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					Ready-made range   Large gift tags R 30 per pack
                                                                                                                         Birthday calendars                     R 75 each
                   Pack of 15 large unpunched gift tags
                   Tags measure 58mm x 86mm each                                                                        12 full colour pages, spiral bound,
                                                                                                                        with wall hanger. Measures 105mm x 285mm
                   Option 1 - 15 assorted Fairies (5 designs)
                   Option 2 - 15 assorted Critters (9 designs)                                                           Features 12 Critters designs
                   > Only R2.00 per tag!

                                                       Mini gift tags R 40 per pack
                                                          Pack of 30 small unpunched gift tags
                                                                                                             A5 Notebooks R 30 each
                                                          Mini tags measure 48mm x 65mm each                50-page, A5 spiral-bound
                                                          Option 1 - 30 assorted Fairies (5 designs)        notebook. Plain white pages.
                                                          Option 2 - 30 assorted Critters (9 designs)
                                                                                                            Features assorted Critters designs.
                                                          > Only R1.33 per tag!                             Please enquire about availability.

                   Mini puzzles           R 30 each
                                                                                                                              Small notepads                R 15 each
                   4-piece and 6-piece puzzles
                                                                                                                              50-page, spiral-bound notepad.
                   12cm x 12cm
                                                                                                                              Plain white pages.
                   Assorted Critters designs available.                                                                       Notepads measure 70mm x 148mm each
                   Please enquire about stock.
                                                                                                                              Features assorted Critters designs.
                                                                                                                              Please enquire about availability.

                                             Greeting cards                R 30 per pack
                                             Pack of 4 blank cards, with envelopes                      NB: Prices exclude standard postage. Add R15 for small parcels
                                             Cards measure 84mm x 140mm each                            and R20 for large. Postage costs to be
                                                                                                        confirmed at time of order. Special
                                          3 options available: (see Gallery for artwork & verses)       orders will be individually quoted.
                                          Critters 1 (Dogfish, Dragonfly, Firefly & Sheep)                                                              creative art & stationary
                                          Critters 2 (Butterfly, Goldfish, Fly & Starfish)
                                          Fairies    (Silky, Mirabelle, Poppy and Shirley)
                                           > Only R7.50 per card!                                       cell: 083 565 5253
Fairies x 5                          Mirabelle Moon                      Silky Sunbeam                      Shirley Sugarplum

                                    Mirabelle Moon is oh-so-proud        When baby birds and tiny           Shirley Sugarplum, like her
                                    of her delicate fairy wings;         things first hatch out of their    friends, has special fairy
                                    they let her flit from flower to     eggs, Silky Sunbeam’s right        powers. She waves her wand
                                    flower, for important fairy things   on hand to help them stretch       each day at dawn to wake the
                                                                         their legs.                        sleeping flowers.

               The Gallery                                               Poppy Petal

                                                                         Even fairies need a break
                                                                                                            Pansy and Petunia Pea

                                                                                                            Meet Pansy and Petunia Pea,
               This is the artwork currently used on our                 from Mother Nature’s chores;       the fabulous fairy twins. The
               range of ready-made stationery. Please note               The highlight of Poppy Petal’s     only way to know who’s who,
               that certain designs are specific to certain              year is the annual Fairy Ball.     is look closely at their wings.
               items ie. the greeting card sets.
               Actual colours may vary from the examples shown.

                                    Dogfish                              Starfish                           Firefly
Critters x 9
                                    Spare a thought for dogfish,         Little starfish in the sea, how    When next I see a firefly, I’ll
                                    those canines of the seas.           is it you came to be, not in the   say I want to know, what it
                                    They can’t play catch, bark at       heavens high above, but in         is, exactly, that makes his
                                    cars or chase cats up trees.         the ocean that you love?           bottom glow.

                                    Housefly                             Sheep                              Goldfish
                                    Don’t be annoyed if you see a        Mary had a little lamb, it         What do goldfish think about
                                    fly, buzzing high and low; it may    ran in fits and jumps. It didn’t   when they swim around? Do
                                    be he’s just a friendly chap         have its booster shot and          they dream of deep blue seas,
                                    who’s come to say hello.             now it’s got the mumps.            or lazing in a pond?

                                    Dragonfly                            Grasshopper                        Butterfly
                                    Tell me, little dragonfly, how       The grasshopper’s amazing          Butterfly, up in the sky, when
                                    did you get your name, and do        legs let him leap and bound,       you flit around, do you by any
                                    you think, with practise, you        and when he feels like music,      chance miss being, a little
                                    could blow a dragon flame?           they make a lovely sound.          worm on the ground?
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Mini gift tags
48mm x 65mm
                                         Large gift tags
                                         58mm x 86mm
                                                           Greeting cards
                                                           84mm x 140mm
                                                                            Small notepads
                                                                            70mm x 148mm