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					                                   E      Y      E             O         N
                                                                                 eoa      A       R     B      O         N        N        E

                IMAGINE THE
        When I hear others talk about their Why for doing this business, I
        always think about my daughter, Kloe, and my husband, Kurtis. It
        also makes me think about the Why not factor? Why not provide
        pure, safe, beneficial products to your friends and family? Why not
        earn life-changing income? Why not drive a white Mercedes-Benz?
        Why not build a business that is ethical, solid and has the potential
        to be a household name? I pose these questions to many people that
        I meet and make sure they understand the reason this business is so

        For the past nine years, I have been employed by the public school
        system in Texas — five of those years as a teacher and four as an
        assistant principal. I absolutely loved my job as an administrator,                                                                      lizzy kloiber
        but when my husband and I brought our baby girl, Kloe, home from                                           Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President
        the hospital, I knew that no job was as important as her. It was in                                                      Lizzy Kloiber Region; Denton, TX
        May of 2005 that I decided to take a year of nurturing leave from
        my job to stay home and be with her, a decision that was detri-
        mental to our budget. In August, ERVP Tara Meyer called me and
        asked if I had heard of Arbonne, I immediately answered, “No,                             period I could look up and determine if I had reached my goal. On
        what is that.” All she said was that it was something that was going                      the 93rd day, I achieved RVP, and a few days later promoted a busi-
        to change our lives. A few days later, she brought me a sample of                         ness builder on my frontline to RVP also. What a great feeling it was
        the NutriMinC® RE9® product line and the rest is history.                                 when all of that hard work paid off!

        On August 16, 2005, I became a Consultant. By the end of my first                         My Why for this business are the two most important people in my
        month, I was in qualification for Area, and 93 days later I complet-                      life: My baby, Kloe, and my husband, Kurtis. I look at her everyday
        ed RVP. ERVP Stephanie Culver, Tara’s sponsor, told me to put my                          and thank God I am going to have the opportunity to stay home and
        head down and work hard for 90 days. She said after that time                             care for her, which is what Arbonne has done for us. I am so

                                                                                                                                                                       continued ...

Lizzy with husband, Kurtis.
                                                                   Lizzy’s Why, daughter, Kloe.

                                                                                                                   ENVP Chenea Taylor and Lizzy at her car Presentation.
                          s uccess strategy:

     “            Do not hesitate to ask

                                                                                                                                                                                            REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENT
                 yourself not just ‘Why?’
                  but also, ‘Why not?’
   impressed with my husband, Kurtis, and his unyielding support of
   my business and me. Thanks to Arbonne and the life-changing
   potential income, I turned in my official resignation letter and will not
   be going back to work after my year of leave.
                                                                                              ERVP Janna Seal, ERVP Tara Meyer, Lizzy, RVP Cami Patzkowski, EAM Michelle and
   My success stems from the awesome team that I am a part of. I am                           ENVP Rick Teague, ENVP Karla Driskill, ERVP Pam Terronez and ENVP Chenea Taylor.
   so impressed with the professionalism and dedication of everyone
   and I know they will all be writing their Eye on Arbonne success sto-
   ries very soon! I would like to thank all of my Consultants, DMs and
   AMs. Without you, none of this is possible.
                                                                                               To DM Cindy Bird and ERVP Pam Terronez: Thank you for “jumping
                                                                                               into” this business with me. You saw and believed in my vision and

                                                                                                                                                                                                         The testimonials in this story reflect the actual experience of an individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical.
   To my husband, DM Kurtis Kloiber: Thank you for being there and
                                                                                               I am forever grateful for that.
   for believing in me and this business. I love you so much. Your sup-
   port is a big reason why I achieved RVP.
                                                                                               To ERVP Cami Patzkowski: It is very hard to sum up my feelings
                                                                                               through words, because thank you just is not enough. Your enthusi-
   To my beautiful daughter, Kloe: You are my shining light, and the
                                                                                               asm and dedication in making this business work is why I am writ-
   reason why I work so hard at making this dream a reality. Thank
                                                                                               ing my success story today. I am so glad we are able to share this
   you for being my inspiration and my Why. I love you so very much.
                                                                                               experience and business with each other. Thank you from the bot-
                                                                                               tom of my heart for setting goals and working to reach them. You
   I have to thank my parents, Becky and Wes Smith: You were always
                                                                                               are terrific. Nation here we come!
   available to take care of Kloe when I had evening Presentations.
   Without you and your support, I would have never reached my
                                                                                               To ENVP Rick and Michelle Teague: Your vision and leadership
   goal. I love you both.
                                                                                               made all of this possible. The two of you are the most humble and
                                                                                               gracious people I have ever met, and that is why you are so suc-
   To my friends, Melissa Shaw, Teri Wilson and Libby Spears: Thank
                                                                                               cessful in this business.
   you for your support and encouragement. I love you all very much.
                                                                                               To ENVP Chenea Taylor: You sat on my couch and told me that any-
   To DMs-in-qualification, Samantha Bode, Cheryl Fritsch and Julie
                                                                                               thing is possible as long as you believe in it. Thank you for being so
   Ford: Set those goals high and hit every one of them! I am so excit-
                                                                                               positive, so unwavering in your belief in this business and for shar-
   ed you are changing your life through Arbonne.
                                                                                               ing your dream of financial freedom with me that day.
   To DMs, Kim Kox, Jennifer Hall, Marsha Harris and Cindy Zimmerman:
                                                                                               To ERVPs, Janna Seal, Stephanie Culver and Tara Meyer: Your sup-
   Thank you for your belief and for sharing this gift with others.
                                                                                               port is the reason why my team grew and continues to grow. You
                                                                                               are there when I need you and you always amaze me with your
   To DMs, D’Lee Delcambre, Jill Coffee and Ashli Montgomery: Your
                                                                                               insight and advice. Tara, you had the “guts” to call me and I am so
   positive attitude toward everything is why you will all be so suc-
                                                                                               glad you did! This gift that you shared with me has changed my
   cessful in this business. Dream and achieve big!
                                                                                               family’s lives forever.

Lizzy and DMs, D’Lee Delcambre, Cindy Bird, Jill Coffee and Marsha Harris.
                                                                             Lizzy with sponsor, ERVP Tara Meyer.                  RVPs Cami Patzkowski and Lizzy.

                                                                                                                                                      E Y E O N A R B O N N E | FEBRUARY 2006

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