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Program Activity or Event “25 Ye


                          APRIL 26-May 2, 2009
                  “25 Years of Rebuilding Lives:
               Celebrating the Victims of Crime Act”
              Schedule of Program Events in Residential Regions

                      NORTH RESIDENTIAL REGION
                       Contact Persons: Betsy Chance
                       Contact Numbers: (850) 251-2852

                                  Program Activity or Event
                     Art Contest: Part of the community, Part of the Solution
Sunday, April 26
                     Blackwater STOP Camp: Blackwater Church will be speaking to
                     the youth about victims during their Sunday Service.

                     Jo Ann Bridges: Open Ceremony starts with a moment of silence/
                     VA Group

                     Cypress Creek: Poetry and Art Contest

                     Monticello New Life: Special Group (Youth discuss how their
                     crimes affect their victim

                     Eckerd Youth Challenge: Start of Art/Poetry Contest

                     HOPE: Create a collage of words that come to mind when a person
                     hears the word “victim”.

                     Army Recruiters
Monday, April 27
                     Guest Speaker DCF: Mr. Sylvester

                     Jo Ann Bridges: Crocheting a victim’s blanket/ VA Group

                     Cypress Creek: Victim Rights Commercials created by youth

                     Monticello New Life: Youth will write an apology letter/skit during
                      victim awareness

                      Nassau JRF: guest speaker and a candle light vigil

                      HOPE: Make props for Justice for Victims of Crimes skit or

                      Duval: National Navel Officers Association, tentative guest
                      speakers @ 5:00pm

                      Red Road Academy: Guest Speaker DCF-Mr. Sylvester

                      IRSC speaker
Tuesday, April 28
                      Guest Speaker: Martha House

                      Jo Ann Bridges: Sharing a story of How their crimes effected the

                      Cypress Creek: Guest Speaker: Mr. Kowalsik

                      Monticello New Life: Art Contest

                      Eckerd Youth Challenge: Impact of Crime 1:00 – 3:00

                      HOPE: Rehearse psychodrama

                      Red Road Academy: Guest Speaker Martha House

                      Poetry Contest: Part of the Community , Part of the solution
Wednesday, April 29
                      Guest Speaker from the Local advocate Program (and a victim
                      of a violent crime)

                      Okeechobee Sheriff’s Department

                      Jo Ann Bridges: Guest Speaker

                      Cypress Creek: Victims’ Rights Logo and Slogan Contest

                      Monticello New Life: Poetry Contest

                      HOPE: Rehearse psychodrama

                      Red Road Academy: Okeechobee Sheriffs Department
                      Poetry Contest: Victims’ Right
Thursday, April 30   E Ma Chamee: guest speaker from MADD

                     Jo Ann Bridges: Planting a flower in the name of all victims/ VA

                     Cypress Creek: Youth Role Plays

                     Monticello New Life: Special Guest Speaker
                     Refuge House (Luncheon for Guest)

                     Volusia JRF: honoring a staff member and a volunteer at the
                     United Way, also they are honoring Trent Cooks, First Shift
                     Supervisor and Pastor Al Force.

                     Eckerd Youth Challenge: Plant seeds in Victim Garden

                     HOPE: Make props for psychodrama

                     Speaker: College Life
Friday, May 1
                     Video: Different Types of Victimization

                     E Ma Chamee: participate in relay for life at Pensacola Junior
                     College in Milton FL

                     Jo Ann Bridges: Victim empathy skit / VA Group

                     Cypress Creek: Apology Letters to families

                     Monticello New Life: Special Guest Speaker
                     Monticello Police Department (Luncheon for Guest)

                     Eckerd Youth Challenge: Awards for Art/Poetry Contest Monthly

                     HOPE: make a collage of words that come to mind when a person
                     hears the word “justice”

                     Duval: National Navel Officers Association, tentative guest
                     speakers @ 5:00pm

                     Red Road Academy: Video on different types of victimization

                     Youth Encouragement Day
Saturday, May 2
                            Jo Ann Bridges: Victim Poems / VA Group

                            Cypress Creek: Essay Contest, “How my poor choices hurt those
                            Around Me”

                            Monticello New Life: Presentation of poems and artwork

                            HOPE: brainstorm ways to give back to victims
                            Jo Ann Bridges: Fund Raiser ( Car Wash) donation to the Refuge
Other (not date-specific)   House

                            JUST: Mental Health will address an activity submitted from Dr.
                            Samwell as adapted from Ms. Benneck from Greenville.
                            Ms. Truett (teacher) will cover lessons on the Iran/Afghanistan
                            WAR and the impact it has had on families of dead/disabled
                            soldiers and the impact of Slavery as well as other literature (i.e.
                            Anne Frank)
                            The MADD Chapter will be contacted to hold a panel.
                            Students will make a banner reflecting the week.
                            A LEO will be invited to make a presentation in regards to the topic.
                            Ms. Emma Goldenberg (DHA) will provide a Word Search Activity
                            on Restorative Justice

                            Union: Program will have a Family Day to kick off National Crime
                            Victim's week to discuss with the youth and their families the impact
                            the youth's behavior has had on the families as well as on the
                            community. The program will also be donating the produce that the
                            youth are growing, to the local domestic violence shelter to assist
                            the women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

                            Panther Success: poetry & art display/contest & revamp of the
                            victim garden.

                            Marion: Marion has 6 mentors with 7 youth assigned. Each group
                            of 7 youth will create a play that depicts one of the Restorative
                            Justice Modules about "doing right". The youth will create the play,
                            perform and practice, and when ready, will be videoed. The videos
                            will be played at the Quarterly Family Day. Further, the plays will
                            be judged for a reward.

                            Duval: Donation 4/10/09
                                The Duval JRF in concert with Jacksonville Victim services,
                              Chaplain Felder of Navel Air Station Jacksonville, and Zeta Phi
                            Beta sorority held a Easter Egg hunt for the facilities adopted family
                            and the facility youth. The eggs were furnished by the sorority, who
                             came out to hide eggs. Chaplain Felder donated food items and
the youth hand delivered food baskets to two families identified thru
       Jacksonville Victims Services and the adopted family.
                    Contact Person: Ramona Salazar
                     Contact Number: (813) 781-8618

                                Program Activity or Event
                   Wilson Youth Academy: Place Red Ribbons on trees to recognize
                   and remember victims of their crimes
Sunday, April 26
                   Gulf and Lake Academies: Apology letters to victims, families, and

                   Polk Halfway House: Church Services provided by Youth for

                   Britt Halfway House: National Crime Week Presentation,
                   Presented By Officers Norris & Reed 7pm

                   Les Peters Halfway House: Beautification Project 8:00 A.M. @
                   Leslie Peters Halfway House

                   Wilson Youth Academy: Clothes Line Project related to Domestic
                   Project to be displayed in Administration
Monday, April 27
                   Gulf and Lake Academies: Empathy Rainbow - Make a rainbow
                   with Empathic messages to victims

                   Space Coast Marine Institute: Essay writing contest about the
                   impact of your crimes on your victim, ways you can make amends
                   and how you plan to educate your community about the impact to
                   victims of crimes.

                   Brevard Group Treatment Home: Lisa De Anda from victim
                   Awareness Services will be our guest speaker sharing the effects of
                   violence, crime and battery on victims and their families.

                   Polk Halfway House: Write apology letters to victims and family
                   member and discuss with the ICC counselor the impact of those
                   crimes on the community.

                   Britt Halfway House: Freshman\Sophomore Essay\Presentation
                   Theme: Victim Understanding & Restoration 7:00pm
                      Les Peters Halfway House: Tampa Police Department - Guest
                      Speaker: Officer Roy Paz @ 9:00 A.M.

                      Kissimmee JCF: Victim Speaker from Help Now Domestic
                      Violence Organization.

                      Wilson Youth Academy: Thank you cards to criminal justice
                      professionals. Kisses for Cops program-deliver to local Sheriff
                      offices and DJJ Detention Facility
Tuesday, April 28
                      Gulf and Lake Academies: Plant flowers in honor of families of
                      fallen soldiers

                      Avon Park Youth Academy: Guest Speaker

                      Space Coast Marine Institute: Making, displaying and discussing
                      a collage featuring images/words expressing the impact you’ve had
                      on your victims.

                      Brevard Group Treatment Home: Christy Kenela head of the
                      Domestic Awareness division of the Women’s center will present on
                      the effects of Domestic Violence on victims and their families.

                      Polk Halfway House: Poetry and poster contest detailing the
                      impact of crime on the youth and the community and positive ways
                      to restore balance and healing.

                      Britt Halfway House: Sophomore\Junior Essay\Presentation
                      Theme: Victim Understanding & Restoration 2:00pm

                      Les Peters Halfway House: Open

                      Kissimmee JCF: Victim Awareness Art and Poetry Contest

                      Wilson Youth Academy: Thank you cards to criminal justice
                      professionals. Kisses for Cops program-deliver to local Sheriff
                      offices and DJJ Detention Facility
Wednesday, April 29
                      Gulf and Lake Academies: Vice-Versa “How would you feel” -
                      Putting yourself in your victim’s shoes

                      Avon Park Youth Academy: Art Class (posters)
                     Space Coast Marine Institute: Honoring local law enforcement for
                     their work in assisting crime victim rights by making cards
                     expressing our gratitude and pledging to assist them in our

                     Brevard Group Treatment Home: Tom Clark will present on the
                     impact and consequences of cyber crimes and cyber bullying. He
                     will also teach the inner working of the components of a computer
                     and how each has to work together as a whole to accomplish a task
                     and correlate it to the program and the youth’s treatment goals.

                     Polk Halfway House: Guest Speaker from MADD

                     Britt Halfway House: Victim presentation, presented by volunteer
                     Leroy Lewis 3:00pm

                     Les Peters Halfway House: Poster Contest for Impact of Crime @
                     9:00 A.M.

                     Kissimmee JCF: Open

                     Wilson Youth Academy: Essays, art and poetry related to
                     victimization. Contest for best entries awarded. Entries displayed in
Thursday, April 30
                     Gulf and Lake Academies: “JUST SAY NO” badge’s for pre-k kids
                     at Moton pre-school and have the resident’s speak to the class
                     about drug abuse

                     Avon Park Youth Academy: Restorative Justice Teen Panel will
                     speak at local middle school

                     Space Coast Marine Institute: Hold a round table discussion on
                     school violence, what it means, who it affects and effective ways of
                     reducing violence in your school.

                     Brevard Group Treatment Home: A guest speaker from the Victim
                     Advocacy will share her personal journey of pain and heart ache
                     from being a victim of a DUI offender who killed her family

                     Polk Halfway House: “Take Back Our Streets”: Giving back to the
                  community through service.

                  Britt Halfway House: Community Work Project 4:00pm

                  Les Peters Halfway House: MADD (Mothers Against Drunk
                  Drivers)Guest Speaker: Bradley Carpenter @ 9:00 A.M.

                  Kissimmee JCF: Victim Awareness Art and Poetry Contest

                  Wilson Youth Academy: Plant a tree and flowers to represent
                  victims they have harmed
Friday, May 1
                  Gulf and Lake Academies: Movie hour- watch video clips of
                  victims of crime - Domestic violence

                  Avon Park Youth Academy: Victim awareness groups

                  Brevard Group Treatment Home: The Brevard County Crime
                  Prevention Unit will give a presentation of the effects of Gang
                  Violence on their victims, the community and the violence within

                  Polk Halfway House: Bartow Rehabilitation Center: Visitation with
                  the Seniors

                  Britt Halfway House: Poster Contest, Refreshments - Theme:
                  Rebuilding Lives, 7:00pm

                  Les Peters Halfway House: Derrick Brooks Charities Youth
                  Programs Guest Speaker: Darrel Daniels @ 9:00 A.M.

                  Kissimmee JCF: Victim Awareness Art and Poetry Contest Awards
                  Wilson Youth Academy: Balloon release to represent their crimes
                  and letting go of the past. Youth to write about their crimes/victims
Saturday, May 2
                  Gulf and Lake Academies: Movie hour-watch video of victims of
                  crime - Date Rape

                  Brevard Group Treatment Home: Sergeant Green and Sergeant
                  Hill from the Special Operations Division will do a K 9 presentation
                  and share ways they work to keep the community safe.

                  Wilson Youth Academy: Guest speakers TBA: 1) MADD; 2)
                  DV/Sexual Assault Victim from the Alpha House and 3) Sunrise DV
Other (not date-specific)   Shelter to educate youth on the cycle of violence.

                            Brevard Group Treatment Home: Poster contest on Crime
                            Prevention, Video Series from the collection titled Victim Awareness
                            – Victims Speak Out

                            Kissimmee JCF: Artwork and poetry will be posted throughout the
                            facility. Artwork will consist of posters and t-shirt art.

                            SOUTH RESIDENTIAL REGION
                             Contact Person: Mary M. Johnson
                              Contact Number: (239) 338-2492

                                         Program Activity or Event
                            Dade Juvenile Residential Facility: Candle Light Vigil
Sunday, April 26
                            Okeechobee Juvenile Offender Correction Center: Youth poster

                            Wings: Apology Letter

                            Crossroads Wilderness Institute: Church Service at 1st
                            Macedonia MB Church, Punta Gorda, FL

                            Lighthouse Girls Juvenile Residential Facility: Poetry Writing,
                            Posters, Make flowers

                            Martin Girls Academy: Poster Contest, Love is NOT ABUSE

                            Dade Juvenile Residential Facility: Day of Repentance from the
                            pastor of the local church
  Monday, April 27
                            Okeechobee Juvenile Offender Correction Center: Youth will
                       write about/discuss their favorite poster
                      Wings: Role Plays: Hate and Bias

                      Crossroads Wilderness Institute: Make flowers and give out at

                      Bay Point Schools: Student Forum on Teen Violence

                      Martin Girls Academy: Rap Session, Survival Story

                      Dade Juvenile Residential Facility: Poster Contest
 Tuesday, April 28
                      Okeechobee Juvenile Offender Correction Center: Youth will
                       write about/discuss their favorite poster
                      Wings: Plant a tree in honor of each speaker

                      Crossroads Wilderness Institute: Make banners for Police
                       Station, Walgreens, and Facility

                      Bay Point Schools: Essay Contest on Teen Violence

                      Martin Girls Academy: Rap Session, Who is affected by Crime?

                      BPS/Miami Halfway House:

                      Dade Juvenile Residential Facility: Guest Speaker from the Local
Wednesday, April 29   advocate Program (and a victim of a violent crime)

                      Okeechobee Juvenile Offender Correction Center:

                      Wings: Watch “Life Is Not A Fairy Tale”

                      Crossroads Wilderness Institute: Assistant State Attorney of
                       Circuit 20 Punta Gorda Office to speak to youth.

                      Crossroads Wilderness Institute: Read poetry at Broward County

                      Bay Point Schools: Poetry/Spoken Word Night on Violence

                      Martin Girls Academy: Teen Dating Violence presentation

                      BPS/Miami Halfway House: Annual Open House, Display of
                     Poster Contest, Restorative Justice Skit. Poems, essays, luncheon,
                     Guest Speaker Major Julie Miller Cutler Bay Police Department.

                     Dade Juvenile Residential Facility: Essay & Poetry Contest

Thursday, April 30   Okeechobee Juvenile Offender Correction Center: Youth will
                     write note to victim

                     Wings: Artistic Ability, drawings for domestic violence victims

                     Crossroads Wilderness Institute: Victim from Charlotte County to
                     speak to youth

                     Crossroads Wilderness Institute: Clothing and Cell phone drive
                     for Women in Distress

                     Bay Point Schools: Gun Violence Guest speaker

                     Martin Girls Academy: Credit Union presentation

                     BPS/Miami Halfway House: Guest speaker Florida City Chief of
                      Police Pedro Taylor

                     Dade Juvenile Residential Facility: Luncheon

  Friday, May 1      Okeechobee Juvenile Offender Correction Center:
                     Wings: Group with Mrs. Christina
                     Crossroads Wilderness Institute: CARE Center for Abuse and
                      Rape Emergencies to speak/show video. Questions/Answers

                     Crossroads Wilderness Institute: Community drive clean up in
                      local parks

                     Bay Point Schools: Bake sale for MADD

                     Martin Girls Academy: Victim awareness Day, honoring our

                     Dade Juvenile Residential Facility: Letters of Apology
 Saturday, May 2     Okeechobee Juvenile Offender Correction Center: Notes to the
                      victims will be hung on the wall for viewing
                            Wings: Poetry

                            Crossroads Wilderness Institute: Community Meeting for recap
                             and scrap book.

                            Bay Point Schools: Car Wash for United Way

                            Martin Girls Academy: Pageant for Survivors.

                            Dade Juvenile Residential Facility: Closing Ceremony

Other (not date-specific)   Okeechobee Juvenile Offender Correction Center: Mother’s
                            Against Murderer’s Association (MAMA)

                            Crossroads Wilderness Institute: Make cards and send to
                            anyone they feel they have hurt

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