, at this special place.
                                                                                              ABRN Hotline: 303-989-7808
. . . You Found It!
                                                                     The Beagle team
                                                                                            Two Border Collies, Devon and Cash, were
                                                                     of Scout and Crash     on the list for the parade as well. Unfortu-
Plum Creek Rescue Parade                                             (page 4)                                              nately, Cash
                                                                     helped to                                             developed
fashion which turned out to be an ACL        make the Ives family proud at                                                 an eye in-
injury. His veterinarian offered to try a    this year’s parade. Scout was a                                               fection and
new surgical procedure on                                 stray who had some                                               couldn’t par-
Dante, and Dante was the fea-                             trust issues early on                                            ticipate, but
tured star for a video confer-                            from being aban-                                                 Devon did a
ence training class to over 30                            doned at 8 years                                                 great job of
veterinarian orthopedic sur-                              of age. She is still                                             representing
geons worldwide. The second                               shy around certain                                               his     popu-
dog, Tahoe, came to POLARIS                               dogs, except Crash                                               lar    breed.
in a more indirect manner. His                            whom she dearly                                                  Devon was
original owner moved in with                              loves. Crash was re-                                             found as a
a girlfriend who had two tiny                             linquished because                                               stray around
dogs that Tahoe considered                                his family said they          Reggie the Pekingese               Rifle, Colo-
prey. Two other families then           Jesse the         didn’t have time                                                 rado.     He
had Tahoe and a third home                                for him anymore. Crash had        was shy and a bit skittish, and even though
surrendered him after only one
                                      Weimeraner          never been allowed off a          his new family wanted to lavish him with
day. After leaving him alone                              leash in his whole life, and      attention, he didn’t want to be petted or
for a day, the new owner found holes         when Brian and Shelli                                 held. Just recently, however, he has
carved in her walls! POLARIS got the         Ives adopted him he had                               come up to his Dad, Todd, to ask for
call for help, and they placed Tahoe with    some separation anxiety                               affection, and sleeps close to (but
                            a foster fam-    and behavior theft issues                             not with) his parents in their bed.
                            ily. The good    he used to get attention.
                            news is that     However, Crash soon re-                               Although Jezzie Belle is a black
                            Tahoe and his    alized that he would re-                              Labrador Retriever and Dakota is a
                            foster family    ceive loads of attention                              West Highland White Terrier, their
                            have bonded      and love in his new home.                             mom Connie will tell you that “these
                            so well that     “Both Crash and Scout                                 two pups make quite a pair.” Jezzie
                            they     have    are little snuggle bugs,” Zap the Dalmation was part of a litter of four puppies
                            welcomed         say Brian and Shelli.                                 that arrived at Safe Harbor Lab Res-
                            him into their   “They love to chase squirrels out in the       cue with suspected heart murmurs. Fortu-
                            home perma-      yard, go to the dog park, and, of course,      nately, there is no sign of the heart defect
         Tico the                            as with all Beagles, they love their food.”    now, and in the seven months since the
     Toy Poodle
                                                                                                       . . . fetch the rest on page 4

 Thank You To Our Generous Donors!
   “In memory of Bob Jones,              Colorado Veterinary Medical Foundation Board                     Lori Moreland
   who recently died with his            Ralph Johnson, Executive Director                                Pet Emporium and Spa
dog, his loyal companion, by             from the CVMF Katrina Animal Relief Fund
his side.”                                                                                                Martha Rosner
                                        Hertha Thomas-Zagari
~Rhoda M. Altman &                      Giant Schnauzer Rescue, Inc.
Josephine V. Bartak                                                                                       Judith M. Higson
                                      Carolyn Janak
   Ho Bo Care Boxer Rescue                Buzz Dopkin, Buzz Dopkin Enterprises                            Dorothy McCormick
   Timothy and Brenda Wolf      Rocky Mountain Veterinary Service, PLLC
                                                                                                         Wayne and Laura Biros
   Theodore and Beverly Sheldon Darby Sullivan, DVM
   Lois Croley & Charlene Dwyer                                                                          Marsha Sue Slack
                                                 William Zellner and Beverly Zellner
 We are grateful, also, to our regular donors who wish to remain anonymous.                              Jo Stevens
                                                                                         ABRN Hotline: 303-989-7808
. . . You Found It Again!                    raner, had to be removed from an abusive      Mary Kenton of Golden Retriever Rescue’s
                                             situation when she was 8 weeks old because    wrist while they slept. After being hit by a
Rescue Parade                                neighborhood kids were throwing rocks at
                                             her. Reggie, the Pekingese who also lived
                                                                                           car, Rocky, the Basenji, found Basenji Res-
                                                                                           cue through the help of a veterinarian. Tico
Belz Family adopted her, she has grown       outside as a puppy, was tormented by chil-    (page 3), the Toy Poodle, was taken to a
from 13 pounds to 60. West High-
land Terrier Dakota has remained
a tiny 14 pounds and prob-
ably won’t get any larger. When
“Kota” was a very young pup, he
was diagnosed with a spot on his
lung. Fearing that he wouldn’t
get any better, his original own-
ers gave him to Westie Rescue.
Fortunately for him, Martha
Smith of Westie Rescue found
the Belz family when Dakota was
4 months old. They adopted him,
and he hasn’t been sick a day
since they brought him home.                                  The Beagle Team of Scout and Crash

Another kind of team also surfaced at this   dren in the neighborhood, as well as being    shelter by good Samaritans who found him
year’s Rescue Parade. It was an unoffi-       left alone to fend for himself. Charlie the   near a Burger King dumpster. That shelter
cial team and one that most people were      Chow-mix was only 5 days old when the         called Poodle Rescue. Even though they
surprised to see: “Team Puppy!” Many of      shelter where he had been taken                                all had bad beginnings,
the other dogs who participated this year    called Chow rescue. At the parade,                             through the teamwork
came into rescue when they were puppies.     Charlie was at first too fearful to                             of good people, they all
Bear is a mellow Saint Bernard who was       go into the ring, but finally to great                          ended up in rescue. Find-
rescued at 8 months old with a torn ACL.     audience applause, he was too cu-                              ing rescue assured these
Daisy, a plucky Golden Retriever puppy       rious about what all those other                               dogs of experiencing the
from Golden Retriever Rescue had such        puppies were doing in the ring to                              joy of happy endings.
a virulent strain of mange that she had      not go in there! “His Chow side
to endure life-threatening acid baths to     is very strong,” said Deb Leary                               The bond that all these
eliminate the condition. At 5 months old,    of Chow-Chow Rescue.” He does                                 dogs share is that they
Zap, a deaf Dalmatian, was surrendered       things when he’s good and ready!”                             were blessed by the inter-
because his owners didn’t have time for                                            Kesha the Bernese vention of All Breed Res-
him anymore. Jesse (page 3), the Weima-      Lastly, a broader aspect of team-        Mountain Dog         cue Network. Because of
                                             work was represented by every                                 the Rescue groups that
                                             dog in the parade. Kesha (right),                             are members of ABRN,
                                             the Bernese Mountain Dog, had such severe    each and every dog in this year’s parade
                                             allergies when she was rescued that her ears benefited from the cooperative efforts
                                             bled and she developed a hematoma from       of veterinarians, shelters, or concerned
                                             shaking her head. Sadie, the Australian      people who contacted rescue. All of these
                                             Shepherd, had experienced such neglect       dogs, because of this kind of concerned
                                             that she was terrified of people, and only    teamwork, found permanent homes and are
                                             learned how to trust again by being tied to  living happy, healthy, and hopeful lives.

                                               Plum Creek Thanks                                     Ellen Silcott for handing out
                                                                                                     parade programs and to Deb
                                                                                                     Davis for taking photos. A
                                              Thank you to Martha Smith and                special thank you to Sandy Benton who
                                              Karen Brown for lining everybody up in       helped set up the ring, passed out pro-
                                              the right order. Thanks again to Karen       grams, and kept things running smoothly.
             Reagan the                       Brown for handing out the dog biscuits       Thank you to Sandy Moore for her work
           Wire Fox Terrier                   and the chocolate hearts. Thanks to Mary     coordinating this year’s parade.
     Rescue Profile:
                                                                    The president at the        fee to help cover medical expenses.
                                                                    time, Laura Terroux,        So what keeps her going? “The feeling I
                                                                    took Mary under her         get when I see a Golden who was sick or

     GRRR’s Mary Kenton                                             wing and taught her
                                                                    everything she knew
                                                                                                neglected, who was taken in by GRRR,
                                                                                                and they are now healthy, happy and have
                                                                    about Goldens, and          a home that loves them to pieces. They
               by Erin Bradford                Mary did her first placement in 2000. Af-         need me, and I love that. They never let me
                                               ter that, Mary was on a roll, successively       down as people can do all the time. They
                                               becoming the placement coordinator, V.P.,        never lie; they are always honest with you.
“I    can’t imagine my life without them.      board member, and finally president.              They always love you, they are always
They are all so wonderful.” Mary Kenton                                                         happy when you walk in the door. “
speaks these words about the volunteers,       Mary spends about 40 hours per week
members, and dogs at the Golden Retriev-       doing rescue work, and she helped place          Throughout all of Mary’s work with Gold-
er Rescue of the Rockies. As the president     277 Goldens last year, as well as 30 Pom-        en Retrievers, she remembers who is to
of GRRR, Mary coordinates all of the ac-       eranians, Pekingese, Aussies, and Labs           thank: “I would never have become in-
tivities of the 250 Golden Retrievers that     through a secondary rescue group, Colora-        volved with GRRR had Murphy not died.
come through the rescue’s doors each           do Underdog Res-                                                         I feel he lives on
year. Even with her full-time job, Mary        cue. As of this writ-                                                    in my heart when
has found the time dedicate to this special    ing, GRRR has 16                                                         I look into the
breed, fostering over 1000 Goldens in her      Goldens available                                                        soft, brown eyes
career. Mary’s efforts are so beyond the       for adoption.                                                            of the Goldens
call of duty that she was recognized with                                                                               and say, ‘You’ve
the Minoru Yasui Community Volunteer           Most of GRRR’s                                                           got a big Black
Award in January. But where did all this       Goldens are pri-                                                         Lab to thank for
passion come from?                             vately surrendered                                                       all of this.’”
                                               due to moving, time
Like many of us, Mary was blessed to have      requirements, loss                                                         Editor’s Note:
that one “special dog” in her life that sur-   of job, divorce, or                                                        Mary has since
passed the bounds of love and devotion.        a new baby. GRRR                                                           been given an
It was 1998, and Mary was working at the       also tries to take                                                         additional honor
Jeffco Courts along with another woman         in any Goldens in                                                          for her outstand-
who was the coordinator for GRRR at the        Colorado shelters,                                                         ing work in the
time, Ann Gitzinger. Mary had a beauti-        because they feel                                                          dog rescue com-
ful, 4 year old Lab named Murphy who           that the best person                                                       munity. GRRR
would struggle with Lymphosarcoma              to place a Golden in a forever home is a         volunteer Gloria LaFree’s tribute to Mary
for over a year before succumbing to the       person who knows the breed. The dogs that        Kenton submitted for the Jefferson Awards
disease. “He was the love of my life, and      end up in shelters have already been played      for Public Service was chosen as one of
I was devastated that he was dying and         one bad round of luck, so Mary feels that        three submissions to the national selection
swore I would never have another dog           they deserve the best resources available to     committee. This award was founded by
because of how painful it was to be los-       find a new home. Mary feels lucky that she        Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, U.S. Senator
ing him,” Mary says. But after Murphy’s        has such a fantastic team of volunteers and      Robert Taft, Jr., and Sam Beard in the early
passing, Mary realized that she still had      contributors and is able to take in and re-      1970’s as the ‘Nobel Prize’ for public and
a lot of love to give to a dog. She started    home every Golden that is surrendered to         community service. The Jefferson Awards
going to shelters searching another black      them (provided they have no bite history).       are presented on two levels (local and na-
Lab, but she soon realized that she would      The process for finding each Golden a new         tional), so Mary has actually won the lo-
never find another Murphy. Mary turned          home is quite standard: an application, in-      cal award and will be considered for the
her grief and love for Murphy into some-       terview, home visit, a meeting of the po-        national award. Congratulations for these
thing positive by helping out Ann when         tential owner and dog, and a $200 adoption       much-deserved honors, Mary!
she was in a bind. Ann had taken in a
Lab/Golden mix who was sick and was
in isolation. When Mary went to visit the      Interested in submitting an article?
dog, she instead fell for another Golden,      To submit articles for the newsletter, please call Susan Brown at (720) 851-7222 or email
Austin. After that, the Golden fever was Photographs of rescued dogs are always welcome. If photos
spreading. Mary started fostering for          are digital, please set your camera at the highest resolution (3Mb minimum). Deadline for
GRRR and helping Ann with office work.          submissions for the next issue is May 25, 2005.

                                                                                              ABRN Hotline: 303-989-7808
The DFL 2006 Furry Scurry
        by Sally Gilman                       The event will take place rain, snow or sun- The All Breed Rescue Network is honored
                                              shine , with lots of vendors selling a variety to participate in this great event.
For    the third year in a row, the Denver    of pet-related specialty
Dumb Friends League has invited the All       items. The Denver Area
Breed Rescue Network and its represen-        Veterinary Society will
tatives to participate in their 13th annual   be on hand to offer mi-
King Soopers® Furry Scurry, a two-mile        crochipping for those
walk and fun run in Denver’s Washing-         interested.
ton Park Saturday, May 6th.
                                              Registration sites, start
This event is great fun and provides          times, parking informa-
ABRN a wonderful opportunity to in-           tion and other details
form and educate the attending public         on this largest Denver
about specific breeds. At the same time,       Dumb Friends League
it provides an opportunity to enhance the     fund raiser to help the
working relationship existing between         more than 25,000 ani-
the ABRN and the DFL.                         mals that enter their
                                              shelters each year can
Last year more than 6,500 people and          be found on their web-
their dogs participated in this fun event     site, or
raising nearly $475,000 for the Dumb          you can call 303-751-
Friends League and the animals in their       5772, ext 1378 for more
care.                                         details.

                                                                                                  and Teresa for their generosity and dedi-
  ABRN Raffle at Plum Creek                                                                         cation to the work of all ABRN members
                                                                                                  who donate their time to find permanent,
                                               Teresa Shively, owner of Aunt T’s Pet Motel        loving homes for purebred dogs. Thank
  All   Breed Rescue Network held its          in Wellington, CO, and a dedicated ABRN            you also to Mary Kenton of
  2nd Annual Raffle on Sunday, February         hotline volunteer, was the lucky winner. Al-       Golden Retriever Rescue of
  19th at the National Western Complex         though Teresa had planned to put the sculp-        the Rockies, who not only
  in conjunction with the Plum Creek           ture, entitled “Dog With Hamburger” in the         printed up all the raffle tickets
  Kennel Club Dog Show. Well-known             lobby of her motel, she decided to sell it to a    for this event, but also sold
  Denver artist DeDe LaRue of Chinese          long-time DeDe LaRue fan and donate back           the most to en-
  Crested Rescue graciously donated an-        her proceeds to All Breed Rescue Network           hance ABRN’s
  other whimsical dog sculpture to help        and Dachshund Rescue. All Breed Rescue             efforts.
  ABRN in this annual fund-raiser.             Network sincerely wishes to thank DeDe-

                                                                                                 ABRN Hotline: 303-989-7808
                                                                             ABRN Shelter
 Board Members
President: Martha Smith (303) 338-0878
                                                                                Liaison List
                                                                             Adams County Animal Shelter (Brighton, CO):
Vice President: Karen Brown (303) 841-6052                                      None at this time.*
Secretary: Jeanne Phipers (303) 985-2811                                     Aurora Animal Care Center (Aurora, CO):
Treasurer: Susan Lummanick (303) 948-2526                                       Diane Lesher (303) 680-6265 home or
Member-at-Large: Rosa DelaCruz (303) 722-4005                                                (303) 520-0705 cell
Member-at-Large: Bonnie Guzman (303) 733-4220                                Denver Municipal Animal Shelter (Denver, CO):
Member-at-Large: Diane Lesher (303) 680-6265                                    Lisa Ransdell (720) 985-3300 or (303) 871-4720
                                                                                Martha Smith (303) 338-0878
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                                                                                Bonnie Guzman (303) 733-4220
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                                                                                Diane Sutherland (720) 876-0945
 Jacky Eckard            Venus Escallier
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 Lu Horner               Dorothy Kent                                           None at this time*
 Rachel Shwayder                                                             Humane Society of Weld County (Greeley, CO):
                                                                                None at this time.*
                                                                             Larimer County Humane Society (Ft. Collins, CO):
Stay in Touch!                                                                  Michelle Bartz (970) 407-9011 or (970) 566-3614
    • If you are interested in being on our rescue referral list or if you   Longmont Humane Society (Longmont, CO):
are on the list and have changes you need to make, please contact Bon-          None at this time.*
nie Guzman at (303) 733-4220 or                       Mesa County Animal Services (Grand Junction, CO):
   • Would you like to feature a dog on ABRN’s website,                         Ken Cox (970) 243-4567 Jenni McKernan is the liaison with
                                                                             Table Mountain Animal Care Center (Golden, CO):
the Webmaster, Terrye Hoffman. Contact Jenni at
                                                                                Nancy Larrew (303) 932-0461
(303) 783-5772 or at to highlight a
                                                                                Janet Nelson (303) 466-2459
rescue dog on the website. Please follow up with Jenni when that
                                                                                Lois Williams (303) 986-5296
dog has been adopted.
   • If you have a temporary change, such as a vacation, please contact
                                                                             * Note: If unable to contact a
the hotline coordinator, Susan Brown, at (720) 851-7222 or
                                                                             shelter liaison or if there is none,
                                                                             please contact a board member.
   • To find the appropriate rescue group to adopt or surrender a pure-
bred dog, first check our website, If
the information is not found there, call our hotline, (303) 989-7808.

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8 Happenings. . .
                                             If you are new to rescue or have recent-
“All Breed Rescue                            ly assumed the leadership of an exist-
                                             ing rescue group, this class is for you.
  Network 101”                               Learn more about ABRN philosophy
                                             and protocols, the forms needed to run
                                             a professional dog rescue organization,
   Sunday, April 30th                        how to receive dogs, work with animal
8:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon                      shelters, and foster home basics. Reser-
                                             vations are being taken by ABRN board
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 Friends League Quebec Shelter                                                                             Charlie
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