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I N C O R P O R AT I N G G O V E R N M E N T C A R E E R O P P O RT U N I T I E S   VOLUME 8, NUMBER 12 – JUNE 28, 2002
                          D E PA R T M E N T O F S P O R T A N D R E C R E AT I O N

Keeping them in Line
Staff at the Department of Sport and Recreation know about        that physical inactivity is second only to smoking as a burden
practising what they preach.                                      on the health system and if an extra 10 per cent of the
While the department is busily promoting the benefits of           population took 30 minutes to exercise there would be annual
physical activity, it is also working up a sweat of its own.      savings of $590 million.

Everyone is well aware that Ron Alexander - the Department        Some of the health benefits of regular physical activity include
of Sport and Recreation’s director general - was the inaugural    reducing the risk of colon cancer, coronary disease,
coach of the West Coast Eagles.                                   osteoporosis and diabetes; helping to maintain muscle strength,
                                                                  joint structure and joint function; and aiding weight loss.
And, most would know that he was a champion footballer for
East Perth, East Fremantle and Fitzroy.                           Premier Geoff Gallop’s Activity Taskforce was established last
But Ron is not the only former champion working at the            June to combat inactivity among West Australians.
department. There’s dual Olympic gold medallist and               It comprises delegates from the departments of Health,
Hockeyroo Liane Tooth, former Hockeyroo champion Daniel           Planning and Infrastructure, Education, Sport and Recreation,
Sproul and former Perth Glory striker Alistair Edwards to         the Lotteries Commission and Healthway.
name a few.
                                                                  One of the problems the Taskforce is looking at is the
They form part of the inspiration for colleagues to get           sedentary workplaces and longer working hours, which are
involved in the department’s corporate health and well-being      restricting opportunities for physical activity.
program that encourages them to look after their own health
and fitness while helping the rest of the community do the
same.                                                                      2002 Premier’s Awards for
A key player in the Premier’s Physical Activity Taskforce, the             Excellence in Public Sector
department has the challenge of increasing the level of                     Management launched!
physical activity among West Australians.                          Application kits for the 2002 Premier’s Awards for Excellence in
The place is crawling with sporting teams and exercise             Public Sector Management are being mailed to all Western
                                                                   Australian public sector agencies, universities and local
junkies. Some have even abandoned their chairs in favour of
                                                                   government authorities. The closing date for applications is 16
gigantic balls that aim to strengthen abdominal muscles.           August 2002. Categories for 2002 are:
Staff members also get involved in community team events           ➢ Social and Community Development
and individual challenges such as Canoeing WA’s Paddle                sponsored by Department for Community Development
Challenge, Round the Bridges Fun Run/Walk, City to Surf,           ➢ Economic Development
Avon Descent and the Blackwood Marathon which involves                sponsored by Department of Mineral and Petroleum
running, kayaking, swimming, horse riding and cycling.                Resources
                                                                   ➢ Sustainable Environment
One lesser-known champion working and dancing at the                  sponsored by Department of Conservation and Land
department is the current world line dancing queen, Jacquie           Management
Berkhout. She and a dozen or so staff members swapped a            ➢ Services to Regional and Remote Communities
walk around Perry Lakes at lunchtime for a line dancing limbo         sponsored by Department of Local Government and Regional
that gets every brow sweaty.                                          Development
                                                                   ➢ Education and Skills Development
This dedicated band “buttermilk” the lunch break away to the          sponsored by Department of Education and Department of
strains of Garth Brooks, complete with boots, tassels and             Training
hats.                                                              ➢ Management Improvement and Governance
                                                                      sponsored by Department of the Premier and Cabinet
“Bootscooting,” says Jacquie, “is not for the faint hearted.
                                                                   ➢ Innovation
Bootscooters can work up quite a lather of sweat over                 sponsored by Edith Cowan University
dances that involve intricate footwork with more than 100
beats a minute.                                                    If you’re interested in applying, then make sure
                                                                   you don’t miss the free briefing seminar being
“People think line dancing is something only old ladies and        held on 12 July 2002. Information regarding new
nerds do,” said Jacquie who has won eight State and three          categories, selection criteria and the judging
national bootscooting titles.                                      process for 2002 will be provided as well as tips
“Most of the people who dance are between 30 and 50.”              for success.
While the department’s brief is to promote physical activity in    To register your interest in the briefing seminars
Western Australia, it appears that despite extensive education     or to request an application kit, please contact
and media campaigns, the lifestyles of West Australians are        Irene Hislop: email or
becoming more sedentary.                                           telephone 9222 8759.
                                                                   Further information is also available on the 2002 Premier’s Awards
A recent State Government report found the levels of physical
                                                                   web site, .
activity among our population disturbingly low. It also found

  2     VOLUME 8, NUMBER 12 – JUNE 28, 2002
                                                                                    COVER IMAGE:
WA’S BIGGEST                                                                        World line dance queen, Jacquie
                                                                                    Berkhout, leads Carol Paine, Joanna

BUSINESS                                                                            Lawson, Helen Cloghan and Liane Tooth
                                                                                    in a physical activity revival at the
                                                                                    Department of Sport and Recreation.

Employing over 100,000 people, the
Western Australian Public Sector is the
State’s biggest business.

What’s more, the Public Sector purchases
more than $6 billion in goods and services
from the private sector each year.

InterSector is the official magazine of the
                                                 2 ..............          KEEPING THEM IN LINE
                                                                           World line dance champion takes on the
Public Sector. It includes the current State                               challenge of changing sedentary lifestyles

Government Career Opportunities which            4-5 ..........            ISLAMIC ART TREASURES
make it a highly sought after publication.                                 Art treasures from Kuwait on display at the
                                                                           Art Gallery
As an advertiser in InterSector you can reach
                                                 6 ..............          CONSULTING TOWARDS CHANGE
this huge marketplace every fortnight at very                              Consultative process in achieving change
competitive rates.                                                         in education

To find out more about advertising                7 ..............          NEWS IN BRIEF
                                                                           Occasions and Opportunities
opportunities, contact Deb Hopper, InterSector
Coordinator, on 9222 9652.                       8 ..............          DRIVING THE MESSAGE HOME
                                                                           The Buzz (with a road trauma message)
                                                                           is touring the state’s schools

                                                 9 ..............          SUSTAINABILITY ROAD SHOW
                                                                           University - Government partnership highlighted

                                                 10-11 ....                AWARDS FOR ANNUAL REPORTS
                                                                           The Lonnie Award winners

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                                                              VOLUME 8, NUMBER 12 – JUNE 28, 2002                                3

 Islamic Art Treasures
                                                                                         “Art in Islamic culture reinforces the
                                                                                         belief that beauty has always been, and
                                                                                         always will be, a quality of the divine.
                                                                                         This principle also means that all art
                                                                                         forms - from painting to craft and
                                                                                         architectural decoration - are equivalent
                                                                                         in importance.

                                                                                         “The arts associated with writing are
                                                                                         considered the noblest art forms
                                                                                         because these are directly associated
                                                                                         with the writing of the Islam Holy Book.
                                                                                         Beautiful writing can be found in
                                                                                         manuscripts, metalwork, textiles and
                                                                                         within architecture.

                                                                                         “Pattern, either deriving from nature or
                                                                                         geometry, is found throughout the
                                                                                         Islamic world. The impression of
                                                                                         unending repetition is intended to
                                                                                         foster the contemplation of the infinite
                                                                                         nature of God.”

                                                                                         Many of the objects in the exhibition
                                                                                         are by unknown artists who worked for
                                                                                         courts or wealthy individuals.

                                                                                         Royal patronage was considered an
                                                                                         obligation to provide for the
Janda Gooding, Curator of Historical Art.                                                community’s spiritual life as well as
The events surrounding September 11        public and private, and contains the          sponsoring non-religious culture. The
last year and the many misconceptions      finest examples of Islamic arts. These         royal family of Kuwait continues this
that have been peddled about Islam         range from glass from the 10th century,       tradition by supporting and sponsoring
and Muslims have been uppermost in         jewel encrusted objects, gold filigree         the Kuwait National Museum.
the minds of Art Gallery of Western        jewellery, rare ceramics from the ninth       The exhibition is on tour because there
Australia staff.                           century to Indian manuscripts and two         was a fire in the gallery in Kuwait. In
                                           versions of the Koran from the 10th           Australia it will only be seen in Perth.
While they’ve been preparing for a
                                           and 11th centuries.                           A member of the West Australian
major exhibition - Islamic Art and
Patronage: Treasures from Kuwait           “They are exceedingly valuable and            community suggested the Gallery try
running from June 30 to September 15 -     fragile. The objects in this exhibition are   and get hold of it.
staff have used the time to gain a         among the best in the world and come          In staging this exhibition, the Gallery
better understanding of Islamic life and   from countries stretching from Spain to       has collaborated closely with members
have scheduled a host of activities to     India and throughout the Middle East.”        of key Muslim community and
coincide with the exhibition.                                                            education groups so the programs
                                           “Some of the items were made for
Curator of Historical Art Janda Gooding    princes, powerful shahs or sultans,           associated with the exhibition could be
says: “This exhibition reflects the         others for wealthy merchants or lovers        customised and targeted.
cultural and spiritual values of Islamic   of the arts.                                  “We wanted to make sure the protocols
life and is a tangible way of gaining an                                                 and belief systems were reflected,”
                                           “Unlike Christian art, Islamic art is not
insight into this little understood and                                                  Janda said.
                                           restricted to the religious sphere but
often mysterious culture.
                                           can be found throughout Muslim                “This exhibition is a fantastic
“The exhibition is absolutely stunning     culture and within all facets of daily life   opportunity to learn about people,
and traces the role of patronage, both     - ritual and domestic.                        places and their lifestyles. A Moghul

  4    VOLUME 8, NUMBER 12 – JUNE 28, 2002
                          THE ART GALLERY OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA

exhibition in New York City                 Afghan cameleers who arrived in
attracted record crowds after               the 1870s, provided major
September 11. People just                   transport to outback Australia.
wanted as much information as               This enabled major projects such
possible. We’re anticipating a              as the overland telegraph line.
similar experience.”                        They were involved in the
Along with the treasures from               discovery of gold in Kalgoorlie.
Kuwait, the Gallery has also                Moslems have always contributed
put together a time line of the             to WA’s history and growth.
local Muslim community. The
                                            The time line tells the stories of
display shows a snap shot of
                                            many Moslems who came from
the long association of Islamic
                                            Spain, the Middle East, India and
people and their forebears with
                                            Indonesia to start new lives in this
Western Australia
                                            State. All stories are spelled out in
There is evidence that there was            panels on one wall of Gallery One.
significant contact between
                                            To coincide with the exhibition,
Aboriginal and Macassan fishing
                                            the Gallery is holding an E’id - a
crews as early as 40,000BC.
Cave and bark paintings in                  big celebration and family day on
Arnhemland depict Macassan                  July 27.
ships and artefacts. The                    This will feature food tastings, a
Macassan traded knives and                  fashion parade of traditional
axes with the Yolngu people                 wedding costumes and the
for sea slug.                               attire associated with other                    Bird pendant, enamelled and set with gems,
                                                                                            Iran late 18th/early 19th century. The al-Sabah
From then through Western                   important occasions, Egyptian                   Collection, Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah, Kuwait
Australia’s history including the           dance troupe, henna painting                    National Museum.
                                                                                                              Photograph courtesy of Art Gallery of Western Australia
beginning of the pearling industry,         and calligraphy.

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                                                                                         VOLUME 8, NUMBER 12 – JUNE 28, 2002                                        5
                                            CURRICULUM COUNCIL

Consulting Towards Change

Members of the Curriculum Council – Therese Temby (Catholic Education Office), Graham Rixon (Association of
Independent Schools of WA), Professor Lesley Parker (Chairperson of the Curriculum Council), Rose Moroz
(Department of Education) and Norma Jeffery (A/CEO of the Curriculum Council).
How does a small State Government           forum in March 1999. (Interestingly, the   the review progressed and the review
agency create a blueprint for major         Council itself is a body of 13 members     team operated a list-serv.
change in the lives of young West           who, except for the CEO, represent         “After the position paper was released
Australians?                                stakeholders.)                             in November 2000 we embarked on
In the past, government agencies have       “First, we had to agree on what the        eight months of intensive consultation
often decided on a course of action,        issues were as people had different        eliciting 307 completed questionnaires
announced the decision and then             perspectives,” said Council A/CEO          and 155 written submissions,
headed for the bunkers to defend the        Norma Jeffery. “Three years sounds like    representing the thoughts of 3500
decision from the ensuing protests.         a long time for a review but a major       people,” Norma said.
                                            element of the process was educative -     The feedback was analysed by an
Instead, a guide from the Department
                                            there had to be a lot of research and      independent consultant and issues
of the Premier and Cabinet, called
                                            the issues had to be fully discussed.”     were identified and addressed.
Consulting Citizens, advocates a model
of decision-making involving educating      Norma said the consultation process        “One of the main responses was that
stakeholders about the issues and           was adapted as it progressed.              people wanted an adaptive process to
alternatives, and participating in mutual   “At first we thought there would be         change that will involve more research,
education and joint problem solving.        three steps - a vision group, a            testing, evaluation and consultation,”
The Curriculum Council embarked on          discussion paper and then the solution     said Norma.
this more positive process in 1998          - with a lot of consultation between       When Education Minister Alan
when it decided it was time to review       each step, but we realised that a          Carpenter launched the final report
education in Years 11 and 12, the post-     position paper had to follow the           “Our Youth, Our Future” in March, he
compulsory years of schooling. In a         discussion paper so that people could      said it had the support of the State
rapidly changing world, the post-           see in detail what the solution could be   Government, all school sectors, the
compulsory system hadn’t been               and provide feedback.”                     TAFE and university sectors, parent
reviewed for 14 years.                      Preceding and following each step was      groups, the teachers’ union and
The Post-Compulsory Education               extensive consultation, involving          industry.
Review began with an open forum for         hundreds of briefing sessions and open      Note: The full report “Our Youth, Our
100 representatives from the many           forums for teachers and principals,        Future” and the summary are available
stakeholder groups, including the           TAFE and university staff, industry        on the Curriculum Council’s website at
government, Catholic and independent        groups, parents, students, and    under Post-
school sectors, universities, the TAFE      members of Parliament.                     Compulsory Education Review, and the
sector, industry, parent groups, and        All publications and exploratory papers    Resource Guide can be downloaded
teacher groups, followed by a student       were posted on the Council website as      from website:

  6     VOLUME 8, NUMBER 12 – JUNE 28, 2002
                                        NEWS IN BRIEF

Records Management                              It’s time to nominate an
Awards                                          outstanding senior for a
State and Local Government agencies             WA Seniors Award
are being encouraged to enter the Excellence    The awards recognise individuals - 60 years and
in Records Management Awards for 2001           over - who make outstanding contributions to the
and 2002.                                       community.
                                                Categories include Community Service, Sport and
The awards recognise excellence in records      Recreation, Arts and Culture and Business
management. They focus on performance           Leadership. The BankWest Senior and five
and service delivery and aim to stimulate       Regional Seniors of the Year will be selected from
creative leadership, improved practices and     the nominees.
productivity gains in managing records.         People under 60 who provide outstanding service
                                                to seniors can be nominated for the Award of
Run by the Records and Information              Excellence.
Management Liaison Group, the awards are        Nominations close on Friday July 12. Contact
fully supported by the State Records Office.     the Department for Community Development,
                                                Seniors Interests for further information or for a
Applications should avoid jargon and            nomination kit:
should focus on the new project or initiative   Metropolitan callers - 9220 1134 or 9220 1141;
and its impact.                                 Country callers - 1800 671 233 (freecall) between
Previous winners have included the Fire and     9am and 3pm on weekdays.
Emergency Services Authority, WA Police         Or visit the Seniors Awards website at
Service, Department of Conservation and Land
Management, Department of Education, Shire
of Mundaring, City of Bunbury, Department of
Productivity and Labour Relations, Department   Volunteers
of Education and Murdoch University.            If you have volunteers working in your department,
                                                fund community groups that use volunteers or are a
Nominations close on October 4. For further     volunteer yourself make sure you have your say on
information contact Diana Forster on            the draft Volunteering Compact.
9426 9284, email or         The Volunteering Compact aims to make possible
Elizabeth Hides on 9323 9381, email             effective cooperation between the State Government
                                                and the voluntary sector so there is improved                           support for volunteering.
                                                It is a key initiative of the State Government’s Valuing
                                                Volunteers policy and will become the blueprint for
                                                volunteering in WA now and in the future.
Annual Report                                   To ensure volunteers’ views are represented,
                                                attend one of the public meetings or complete
Framework for                                   the feedback attached to the draft Volunteering

2001-2002                                       The first meeting is in Geraldton on July 9. On July
                                                16 Kalgoorlie will be the venue and then in
                                                Esperance on July 17.
The Department of the Premier and Cabinet
                                                Meetings will be held on July 19 in Mandurah;
has updated the Annual Report Framework         July 23 in Port Hedland; July 26 in Bunbury;
for the 2001-2002 financial year. The            July 29 in Joondalup; August 1 in Bentley and in
Framework contains annual report policies       Albany August 2.
and requirements and is a useful guide for      All meetings start at 10am and to book your place
those coordinating the preparation of           contact Cal Wellings on 9220 1151 or 1800 617 233
                                                (toll free) or email
annual reports.
                                                The draft Compact and online feedback are available
The Framework is available on the               on the Volunteering Secretariat website at
Reporting Requirements Web Service at           http://www.volunteering.communitydevelopment.               
                                                For a hard copy contact Cal. Submissions close
                                                on September 6.

                                                      VOLUME 8, NUMBER 12 – JUNE 28, 2002             7

Driving the message home
More than 13,000 young people will           The play is the story of Gary (Gibson        Some facts on road trauma
see a hard-hitting play about reckless       Nolte) and Sharon (Renee Newman-             among young people
driving this year, thanks to an Insurance    Storen) and actively involves the
                                                                                          • Police crash data shows that between
                                             audience. Gary likes pizza, his girlfriend
Commission of Western Australia                                                             1990 and 1999 more than 5,000
                                             Sharon and driving his mum’s car.
sponsorship.                                                                                young people aged between 17 and
                                             Sharon is 17, she likes fast driving
                                             while having the stereo blasting.              20 were either killed or taken to
The Insurance Commission, the State                                                         hospital as the result of a traffic crash
                                             They both love pushing the limits
Government’s compulsory third party                                                         in Western Australia.
                                             behind the wheel and getting
insurer for motor vehicle personal injury,
                                             ‘The Buzz’. Something has to give!           • In 2000, 37 young people aged
has sponsored a road safety play called
                                             Year 11 and 12 students, and Year 10           between 17 and 20 were killed on
‘The Buzz’. The play tours metropolitan                                                     our roads. In 1999, 42 young
                                             students in regional areas, will be
and regional schools in Terms two and                                                       people were killed.
                                             confronted with the chilling realities of
three (4 June - 28 September).               pushing the limit behind the wheel of a      • Police crash data also shows that in
                                             car when they see this play.                   2000, 186 drivers, 112 passengers
Insurance Commission Managing
Director and Road Safety Council             West Australian company Barking                and 27 motorcyclists aged between
                                             Gecko Theatre will deliver 109                 17 and 20 were taken to hospital.
member, Vic Evans said ‘The Buzz’
                                             performances of ‘The Buzz’ to more           • Compared with all drivers, young
addressed the major risk factors
                                             than 80 secondary schools throughout           drivers are over-represented in both
facing young drivers by combining
                                             the State.                                     fatal traffic crashes and crashes
humour and tragedy to explore the
                                             ‘The Buzz’ had a successful West               requiring hospitalisation. For the period
dangers associated with speed and
                                             Australian pilot tour with 40                  1987 to 1996, around a third of all
aggressive driving.                                                                         drivers killed, and more than a third of
                                             performances in metropolitan schools in
“It addresses the risks facing young         2001, which was sponsored and                  drivers reported by police to be
                                             managed by the Insurance Commission.           hospitalised were 17 to 24 years of
drivers who lack driver experience and
                                             Schools can obtain further information         age, yet this group comprises only
seek thrills from speed, and particularly
                                             about the play and booking details by          17 percent of all licensed motor car
addresses the tendency of young males        contacting Barking Gecko Theatre               drivers in Western Australia. In
who see their driving skills as an           Company’s Education and Touring Team           particular, young males and young
extension of their expressive life.”         on telephone 9388 9245.                        rural drivers are over represented.

Renee and Gibson getting the Buzz!

  8     VOLUME 8, NUMBER 12 – JUNE 28, 2002
                        D E PA R T M E N T O F T H E P R E M I E R A N D C A B I N E T

Sustainable Road Show

Professor Newman and his ‘Road Show’ Team.
Professor Peter Newman is using a           “Most of the research is Internet-based     “Each of them gave a short presentation
group of students from Western              and they review all the literature. The     based on a background paper that will
Australia’s Murdoch University to help      students have done a remarkable job         be used in the strategy.
him in the mammoth task of putting the
                                            “The State is a winner because without      “The conference was then split into
State Sustainability Strategy in place
                                            the participation of these students, I      groups to discuss the presentations,
The strategy is expected to be released     would have had to employ about 20           and recommendations were made to
next month and will set goals and           research officers to complete this job.”     feed into the Strategy.
options for the long term.
                                                                                        “The students were extremely well
                                            Peter says another group of
Peter’s unique partnership with the                                                     received and they gained valuable
                                            undergraduate students from all of
students benefits both the students                                                      experience at presenting their ideas in
                                            Western Australia’s universities is
and the State.                                                                          public. They are such an enthusiastic
                                            compiling case studies on innovations in
                                                                                        group and extremely creative. I could
“These students are working for real        mining, community groups and so on.
                                                                                        take them on a roadshow full time.
things,” Peter said, “Their research is
                                            Recently, the students held workshops
being done as part of the research                                                      “The whole process is a great
                                            and discussions at a National Youth         example of how University-Government
requirements for their degrees.
                                            Affairs Council conference at Fairbridge,   partnerships can be of benefit to
“They are basically here to find out         near Pinjarra.                              everyone.”
what everyone around the world and
interstate is doing in the area of          “The conference gave them a chance to       Peter is on secondment from Murdoch
sustainability. There are 40 areas we are   sound out their ideas to the 300 other      University to the Department of the
looking at including agriculture, energy,   participants from around Australia,”        Premier and Cabinet as Director of
air, water, mining and transport.           Peter said.                                 the Sustainability Unit.

                                                                             VOLUME 8, NUMBER 12 – JUNE 28, 2002               9
                                        THE LONNIE AWARDS

Awards for Annual Reports
The Department of Fisheries, Gold Corporation and         The chair of the independent judging, Roger Stubbs AM,
the Office of the Auditor General are the winners of       said there was a marked reduction in entries this year
this year’s Gold awards in the Lonnie Awards for          as agencies came to terms with the new policy. Usually
annual reports.                                           there were between 80 and 90 entries but this year
Department of Fisheries was the winner of the             there were only 32.
WS Lonnie Award and the A Skinner Trophy for General      “Congratulations to those agencies brave enough
Government Sector and Gold Corporation took out           to take a risk and test themselves against the new
the Gold award for the new category - the Margaret        criteria,” Roger said. “The panel appreciated the
Nadebaum Trophy for the Financial Sector.                 effort made by agencies to improve their standards of
For the first time agencies’ annual reports were           accountability in annual reports.
judged electronically.                                    “Judges assessed the majority of the reports
                                                                                 on-screen, so the panel
                                                                                 had to develop new
                                                                                 assessment techniques.
                                                                                   “Naturally, the main focus for
                                                                                   the judges was just how well
                                                                                   agencies had presented their
                                                                                   reports electronically. As the
                                                                                   “Oracle of the Electronic
                                                                                   Age”, Marshall McLuhan, said
                                                                                   ‘the medium is the massage’.
                                                                                   “The worst reports were
                                                                                   books, simply scanned and
                                                                                   set into the website, which
                                                                                   made for lengthy downloads.
                                                                                   These reports were not
                                                                                   formatted for on-screen
                                                                                   reading and were difficult to
                                                                                   access. The best produced
                                                                                   reports used a range of
                                                                                   electronic techniques to
                                                                                   make information easily and
                                                                                   attractively accessible.”
                                                                                   Roger said the new system
                                                                                   of reporting presented an
                                                                                   interesting challenge to
                                                                                   “For some, it was obviously
                                                                                   difficult. It is a new era and
                                                                                   I think agencies struggled
                                                                                   with the move from paper
                                                                                   to websites. Many reports
                                                                                   were presented in columns
                                                                                   which are difficult to read
                                                                                   and hard to download.
                                                                                   “Nevertheless this system
                                                                                   has great potential and I’m
                                                                                   sure agencies have learnt a
                                                                                   lot about how to report in an
Rae Burrows, Peter Rogers and Steve Ireland from Department of Fisheries.          electronic environment.”

 10    VOLUME 8, NUMBER 12 – JUNE 28, 2002
                                          THE LONNIE AWARDS

Roger Watson - the State Government co-ordinator
of the awards - said the Lonnie Awards were
introduced to encourage better accountability                     General Government Sector Awards
among State Government agencies.                                                    Gold Awards
                                                                             Department of Fisheries
He said they had been very influential in focussing                         Office of the Auditor General
agencies on readability, accountability, producing                                 Silver Awards
simple graphics and forcing agencies to use annual                                 Main Roads WA
reports for accountability.                                              Department of Land Administration
The judges said the Department of Fisheries’ report                               Bronze Awards
was easily found and very user friendly. There were                                   Perth Zoo
                                                                          Disability Services Commission
five options for viewing and downloading, and the
                                                                               Department of Justice
department made good use of drop down menus.
                                                                                  Ombudsman WA
“Thought had been put into making the report
                                                                           SPECIAL AWARDS
accessible on the web site and it was designed for
                                                              Financial Sector – Margaret Nadebaum Trophy
on-screen viewing,” the judges said.
                                                                                 Gold Corporation
Department of Fisheries used single columns, quick                                 Silver Award
links, fast responses and good information was easily              Insurance Commission of Western Australia
readable. The agency had made clever use of the                Auditor General’s Award for Financial Reporting
electronic medium.                                                                 Legal Aid WA
                                                               Public Sector Standards Commissioner’s Award
The judges said Gold Corporation’s report was                   for Human Resource Management Reporting
quick to access. It was fast to load and contained                     Department of Land Administration
succinct material. It was tightly written but the essential      Ombudsman Award for Complaint Handling
information was there.                                                   Disability Services Commission
                                                                     Edith Cowan University’s Award for
                                                                            Corporate Governance
                                                                          Office of the Auditor General

                                                              Farewell Kevin Airey
                                                              Two years ago when queried about retirement,
                                                              Department of Housing and Works officer Kevin Airey
                                                              was quoted as saying, “When it’s time, it’s time”.
                                                              Apparently for Kevin, now is the time. Having begun
                                                              his working life with the State Housing Commission on
                                                              11 June 1954 as a bright eyed, eager 16 year old, Kevin
                                                              retires from the Department of Housing and Works on
                                                              5 July 2002 after a record 48 years of service.
                                                              Appropriately for the man setting records for longevity
                                                              in the department, Kevin has always worked in Records.
                                                              He has seen a lot of changes over the years and recalls
                                                              when Executive Director Business Strategies, Bevan
                                                              Beaver, first started at the front counter!
                                                              Kevin is looking forward to spending time with his four
                                                              year old grandson, pottering about his garden and taking
                                                              care of his home.
                                                              “Kevin typifies the culture”, said
                                                              Director General, Greg Joyce.
                                                              “Hardworking, dedicated and reliable,
                                                              he has the respect of all his
                                                              colleagues. He knows the number
                                                              and whereabouts of every file in
                                                              Mirrabooka. Kevin is a character
                                                              and he will never be replaced.”
                                                              Management and staff wish Kevin a
                                                              happy and active retirement.
Alison Puchy and Jesper Setow of Gold Corporation.

                                                                     VOLUME 8, NUMBER 12 – JUNE 28, 2002                11
    Photographs courtesy of the
Art Gallery of Western Australia

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